Crapshoot Ch. 01

byArt Martin©

“Nice ass baby! Nice ass!”

Judy dozed off for ten minutes while Mickey worked the various cameras in the room, zooming in and out, getting the very best shots of her. She opened her eyes, feeling refreshed and smiled. Then she rose, muttering to herself, “Okay John, you had your fun, now its my turn! You can go back to your stupid game after you’ve made love to me!”

Standing at the closet, she picked out a slinky red dress with a slit up the side to the hip. She stepped into the dress forgoing a bra or panties. The fabric was too sheer to allow for undergarments of any sort. Even a thong left a telltale bulge. She modeled the dress before the full-length mirror. The dress had a halter-top and was nearly backless, plunging past the small of her back. Each orb of her buttocks was clearly outlined, sure to ignite the imagination of every male who saw her. A deep V plunged between her breasts halfway to her navel, each breast cupped in it own little swath of thin cloth. As she moved, the fabric brushed across her nipples, exciting them until they stood out perpetually in relief.

“If this doesn’t get him, nothing will,” she said with a grin.

She then returned to the bath, sat down, and carefully applied her makeup. Blue eye shadow to accentuate her azure eyes, black mascara to make her lashes longer. A little rouge, not too much, to give her that sexually flushed look that men found so appealing. Quickly with a practiced hand she painted her fingernails and toenails a bright red to match her dress. Then she sat about for ten minutes or so blowing on her finger and toes and waving her fingers in the air to speed the drying of the nail polish. Satisfied that her nails were dry enough not to smear, she applied bright red lipstick and lip-gloss.

She primped her hair and then dabbed on John’s favorite perfume. Opening her jewelry pouch, she retrieved and put on her diamond solitaire earrings weighing in at a carat each and put on her favorite necklace sporting a diamond pendant with four and a half carats of glittering stones. Patting the pendant, she realized that this may be the last time she wear the diamonds. John had given them to her last Christmas, and John was loath to sell them, but Judy knew that if John didn’t win tonight, that they would have to go.

Moving to the closet, she selected the matching red high-heeled pumps she had brought to go with her outfit. Inspecting herself one more time in the mirror, she frowned. Her nails were far from perfect and her hair… She snorted in resignation, turned and left the room.

Stepping from the elevator, she headed for the casino floor. She smiled to herself as she sashayed her way through the crowd with a well-practiced walk; keenly aware of all the admiring looks she was receiving. Only the dealers seemed nonplused by her radiant sexuality. After looking about for several minutes she finally spied her husband.

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