tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCruel Summer Ch. 01

Cruel Summer Ch. 01


Camisa Lang took a deep breath.

The air was so clean out here. She loved the woods in the springtime, the way the sunlight dappled the mossy ground and the beautiful color of green from the canopy of new leaves unfurling overhead. The sounds of chirping birds and the pitter-patter of scampering feet always made her feel alive and at one with Mother Earth. She was glad that she had changed her mind about taking the hike. Her best friend, Nick, had begged her not to walk alone but she was determined to spend some time communing with nature and his presence would only prove to be a distraction, especially since all he did was talk about Lynda.

Lynda Williams. Soon to be his fiancée if she got her wish. The thought of their relationship seemed to dim the brightness of the sun as she trudged up the broken path. She had always thought that she and Nick would be a couple and marry. They had remained close friends from when they'd met playing dodgeball in third grade through college graduation and neither had really made an effort to seek out a partner. They'd experimented on each other and had been each other's first but evidently that wasn't enough to seal the deal.

Nick had gone to Portland for a new job and when he returned for a visit, six months later, Lynda was on his arm, beaming like the cat that swallowed the canary. She did everything she could to end their relationship but nothing worked. They stuck together like glue, much to Lynda's despair. She had accompanied them back to Portland because Nick wanted to show his best friend the town and was trying to convince her to move there and the picnic at the park today was their last day together.

It had started out with just the two of them but somehow, Lynda found out and invited herself and a bunch of her relatives. She wasn't going to let Nick spend too much private time with her, Camisa saw that right away. Still, she remained silent, nursing her broken heart with quiet tears and being the steadfast friend that Nick knew and needed. She bumped into something and fell backward, looking up at the tallest man she'd ever seen.

"You should watch where you're going, young lady."

"I-I'm sorry." She stood, brushing off the back of her shorts and turned to leave, suddenly spooked by the encounter. Another man blocked her path, shorter and stockier than his counterpart but no less menacing. "Excuse me. I have to get back to my friends."

"No need to rush. We've got plenty of time."

Camisa started to back up and ran into the tall man again. This time, his hands shot out and grabbed her shoulders, holding her fast. "Besides, I want to find out what's under those pretty pink shorts."

She tried to scream but he clamped his hand over her mouth and lifted her, heading into the woods. The other man followed, checking over his shoulder for any witnesses and running ahead when he found the coast clear. He grabbed her flailing feet and helped take her into the abandoned cabin, carefully stepping over the rotted portions of flooring to a space where a thick comforter had been spread. The sight of the prepared area made dread rip through her and she kicked harder, trying to get loose.

"Hold her down, Eddie. I need to tie her up." The short man, Eddie, wrapped his arms around her, bearhugging her into near paralysis while the tall man, whose name she would learn later as Larry, tied her wrists together, shoved a ball gag into her mouth and laid her down. "Now, let's get those shorts off."

Camisa felt Larry's rough hands move up her legs and he unceremoniously yanked her shorts down, cooing over the downy blonde patch covering her pussy. "Collars and cuffs match." Eddie said, moving beside Larry. "I get first taste."

"I'm the oldest. I get first taste." While Eddie sulked, Larry pulled her legs apart, humming at the beauty that lay before him. "Mmm, she smells like peaches."

Camisa wanted to scream the moment his tongue slid between her lips. She couldn't believe that this was happening, that she was being ravaged like this. She squirmed and his tongue sank deeper into her, sending a chill through her body that made her whimper softly. He sucked one lip in and ran his tongue over it, then the other and a fine sheen of sweat broke out over her body as her pussy muscles responded to his ministrations. She wanted to keep fighting but pleasure was quickly winning her over. She arched her back and pressed her mound into his face, ignoring his laughter as she humped her way to an orgasm.

It slammed into her with a fierceness that momentarily took her breath away and she writhed in its clutches, her entire body vibrating. Finally, her body relaxed and she lay gasping against the gag while Larry slurped the last of her escaping cream.

"I knew you'd like it." He smiled, wiping his chin on his sleeve. "She sure tastes sweet, Eddie."

"Did you leave some for me?"

"Nope." Larry moved aside, adjusting his hard pole. "You know what that means."

Camisa again thought to scream but Eddie was a better pussy eater than Larry and within minutes, she was cumming again. He didn't stop after one orgasm; he licked and sucked until she was having another and then another. When he finally released her, she'd thought she'd counted six, each leaving her weaker than the one before.

"Wow, she sure is sweet. I'd like to eat some more of her peach."

"Naw, look at her. You gotta give her a break. Besides, we have to move her to the house. She'll like it better there."

The scream died in her throat as Larry threw her over his shoulder, his fingers burrowing into her ass crack and sleep overtook her.

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