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Creative Copulation


The Creator is hard to describe, I mean, he isn't really like you and me. But for the purposes of this tale, let's just say he's a tall old man with a beard? He sits contemplating the full majesty of his creation. Built completely of himself and undoubtedly for his amusement, or just to prove that there can be something more than he.

He spends his time in procreation because it's the best thing he ever thought up. Creation is a hard business, particularly nowadays since the Greeks started figuring things out. He hadn't really thought about how he did things, being omnipotent was pretty cool. However he had to make sure how far they had figured out what he had actually caused to come about creating the universal laws that ordered the chaos that had been there, here (oh crap! see what I mean.) before creation.

For a long time it wasn't a pressing issue, except for one little planet in the universe, things were running well. He had watched/sensed the development of life in many places and encouraged it's development by arranging for a suitable environment for it's continuance. In most cases the life started to adapt more fully to the environment and changed to take further advantages. Independent Life was after all the purpose of this experiment. He had made it big enough that if anything went horribly wrong, any resulting explosion was too small to upset the over all plan, guess, physic's.

And so it was that on a small blue planet, only 4 billion years old, that was just the right distance from its star and of the right composition to offer a salubrious place for life to evolve. At first the Creator was happy with the Saurian and had taken some to another planet and let them evolve under a different set of conditions. It was a good thing too, because when the comet wiped out most of the life on the little blue planet, at least some Saurian remained.

The Creator watched as the little blue planet evolved even more complex beings with more complex interactions. Then Archimedes started figuring and by the time the Creator became aware of the fact, Archimedes was on to something else. That was when it started, the Creator contemplating his Universe and trying to stay at least a 1,000 years ahead, so he'd have time for other things.

Sexual reproduction was his most interesting invention. Actually it was the result of it's development in his creation that sex, it's uses and advantages were brought to his attention, but since he was the source he allowed himself a little pride in sex. In fact he had created a group of Angels to serve him and had made a second sex of Angels to serve him better. But there were trade offs but he never let that affect him.


Angels come in many flavors because the Creator likes variety. Some were incorporeal, in that they had no physical body, these were the oldest Angels who were direct creations of the Creator, from the Creator.

Some were like Angelique the latest model. She had a body, and it was a beautiful thing, built to service the needs of the Creator in exploring the mysteries of sex, so he could stay ahead of the Norwegians, who had it down pretty pat now.

Some were like Enki. He had evolved a different sex and it bothered him, particularly when Angelique would pass by his office on her way to service the Creators needs. Enki was no slouch, he could transport himself anywhere in the universe, do the Creators business and return to his office very quickly, but he was subject to time and his time seemed to be running out.

Being a corporeal being, his parts were subject to entropy and Enki knew that he only had a few million years left and he became concerned.


The Creator had tried sexual reproduction and found it good. So good he had created his own manifestation to facilitate his participation. He was nonpartisan and could manifest himself to take on any role, or roles for that matter, because there were multi-sexual beings evolving and he had to keep up with the evolution of all of his creations. He could make sure that no being could figure out how everything worked, and then could create their own Universe, where they could live forever and not be subject to the whims of a demented old man who would allow all sorts of inappropriate behavior.

It seems intolerance is a natural result of group interaction of individuals in a resource or temporal limited environment. It surprised the Creator, who liked to let things evolve in a natural way. First it seemed the thing to do, and second it was less trouble.

The Creator was a excellent multi-tasker and always said the right thing. He could be anywhere for as long and as much as necessary and just now he had manifested a physical presence to adapt to Angelique's particular specifications.


Angelique was walking purposely to the Creator's room but stopped for a moment to look out on the creation that He had sprinkled with flowers in a variety of colors and listened to the bird song drifting on a gentle breeze that brought the scent of the blossoms to her. She had no words for it, she could not speak, there was no need. She knew everything she needed to know, the Creator had seen to that.

Angelique smiled and considered how her Creator had given her all these blessings, surely He would one day give her his greatest gift.

Thinking such wonderful thoughts she entered his space and smiled at his manifestation, he had changed it a little. He was still the most wonderful thing in her universe, but she noticed it was a little thicker than previously. She giggled and chiming of her voice made the Creator smile back at her.

Motioning for her to come to him, he made room for her on his couch. He admired the movements of her body, so supple and smooth. He considered how desirable she was, strictly from a sexual perspective. She was perhaps his finest creation, He thought as she sat beside him and offered him a sweetmeat.

She fed him, he ate and got lost in the contemplation of the act of eating as a physical being, how it was much like sex. Angelique hadn't noticed the time that much, she was just happy to be in his presence and thrilled by his hand stroking her breast. The touch of the creator was so thrilling that she also lost track of time.

