tagIncest/TabooCross Country Ch. 01

Cross Country Ch. 01


Author's Note

Firstly, this story will contain graphic scenes of incest. If this offends, don't read it. Enough said on that.

This is my first fictional story so please be kind.

I have to say that I don't like 'wham bam' sex stories much at all. I like there to be some character development and build-up before the actual deed is done, so don't expect full on sexual developments early on in the piece.

Please vote and feel free to email me and let me know what you think.


Sebastian awoke early on the most anticipated day of his life so far, despite having gone to bed late the night before. He stretched in bed, yawning loudly and wriggling his toes under the sheets. It was a great day to be alive! Warm sunlight streamed through his bedroom windows in a golden fan, the shadows of early summer foliage outside his window dancing on the wall beside his bed. It promised perfect weather for the day ahead. Sebastian smiled happily, feeling the excitement build inside him. Glancing at his bedside clock he saw that it was only 7.03am but he couldn't lie in bed any longer, not today.

Feeling energised, he scrambled out of bed and stretched again, fingertips a mere foot from the ceiling overhead. He was a tall young man, not yet 18, although he wasn't far off it now. In fact, his birthday was tomorrow, but today was much more exciting than a mere eighteenth birthday. Sebastian took a single step towards his bedroom door, a broad smile on his face in anticipation of the day ahead and promptly tripped headlong over his school shoes which had been kicked off the day before and left lying right next to his bed. With a thud he hit the polished floor boards, completely missing the minimal padding of the large rug, and landed solidly on his right elbow.

"Owww shit!" Sebastian yelled, rolling onto his back and grabbing at his suddenly numb arm. He squeezed his eyes shut tight and drummed his heels on the floor, waiting for the tingling pain to subside. The door opened and Sebastian's mum stuck her head into the room.

"Are you ok Seb?" Tracy asked, concern creasing her forehead at the sight of her pride and joy lying prostrate on the floor.

"Yepssss..." Sebastian hissed through gritted teeth. His eyes opened as the pain began to subside and he looked up at his mother who appeared to be standing on the roof from his upside-down perspective. "I'm ok, just a bit clumsy."

His mother grinned down at him, "Well, do you want me to make some breakfast for you? It is a pretty special day after all."

"Sure, that would be great Mum! What have we got? Bacon and eggs?" Sebastian climbed slowly to his feet and dusted himself off. His arm still hurt, but he thought it was only bruised thankfully.

"Nope." His mother answered, "But I can make some pancakes. We don't have any bacon."

"Ok, sounds great."

Sebastian smiled as she walked away down the hall, his good mood returning. He bent to grab his towel from the floor and wandered down the hallway to the bathroom he shared with his sister.

It was an old house, restored lovingly by his father who had completed the restoration only weeks before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That was five years ago now, but Sebastian still remembered his father fondly and the pain of his death still reared its head on rare occasions. Sebastian remembered coming home from school every day to find a new timber floor had been laid perfectly where none had been two days before, or an internal wall had been completely removed with the frame of a new wall standing two metres away from where the old one had been. He had often helped his father on weekends and after school, carrying floor boards, nailing new timber wall frames together and passing his father tiles as he painstakingly laid an intricate pattern on the bathroom floor. Sebastian felt incredibly lucky that he had managed to spend so much quality time with his father during his last year alive.

Entering the large bathroom, he admired the white and burgundy tiling on the floor as he always did, then locked the door and stripped off his t-shirt and tracksuit pants. He showered quickly, the water hot enough to steam up the large room in minutes, and rushed back to his bedroom wrapped in his towel.

After dressing, he ran downstairs and positively bounced into the large, open-plan kitchen.

"Good morning!" he bellowed at his twin sister Sasha. She cringed at the noise and huddled over her pancakes, wincing at the volume of his voice.

"Yeah, 'morning." Sasha muttered.

"Perky as ever on this fine morning?" Sebastian laughed, dropping into a chair at the kitchen table.

"Thanks Mum." He added as his mother placed a short stack of pancakes before him.

"Leave your sister alone Seb and let her wake up." Tracy admonished gently, smiling at her kids. "Is Nicky up?"

"Not likely." Sebastian answered, pouring a generous layer of maple syrup over his breakfast.

