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Crossing Boundaries


It is a historic fact that Hindus and Muslims have never gotten along. While in countries like India, both religions live amongst each other in relative harmony, there is always a separation of the beliefs that has hindered intermingling. Religious riots have occurred numerous times, with the most devastating one taking place in 1947 after the separation of India and Pakistan. Without going into specifics, in almost sixty years, the spawning of new generations has not done much to bridge the gap between the two religions.

However, in the 21st century, the latest generations especially in the west are starting to let go of the anger and hate passed down from generation to generation. They are learning to look past the Bindis and the Beards and learn to judge the soul of the person instead of their place of worship. This story is of one such couple, who looked beyond cultural and religious boundaries and allowed their hearts to lead the way. This is the story of Deepak and Alesha.

Deepak and Alesha had known each other since high school. While the pair weren't really friends then, they both had a mutual liking and respect for each other. Both were straight A students, both were of Indian origins, and both were well liked and admired by their peers. However, both their personalities were quiet different. Deepak was the outgoing good natured playboy who had his share of dates. He was raised in a rather liberal atmosphere where his parents had not restricted him from dating girls, and also had no rules against dating non-Hindu girls.

Alesha, while was also raised by moderately religious Muslim parents, didn't date at all in high School, and even in college went out with boys in only when there were other girls in the group. Her parents had not denied her the right of dating, but had not encouraged her either. However, it was always emphasized that her "dating" had to be limited to Muslim boys at all times.

Deepak had always been attracted to Alesha. Muslim women have always been predisposed to being beautiful and Alesha was no different. At 5'3 she was fair and petite. She always dressed modestly even though she dressed in the western attire. For Deepak, her modesty was an even more of an appealing factor as he was getting bored of girls who exposed too much thus leaving nothing to the imagination. He knew that Alesha was a Muslim and that factor always prevented him from asking her out.

Alesha had known of Deepak for years, and especially after coming to college she had often seem him around campus. While they didn't move in the same circles, she always kept relatively loose tabs on him. She had always admired him from afar, especially his intelligence. She considered him out quiet good looking, but also knew he was completely out of bounds. So it actually was quiet a shock to her when one day out of the blue, Deepak asked she would like to join him for a cup of coffee at the campus Star Bucks.

Deepak had been very nervous when he finally decided to ask Alesha out. He kept saying to himself over and over again "the worst she can do is say no, the worst she can do is say no". He had seen Alesha study in the student Union in the afternoons, so decide to take a leap of faith.

"Hi Alesha," Deepak said a bit nervously.

"Hey Deepak, How are you?" Alesha smiled warmly at him.

"I'm good," he replied. "I see you're rather busy, so I don't want to disturb you, but I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee with me sometimes. We can catch up and swap high school stories."

Alesha just looked at him in a mixture of surprise and humor. She wasn't sure what was going on but her curiosity and inherent interest in Deepak got the best of her.

"I'm almost done here, so if you want to wait while I pack up, we can have that coffee now." She smiled in response.

"Great" Smiled Deepak, part of his nervousness fading.

The pair went up to the coffee shop and ordered their respected cappuccino and latte, and chatted away the afternoon and the evening. Before they knew it, they had finished two cappuccinos, 2 lattes, a large salad, two croissants, a cheese take, and two bottled waters. When she finally realized it was time to go, the pair had been chatting for over 7 hours, and neither of them felt the time slip past them.

As Deepak walked Alesha to her car in the now dark parking lot, he took a deep breath and asked.

"Would you like to have dinner with me this Friday night?"

"Yes" Alesha said without thinking, and her quick response surprised both of them. Both laughed at that and Deepak watched Alesha pull away with a sort of giddiness he hadn't felt in a long while. Alesha smiled all the way home and this was the moment where the seeds of romance had been planted.

On Friday, Alesha lied to her parents saying that she was going out with the girls to the movies. She had already taken her date clothes to class in the morning and passed them to her best friend. A quick change at her friend's place and Alesha was ready for her first real date. As agreed, she met Deepak at the restaurant looking positively radiant.

