tagNovels and NovellasCrapshoot Ch. 05

Crapshoot Ch. 05

byArt Martin©

“I like you like that,” Nick said as he poured Judy another glass of champagne. “I like beautiful women nude and totally available.”

Judy smiled up at him, strangely at ease with being completely naked with a man other than her husband. She liked the way he was looking at her, his eyes darting from place to place on her body. She also liked the thought that she was his possession for the evening, to do with as he pleased. “I like it too,” she purred.

She sat up on her knees and unfastened his belt while running the palm of her hand over the soon to be revealed hard bulge. She worked quickly and soon his pants were down around his ankles. Hooking her thumbs in the elastic of his boxer shorts, she slowly removed the last real barrier to the sexual union she so craved.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she gently caressed his bare uncut cock, the purplish crown of the growing prong immerging from the foreskin like a turtle’s head.

“Nice, very nice,” she cooed as she imagined it sliding up inside her, soothing the yearning that had made her so horny the past two days. He was bigger than John she reflected; sending a shudder of anticipation ran through her loins. As she studied his cock, she also reflected that his cock was at the same time small, much smaller than Bruno’s equine cock.

Judy leaned forward and kissed the turgid cock that promised to meet her burning need. Kissing first the head, she worked her way down the shaft covered with a tangle of bulging blue veins to the base where she nuzzled into his soft curly black hair. Caressing his low hanging balls, she deeply inhaled the fragrance of his manly musk. Her nostrils flared and her eyes seemed to glaze over as if she were drifting off into a fog. She nestled her face in his scrotum, wallowing in his scent for a minute or so before kissing her way back up the stalk of his dick along the prominent cock tube. Pausing at the rim of his cock crown, Judy licked and nibbled at the loose fold of skin just below the glans on the underside of his cock. Nick moaned in pleasure while stripping off his shirt.

Judy’s sparkling blue eyes gazed upward, across the span of his flat abdomen and muscular chest sparsely covered with short black hair, her eyes meeting his as her luscious lips surrounded the spongy flesh of his cock head. Nick moaned in pleasure as she lingered, lovingly caressing his cock head with her lips, swirling her tongue across the sensitive cock crown, spreading his tasty pre-cum across the velvety surface of his glans. Nick sucked in a deep breath through clinched teeth as her dancing tongue flickered back and forth under the rim of his glans.

“Oh Doll, you do suck cock good,” he moaned. Clutching a tangle of her hair between his fingers, he was sorely tempted to grab the back of her head and ram his dick down her throat, but restrained himself, allowing her to give him her best.

She opened her mouth and took in the head and about an inch of his stalk, sealed her lips around his girth and slowly pulled upward until the tip slipped from her lips. She went down again, taking in a little more of his cock, sealing her lips around him and slowly pulling upward, dragging her lips across his sensitive flesh.

“Oh fuck,” he hissed as her suctioning lips slid up his cock. “Oh, yeah, Baby,” he moaned as she took in a little more of his cock, “suck my dick! That’s it. Oh, god damn, girl…Yeah…Oh, fuck…Ah…Ah…Oh, Jesus…Suck it, Baby, suck it...Ah…Ah…Oh, baby I’m coming…uhhhhhh…uhhhhhh…uhhhhhh!”

The delicious cock swelled and began to throb as his thick semen shot into her mouth. Judy gulped it down until the flow decreased to a manageable level. She swirled the last tablespoon or so around her mouth, tasting it, savoring the consistency, relishing it. She decided it was a bit saltier than John’s cum, but with only a hint of a bleach-like taste. The semi-flaccid organ slipped from her lips, trailing a thin tendril of semen from his cock to her lips. She smiled up at him as she rocked back and sat on her heels, watching his expression as he recovered from his orgasm.

Nick finally recovered enough to speak. “Wow! That was fantastic. That was the best blowjob I’ve had in a month.”

“You really liked it?” she asked coyly.

“You bet I did! You really like sucking dick, don’t you?”

She smiled demurely and said, “You could tell?”

“Nobody does it that good and not enjoy every minute of it. You suck Jim, or is it John? You suck him off like that?”

“Every morning, if he’s not in too big a rush.”

Nick chuckled, “He’s late for work a lot I guess. Is that why he lost his job?”

“How did know you he wasn’t working.”

“Doesn’t matter. After he leaves, what do you do, masturbate? Fuck the mailman? Suck off an elderly neighbor?”

“What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“A hot one, who loves sex and if she has to, get herself off.”

“Will I have to get myself off tonight?”

“I don’t think so, Doll. Tonight, you will have a night to remember.” Nick bent down and after kicking his shoes off, wrestled his ankles free of his suit trousers and boxer shorts, then pulled off his socks. “How about some more champagne?”

“Sure,” she replied with a smile.


The gloom of a rainy night partially obscured the glowing sign of “Honest Abe’s” across from the casino parking lot. Bracing against the rain, he arrived just as the proprietor was about to lock up for the evening. Abe grinned as the man, soaked from the rain, came into his pawnshop. Abe sized him up as just another loser as the desperate man dug into his pockets and placed the jewelry on the counter.


Nick laid her back onto the queen size four-poster bed, laying kisses across her lips, face, ears and across her breasts. As he circled around her nipples, Judy closed her eyes to savior the sensations. She moaned as he sucked a sensitive nip into his mouth and gently bit, nibbled and sucked.

“Yesssss,” she hissed. “I like that.”

Nick took his time, lavishing attention on her tits, orally stimulating one nipple while twisting and pulling on the other. She began to breathe heavily and then writhed about. She clutched his head to her bosom, her body trembled and she began softly panting, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” before she tensed in sweet agony.