Nicky was Sebastian and Sasha's older sister. She always slept late though, rarely emerging from her bedroom until the last minute before she had to leave for her classes. Nicky was studying Art at Melbourne University and was considered something of an artistic genius. She had already been given her own exhibition at a well known gallery in Southbank and was apparently the bright new hope of the university's art college.

Sebastian eyed Sasha who was still huddled over her plate and looking half asleep. "Excited Sash?" he asked.

"Soon." She murmured.

Sebastian laughed and reached across the table to flick her arm. "Geez, wakey wakey already."

Sasha gave him a weary, blank look and pushed back her chair. "I'm going to have a shower and wake up a bit." she announced, putting her dishes into the dishwasher. She shuffled past Sebastian on her way out and suddenly pinched him hard on his upper arm.

"Yow!" he yelled. Sasha grinned at him.

"Ugly git." She laughed as she left the kitchen and he heard her giggling still as she climbed the stairs.

It was an old joke, but Sash never seemed to tire of it. As fraternal twins, Sebastian and Sasha were unusual in that they were so incredibly similar in appearance (despite being of the opposite gender) that one could be forgiven for thinking they were identical twins – which, by the way, is impossible for opposite gender twins.

Sebastian laughed and his mother chuckled softly to herself as she prepared lunches for school.

"What time do you two finish school again?" Tracy asked Sebastian, as she cut sandwiches in half.

"Um, lunchtime I think." Sebastian answered.

Tracy burst out laughing and turned to face her son. "And you couldn't have reminded me before I had finished making your lunches?"

"Oh sorry," He laughed as well. "We can eat them when we get home. Thanks though!"

"Ok, well you know you'll have to catch the bus today because Nicky won't be finished until after 5 o'clock, right?" Sebastian nodded. "Oh, and I won't be coming home until later tonight because we've got a board meeting at work this evening."

"Ok Mum." He answered, mopping the last of the maple syrup with his remaining pancake.

Tracy wrapped the sandwiches she had made and put them in the fridge, then picked up her handbag and bent to kiss her son goodbye.

"You have a good time today." She smiled, "I can't believe it's your last day of school already. It feels like yesterday that your father and I were dropping you off for your very first day at primary school."

"I will." He answered, grinning up at her. "And from where I'm sitting, it's been the longest twelve years of my life!"

His mother laughed again, and then went to call up the stairs to Sasha. "Have a good time today Sasha!"

"I will! Bye!" Sasha's voice echoed from above.

"Got to run, bye Seb." She left, her knee-length business skirt making swishing noises as she walked out of the room.

"Bye Mum."

Sebastian heard the car start in the garage and the door rolling up. He deposited his dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on since it was almost full. He ran up the stairs to fetch his school bag and maybe play a quick game on his computer before it was time to catch the bus.

Rounding the head of the staircase he stopped, grimacing as an excruciating pain shot through his right arm. He held his elbow with his other hand and waited for it to subside, breathing slowly, and wondered briefly if he'd caused some real damage by landing on it.

Standing there, the pain slowly ebbing away, a movement up the hallway caught his attention. The bathroom door opened and Sasha walked out wrapped in a fluffy white towel, her arms holding a bundle of clothes. She turned away from him, down the hallway, and started walking toward her own bedroom which was further down the hall from his own. As he watched, concentrating mainly on his painful elbow, a piece of clothing slipped from her arms and landed beside her. Sasha stopped, bent forward and reached to pick up the t-shirt she had dropped when the towel that was wrapped around her suddenly fell to the floor at her feet. With a soft sound of irritation, she dumped the armload of clothes beside her and reached for the towel.

Sebastian stood in shock behind her, staring at a vision up the hallway that he knew he shouldn't be looking at. His heart was suddenly pounding and his face felt aflame. Sasha's slim back looked silky smooth and creamy white. His eyes followed the delicate curve of her spine to her slender waist and gently flaring hips above a set of exquisitely shaped legs. Her bottom was perfection, small and tight. A noticeable gap was visible between her thighs, easily an inch or more, and above it, barely glimpsed, soft pink folds of tender flesh showed as she bent forward to retrieve her towel. Sebastian's chest started to hurt as he gazed on this beauty he had never known existed. In moments though, Sasha had rewrapped the towel, retrieved her clothes and was continuing down the hallway. She disappeared into her room and Sebastian heard the door close gently behind her.

