tagInterracial LoveCrossed Wires...Crossed Boundaries Ch. 4

Crossed Wires...Crossed Boundaries Ch. 4

byStardog Champion©

Roxanne swore she could hear the faint sounds of mattress springs grinding upstairs just as she descended the final step into the living room.

"You're just hearing things," an inner voice soothingly lied.

"You know exactly what's about to happen up there," a truthful voice quickly reminded.

Ringing her hands together as she approached the sleeping black teenager from the side, Roxanne kicked herself for not having her glasses, worried she would trip over something and wake him up.

Now less than 6 feet away from Malik's sleeping frame, Roxanne held her breath as she listened to the boy's light snoring.

Several moments passed in frozen animation there in the living room before Malik suddenly lurched in shock.

"UUHHHHH," he groaned, his voice sounding like the report of a rifle when he realized someone's shadowy presense was beside him.

Roxanne nearly jumped out of her skin as well when she saw Malik's body rise off the sofa.

Malik's first thought was that Tina had returned to take him up on the crude offer he had made moments earlier.

By the time he realized he was wrong, and he and Roxanne had settled down enough to see who was there, Malik locked his dark and drowsy eyes on Roxanne's petite, quivering frame and tried to apologize for startling her.

Looking down after a few tense moments to see his still opened fly, Malik gracefully lifted his right hand and covered the front of his pants as he waited for Roxanne to make the next move.

"She's probably just down to get a drink of water.....Good thing she didn't stumble down here a few minutes ago while her daughter was next to me giving me a blowjob," Malik thought to himself as he felt his deflated cock start to harden at the sheer thought of that possibility.

There was an electric buzz in the room as the two stared plaintiffly at each other.

"She's not down here to get any water," a strange omnipitant voice inside of Malik's head chirped out of nowhere. "Just look at the way she's staring at your hand over your crotch..just like her Daughter did a few minutes ago."

Robotically dipping his right hand into his fly once again, Malik used his left hand to undo the snap of his jeans as he sized up the visibly shaken woman to his right.

Not having a clue Roxanne had already fucked his Father or what was about to happen between Tina and Tony upstairs, Malik slipped his entire hand inside of his pants and flexed his fingers around his stirring endowment.

Even in the dim light of the living room, Malik's sleepy eyes could clearly discern Roxanne Ingle's unsteady state. Watching the way each of her legs shook noticably underneath her pink housecoat as she fixated on the crotch of his pants, Malik chalked it up to a combination of the older woman's discomfort in that type of situation combined most likely with the after effects of her recent surgery.

"Come over here," Malik mumbled as he lifted his arm upwards to remove his penis.

"Is this what you are down here looking for?" he lewdly asked as his large black, half inflated snake flopped free.

"Come on over for a closer look ....Roxanne," Malik continued, feeling a little wierd calling a woman that much older than him by her first name.

"Your legs look shot..why not scoot up to me and get down on your knees for a closer look," Malik offered, still amazed at the alluring power he held over the married white woman as she inched closer and tentativly worked her way into a kneeling position beside his right leg.

Looking like a mesmerized shell of herself, Roxanne bit her lower lip to ward off the aching pain in her legs as she carefully bent down and took her place at the side of the leering young man.

"Yeah," Malik groaned cockily as the older woman slowly crouched down beside him.

"She's easing up to the thing like she ain't never sucked a dick before...just like her daughter did," Malik internally noted as he watched the way Roxanne's eyes followed his bobbing cock.

"Kiss it till it gets all the way hard Lady....don't be scared of it...just open up those pretty pink lips of yours and give it a nice kiss..then swallow it...I wanna feel it grow all the way hard inside your mouth," Malik softly snarled down to Roxanne.

Brimming with confidence as the frail woman placed her steady hand against his thigh to prop herself up, Malik watched as Roxanne parted her trembling lips and pressed them up to his vieny girth.

"MMM...YEAH," Malik moaned softly, tilting his head backwards as enjoyed the way the nervous older woman slowly coated his cock with her clear saliva.

"Look at that shit smearing all over her cheeks and chin," Malik marvaled as he slowly shifted his ass on the sofa cushions, trying to work down his pants at the same time Roxanne tried to muster the courage to put his dick into her mouth.

