tagMind ControlCrime: Bimbomania! Ch. 04

Crime: Bimbomania! Ch. 04


Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.


Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!

Round Four

By: Chrystal Wynd

I couldn't stop my boobs from jiggling.

I sighed. My CFM walk- they said it was short for "come find me," but I knew it was really "come fuck me"- was too complex for me to overcome. My whole body was involved, and that included my shoulders. The final effect was that my boobs were jiggling when I walked, whether I liked it or not. It was subtle, but unmistakable. Of course, a lot of people wouldn't notice because they'd be too busy watching my bimbified hips and ass wiggle like I was a slut-in-heat. Grrrrrrrrrr.

It was a few minutes before we were due back on stage. There were a lot of people running around, but everyone was staying out of our way. Even Michael was avoiding us. I could hear him shrieking about a burnt-out light bulb on stage.

I glanced up at the electronic scoreboard. It read:





Chrissie had finally earned a letter, but the rest of us were still two letters behind her.

I finally spotted Chrissie, Tonya and Laura standing together. It was actually sort of funny seeing dark-haired Chrissie and blonde Tonya together. Chrissie was several inches taller and less bimbified overall, and in her heels, Chrissie towered over the busty, barefoot Tonya. Quite a study in contrast. Meanwhile, Laura was stunning in her growing bimbification. Her expanded boobs took away from her sleek socialite look, but she now looked like a gorgeous beach bunny. Of course, I wasn't one to talk...with my long pigtails I had to look like a fetish model.

Chrissie smirked as I walked to them, hips rolling.

"Nice walk," she said. "That should get you laid tonight."

I gave her a look. Then I noticed a pen sitting on a table, so I picked it up and dropped it in front of her. "Oops!" I said. Chrissie instinctively bent over to pick up the pen. Because of her new programming, she helplessly bent over at the waist, her rounded ass sticking up. I gave her a slap on the ass that made her jump and yelp.

She landed clutching her ass. "You bitch!" she said.

I gave her my best bitchy smile. "Oh, you know you liked it."

Chrissie flushed and stepped forward. Tonya scurried out of the way on her bare feet, her red toenails flashing, and Laura clicked her way clear. I smiled mirthlessly and gave Chrissie an inviting look. Then, suddenly, Michael was standing between us.

"Save it for the stage, you butchy things!" he said. "Five minutes! Five minutes!"

I shrugged. "Fine," I said. Then I smirked. "Nice ass, by the way."

Chrissie looked pissed. "Kiss my ass, bitch," she said.

"Nice comeback," I said, but my heart wasn't in it. The tension had passed, and it was almost time for the show to resume. Then we heard the warning bell ring, so we filed back onstage.

The makeup team pulled away and the camera began rolling just as we gathered next to Biff. Biff put on his bright smile once more and began babbling.

"Welcome back to Bimbomania, the best game show in the entire world! We're ready to start the second half of our show today. Let's have a big hand for our girls!" The audience applauded as Biff gestured towards us. Then he began speaking earnestly.

"Alright, I'm sure everyone is anxious for the next event, but first, we'd like to share a moment for your entertainment!" The stage behind Biff began to shift and whirr. The plastic hallway that had served as a blowjob chamber for the previous event slid into view once more. Inside the plastic chamber were the same four beefcakes that we had practically assaulted earlier. A dark-haired woman in a white lab coat was kneeling between the legs of the first beefcake, and her mouth was stroking up and down his hardened cock desperately.

"That is Nancy. She is a twenty-nine year old engineer for Blonde Concepts, with a PhD in pharmaceuticals. She is also the one who performed the miscalculation for the previous event that resulted in our competitors going berserk on our resident studs. We here at Bimbomania are committed to quality, and Nancy understands this. As such, she is being disciplined for her error by being injected with the very same hormones that were injected into our young ladies. As you can see, it is having a similar effect on Nancy."

Nancy's lips were wrapped tightly around the beefcake's cock, and his shaft disappeared deeper and deeper into the engineer's mouth. It was obvious the scientist woman wasn't used to sucking cock, but her desperate bobbing over the thick shaft suggested she was learning quickly.

While this was going on, another person in a white lab coat walked out on stage. At first glance, I thought the person was female, due to the large breasts that were obvious despite the lab coat. Then I realized it was actually a male.