Tweaking both nipples between his thumb and forefinger, Nick kissed his way down her trembling stomach. The aroma of her aroused pussy filled his nostrils. She smelled womanly, but not too strong. He toyed and teased her for some minutes, nibbling at her inner thighs, licking at the creases between her thighs and vulva, kissing up and around her pubic mound and the down her legs, studiously avoiding the direct stimulation of her mons. Judy lewdly splayed her legs to give him complete access to her genitalia, but still he teased and teased. He kissed up, down and around her furry mons, she thrusting her hips in an effort to impale herself on his wandering tongue.

When he finally began licking up along the edge of her channel, she groaned and ground her hips in excitement. Licking just the outer surface at first, then licking slightly inside. First up one side, then the other. Alternating the pressure applied by his tongue to one side then the other. Mimicking the way she had sucked his cock, he drove his tongue into her slowly, increasing the depth gradually until he was tracing the fold between her inner and outer labia.

Judy gripped the satin sheets up into a ball in each fist when his tongue mashed into her clit. His tongued swirled around the base several times before he jammed his fingers into her perineum, between her anus and vagina, pressing hard while flicking his tongue along the right side of her clit.

Releasing the pressure with his fingers, he pulled off, spread her open with his other hand and blew gently on her clit. After four cooling breaths, he plunged his warm mouth over her no chilled nubbin and sucked it between his lips.

Her body involuntarily jerked and she cried out, “Ahhhhh!” as the warmth surged back into her excited clit. He pressed and mashed into her with the flat of his tongue, then applying pressure to her perineum again, resumed licking at the side of her clit.

The muscles of her belly began to ripple and she thrust her hips as the orgasm began to build. She squirmed and tried to close her legs, but Nick forced her with his elbows to stay spread until her body convulsed in powerful explosive jolts of climactic sexual energy. The orgasm was deep and incredibly intense, sweeping her away in a tumultuous torrent of total ecstasy.

Gradually she coasted down, becoming vaguely aware of the kisses that Nick was showering over her face and lips. Her own scent filled her nostrils. Then she felt her labia being parted by the head of his cock. He paused, nestled in the maw of her vagina. She opened her eyes and as she focused on his face, he pushed into her.

“You’re nice and tight,” he hissed as he buried his cock to the base. “I promise you Baby, you won’t be so tight in the morning.” He ground his groin into hers. “Would you like that? Would you like to be fucked, and fucked and fucked? Fucked all night long?”

Lost in the feel of a cock bigger than John’s filling her up, she really didn’t hear him, only that he was promising an all night fuck. “Yes. Yes. Yes. You feel so good inside me. Fuck me, Nick, fuck me all night.”

Nick slowly withdrew his cock and slowly sank back into her. “Yeah, Doll, you’re nice and tight,” he rasped. “But not for long.” He began a nice slow screwing, fucking with long deep strokes, pausing every few strokes to grind his pelvic bone into her clit, and then resuming his leisurely fuck.

With her ankles locked around him, she drew him into her, and like a horseman, spurred him on. Soon he picked up the pace, gradually increasing the tempo until he was pumping her hard, slamming his cock into her. He felt his orgasm begin to build, so he buried his cock and ground into her. Her excited clit was mashed by his wiry pubic bone and as he ground into her, she came again. Nick watched as her breasts took on a rubescent hue, then he felt the snug walls of her vagina contract around his dick. He struggled to hold back, but when her pussy began wildly squeezing his cock, he erupted into her.

Judy felt the snuggly fitting organ swell, and then pulsate as warm semen splashed against her cervix. The feel of him ejaculating deep within her triggered yet another climax before she had completed the one that was already sweeping over her. She shuddered and began to wail as the twin peaked orgasm overpowered her.

Judy drifted off into fog of bliss. She was barely aware of his softening cock slipping out of her. She lay spread out on the bed, leaking spermless cum mixed with her own secretions onto the satin sheets, basking in the afterglow of her powerful climax. She was only vaguely aware when he took a velvet rope and tied it around her right wrist.

Nick pulled her left hand over her head and fastened another rope to her left wrist and securely fastened it to the other post of the headboard. She tried to brush her hair out of her eyes but found that her hands were loosely tied. She opened her eyes and as Nick secured her left ankle, it finally dawned on her that she was being loosely bound.

Panic began rising in her as images of whips and burning candle wax flashed through her still addled brain. She tried to resist by kicking with her right foot, but Nick grabbed her flailing leg and suddenly she found herself tied spread eagle on the bed of man she hardly knew.

“Let me go! Nick, this isn’t funny. Now let me go! Please, Nick! Oh god! Oh god!”

Then Nick applied a blindfold, cutting off her vision to the world around her. Struggling fruitlessly against the ropes, she pleaded again to be let go. She heard Nick shuffling about, then silence. She listened intently, but heard only the low rumble of the air conditioning system. A sense of helpless foreboding began to build rapidly.

“Nick? Nick?” she called to no answer. “Please, please, please, please,” she said over and over in a near whisper. She stopped to listen, but again was met with silence in the darkness.

She squirmed about, pulling on the ropes, testing them. She found that though tied, she had a limited, but wide range of motion. Indeed she was loose enough that she could twist around and lie on her side, but not so loose as to turn over. She pushed up in the bed until the ropes securing her ankles where tight. She tried to bring her hands together, but found that they remained several inches apart. Her apprehension continued to increase.

She nearly screamed when she felt a hand grip her ankle and pull her down the bed several inches.

“Nick, c’mon. Nick, please, le’me go. You don’t need to do…”

“Shhhhhhhhhhh!” he whispered in her ear. Then softer, “Shhhhhhhhhh!”

After that, the silence returned. She strained to hear, hear anything, but the silence was as pervading as the darkness. Helpless, she lay there for what seemed to her to be an hour, but it was actually only fifteen minutes.

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