With his jeans finally down around his ankles, Malik reached over with his right hand and patted Roxanne on the top of the head as if she were an obediant dog tettering beside him.

Feeling his dick continue to grow against the older woman's wet lips and soft chin, Malik felt his head start to swim as the submissive mother of three flexed her lips all the way apart in an attempt to suck it before it got too big to try.

Malik then reclined his back against the cushions behind him and savored the woman's tentative blowjob for the better part of five minutes. He took special delight in the way his blunt cock caused Roxanne's cheeks to bulge obscenly each time it grazed the inside of her mouth as well as the choking grunt she made each time his dick touched the back of her throat.

"This is great," Malik mumbled to himself. " But I've gotten a blowjob already tonight..I want some pussy...some married white pussy."

Knowing his initial edge had been taken off by the blowjob Tina had given him earlier in the evening, Malik knew he could sit there and watch Roxanne slob on his knob for as long as he wanted without cumming again. Sensing he had complete and utter control over the woman however, Malik decided he wanted to see what it would look like for his big black dick to slide deep inside of her.

Wrapping his right hand around the back of Roxanne's neck, Malik pulled her head backwards until his spit covered cock plopped free from her stretched lips.

"Good job Bitch," Malik huskily groaned his approval to Roxanne. "But I'll tell you what I really want to do..that's to bust my nut deep inside that tight cunt of yours."

Edging forward on the sofa so he could pull his shirt over his head, once he was completly naked, he placed his warm hands on each of Roxanne's shoulders and pressed her to the floor with unbridled ease.

Pulling Roxanne's night shirt apart with his right hand as he bent down on top of her weakened body, Malik tugged at his rigid cock with his left as he positioned himself between her quivering legs.

Every frame from every demented fantasy he had stored since puberty, from his teachers, to women he would seen on the street or on tv, all came flooding back to Malik as he crawled his bare knees across the carpet towards Roxanne. Forcing her thighs apart with the strength of his forward weight, Malik watched the woman's panty clad crotch spread apart and the wetspot in the middle of it slowly grow in front of his eyes.

Loving the way his heavy girth felt tapping at Roxanne's soft thighs and waist, Malik was sure he could sense her behind lurching off the floor subtly, begging him silently to roll down her panties.

"You want me to fuck you..don't you?" Malik sighed.

"...Yes," Roxanne whispered in shame as her head swayed side to side.

Working his strong hands down to Roxanne's crotch, Malik patiently held them there for several moments as he committed the carnal vision to memory. After taking a deep breath, Malik pressed his fingers all the way forward in preparation of answering nature's lurid calling.

"OHHH," Roxanne swallowed when she felt Malik's rugged fingertips collide with her flesh.

"Lift your ass up a little so I can get these panties off," Malik ordered, just the same way his father had to her minutes earlier.

An instant later, Roxanne felt her behind gravitate off the carpet and the soft silk material of her underwear quickly drift down her thighs.

"Damn," she heard Malik groan approvingly when her pussy came into view.

Not daring to open her eyes, for fear she would drown in shame at the way she had completly submitted to the 18 year old on top of her, Roxanne wallowed in her self imposed darkness as Malik brazenly undressed her.

Once he had discarded her panties, Roxanne could feel the black boy's eager fingers roam over every inch of her prone body until he had positioned the fingers of his left hand across the steaming fissure of her vagina and the fingers of his right firmly on the top of her belly.

"That pussy is sure flowering out Roxanne...how bad do you want my dick in it?" Malik hissed lewdly.

"P....Pl...Please...Please....fu...fuck...me," Roxanne stuttered in reply, her head swiveling on her neck as if she were drunk.

"Good..cause that's exactly what I was about to do," Malik devilishly smiled as he took hold of Roxanne's trim thighs and forcefully pushed them apart.

"OOHHH," Roxanne grimaced, knowing exactly what was coming next.

"SSHHIIITT," she shrieked, letting out an extended cough when the massive head of Malik's manhood drilled into the entrance of her already fucked womb.

"GOD....DAMN," Malik belted in return, his adrenaline now seething in his viens as the reality of what he was doing squarly hit home.