Biff smirked. "And this is Jeffrey. Jeffrey is Nancy's supervisor, and he is therefore ultimately responsible for the error as well. For your viewing entertainment, Jeffrey has been temporarily altered. Jeffrey will be carrying a full rack for a few weeks in the hope that it will remind him that, here at Bimbomania, quality is a priority."

The crowd was silent for a moment. Then, abruptly, applause swept through the studio. Jeffrey turned to leave the stage, and the resulting jiggle caused another wave of applause.

Biff gave the departing Jeffrey a half-wave. "Good luck, Jeffrey," he said. "Make sure you find a good bra!" The crowd laughed appreciatively.

Biff turned back to the audience. "Okay," he said. "Let's get back to business! Since our girls showed so much enthusiasm, and it was such a big hit with the fans, our next event will be orally based once again, particularly since our initial oral event was somewhat skewed. It will be slightly expanded this time, however." The stage whirred and shifted once more. Nancy was still visible as she now sucked the second stud's cock, but she was further back. Next to the blowjob chambers but closer to the front of the stage were more transparent chambers. There were four sets of chambers approaching the front of the stage. Each set consisted of three round chambers pressed together, although one had to pass through a door to get from one chamber to the next. The first and last chamber of each set had a beefcake inside, while the middle chamber of each had one of the female "nurses" inside.

"Okay, here's how it works," said Biff. "The studs and cuties inside those chambers are wired to the computer. Now, an orgasm creates a specific electronic signature. The four of you will have your wrists handcuffed behind your back to ensure that you use only your mouths to make them orgasm. As soon as it registers that the stud or cutie is having an orgasm, that will trigger the door to open in 20 seconds. You must swallow the ejaculate before you can enter the next section. Not swallowing will result in a severe time penalty. The final section, of course, doesn't have a door to be triggered, but the studs are still wired. When the final stud orgasms, the computer registers the time. The first one who brings all three people in their chamber to orgasm with their mouth wins the round!"

"Fuck!" said Chrissie, and, for once, I agreed with her. "This is bullshit!" she said.

Biff's smile grew strained, and suddenly the camera switched off. A voice from the control booth informed Biff he had sixty seconds. Biff looked at Chrissie.

"I understand your frustration, Christine, alright? However, you need to watch your language. This is a family show," said Biff. "Also, remember you are here by court order. If you refuse to perform in an event, it's like not showing up for court or not reporting for your probation check-in. In other words, you are then technically a fugitive, and we are completely within our rights to simply drag you to the bimbo throne and fry your brains. So, cooperate or not, it's up to you, but now you know what will happen if you don't. Christine- and the rest of you- do we understand each other?"

Christine and the rest of us nodded, our eyes wide. Hearing the flamboyant Biff speak so tough was disconcerting.

Biff nodded. "Good," he said. Then he thumbed his phone. "Alright, ready on stage," he said.

"Three and two and...go!"

Biff's smile locked in. "Welcome back to Bimbomania! Our momentary technical difficulties have been fixed, so let's get started with our next event! Ladies, to your chambers!"

Biff's harsh words still ringing in our ears, we made our ways to our individual chambers. The beefcake in the chamber directly in front of me gave me an easy smile as I got into position just outside the door of the chamber. Several members of the crowd began to whistle and cheer as several pretty girls walked out with handcuffs dangling from their fists. Those cheers increased as our wrists were cuffed behind our backs. This was not going to be easy.

"Alright, girls...get ready...get set...and...go!"

Biff pushed a button and the chamber doors all slid open. I tried to dash inside but learned quickly that running in high heels with your wrists cuffed behind you wasn't a good idea. I dropped to my knees in front of the waiting beefcake, who parted his legs with a friendly smile. Unable to use my hands, I leaned forward and sucked the stud's cock into my mouth. Fortunately, I could feel him hardening almost instantly in my mouth, so soon I was able to wrap my lips tightly around his cock and slide my wet mouth up and down his shaft. I paused only for an instant when I realized there was a television camera just outside the transparent cube, and it was focused on me...specifically, it was aimed at my mouth going up and down the stud's cock. I put it out of my mind instantly, though. I had to.