Deepak had always considered Alesha beautiful, but tonight she looked breath taking. She was wearing a red silk blouse over a very elegant black ankle-length skirt topped with a thin scarf tied loosely around her neck. The patterns on the scarf were definitely Asian in origins which were hiding her gold chain. She had tied her hair up which accentuated her slender neck and also allowed her to show off her earrings.

Deepak got off his chair, and helped Alesha sit down, before calling over the waiter to place their drinks order. Out of respect for Alesha (who didn't drink) he ordered an Iced Tea for both of them, an act that Alesha greatly appreciated. The couple again spent the hours talking, connecting, and getting to know each other even more.

After dinner, Deepak walked Alesha back to her car, and even though neither of them wanted to night to end, a movie only runs for so long. He held Alesha's hand as they walked together, and after she opened her car door, he leaned over and gave her a gently kiss on her cheek. Alesha simply beamed as she drove away.

The couple kept their romance a secret expect for a confidant on either side. They would meet on campus and have lunch together. Their dates always followed the same plan where Alesha would tell her parents she was spending the night with the girls, and meet Deepak for their date. This went of for months and until finally, on Valentines Day, after their dinner, Deepak took Alesha on the outskirts of town, to the University Observatory. The lab was supposed to be closed after hours with access only to students of the Astronomy department. Fortunately, Deepak's best friend and confidant was a PhD candidate in the Astronomy Department and let them in.

"Wow, nice place you got here." Alesha said in wonder.

"This is my second home these days or should I say nights. But tonight I get to take a break." Smiling at Deepak he added, "Everything is in order, just don't break anything" and left the couple alone.

"What was that all about?" Alesha asked curiously

"You'll see in a minute," Deepak replied as he took her hand and led her to the observation tower.

"Now take a look through the telescope and tell me what you see." Deepak instructed her.

Alesha looked through the eye piece and saw a beautiful bright star, though it wasn't really twinkling and told Deepak that.

"That, my dear is the planet Venus." He said. "It is the third brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon and in almost every mythology is has always been a symbol of beauty and perfection. Ancient civilizations based their cultures around it and it has always been thought to be the equal counterpart to earth."

"Okay." Alesha said looking at Deepak with a somewhat confused look and wondering if there were here for a science lesson.

"The point I'm trying to make here," continued Deepak, "Is that that to me, you are the definition of beauty and perfection. After my dad and my mom, you are my guiding light, and I consider you my equal counterpart in every way."

"So what I'm really trying to say is," Deepak paused and took a deep breath, got down on one knee and held Alesha's hand, "will you marry me?"

Alesha was in shock for a second, before kneeling down herself with tears in her eyes and whispering "Yes".

Deepak leaned over, gently caressed her face with his hand and placed a tender kiss on her lips. Alesha felt her mind and body explode with the emotional roller coaster ride she was on. This was the happiest moment of her life, she was in love with this man, and he just proved how much he loved her by asked to marry her. Yet in the back of her mind, she knew this was an impossibility.

Not wanted to let go of this moment or him, Alesha wrapped her arms around Deepak and pulled him in closer as their kiss grew more passionate. While normally poised and controlled, Alesha's mind was swirling with emotions. Slipping her fingers through his hair, Alesha pulled him in and she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Letting her tongue explore, she made slow sucking motions with her lips as Deepak took her head in his arms and let his finger run through her hair.

The couple kissed for what seems like hours, before finally parting, disheveled and out of breath. Both we horny, there was no doubt about it, and they knew it. Deepak's hard on was evident as it made a tent in his pants, and Alesha's flushed face and hard nipples poking through her top were clear indicators that her pussy must be on fire.

However, while this may be a perfect time to give into desires, but this was not the place and neither were the circumstances. Deepak helped Alesha up and the couple walked back to the car. Deepak drove Alesha back to the restaurant where she picked up her car. The couple shared a final kiss, before parting for the night.

