tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCrazy Uncle Ed Ch. 06

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 06


My apologies to my readers, I had to change this to a third person view due to another story I am writing.


As they left the barn mike led sara and chloe to the kennel wondering what was going to change next. Arriving at the kennel mike talked sara through the process that he wanted her to use when kenneling chloe. He selected a kennel for her and showed sara how to clean it, where to tie chloe up as she was cleaning it and general ways it which he wanted her kept and groomed. When they finally finished he sent her out of the kennel to wait outside while he finished up.

"I want to hear your side of the story of how all three of you came to be here"

"Master? What do you want to know?"

"Lets start with what was your relationship with Ed?"


"Well uncomplicate it," he said as he unlocked her cage and pulled her out. "What was his relationship with your mom? Lovers, friends, master/slave? What?"

"Mom....," she said and paused, staring off into the distance. "I mean like, mom was his whore. I mean it wasn't some huge romantic thing, mom was a stripper in a club in Atlanta when they met. And she gave Ed some extra business on the side at first, then somehow for some reason he stopped paying her. I think he just started paying her bills or something. Anyways, Ed paid her for an egg or something and then I was conceived in vitro or in a test tube whatever. So my mom is mom, then Sara actually gave birth to me, and Ed of course is my biological dad. I don't know you figure it out. I never really had a mom, just my king, Ed."

"They told you all this? When? Why?"

"Yeah they sat me down one day to tell me why I was home schooled. Like serious brain fuck right? Mom used the money she made off of me to jump start an acting career. I think I was 12 when they told me. I was born to serve. That's why they told me. Because I started going beyond basic elementary school. I went to all sorts of non-traditional schools. Cooking, Physical Education, Dance, Yoga. I even spent time at this fancy french brothel. Great place for a 14 year old," she said with sarcasm dripping off her voice. "they got paid a lot of extra money to look after me. I had my first plastic surgery at 15. I grew up reading graphic sex novels and playboys. It was all part of the 'agreement'."


"Yeah the one Mom and him made, Ed pushed her career along as long as she trained me to be a slut for him, to his specifications. I learned to read out of playboys. Literally. That is what the tutors used to teach me. My alarm clock was porn on the TV. Ed approved all media in the house and all my clothing. I came here to practice on Sara and Chyna and guys at the office. We had cool three-ways with Chyna, she is a good cunt, I know why you favor her. I helped teach her a lot."

Chloe got way too free with her speech but he let it continue as he also was getting a lot of information. "So mom is into acting, what is her name again?"

"Ellen, Elle for short. Some music to, she is trying to diversify. But the last thing she needs or wants is for the world to know about me and how I came to be. Like that would ruin her, for the world to know that she got her start by raising and selling me. Especially now like now."


"Like yeah, she told me that she just scored a major role on a sitcom, so she finally made her big break into mainstream."

"I will see about that. When did Elle turn you over to Ed and how old is she now?"

"37-40ish? I came here permanently on my 18th birthday. I mean I had been here a lot before for summers and some classes ya know? But on my 18th birthday he took over full ownership of me."

"Wow. I have heard of Elle she is a better actor than singer."

"Right? It's been wild. But like, awesome, I lost my virginity at 13. Tony from upstairs in our apartment building, he was 3 years older than me. Ed was pissed with a capital P. I thought, that is what he wanted I mean me being born to be his slut and all. When I told him he made me promise to only allow guys at least 5 years older than me to use my pussy and mouth. He made me save my virgin ass for him though. He took it on my 18th birthday."


"Huh? And?"

"Did you?"

"Yeah. It was like, hard at first, I mean I didn't know where to look, and then guys 18+ didn't want to take the chance with jailbait. But then Ed and mom had a talk and she found plenty of guys for me to screw. And after my first surgery plenty of guys wanted me all the time, I had my pick."

"Sara told me that when you found out Ed had died you beat, raped and sodomized her. Is that true?"

"Yeah. I was so angry," she said quietly. "And sara is just about useless anyways, so why not?"

"What was your mom's and Ed's current relationship like, just before he died?"