The Creator filed his thoughts away and concentrated on Angelique now. He was considering how he might make her different but his perfection of Creation is well known and he just changed his style, instead of stroking her breasts he sat her in his lap and let his hands roam.

His kisses were heavenly and his hands made her anxious for more. She sighed as his finger touched her narrow slit.

Suddenly she started! There was more to her than before. There above the narrow slit was a new thing. When he touched it, she gasped at the pleasure it gave her. She moved her hips a little and, Yes! The movement made her feel even better. The new manifestation of the Creator now lifted her up spreading her legs and let her rub her new pleasure on his magnificent pleasure shaft. It was so firm and promised to be even more invigorating that it had in the past. She moaned in her rapture, he kissed her while contemplating the reaction to her new organ. He would keep this, he thought as his shaft began to sink into her.

They both lost track of time and the universe shrank into the two of them as the Creator was distracted and was unable to hold all of it in his mind. A few distant galaxies lost form and reverted to chaos as Angelique was screaming her praise of the Creators manifestation, now so thick and filling, sliding on her new thing, driving her to higher and higher plateaus of pleasure.


Enki sat at his desk waiting for the Creator to call him. He had some news and knew that the Creator would want to know about the new development on the blue planet Gaia. In the last four millennia, since Enki had been there things had changed, a lot.

First the Saurians who had been moved to another planet had discovered space travel and had gone back to Gaia, Second the Saurians had interfered with the Creators plan. Enki wasn't sure that the Creator would like either one of these news flashes.

Another surprise to Enki was that he had a new appendage. It had appeared just a while ago and Enki wasn't sure what it was for. Apparently the Creator was still creating.

As he looked down at his new thing, Enki thought that it might be for sex. Enki had never had sex, but was suddenly interested in it. While the time passed Enki became more concerned. His new appendage was growing warmer and then it started to move! He grabbed it with his hand and got another surprise. Experimenting, he stroked it's smooth skin and pulled back the loose flap of skin that slid back to expose an oddly shaped bulb on the end. When he let the flap slide back over the bulb he shivered in a new way.

Time passed slowly as he played with his exciting new parts. It got stiffer and it felt better if he squeezed it on the end as the flap slid up and down, exposing the bulb and hiding it again. He got so diverted that he almost didn't perceive that the Creator was calling him.


Enki went to the Creators space and had a reaction to Angelique's rather gymnastic fervor as she thrashed around on the Creators lap. His new thing also had a reaction, rising and becoming so firm and swollen that he couldn't think of why he had been anxious to report, nor what he had wanted to report.

Of course the Creator being all knowing had extracted the information from Enki's thoughts, but since Enki was staring at Angelique's swaying perfect breasts and was showing signs of distress the Creator decided to be benevolent and suggested to Enki that he try out this copulatory creation.

Angelique moaned and according to the Creators will, got up and advanced on Enki. Her loins yearning for Enki's new thing to meet her new thing. She didn't think that she had forsaken her Creators needs, but that she saw Enkis need, and as a compassionate and now passionate being, she had to relieve his angst. She fondled his firm shaft and smiled at him. He smiled at her, not knowing what she was going to do.


The Creator decided that he wanted to watch.


Blown away by an Angel.

Enki finds a new use for his tongue.

Angelique finds her tongue is almost as much fun as her new thing, and that Enki's tongue did marvelous things to her new thing as well.

The Creator was interested to see how they had adapted so quickly to the concept of sex and were so enthusiastic at exploring the new sensations that their now more fully formed bodies provided.


While one part of the Creators mind held the universe, another part considered the information that Enki had reminded him of, and yet another was watching with some fascination as Enki's new thing was sliding in and out of Angelique's. It was invigorating, even to him who was not an active participant.

He grinned and decided to invent the three way, slipping his patronymic pole into Angelique's mouth as she humped Enki enthusiastically.

He found it very interesting that her mouth was almost better than her... He realized that things ought to have names and he giggled as he thought about what would be called nouns and verbs and, because he was a little odd, prepositions. He was inventing split infinitives when Enki groaned and held Angelique's hips to him straining to hold her closer, but Angelique was still humping Enki moaning.

The Creator realized that Enki was about to loose what little mind he had and so he invented something else for them, the climax. He hadn't thought about Angelique's needs but realized that once a woman had gotten that excited and had fulfilled her duty, she should be rewarded. Besides they had endurance limitations of their physical forms.

Angelique shivered and pressed herself to Enki's now still form under her, her mouth sucking the gift of the Creator to such an degree that the Creator groaned as well as his climax sprang forth in a flood, down Angelique's throat, it was so great that it spurted from her lips, dribbling down her chin.

It was a good thing that He was such a good multi-tasker or half the universe would have ceased to exist, as His mind was distracted by his wonderful new creations.


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