The next day, Alesha told her parents everything. She told them the extent of her relationship wit Deepak, explained all his wonderful qualities, told them she loved him and closed by revealing the fact that he had proposed to her the previous night and that she had accepted. Not surprisingly, her parents didn't take it very well. To summarize, there was a lot of yelling, screaming, crying, and emotional blackmail with threats of disownment. As expected she was forbidden to meet with Deepak and to avoid any and all contacts with him.

However, that was not to be for the couple continued to meet and Alesha tried to convince her parents over and over again, but to no avail. After a few very stressful months, Deepak was going out of town to New York for a conference and invited Alesha to come with him. Alesha knew her parents would never allow her to go with him so as a last resort she lied to her parents saying that she was going to New York for a conference being organized by her major's honor society. Alesha had always been a trustworthy child, and other than wanting to marry a Hindu had never given her parents any reason to not trust her judgment.

To be on the safe side, Deepak and Alesha flew on separate flights. Deepak left in the morning and waited in the airport for Alesha's flight to land. He picked her up, rented a car, and went to his best friend's place in NY (yes, the astronomy guy was based in NY). Since his friend's parents were out on vacation, the couple had the whole place to themselves.

Both freshened up and after having a bite to eat, they both sat on the couch and appreciated the fact that this was the first time they were alone indoors. For a long time the couple just kept looking at each other, then Deepak leaned over and kissed his love. He wrapped his arms around her and took her in his arms gently kissing his lips and his passion igniting and intensifying with every second. Their tongues met and caressed each other, in a lovers embrace, snaking into each other mouths.

Alesha was loving these moments with Deepak. His lips were sending pleasure sensation all thought her body and when their tongues met Alesha felt her nipples tighten and a shiver run through her pussy. But her mind just wouldn't slow down. Images of her parents kept flashing in front on her eyes, every time she closed them. She was torn between her loyalties to her parents and her love, and her desires for Deepak's were overwhelming her emotions.

When Deepak broke their embrace, he noticed that Alesha's eyes were filled wit tears.

"What's wrong my love?"

"Oh Deepak, I love you so much," Alesha said, "You know that right? But I don't know if we can ever be together. I mean I've been trying to convince my parents for so long now and they aren't budging from their position at all. It's not like they are fundamentalists, they are actually quiet liberal. But here they just refuse to move."

"What's their objection?" Deepak asked

"That you aren't a Muslim." Replied Alesha

"Why does that matter?"

"Well, my parents said that according to Islam, Muslims girls aren't allowed to marry non-Muslim men." Alesha said tearfully "and they aren't making this up. They even showed me the Quran. It says so specifically in the fourth Chapter called The Women."

"Ok, I'm not questioning your parents," Deepak said, the stress in his voice evident. "But can you tell me why does Islam have this restriction?"

"From what they told me there are two reasons." Alesha continued her voice cracking noticeably. "First since man is the head of the household, there is a chance that the husband may force the wife to denounce Islam and convert to his religion."

Alesha closed her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. "The second reason is children. Children usually take on the religion of the father and his family. So as a Muslim I will be responsible for propagating another religion."

Deepak was quiet for a long time. He held Alesha's hand in his and looked into the distance. Alesha looked at him but didn't say anything either. Finally after what seemed like an eternity for both, Deepak turned to Alesha and took her other hand in his as well.

"Look, I respect your parents and I respect your religion though I don't understand it." Deepak started. "But I do know one irrefutable fact and that is I love you."

"I know" Whispered Alesha, "but..."

"Please let me finish" Interrupted Deepak. "I love you for who you are. Your looks, your beauty, your personality, your persona, I love everything about you. I know that your religion and beliefs are part of who you are, and I'm sure it has definitely contributed in turning you into the person whom I fell in love with. So there is no way I would ever ask you or force you give up that and convert to my beliefs"

Alesha just looked at his face and was overwhelmed by this sincerity, but didn't interrupt him this time as he continued.

"Now as far as kids go, I don't have a definite answer because they aren't here" Deepak said. "But I would like to say that I hope that as parents our primary goal would be to make them good moral human beings and upstanding citizens. As far as their religion goes, we can teach them the good point of both, and let them decide what they want to practice."

