Craving Experience


"Good boy, Rick. Look, you got my pussy. Be a good boy and lick it off for me," I told him and he got down on his knees and began tonguing the globs away.

Then he started to get up and I put my hands on his shoulders holding him there, telling him, "Make me cum now, use your tongue."

His eyes looked up at mine as his tongue came out to begin lapping and licking and flicking up and down.

"Mmm, you make my pussy feel so nice, Rick. It's lovely being together like this now, isn't it? And we can sleep together and you can fuck me all you want."

His tonguing got me off in wonderful fashion, he just seemed a natural at oral sex.

I moved up on the bed, spreading open as he waddled across, his cock hard and swollen, and began pushing his way inside me.

"Mmm, fuck me, Rick, fuck me good, just like you've been wanting all this time. Make me cum, make me scream," I urged him as he thrust in and out of me.

"Oh, oh, I can't believe I'm fucking you after all the time I've watched you, god, I've so wanted this," he groaned.

"Well, you have me, all you want of me, you can fuck me all you want."

"That's gonna be a lot, you can't believe how horny I get."

"You can fuck me all you want. Just tell me and I'll stop what I'm doing and we can come right to bed."

"You really mean it? Like any time at all?"

"Yes, Rick, we're lovers now and I want to make you happy."

"I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum," he cried out and then jammed into me as I felt him throb inside as he expelled his semen into me.

"Oh, oh, wow, that was fantastic. I could do it again, I think," he gasped and I told him to go right ahead.

This boy next door was a cum-machine, I couldn't believe how horny he was. I remember being his age and how the guys were and all but Rick just kept going and going.

This time, though, he fucked me for almost forty-five minutes. He got me off twice and he finally did groan hard and tell me it was all he could do.

I looked down at my bright-red pussy lips, the lovely glow from all our coupling.

We slept the rest of the afternoon, I do think I'd rather worn out my new lover but I don't think I'd ever been quite so sexually sated. So, it was a lovely nap, our arms wrapped around one another so contentedly.

He woke up first, I sensed him playing with my nipples, so I told him softly to suck them while I cradled his head in my arm.

His lips nursed me as we lay there, my hand slowly caressing his hardening member as the minutes slipped past. It was lovely.

Then he took his mouth away and leaned into my ear whispering, "Can we do it again? I'm really wanting you."

"My sweet boy wants to fuck me again, does he? Well, let me do it this time," I said as I got up over him and squatted down driving him deeply into me.

I put my hands on his shoulders and began rocking up and down on his hardness while his hands played with my boobs.

"Is it as good as you dreamed about, Rick?"

"Oh, way better, I just didn't know all the things we could do, like this, with you on top. I guess I just never thought about it like this but I really love you, you know, doing it like this."

"Fucking you, Rick, you can say the word. I'm fucking you. And I'm loving it, too," I said as I bent down for a kiss.

"I'm loving it, too. I just love this so much, I want to do this forever, just never stop."

"Well, I've told you we can do this all you want, so let's just enjoy being together like this," I told him.

We had a nice, naked candlelight supper with a bottle of red wine and were soon back in bed for more playful sex. He did me doggie-style and I rode him cowgirl and we collapsed in each other's arms totally spent.

The next morning I woke next to him and looked over. He was sprawled on his back, a small tenting of the sheet giving away a naughty dream, perhaps, so I carefully took away the sheet and moved quietly over to lower my mouth over it and close it into its warmth.

I just held his half-hard cock in my mouth for a minute or two then began slowly and softly sucking.

"Mmm, ummm, mmm, oh, oh, wow, what a way to wake up," he said groggily. "Oh, can you give me a minute, I'll be right back but I've really gotta pee," he said and ran off to the bathroom where the gigantic stream was easily heard in my bedroom.

Soon he walked back in with his cock straight out obviously ready for more sucking.

He got back down and I lowered my lips over him and sucked him to orgasm for the first time that day. Then we got up and went to have our first naked meal of the day.

He kept poking me in the butt with his hard dick as I tried to make us a nice breakfast as his hands came around me playing with my boobs under the apron I wisely put on to fry our eggs and bacon.

"I'll be right with you, you horny boy, just let me get our breakfast, then you can have me all you want."

"But I just can't leave you alone, Maureen, and I know you love this anyway," he said kissing the back of my neck as one hand dropped down to rub my pussy.

He was right, of course, I loved the attention and moved a leg out so he could rub his finger right up into me while I stood there.

We did get to eat our breakfast, I was able to hold my horny young lover at bay long enough for that, then I told him we would have a full morning of sex and took him back upstairs.

I made sure he went and peed then when he came back in the bedroom, I had some boot laces out and had him get down on my bed so I could bind his hands and feet.

"Oh, you're going to do it. You're going to tie me up and tease me until I go crazy. I can't wait. I've dreamed of this so much, just never thought it would happen."

I got him bound to my bed, his cock like a flagpole, the veins engorged and throbbing in anticipation of what was to come and to cum.

There were some vibrators and feathers that I use when I was super-horny, I've always liked tickling sensations on my labia and often began masturbation that way, tickling myself before I would insert a dildo or vibrator.

I moved up between his outstretched legs with a feather in each hand and began using one very lightly caressing around the tip of his cock, now glistening with seeping precum. I had my lover-boy all excited already. Then I moved the other one down to his balls to sweep it back and forth and tickled and tormented him for several minutes making his cock twitch in delicious torment.