Not being able to use my hands was frustrating. I had to make all my adjustments based only on what I could sense through my mouth. Unfortunately, that was very difficult to do because my lips were so sensitive. I was trying to concentrate through helpless orgasms. It would have been devastatingly hot if it weren't for the high stakes. I struggled to keep my balance, but finally I got a good rhythm going. After several minutes I was rewarded with distinctive squirming from the stud. A sudden burst of applause alerted me that one of the others had just finished with their first stud, but I didn't stop to think about that, as suddenly my mouth was filling with hot cum. My eyes widened even more, but then I began swallowing the stud's cum as fast as he filled my mouth. Finally he leaned back, apparently satisfied, and the door to the next part of the chamber slid open.

Unable to wipe my mouth, I got to my feet and went to the next section. A pretty dark-haired girl gave me a sultry smile; then her eyes dropped to her pussy. There was no way around it if I planned to win this event, so I steeled myself and dropped to my knees once more. She parted her thighs, allowing me full access to her pussy. My wrists were still cuffed behind me, so I pressed my mouth against her sex and slid my tongue inside, searching for her clit. Then, on nation television, I licked that girl with heated determination. My lips were still sensitive, however, and I shuddered and moaned into that girl's pussy. It was humiliating as hell, but I couldn't help it. I was wet and squirmy and orgasming so hard that I nearly missed the girl's orgasm. I finally realized that the door had opened, and, exhausted and aching, got to my feet once again.

By now, I had tunnel vision. My lips were so tender and sensitive that running my tongue across my lips was making me shudder. The dark-haired girl's juices covered my cheeks and my belly was full of cum already. I had no idea how I was going to do this. I couldn't do it. I couldn't. But, somehow, I dropped to my knees again. I breathed in and out several times, then wrapped my lips around the beefcake's cock.

My hips bucked helplessly as I stroked my mouth up and down that shaft. My nipples were so hard it was ridiculous. My jaw ached and I was pretty sure my mouth would be locked in blowjob position forever. By now I was taking the stud's cock all the way into my throat, my lips wrapped around the base of his shaft, and it was working. He was wriggling and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder in my mouth. Suddenly the audience burst into raucous applause, cheering and stomping, and then the stud was filling my mouth with hot cum. I swallowed desperately, making sure not to miss a single drop, as I did not want to be penalized any points at all. Finally, belly full, I sat back on my heels to catch my breath.

The crowd was still cheering. I looked around at the others. Lara's luscious long red hair was still bobbing between a stud's thighs, her cheeks puffed out. On the other side of my chamber, Chrissie's black hair could be seen still bobbing as well, her hands still cuffed behind her as she struggled to keep her timing. Yes, Chrissie couldn't win! So far, so good. That just left Tonya. I looked over at her chamber, which was on the other side of Laura's. And that's when my heart fell.

Tonya's chamber was lit up. She had finished before me. I had lost another event.


"Congratulations to Tonya for winning the Tongues of Glory event! Christine, Erica and Laura, you three have earned another level of Bimbomania Bimbification and anther trip to the Accessory Wheel! Paul, why don't you tell them what to expect?"

The unseen Paul's baritone sounded once again. "Certainly, Biff! Christine, you'll be getting your hair and nails done, as this is only the second level for you, but Laura and Erica, you will be entering the upper levels of bimbification. You'll be getting a Bimbomania sex drive enhancement! And not just an ordinary enhancement. This isn't just oysters and Spanish fly! This is a Bimbomania sex enhancement, and that means pure bimbo heat! Your neurons will be realigned to make sex your highest priority, behind only self-preservation! And this means all sex, not just missionary position. Oral, anal, between your bimbo boobs...all acts will have equal fascination and need for you! The only thing left standing between you and constant hot sex will be your busy little brains! Congratulations!"

"Thank you, Paul," said Biff. "Now, because of the nature of the results of this round's Accessory Wheel, we're going to spin now before you ladies receive your level bimbifications!" The crowd applauded as the stage began to whirr and shift once more. Within moments, the Accessory Wheel was in place. Tonya watched us step up to the wheel with a smirk.

"As you can see, the theme of this round's wheel is unique signature characteristics! Okay, Laura, step up and give the wheel a spin!" said Biff.