He stood there for a long moment, panting slightly with the arousal that coursed through his body, his eyes out of focus. With a shake of his head, Sebastian walked unsteadily to his room and closed the door. He leaned back against his door and closed his eyes tightly. Clear thought eluded him momentarily as he tried to erase the image that had been burned into his brain and he slowly became aware of an ache between his legs. His hand brushed across the painfully hard bulge at the front of his school shorts and he groaned softly. This was wrong. She was his sister for God's sake! He opened his eyes and looked for his school bag, trying desperately to banish the image from his mind and ignore the erection that didn't want to go away. He sat down at his computer and opened Tour of Duty, hoping that 20 minutes of gunfire and explosions would take his mind off Sasha's perfect body.

It worked, slowly but surely and by the time his watch beeped a warning at him, he was feeling a little bit more in control. Saving his game, he grabbed his school bag and went downstairs to catch the bus. Sasha was waiting, dressed immaculately as ever in her school uniform – a very short plaid skirt, white blouse and knee high white socks with black leather shoes.

What sort of old pervert thought up these bloody uniforms? Sebastian thought to himself, walking swiftly out the door ahead of his sister and heading for the bus stop. He'd often wondered before who was responsible for selecting such skimpy outfits for underage schoolgirls, but he had never considered the person perverted before. No, up until today Sebastian had been grateful to whoever was responsible. Now that he'd noticed Sasha in that way though, it suddenly seemed wrong.

Sasha caught up with him as they approached the bus stop. "What's wrong?"

"Huh?" Sebastian looked sideways at her quickly, then away. "Nothing. I'm just tired."

"Tired? You were bouncing all over the kitchen less than an hour ago."

"Yeah, um. I guess I didn't get as much sleep as I thought." Sebastian sighed. He could feel a stirring in his loins and tried desperately to think of something mundane. They reached the bus stop and he dumped his bag on the hard wooden bench. Sasha grabbed his hand and he jumped in surprise.

"Oh for goodness sake, what's wrong Seb?" Sasha sighed in exasperation, releasing his hand.

"Uhhhhhh" Sebastian cast his mind about for an answer. "I dunno. Why did you grab my hand like that?"

It was a stupid question. Sasha regularly held his hand when she was excited, or hugged him, or touched his arm. She was an affectionate person and always had been.

Sasha frowned at him and put her hands on her slender hips. "You're being weird."

"No I'm not. You just surprised me is all." Sebastian responded, struggling to maintain eye contact.

"Suddenly I've got girl germs or something?" she asked, with mocking emphasis on 'girl germs'. "Grow up Sebastian! I was just excited that's all. It's our last ever day of school, so don't go weird on me today of all days."

"Sorry." He mumbled, and reached out to give her a hug. The close contact set his hormones afire, and his face too probably, but Sasha didn't seem to notice. "I'm fine, it's just weird to be finally facing our last day there. Don't you think?"

"Yeah," Sasha replied happily, grabbing his hand again in her much smaller and softer one.

She chatted away as they waited and soon dropped his hand, for which he was eternally thankful. He managed to keep up his end of the conversation, regaining some of his lost excitement about the day ahead, and even managed to make his erection subside before he had to stand up and board the bus.

Sebastion couldn't keep his eyes off Sasha all day. They shared all but one class together, and today was simply a relaxing morning at school, essentially saying goodbye to their teachers and absorbing some last minute advice about 'real life' from them. Wherever Sebastian looked up, it seemed that Sasha was there, her slim legs seeming to beckon at him while he tried to appear normal to his friends and classmates. He managed to keep his occasional erection hidden and under control, but by the time the lunch bell rang he was sweating profusely despite the weather only being mildly warm.

As the bell rang, all the Year 12 students piled out of their classrooms, many sporting crazy hairstyles and torn uniforms that had been signed by their peers. They yellwed and capered around on the school oval, looking forward to a long and deliriously happy celebration of the end of their childhoods. Water bombs and shaving cream bombs were thrown while most of the teachers smiled good naturedly at the impromptu celebration. Sebastian caught sight of his sister through the crowd, her hair soaking wet and the sleeves of her blouse torn off raggedly. Her friends were still trying to scrawl their signatures on her school blouse, despite the black marker refusing to write through layers of shaving cream.