Alesha again was silent for a long time and then said "looks like I have to make a choice between my religion and my heart. Deepak, being with you had brought me more happiness that I can imagine. I can't believe that my religion would even want to take that away from me, so I choose my heart. I choose you. For now and forever, I choose you."

Deepak took Alesha in his arms and hugged her, completely enveloping her frame in his, as if trying to hide her from all that was causing pain to his love. Taking her chin in his hand, Deepak kissed her. Her mouth opened and her tongue came out as her arms went around his neck squeezing hard. There was an obvious urgency in both of them but the kiss stayed gentle, tentative and exploring.

Wanting to make this special for Alesha and ensure that they weren't rushing, Deepak stood up and gently picked Alesha in his arms. Alesha wrapped her arms around her lover as he carried her to the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed before settling himself next to her.

"Do you really want to do this?" Deepak asked Alesha

"Yes, I do" Replied Alesha, looking deep into Deepak's eyes.

Deepak responded by lowering his head onto Alesha's neck and gently kissing her arch. The sensuality and tenderness of his lips sent goose bumps on Alesha's skin and she closed her eyes. The lips moves up the nape of her neck and gently sucking on her earlobe before returning back down the neck. Deepak obviously knew what he was doing, for his every action was controlled and was making Alesha temperature rise. Deepak's hands were gently caressing her clothed body, gently applying pressure at the right places, and teasing the sensitive areas at just the right moments.

Alesha held Deepak's head and started to kiss him aggressively for he had ignited a passion that she had never experienced before. She didn't seem to notice as Deepak unbuttoned each button of her blouse. She continued to suck on Deepak's tongue and took a deep pleasurable breath as Deepak slipped his hand onto her naked flesh and released her front-open bra clash, exposing one of her succulent breasts. He cupped the hard nipple in his hand, making Alesha feel a sensual electricity run from her breast down to her groin. Frantically, he unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and pushed it open. Alesha's bare breasts were exposed in their purity. Deepak knew he was the first man to ever fondle her perfect mounds and was awe. She had magnificent breasts with large, dark puffed nipples. They were the right size for her petite body and well rounded. They were wet dreams that stood straight up from her body, sagging not at all - they were incredible!

Deepak licked at her hard nipples, filling his mouth with her firm breasts, wetting her aureoles with my saliva. His hands kneaded the fleshy sides of her tits, sliding over her pointy tips, back down to her shoulders, her neck, her back. He could feel Alesha's heart pounding through her body as he sucked on her supple globes, using his teeth to send jolts of pain and pleasure through Alesha.

"Oh, yes Deepak," she murmured. "That's so nice. Oh, love them, they're yours."

Alesha was very hot and aroused. Her body writhed with Deepak's as he rubbed his rock hard erection against her. Deepak continued to knead one breast with one hand, while his mouth was latched on her other burning nipple. With the other hand, he moved down to her stomach, massaging her flesh, creeping toward her jeans. Alesha felt his hands move down her belly and her heart hammered in anticipation of what was to come. Desire and fear were overwhelming her senses but her body was ready!

She raised her hips as he slid her jeans down her shapely legs. As Deepak remained fully clothed and she was only clad in her panties, he toyed with her awhile. His hands and mouth were at her breasts, slicked with perspiration and rolling with excitement. Alesha arched her body so her stiff nipples could reach his probing tongue and lips. She cried out with desire as he wrapped her hair in one hand, pulling her head back, so that her shapely neck was taut and open to his assault. Deepak slid his hand over the concave firmness of her stomach, stopping to play with her belly button as she quivered with passion.

"Oh Deepak, please don't tease me" she moaned, lost in the sensations of pleasure.

He felt the black curls of her nicely trimmed bush peeking out, and he slid his hand over her crotch. Deepak's hand pushed itself into her panties and felt her very wet slit. She gasped and opened her legs for him as he rubbed his fingers into her hot wetness and spread her juices over her crotch, grasping and covering her pussy with his whole hand.

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