tagNovels and NovellasCrapshoot Ch. 06

Crapshoot Ch. 06

byArt Martin©

The silence was deafening, as Judy lay helpless, blindfolded and bound to the bed. The minutes ticked by slowly as she strained to hear something, anything. Her body tensed as she felt the feather-light touch of his fingers stroking her left calf.



The hissing of his admonishment ended with the sensation of her toe slipping between warm, wet lips. Wet tongue and lips lewdly sucked and orally caressed each toe one by one, all the while the unseen hand lightly swept up and down her leg.

Judy’s anxiety eased. “Oh my god,” she whispered as the delightful sensation sent shivers up her spine. John had tied her up on occasion, but had never blindfolded her. She realized that being robbed of her sight magnified her tactile senses. She strained to listen, hearing only the soft smacking noises accompanying the delectable toe sucking.

The softly touching hand glided up her calf and began to lightly caress her thigh, inching closer and closer to her defenseless cunt. She shuddered with anticipation as the stroking fingers inched slowly up her inner thigh. She felt a dewdrop gather between her legs, growing ever larger until it steamed over her anus. More dewdrops formed at the lips of her now drooling pussy, swelling in size until the surface tension broke, sending yet another rivulet of pussy juice to run across her puckered virgin hole, run long the cleft of her buttocks and finally drip onto the satin sheets.

Her breasts were heaving as a particularly salacious passion began to arouse her desire far beyond her normal proclivity. She wanted to scream, “Fuck me!” but her throat was tight. The fingers now lightly traced a circle around her shaved mons. Suddenly the fingers stopped. Only the remembered sensations remained. The silence seemed deafening. It was a curious mixture of desire and fear that was driving her wild. She was so horny that she could have come with just a touch.

She groaned loudly when a wet, warm tongue suddenly swirled around her left nipple before it was roughly sucked into a hot, wet mouth. As her nip became increasingly sensitive, she squirmed helplessly as the relentless sucking and gnawing continued, causing her to gasp in short breaths.

The nipple sucking stopped abruptly. Then she felt the bed sink and strong muscular thighs straddling her, the knees nesting into her outstretched armpits. The bed shifted as he positioned himself, sliding his knees further down her torso.

She caught a whiff of musky man scent just before she felt the spongy head of a hot cock brush across her lips. The cock head pressed into her parting lips. The bed moved slightly as he thrust his hips forward, driving his dick into her mouth. She wrapped her moist lips around the hard stalk and caressed it with her tongue as it fucked in and out of her mouth. It felt strange, somehow different than when she had performed fellatio earlier. It seemed thinner and the head now seemed longer.

A hand lightly touched her right inner thigh and began lightly stroking her. As it approached her burning pussy, she felt her right big toe being surrounded by a wet warm mouth. A wandering finger slid up her dripping slit and she shuddered with pleasure.

“God damn she’s wet!” said an unfamiliar gruff voice. “This whore’s dripping all over the bed!”

The sound of the voice shattered her world of silence. With a start she wondered how Nick was sucking on her toes, fingering her pussy and at the same time face fucking her. She tensed up as she realized that Nick couldn’t possibly be doing all that.

“Oh my god,” she wanted to scream but her mouth was stuffed by a cock. An unfamiliar cock she realized to her horror. Just then a thick finger penetrated her pussy. With almost an explosion, she snorted through her nose and tensed up. The sudden surprise and horror after the long build up of sexual tension was too much. She came and she came hard.

“God damn, lookit her go!”

“Yeah, she’s a hot one alright,” said another man.

“Untie her legs! God damn it Bruce, untie her fucking legs!” growled the gruff voice.

Judy was trashing about against her restraints as an unwelcome orgasm swept over her. She felt her pussy contracting around the thick finger shoved up her cunt. Still in the throes of released orgasmic energy she was barely aware that her legs were free.