"Same, as far as he was concerned she was still his whore. He fucked her every time she came to pick me up, I always watched and then cleaned up him and mom, his cum always tasted the best seasoned with her juices. I love sucking cum out of freshly fucked pussy. But after I came here to live, he made mom watch me and him, and then she cleaned us out. But I didn't get to do that to many times."

"You miss her? Your mom?"

"You mean my pimp right? Yes and no, she was mom ish. But she I wasn't ever really her daughter, I was her pay day. Her big break," she said with zero bitterness.

"All very interesting. So very convenient for her that Ed died."

"You stayed here for the same reasons that Chyna stayed, didn't you?"


"This is the only life that either of the two of you have ever known. Her at the factory and you here at the house. You were born, raised and trained to serve the master of the house."

"Yes Sir."

"Why does Chyna hate you so much?"

"She was always my bitch and she still is. She might hate me, true. But I think that you are misinterpreting what you are seeing."

"So clear it up for me?"

"I taught her everything she knows. I always went to better schools. A lot of the times my job was to go to the schools and come back and teach her what I learned. She has you for now, we both know that you favor her. She is terrified of me getting my pussy wrapped around your dick and showing you the true heaven. She's good, she's great in fact, but in that house, on any surface and any position I'm better, she knows it and it scares her."

"Stand up."

"Yes Master," she said as she rose to her feet. Her hips swayed just a little extra as she walked up to him after he motioned her forward. He took her in his arms and their hands roamed each others bodies. He took her into his mouth and kissed her deeply. He was instantly transported back to his first day on the property when he had taken her at the house. She had been absolutely incredible. Possibly one of the 10 best fucks of his life.

Chloe read his mind when she said, "That kiss reminded me of that first day to. It can be like that every day with me at your side my king. One day maybe you will decide to take me for another test drive." She kissed me again, and it was so mesmerizing that I didn't even realize that she had broken our embrace and restarted it so seamlessly.

"Chloe, " SLAP, "Chloe, " SLAP, "Chloe, " SLAP, "Just what am I going to do with you?" Clearly the slaps and shaken her confidence. He hopped off the table I was sitting on and led her outside.

"Master?" Sara asked shocked when I led Chloe out.

"You left some things out of your story... Chloe is coming back to the house with us. Lets go sluts."

Upon arriving back at the house Chyna already had lunch waiting for us. She as well was upset to see Chloe with us. "Master, what is that doing back in this house?"

She got slapped rather viciously for asking, then he took her and pinned her head to the granite counter and said, "you are to never question me do you understand?"

"Master, please .... please .... "

He had to spank her ass seven times before she cried out "YES, Master I'm sorry, I understand, yes Master I will never question you again."

He dropped his hold on her, sat down at the table and snapped my fingers. Watching her move as she brought the food to the table, thinking about all her actions, Chloe was right. Chyna was scared. Terrified in fact.

Mike ate in silence as he thought about the morning developments. All three of the sluts knelt and at in a row. Chyna, right next to mike, then sara, then Chloe.

As soon as he was done eating he announced, "I am taking Chyna and Chloe to the office with me. Sara, dress them in identical dresses, identical heels. I want them dressed, in the car, ready to go in 10 minutes." He snapped his fingers and all three of them scrambled to their feet.

Mike sat in the car and watched as sara led them out in matching school girl outfits. All three were identically dressed. Short, red, plaid mini skirts, to small blouses, no bra's as far as he could see, black knee highs and 6 inch platform heels. Sara stopped and through the lowered window said, "Master, does this please you."

Mike just stared for a moment before getting out of the car. As he walked around the car, the blood in sara's body turned to ice. His anger clearly had not subsided as he reached out and grabbed sara by the hair and forcing her to bend over the hood of the car.

"Get in the car sluts," he spat at chloe and chyna who instantly jumped in the backseat. He then tore all of sara's clothes off of her. "You don't put clothes over this body ever again," he said as he slapped her to the ground, "what the fuck is wrong with you? I told you to dress them!"

When they arrived at the office, chyna and chloe followed him to his desk. As he sat down and got comfortable, he said, "Chyna, go upstairs and pack your clothes, chloe will help you."

"Yes Master. But I neither need nor want her help."

She knew she had made a mistake when he looked at her, but the anger in his voice tore her down when she heard him say, "who the fuck asked you what you needed or wanted?"