Sebastian was grabbed in a bear hug from behind as a large wad of shaving cream hit his ear, and he laughed along with his friends, the reality of the day settling in. No more school! He whooped in delight and proceeded to water bomb anyone who looked even vaguely dry.

An hour later, students began to leave in small groups, many of them to prepare for the party tonight that would, for many of them, involve breaking into the school grounds to 'trash' the place. Sebastian and Sasha, along with their friends, would not be coming back. Firstly, the school hired private security guards every year in anticipation of this night and, secondly, none of them were all that keen on getting so drunk that they couldn't walk and then attempting to vandalise their school.

Sebastian joined Sasha and her friends as they strolled toward the front gate, his best friend Hamish tagging along and already pulling a packet of cigarettes from his school bag. Hamish held out the packet towards Sebastian but he shook his head with a smile.

"Dude, you know I don't smoke."

"S'cool." Hamish grinned through the cloud of smoke wafting in front of his face. "Girls?"

Lisa, one of Sasha's friends, accepted a cigarette and they all walked toward the bus stop chatting happily about their plans for the summer ahead.

"What have you guys got planned?" Lisa asked Sebastian. Her smile was slow and languorous and her body language was so blatantly flirtatious that he couldn't help smiling back broadly.

"Not much. It's our 18th tomorrow though so we'll definitely let you guys know what we're doing."

"Ooo yes!" Lisa cooed, her hand caressing his arm and fluttering her eyelashes up at him.

Sebastian was enjoying the attention. He felt flushed in the face and his body tingled at her touch. He couldn't remove the smile from his lips. It occurred to him that Lisa was the complete opposite of Sasha in looks, behaviours and attitudes which, he supposed, was a good thing considering his reaction to this morning's events. Lisa was a stunning, lightly tanned blonde who stood nearly 5'9" high and had long, athletic looking legs beneath her short skirt. Her eyes were a sky blue and her lips were full and pouty. Her school uniform curved outward alluringly over her large breasts which he knew were featured prominently in most of the fantasies that were had by guys at their school. She was also something of a party animal and he had heard enough rumours to know she was unlikely to be a virgin. He didn't completely believe it though as he had long ago learned to ignore the rumour mills of high school, knowing that half of what you heard wasn't true.

He glanced sideways at Sasha who was chatting away happily with Emily and Nicole as she walked, with Hamish desperately trying to gain their attention by cracking lame jokes and laughing uproariously while the girls smiled politely and continued their conversation with barely a pause.

In contrast to Lisa, Sasha was a lot smaller and only stood around 5'3" and she was slender as opposed to curvaceous. She wore her dark brown hair short in what he suppose was called a pixie-style haircut. This was emphasised by the way the tips of her small ears showed through her hair slightly, and by her fine features. Everything about Sasha was small and delicate, and her skin was a pale flawless ivory rather than tanned. The only exception was her large, liquid brown eyes. Despite himself, Sebastian found himself admiring the gentle swell of Sasha's small breasts and her slender, pale legs.

"Oi, over here."

Sebastian looked away with a jump as Lisa's finger prodded him in the side. She leaned closer to him with a wicked smile.

"Who do you think is hotter?" She whispered with a seductive smile. "Emily, Nicole or me?"

Sebastian laughed softly and whispered back, "Definitely you Lisa." He winked at her and she purred as she snuggled against his arm. He was glad that Lisa hadn't included his sister in the comparison or else he may not have been able to hide the truth in his reply.

"Call me tomorrow hey?" Lisa spoke softly and ran her hand down his arm to squeeze his hand before twirling away and calling to the others. "Come on guys!"

Emily, Lisa, Hamish and Nicole waved and called their goodbyes as they continued down the street and left Sebastian and Sasha alone at their bus stop. They chatted amiably as the bus pulled up and the relaxed chatter continued all the way home, both youngsters feeling buoyant and free from the pressures of school and life in general.

As soon as they walked through the door, Sebastian ran straight up to his room and promptly tore off the remainder of his soaked and torn uniform, tossed it into a corner, and started to sift through the piles of clothing on his floor for something clean to wear. Lisa's words were still playing through his mind and he couldn't help but wonder if her new interest in him might lead to something he'd been anticipating since puberty. He brushed his fingers lightly against the straining erection which stood out proudly from his body and moaned slightly at the sensation.

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