Then I leaned over and licked away the precum as he said, "Oh, suck me, Maureen, god, please suck it," and I leaned close, opening my mouth as he strained to look, then I blew on the tip and the underneath all the way up and down his shaft.

I kept blowing up and down his cock finally moving up and sliding my wet lips tightly over the crown to give him a few firm sucks.

"Oh, yeah, oh, that's so good," he moaned and then I stopped and began tickling him again with the feathers around his nipples going in circles. I moved one feather down and dragged it around the base of his cock making it jerk back and forth like a puppet on a string.

"Look, I'm making it twitch," I laughed as I leaned back over to lick away the new precum then blew on the tip making him shiver.

"Feels cold, won't you suck it to warm me up again?"

I blew another few seconds then slid my mouth down taking it all the way inside to suck him up and down a few times.

Then I lifted off and blew on it again.

After that, I turned around and lifted a leg over him to sit back on his face as he started tonguing me. I let him do that for a few minutes making me feel really good, then dipped down and sucked him fully once more as I pressed my pussy down on his open mouth as his tongue probed up into me.

I could hear his moaning under my pussy and raised up off his cock and turned around to drop a nipple to his lips which he eagerly took in to his pussy-wet mouth to suck.

I had a feather in my hand which I ran up and down his body, sliding it up along the length of his erection, again gleaming with precum, making it jump and twitch in delight.

"I am so horny, you're making me crazy, god I want to cum so bad, make me cum, Maureen, fuck me or suck me off, please do it," he begged.

"Now, Rick, I want you to really want it first before I get you off. Just relax and enjoy."

"But I want it now. It's killing me, my balls ache so bad. I need to cum, Maureen, please."

"I'll be right back, I'll help you cool off your balls," I told him and I went and got a cup full of ice cubes from the fridge.

I don't think he saw me come in with the cup, I was also carrying a can of whipped cream and some chocolate syrup which he did see.

"Chocolate, wow, you really have an imagination."

I took an ice cube and kept it low, out of his sight and held it to his testicles.

"Omigod, that's freezing, oh, my balls," he cried out as I moved it to the head of his cock, watching the heat from his dick quickly melt the ice, dripping cold water down into the crack of his ass.

I took it away, now rubbing it in circles around his nipples, then sucking each one until it was warm again. All the time I was doing these things, one of my hands would lightly touch his cock to keep it aroused and engorged.

"Suck me, Maureen, you're so good sucking me, make me cum, please, I'll do anything you want. As much as you want. Please."

"You're mine, Rick, and you'll cum when I want you to cum. Now be a good boy and just relax, enjoy it," I told him as I bent down to suck him again.

"Oh, yeah, oh, so good," he groaned as I lifted up and took another piece of ice and ran it around the head of his dick.

I got the tip good and cold then took it in my mouth again as I held the ice to his balls underneath.

He was groaning as I softly sucked him, then dropping the melting cube down under his balls, I pressed it to his asshole.

"Uh, omigod, that's so cold," he cried out as I got up over him, gripping his cock to rub the head back and forth in my open pussy as I squatted over him.

"Mmm, yeah, fuck me, Maureen, fuck me, put it inside, make me cum, make me cum," he pleaded as I pushed down taking just the tip inside so I could move a little up and down just fucking the crown.

I'd lost track of time but it had to be well over an hour. I pushed down hard putting him deep inside, then lifted up off him getting off the bed altogether leaving his cock glistening with my sexual juices.

"You stopped, Maureen, I was going to cum and you quit fucking me. Be nice and get me off, please, please," he asked as I dripped chocolate syrup on his cock and began licking up along his shaft getting it all off.

Then I sprayed whipped cream all around the head lapping my tongue across to pull it in my mouth. I put the nozzle to my mouth and filled it with whipped cream then bent down over him taking his quivering cock into my foam-filled mouth and just held it there as he tried to fuck me up and down. I slowly closed my mouth, swallowing the topping and started sucking him.

"Oh, yes, suck me, suck me," he cried. I pulled up off him and swung a leg over him to jam myself down on him driving him deep, then fucked him as hard and fast as I could.

I thought the neighbors on the other side from Rick's house might hear him scream, yes, it was that loud. Thank goodness they both worked during the day.

Not only was Rick wound-up tight, so was I so I fucked him and fucked him until I simply collapsed on top of him panting and sweating as he lay under me moaning.

I raised my head up to kiss him and saw he was crying, tears had trickled down across his temples.

"I'll never forget that Maureen. I didn't know a guy could cum that hard. It was incredible."

"You're not disappointed?" I asked him softly.

"Oh, no, it was the best sex I've ever had. When can we do it again?"

It turned out that was all he talked about for the rest of the day. He just loved being tied up and then denied an orgasm until he was just simply frantic for one. He kept telling me he would do anything for me, whatever I wanted and I often had him down between my legs licking me until he got me off. I've never had so many orgasms in my life.

Rick continued taking photos and videos of me and of us having sex, even a couple of long ones when I had him tied to my bed. He even likes to sleep that way once in a while if I'll keep a bedpan nearby for him to use. Of course, if I wake up during the night, I do like to tease his cock for a bit. Anything to keep my boy-toy happy.

Of course, his parents came back from their cruise and about a week later his mother told me how much he seemed to have changed, how confident and assured he seemed all of a sudden.

I so wanted to tell her just how he'd gained that confidence and how confident he was in bed as well but thought I'd best keep that to myself. Just like I've kept him to myself. He likes it that way and so do I.

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