Malik was so desperate to feel the sensation of a cunt constricting around his cock that he totally lost sight of Roxanne's delicate physical state as he began mashing his pelvis forward, starting a delirious rythem on top of the older woman's splayed crotch until it looked as if he was literally trying to spear her pussy to the floor with his gorged penile weapon.

The viens in Malik's neck flarred out wildly as the speed of his crotch slamming into Roxanne quickened. Sensing the woman below was only holding on to her sanity by a thread from the breathless hiccups of pained joy burping endlessly from her mouth, Malik grinded his cock up and down and in and out of Roxanne's snatch until it looked as if smoke was rising between their gentials.

"..DAMN....GOD....DAMN," Roxanne moaned helplessly, tearing at the carpet with her fingers as if she were an animal trying to claw through the floor of its cage.

"I'm...I'm...I'm gonna....I'm...I'm gonna..cu...gonna...cu..." Roxanne moaned in a voice no one she knew would recognize as her own.

"What Lady?" Malik savagly asked.

"I'm gonna .....cum," Roxanne coughed, the honesty of her adminition causing her sweaty cheeks to redden even further.

"Thought so," Malik cockily sneered as he sped his plowing thursts to push Roxanne over the edge.

"Look at the Bitch squirm like a squeeling pig," Malik thought to himself as he pulled his pelvis back slightly, not wanting to cum just yet. "You already got your nut once with Tina..you got all the endurance you want ...lets make the Bitch earn it."

Leaning back on his knees and rubbing the sweat out of his eyes with his forearm, Malik tapped his swinging balls with his free hand to keep his cock hard as he lavished in the sight of Roxanne slithering in orgasm below.

"Yeah Lady....just lay there and catch your breath...feel my dick down there..its still hard ain't it...I don't care how many times you cum..you still got some work left to do," Malik snarled playfully.

Roxanne's mind and body seemed on fire as she tried to process what Malik meant.

"What..what do..you mean?" Roxanne whispered.

"I mean that I'm gonna get my nut....but you're gonna be the one that does the work for it," Malik taunted.

Reaching down with his right hand, Malik gave his cock a good shake causing Roxanne's entire torso to shake wildly in front of him.

"You're gonna slide you ass across the carpet...down closer to me until my dick is all the way inside your cunt again..then I'm just gonna sit here on my knees while you show me what that pussy of your's can do," Malik soberly instructed.

"...Wha..," Roxanne muttered incoherantly.

Eventhough she had been having sex for the better part of three decades, Roxanne Ingle had grown accustomed to the age old act of a man mounting a woman, thrusting in and out a couple of times and then shooting his cum when he was ready. What Malik was asking of her was something completly foriegn. After succumbing to orgasm twice that evening already, Roxanne simply didn't know if she had the energy left to do anything other than lay there underneath Malik and wallow in the sensation of his still hard cock teasing her swollen vagina.

"I don't know if..I can," Roxanne started, before going silent when she felt a series of warm tears seep down the side of her face.

Malik didn't answer, he simply wrapped his hands around the married woman's waist and dragged her bare ass towards him on the plush carpet.

"OOOHHH," Roxanne immediatly shrieked, feeling Malik's endowment inject itself into her overly sensitive womb until its fistlike head rammed the back wall of her cervix.

"That's it Roxy," Malik grinned, loving the way the prone woman shuddered upon his full re-entry.

"Now start workin' that pussy Little Lady..its so tight around my joint..you shouldn't have to twist it too hard..just start grinding that crotch of yours up against me until you feel my cum shooting inside you," Malik soothingly cooed.

"Oh my God," Roxanne cried to herself when she finally realized what Malik was suggesting. "I don't even have the energy to stand up right now..much less...much less..to...do..what he's asking."

"Come on Lady...get me off...NOW," Malik quickly added when he sensed Roxanne's unease.

Malik even shocked himself by the crass way he was talking to Roxanne. Eventhough he had frequently used that type of language with sluts his own age, to actually be talking that way to a woman, who if he had met on the street he would have had a difficult time sustaining eye contact enough to say 'Hello", was a strange feeling for the 18 year old hgh school senior.

Still, as he looked down and saw the way the white woman's skiddish pussy was spasming awkwardly against his crotch, Malik knew she was completly under his control.