Laura stepped up and gave the wheel a tentative spin. The wheel clicked several times and finally settled into place.

"Well, now," said Biff. "Congratulations, Laura! You'll be the recipient of an exotic body tattoo! You're in luck, too...we have one of the best tattooists in Chrystal Heights working in synch with our best graphic artist for this work of art. You'll be a masterpiece!" The crowd cheered as Laura was led backstage.

Chrissie stepped up to the wheel and gave it a harsh spin. The wheel spun for a while before it finally clicked into place.

Biff smiled big. "Well, now, Christine! You're going to be quite distinctive with your bright, bimbo pink hair! Congratulations!" The production office no doubt had to bleep Chrissie's response to Biff. Two beefcakes led her backstage, each with a hand on her biceps.

I stepped up and took a deep breath. The results this round were harsh. Finally, I grabbed the wheel and spun.


My heart was beating quicker than normal as I was led backstage. The significance of Paul's words were hitting home. My body was bimboed, and now my sex instincts were going to be enhanced. And, of course, the accessory. I was getting nervous.

"Well, hello again," said Roadkill.

I managed a half-smile. "Hello, Roadkill."

"Sorry you lost again. Take off your clothes," he said.

"You say the sweetest things," I grumbled, stripping off my clothing grudgingly and laying flat on the indicated table.

"I'm sweet like that," he said. "We're going to be attaching straps and taping leads all over your body, alright? You're going to feel wired up like a robot, but it won't hurt. Once the computer kicks in, you're going to feel current running through your body. Try to avoid moving then, because if you mess up the flow, you could end up with some really strange results, and you don't want that, trust me. This is going to take care of your bimbification level and the Wheel Accessory result as well. Understand?"

I nodded. Roadkill and the two techs working with him soon had me wired up. When he hit the switch and the current started flowing through me, the sensations were much like standing outside with a powerful wind just blowing past you. I felt breathless and restless, although, like Roadkill said, it didn't hurt. After what seemed like an eternity, Roadkill turned off the computer and walked back to me.

I clutched his wrist. "Intense. But I'm fine," I said.

"You're sure?" he said.

I wished he'd stop asking me that. There were so many other things he could be doing with that mouth.


"Yes, yes, I'm fine. Just let me get off this table, alright?"

"Sure," he said. "Just quit pushing my hand into your pussy."

I gasped. He was right. I snatched my hand back, cheeks burning.

Roadkill chuckled as he released all the leads and straps. "Sweetheart, you're a time bomb now. Everything is going to look good to you. Everything will make you think of sex, alright? If you still want to win, you might want to try friggin' yourself off during commercials or whatever. That won't stop it, but it might let you think a little, anyway. Hell, your Wheel Accessory result might be a blessing in disguise. Good luck, darlin'."

I nodded, then got off the table and got dressed. The two techs that had helped Roadkill were nearby, and I could smell them. Gawd, they smelled so masculine. I could actually picture doing them on the table, and that's when I realized what Roadkill meant. Everything looked the same, but different.

I walked back towards the stage. A stagehand waved at me, and I looked at him, wanting him to slide those fingers inside my wet sex. Michael patted me on the shoulder and was talking, but all I could think about was why was he talking instead of using that tongue on my clit? My nipples were positively rock hard, and I slid the palms of my hand over my swelled breasts. I shuddered. Omigod, that felt good. I just needed to cum once before I went onstage, that's all. Just a quick one so I could concentrate. Maybe if I-

"Honey? Sweetie, are you alright?" Michael was tapping my shoulder.

I gasped. I had forgotten I was still talking to somebody. My brain...I still had control of my brain and I had to remember that. My brain was the only thing controlling my sex drive right now.

I assured Michael I was okay and made my way back out on stage.






"Welcome back, girls!" said Biff. "I bet you're excited to be back!" The crowd laughed politely at Biff's horrible pun.

The one pleasure I was able to derive from the moment was that Chrissie was definitively pissed. Her previously black hair was now a bright, bimboey pink, and, better yet, was permanently permed. Chrissie had poofy pink hair! She was furious, and that gave me a happy beyond words. No matter what the end results were, she would always have poofy permed pink hair with matching hot pink fingernails and toenails!

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