tagIncest/TabooCrossing the Line Ch. 03

Crossing the Line Ch. 03


I panicked and pushed myself up off the chair and stood up. I didn't want him to think he did anything bad so I just kept telling him it's "OK". I paced around the room for a moment. His cock had been inside me. I actually had been having sex with my son even if it was only for a few seconds. I was freaking out now wishing for someone to help me get past this point and decide what to do next. I looked at him and he was laying there on the floor next to my chair. He looked at me and he was smiling. He didn't care about social ramifications at that moment all he wanted was a tight hot pussy to shove his cock into. I laughed at myself and decided this was just sex. It was supposed to be fun and enjoyable. It didn't matter who was involved.

I decided to try it again. I peeled off my t-shirt and threw it in the corner. I wanted to be as naked as Dennis now was. I guessed the best position to have sex with him would be in the doggie position so I got down on my hands and knees. My large breasts were hanging down under me. Their weight was pulling them down. The brown wrinkly ends and long nipples were pointing straight down. I always loved this position because it made them swing. I needed him to get re-interested in my body so I held a boob out to him. He crawled over to me and licked it then he went around my body almost like he was examining it while giving me little kisses and licks. When he got to my backside and started to lick my pussy again it was nice but that's not what I wanted him to do. I wanted his large cock in my pussy and I wanted him to fuck me silly. He was close enough to me that I could reach back and grab his cock and gently pull him to my pussy.

Once there he shuffled forward and started to thrust his hips at me. I looked between my legs and saw that his cock was hard and about at least eight inches long and his balls were the size of plums. I reached back and gently guided him to the entrance of my pussy. This was so crazy but I wanted this so badly. There would be no problem with lubrication as my pussy was still dripping with my juices. I managed to actually get the tip to touch my entrance before he pushed forward and his cock was back inside me.

Most guys start slow and try to last a long time. They stroke slowly at first enjoying the feeling and try to hold back. Only at the end do they stroke quickly as they cum. My son however began jack-hammering me right from the beginning. He was absolutely hammering my pussy. It was just rapid fire strokes. His cock was a good and my tight pussy was gripping it but he was getting more and more inside me. I looked down at my boobs and they were flopping all around from the hammering he was giving me. His cock felt so good inside me and this was an amazing fuck and I just tried to relax and enjoy it.

I was on my elbows and knees and I was actually pushing back into his thrusts. He was trying to get all of his cock inside me. I was already pretty full of his cock. He kept pressing it in and I let him. The tip of his cock was pressing right into my cervix now He was so deep inside me and I felt a warmth there. His cock was now throbbing and he was cumming deep inside my pussy. My son was actually cumming inside me. My pussy was gripping my sons cock and he was still throbbing inside me and I had no idea how much cum he was depositing there.

I was able to look at a clock and figured that we had been fucking for about 15 minutes when I finally felt him pull out with a plop. When he was out of me I just laid down on the carpet in my office. I had just had sex with my son for the first time and I was full of his cum and he had made my pussy his. I laid there for a little while then struggled to my feet as I was actually sore all over. He had given my pussy a real pounding. I looked at my carpet and saw the mess that we had made and I would have to clean that and of course use a towel or something next time. Was there going to be a next time?

I went back to my bathroom to clean up. I ran the bath instead of the shower. Climbing in the warm sudsy water I relaxed. I leaned back and closed my eyes. As I lay there I rubbed my lower tummy. I knew his sperm was in there. I was ovulating so I knew there was a good chance my egg was there too. Logic told me that his sperm was bouncing off my egg trying to get in. The fact was I knew that was actually happening and that nature would probably let one of his sperm penetrate my egg and make me pregnant with his baby.

I had already made the decision that we would do this again. I was not sure when but if I was not pregnant this time I wanted his cock in me again the next time I ovulated and I wanted him to give me a baby.

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