"Master I'm ...."

"Shut up slut," he said as he rose and bent her over his desk.

As he spanked her he said, "I will tell you what you want, what I give you is what you need. Remember your place you mouthy little bitch!"

"Chloe take her upstairs and help her pack."

"Yes master," she said happily. Chloe grabbed Chyna's hair and said, "come along fellow slut Master has work for us to do."

As soon as they left, mike turned on the camera's showing the residence. At first he thought the volume wasn't working, then he realized that they really weren't talking to each other. He watched them move for a bit, chyna still crying from her spanking. Suddenly Chloe interrupted the silence, "Enough! Enough with your pathetic crying, shut the fuck up already. Get used to it. As soon as I get him in me he's going to forget about you just like everyone else did."

Chloe got right up in chyna's face and said something to soft to be heard, but then chyna's response to it was immediate. Chyna pushed her back and took a swing and the cat fight was on. Mike watched as the girls tumbled around, one moment chyna was on top, the next chloe was. It took her a minute, but clearly chloe was in better shape and knew how to fight. She looked almost like a ballerina, like she was dancing. Once she got free she quickly disassembled chyna.

"Just like old times," Chloe said as she reached into the closet to grab a belt. Mike jumped to his feet and ran upstairs as she started beating chyna with it.

As Mike reached the doorway of the bedroom, chloe was in mid swing. It was clear that she had landed more than a few strikes on chyna, who had curled into a defensive ball on the floor. "What the fuck is this," he shouted grabbing the belt from chloe. He struck her across her face and knocked her down. He then administered a quick series of strikes to her upper body, paying particular attention to her huge breasts. "Who the fuck gave you permission to strike my slut you arrogant bitch," he pretended to be so angry as spit flew out of his mouth.

"Chyna! Get your ass downstairs. Now!"

He dragged chloe down behind her. When they were all assembled downstairs he said, "now which of you started this? Who threw the first punch?"


"She did master," chloe said.


"No master, I would never disobey you."

"Cute, the bitch that is lying to me has exactly 10 seconds to correct herself. And I will figure out which of you is lying. If you don't come clean by the time I count to 10, when I do figure it out I will let the other choose your punishment and give her a reward."

Mike counted down from ten to zero, then he pushed play. Chyna screamed when she saw the evidence.

"Chloe, your choice, but you will choose now. Your reward, her punishment?"

"Anything master?"

"Anything per my approval."

"I only want one thing, your dick. For her punishment I want her to watch as you give it to me and only me for the next 24 hours. I want her to watch as her hold on you first loosens then evaporates entirely."

"Arrogant choice."

"Maybe master, but I know that earlier today, I reminded you of your first day today. And back then, I wasn't even trying to impress you." Mike thought about what she said and knew it to be true. All of it.

"Strip chloe."

He watched as she removed the rest of her clothes and was amazed at her sexy body once again. Her fat sexy breasts, her tiny waist and round sexy ass. "You won't get exclusivity, but I will give you preferential treatment. Tie her to that chair, but spread her arms out.

"Thank you master," chloe said coyly.

"Master! No no no please," chyna cried. "Master please don't do this," she said as she finished tying her up. When she finished she was tied out in a sitting position perfect to the standard, she also had a perfect view of the couch.

Mike snapped his fingers and chloe obediently turned her back to chyna and stood before her master. There right in front of chyna she reached up to mikes face but before their lips could touch, he savagely rose up on her and slapped her, knocking her back, her ass right into chloes face. The look of shock on her face made him want to fuck her to death. He reached out instead, grabbed that mane of beautiful blonde hair and kissed her roughly.

She moaned as he pulled her hair back, twisted a nipple forward and down. The net effect was of lowering her to her feet. He moved forward to within an arms distance of chyna. Chloe immediately began to undo mikes trousers and massage his dick with her hands.

Mike's and chyna's eyes met. He slapped her and said, "watch her."

Chloe had lowered mike's pants and was slowly licking him from under his balls to the tip of his dick. She was taking particular care to massage his balls with her mouth.

"Master please don't do this, please don't make me watch, please," she begged as he slapped her again.