Powerful hands gripped her just below her knees, pushing her legs forward against the hairy back of the man sawing into her mouth. She was just regaining her senses when she realized that a very thick cock was pressing into her. She tried to cry out again as her pussy was stretched like never before. With brutal jabs, the thick dick drove in deeper and deeper. The cock in her mouth swelled, and began throbbing, filling her mouth with an acrid tasting jism.

The unseen cock was pulled from her mouth and she turned her head to one side and spit out as much of the foul tasting cum as possible. The man straddling her moved off the bed.

The blindfold was pulled up and off of her head. The first thing she focused on was the brutish face of the big man between her legs. His dark eyes stared down at her without any hint of compassion. He paused a moment, then pushed her knees to her chest. She felt his thick cock penetrate her deeper, widening her fuck tunnel deeper. The friction of the wide cock on her stretched labia, caused her clit to be tugged about with each thrust. She tried to resist, but her body betrayed her again, her hips thrusting up on their own to met his plunging cock.

“Yeah, Baby,” he grunted, “Fuck me back. I knew you’d like my cock.”

She felt another climax building and tried to will it away. He grunted as she felt his cock swell and the hot splash of ejaculate bathing her vagina with each pulsation. She briefly screamed, “Ahhhhhhhh!” then sharply inhaling, another orgasmic wave swept over her.

“Squeeze my dick you fuck’n slut!” he growled as her pussy contracted around the tight fitting cock. He pulled out of her still quivering cunt and delivered a sharp stinging swat to her still upturned buttocks.

“Owww!” she managed through her ragged breath.

The man moved aside. Another big brute took his place. He wasn’t quite as thuggish in appearance, though he still might qualify as a Neanderthal, as he was incredibly hairy. He smiled down at her with unconcealed sexual hunger, raking his cock up and down her now sloppy slit.

She looked up into his face and realized that she had seen him before. He was one of the men who had brought John into see Nick. ‘How can this be happening’, she thought. She looked to the side and saw two more men, undressing.

She mumbled, “No, no, no, please, let me go.” The long, thick cock pressed into her. “Oh, god,” she moaned as she was penetrated. Then she realized with horror that she had hooked her ankles around his waist and was pulling him into her. She felt his cock head mash against her cervix.

Once he started fucking her, the unwanted passion rose to new heights within her. She heard herself urge him to, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

It was if there were two people inside her brain. One side of Judy was mortified and struggled to protest, the other side was unbelievably aroused and was eager to submit. The shrill protests of her battered conscious soon were replaced by a primal exaltation driven by fuck lust. Spasmodic jolts of ecstasy surged throughout her aroused body as she surrendered completely to the unbridled passion that had consumed her, inundating all inhibitions and sense of morality.

Wave after wave of orgasmic energy flowed through her quaking body, as she became the willing participant of her own debauchment. Sexual electricity crackled throughout her nervous system from her head to her toes. Her face was flush and twisted with sexual desire as he pumped his seed into her.

He scooted up her torso to wipe his wet cock across her lips, and as he did so, she lifted her head and sucked in the still tumescent dick. She moaned contentedly as another cock slid into her cock slot, filling the burning void between her legs.

Suddenly her hands were free. She wrapped her arms around the hairy buttocks of the man she was sucking off, trying to push him deeper into her throat.


Mickey bent over to speak to the security man monitoring the gangbang in the boss’ suite. “Joe, I’ll watch this for awhile. Go get yourself some of that. But don’t stay too long, I want to do that bitch again.”

“Thanks, Mick. I appreciate your kindness.” Both men laughed heartily at the non sequir


Nick strolled through the casino. Stopping abruptly, he studied the figure at the craps table. “Can’t be,” he muttered. He walked around to get a view of the man’s face. “Well I’ll be damned.” How could he…then Nick remembered the blue topaz pendant he had given him. “You worthless sack of shit,” he chuckled.

“Security,” Nick intoned into the walkie-talkie.

“Security, Mickey,” crackled the reply.

“Mick, this Nick. I’m on the floor. That loser is back at the craps table.”