"That's it Roxanne," Malik hissed approvingly. "But you're gonna have to do more than that...that pussy's wet and all but you need to make a little friction..you better start flailing those legs out a little each time you try to hump me."

"UUMMMRRGGAAHHH," Roxanne gurgled, squirming her aching back on the carpet as the piercing pain of Malik's stabbing girth, and stabbing words, caused fireworks to explode behind the black screen of her closed eyelids each time she lurched forward.

Extending her feet out as far as she could to each side of Malik's crouched body, Roxanne helplessly lunged her small ass off the floor, trying her best to create enough suction with her vagina that it felt like a mouth around the stud's black prick.

"OHH...FUCK...YEAH," Malik sighed loudly, amazed at the sight of Roxanne's legs flailing out to each side like white butterfly wings.

"I can feel that now..damn right..and I bet you can feel that too...go ahead..keep your eyes closed Lady..but mine are wide open and they are lovin' the way that pink hairy cunt of your's looks like wrapped around my dick."

"UUMMM," Roxanne groaned again, this time slitting her eyes open slightly to see the hazy outline of Malik's dark frame towering above.

Roxanne's petite breasts quivered wildly across her chest as she continuosly bucked her behind off the floor.

"GODDD...I can't take much more of this," she squeeled out at the same instant her arms went limp to each side.

"That's good Baby," Malik leaned forward and replied, in the process forcing his entire girth to dig into Roxanne's pussy as far as it could go.

"DDDAAMMNN," Roxanne cringed back, her vagina so sensitive now to its pilaging invader that she could feel every vien and contour of it as it speared deeply inside of her, including its flarred peehole that threatened another impending orgasm.

Malik was so overcome by the dememted display of lust that Roxanne had succumb to that he was willing to just kneel there in front of her for the rest of the night to see what kind of erotic torture he could put her through. He could tell by looking at the older woman's face however that she was on the verge of physical collapse from her attempts to give him the release he so adamantly demanded.

Malik could feel his impending orgasm surging up through his testicles as Roxanne used every last bit of energy in her withered body to flail and flap her cunt against his stabbing groin.

"MMMMMAAAHHH...YYEEAHHHH," the teenager groaned savagly as the first hot, wet jet of his boiling jism infiltrated Roxanne's most private of places.

Completly spent, the older woman's fatigued body finally gave way under the torrid blast of Malik's primal release, feeling his racing cum splash like nuclear pudding against her inflamed womb.

"YEEESS...FUCKKKK!!" Malik belted madly before pressing his full weight down on top of the married woman's collapsed frame, grinding his sweaty chest into her still heaving bosom.

"Oh my God..Oh my God...Oh...my dear sweet Jesus..I can't move," Roxanne disjointedly muttered over and over as the young man ruthlessly transferred the remnants of his lust into her deepest of hiding places.


As the roaring rush in each of their ears slowly subsided, Malik and Roxanne felt an unsettling and eerie calm sweep through their bodies as the stone cold silence of the living room gradually enveloped them.

"What happens now?" each thought simultaniously, neither knowing quite what to do after such a brutal display of insatiable need.

Drained completly, Roxanne rested on her back, shivering each time Malik exhaled on top of her. Squinting up at the lathered teenager that rested in a spent heap between her legs, Roxanne initially thought she was hallucinating when she gazed over his shoulder and saw the hazy white outline of something too graphic to fathom descending the steps.

"Its just got to be the sweat stinging your eyes," Roxanne tried convincing herself, as the vibrations of heavy footsteps coming downstairs caused the carpet against her back to bristle.

"Oh...Oh....God...NO," Roxanne mouthed, causing Malik to twist his muscular torso around to see what the older woman was staring, mouth agape, at.

An instant gasp of lurid admiration gurgled from Malik's insides when he processed the image of his Father carrying Tiny Ingle's naked body down the steps, her thin white legs tightly wrapped around Tony Caldwell's back as she nuzzled her ashen face against his bare chest.

"T...T.....T....Tina," Roxanne stuttered silently, feeling her overwhelmed body shudder when Tony deposited her daughter's limp weight down on the floor, less than two feet to her left.......

Part 5 coming soon.....

Thanks for reading.....

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