"Watch and learn. You are not the only one around here with a pussy and mouth. Depending on who you listen to you are only second best...."

When chloe heard that she swallowed his dick without even the slightest hesitation. Then she went one further by tickling his balls with her lips and she slid all of him in and out of her very skilled mouth and throat. Mike had to squeeze his eyes just in pleasure. When he opened them again he reached out, slapped Chyna's breast four times each and said, "Shut your fucking mouth. Pay attention slut, this is how you suck a dick, oh god, this is what a mouth is for. Don't ever let me tell you again."

Every word out of his mouth spurred Chloe on more and more. When she had worked herself into a frenzy, mike reached down and pulled her off. She whimpered and begged for his dick, but instead he dragged her over to the couch. He put her on her back and when she started to say something he reached down, twisted both nipples viciously and said, "You are done using your mouth, now show me that pussy you are so proud of."

Mike let go of her and dropped between her open legs. As soon he started to line up, he felt her wrap her legs and arms around him pulling him closer. The act of impaling her with his dick was as much from her thrusting as from his. When he was fully embedded in her he paused for a moment to let her adjust. That pause was all she needed to thrust her legs against his chest and toss him off the couch. He landed with a thud on the carpeted floor and she was immediately on top of him, sliding back onto his dick, impaling herself once again.

Before he could think to toss her off she said, "Master please, please, let me show you how a real slut serves her master. Please, whatever she has been doing for you, I am 10 times better, just let me...She knows everything I taught her, not everything I know..." As his hands were loosening his grip on her hips, she started rocking and massaging him. He was instantly pleasured by her finely skilled cunt.

He looked up at her, as she sat on his dick, he could see her muscles flexing, pleasuring him. Breathless he tried to say "Make it count chloe," but barely was able to say make. Due completely to the soft erotic movements of chloe on top of him. She never lifted up or down, her soft, firm wet pussy was so skilled at providing pleasure from squeezing him. The movement to lift up and off was so smooth that he didn't know what she was doing until she had lifted off and was lowering her mouth in between his legs, sucking her own juices off of him.

As soon as he began her skilled oral ministrations, she got up, squatted above him and lowered herself back on top of him. This time she did start to raise and lower herself on him. Each time she lowered herself onto his dick she repeated her earlier tricks before rising again. Finally she looked down and said, "Master, I need you to fuck me. I need it, I need you to fuck me like a bitch."

She dismounted one last time then took position on all fours with her ass facing mike. She wiggled her ass and whined, "Master, I am in heat, make me your bitch, please Master please...."

Mike got to his feet, but rather than servicing chloe, he instead walked straight over to chyna. Her face was in tears, her hair was matted to her head and a fine sheen of sweat coated her body, parts of her body were turning black and purple from where chloe had beat her earlier. She whimpered quietly as he approached.

As he started talking to her he reached for and started to grope, squeeze and pull on her breasts. "Did you learn anything slut?"

"mmmm Master please, please...."

"Pay better attention this time, you clearly have a lot to learn" he said. She cried out as he painfully twisted her nipples.

Chloe smiled as she looked back and saw mike returning to her. She was surprised when he picked her up by her waist and put her on her knees on the desk. He bent her over and started to spit into and finger her asshole. First one then two, the whole time chloe was alternating between begging him to slow down and moaning for more.

"Do you really think you can negotiate with the man about to fuck your asshole," he said as he replaced his fingers with his cock.

Chloe screamed as he pulled her down onto him, controlling her with her hair he took her asshole for brutal efficiency.

Barely giving her time to recover he said, "Get up and go get me a butt plug for chyna, I'm going to take her ass next." He slapped her to get her moving.

"Daddy," she whined. "Your a beast, you almost tore me in half," she said as she staggered up the stairs.

Mike turned and walked over to chyna, he put his dick, covered in the stink of shit and cum to her lips. Obediently but hesitantly she opened her mouth and started to clean him off. He untied her and as chloe returned with the butt plug, he had her suck on it then roughly shoved it up her ass. "Stupid sluts got nothing, nothing accomplished today," he said, "I blame you for that chyna. Maybe we will repeat this later, maybe this is where you belong and not at my side, maybe ed was right to make you the factory slut."

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