“The cunt’s husband?”

“Yeah. I don’t believe this guy. Look, keep a close eye on this sucker. I don’t want any big messes to have to deal with later tonight or in the morning. When he’s busted, go get him and sit on him. I don’t want him hurting himself. At least not here.”

“You got it boss.”


Judy was draped over the back of a sofa, sucking Hank’s cock as he knelt on the cushions. Judy was eagerly expecting another cock to fill her pussy but recoiled in horror as Lonnie shoved his dick into her virgin ass. She tried to jerk upright, as a sharp burning pain shot through her gut. It was useless to struggle against the men and the cock shoved down her throat prevented her from screaming. After a moment, the sharp pain mellowed into a hot glow, then the hot glow turned to a pleasurable warm glow. The dick inside her butt began sawing in and out of her, sodomizing her. It did hurt, a little, but it also felt so damned good.


After taking care of business and personally making sure that everything in the hotel/casino was running smoothly, Nick made his way back to his third floor suite. He made just in time to see Bruce spread her ass checks for a camera shot into her gaping rectum.

Nick motioned for Bruce to bring her back into his bedroom. Nick quickly shed his clothes and lay down on his bed. Moments later, Bruce led her to him. Judy saw the beautiful cock waiting for her. Demented with fuck lust, she crawled on top of Nick, positioned his cock to her pussy and sank down. She bounced up and down on his cock, fucking him with wild abandon.

Nick studied the sex-crazed woman fucking him. Her makeup was smeared, her hair a wild mess, her naked skin shone with a sheen of sweat and cum. Still she was beautiful. Nick just laid back and got laid.

Twenty minutes later, Nick was dressed and headed down the corridor.

“Hey, Nick!” called one of his men.

Nick stopped and turned. “Yeah, what is it, Geno?”

“Livia. She’s sick.”

Nick glanced at his Rolex. It was eleven thirty. “What do mean she’s sick?”

“Started her period early. She’s practically gushing.”

“Where’s Georgia?”

“You know, Livia has always been real regular, but she’s early.”

“Where’s Georgia?”

“Well, she went to see her mother. Won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Damn!” Nick’s mind raced, he needed another girl for tonight’s show. Livia just wouldn’t do. The crowd might be squeamish about a menstruating whore, and her substitute was off for the night.

“Okay, come with me.”

Nick and Geno returned to Nick’s suite.


Bruce turned his head as he pulled out of Judy’s hot juicy cunt. Hank immediately took Bruce’s place. “Yeah, boss!”

“Take the cunt. Clean her up. Then take her backstage. Be quick about it.”

“Sure boss. You sure? She won’t be worth a damn…”

“Do it!”

Bruce directed one of the men in waiting to go draw a hot bath. “Okay, Hank. Party time is over. C’mon, boss’ orders.”

Hank grudgingly pulled his cock from her ass. Bruce grabbed her by the shoulders, and pulled her upright, causing her to release Joe’s dick from her mouth. “C’mon Doll. You need a bath.”

“No, I wanna fuck,” Judy moaned, lost in salacious lust.

“You’ll still get more dick tonight slut, but Nick says for me to give you a bath.”

The tub was only partially full as Bruce led her into the bath.

“Get in.”

“I need more water.”

“I said, get in. This’ll have to do.” She stepped in and sat down. The hot water felt very good, especially to her bottom that ached and burned.

Bruce bathed her in a perfunctory manner, lingering only on her tits. “You’ve got a great body, Doll. You’re a nice fuck too,” he said as he soaped her down and rinsed her off. “You’ve been a lot of fun.” He took a wash cloth to her face and cleaned off the streaked makeup. “This’ll have to do. Get up.”


“Get up damn it. There’s no time.” He grabbed her arm and forced her to stand. He held her upright as Lonnie dried her off. Wrapping her in a towel, the two men led her from the bath and turned her over to Geno.

“Wish I had time for another toss sweetheart, but we’re late,” said Geno as he led her away.

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