tagNovels and NovellasCruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 08

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 08


Story from Angel's point of view:

My husband asked me to write this next installment due to the fact that he is a bit tied up at the moment. I am more than happy to tell you our story.

As you may or may not remember, my husband and I were in the captain's wife's cabin with him and his nephew Daniel. We were there to pay up on the bet my husband lost to Eve, the captain's wife. So far, my poor hubby had been feminized, spanked and made to beg to suck the cocks of the captain and his nephew to make them hard enough to fuck me. I was fucking them to eliminate two of the eleven remaining punishments my husband had earned by being late and hesitating to obey Eve's command quickly. I know it was a sacrifice, but I was willing to do anything to reduce my poor hubby's suffering.

As I watched him beg to suck the dicks that are about to pleasure me, I couldn't help but feel, a little aroused by the sight of my man, on his knees, sucking cock and a sense of pride that he, who I know takes no enjoyment from licking dick, would be willing to do such a thing, just to give me pleasure and not welch on a bet.

Anyone whould assume that a man in pink panties and sissy make up, being ordered to suck his wife's lover's cocks, has to be a total wimp. Perhaps this is so is some cases, but in my husband's case, this could not be farther from the truth.

I know he is a real man by any definition. He was both in the Navy and the Marines. He fought bravely for his country, saved lives in combat and faced many dangers. He has led a very adventurous life and has lived through many harrowing experiences, fires, flood, a building cave-in, and survived in the wildernes with wolves and freezing temperatures, just by using his wits to stay alive.

He is confident about his manhood. He is neither gay nor homophobic. He has spent his life loving women. All sizes, shapes and colors. He has been married four times, sired three children which have given him three grand children. All of whom love and respect him.

He is a wonderful lover! At sixty-seven, prostate cancer and age have made erections difficult but he makes up in affection, oral, digital, verbal prowess, technique and imagination, what he sometimes lacks in erectile fortitude.

What makes a man, a man, the length, girth and hardness of his cock? Well, perhaps to some, but a real man to me is so much more that an anatomical measurement. He is kind, sensitive, brave, and intelligent. He can lead and follow. He can make decisions, yet is open to other points of view. He can make me laugh, cry tears of joy, cum and feel like a woman who is truly loved. Such a man is my husband, and there is not a man on this planet that can hold a candle to him.

Now, back to the evening and events at hand.

Having sucessfully hardened Daniel's cock to an impressive ten inches; my husband looked over at me with eyes that said, "OK, he's ready darling."

I walked over to them, as Daniel lay back on the bed I straddled his magnificent cock. My sweet little sissy, held it in place while I slowly let his large dick enter my steaming cunt which required no prelubrication. It felt wonderful! It went deeper and deeper, straightening every internal wrinkle in my pussy. It never seemed to stop. I looked deep into my husband's eyes. His expression said, "It's ok baby, enjoy it, enjoy it. And enjoy it, I did! I rode his cock like a rodeo star, bucking and bouncing, holding on to one arm of my husband, and one arm of my lover.

Soon my bucking and bouncing turned to grinding and rubbing my clit and pussy lips against his cock and pelvic bone.

Sitting at the kitchenette bar, I could hear the captain's encouraging crys, "Oh yeah! That's right my sweet little white slut, you fuck my nephew real good, and you, sissy husband, can start sucking my cock hard so I can fuck your pretty wife in the ass. Let me explain to you both, what's going on. I truly love to spice up these cruises with some nice sexy playtime. I have every cabin on close circuit TV. This lets me know who would be a good choice for our fun and games. In this instance, my nephew tipped me off when you asked him to help humiliate your husband, and then jacked him off. We got the whole thing on video, plus all the action since then. This qualified you two to be our next victims! You see, you are both going to have to be very cooperative to get those videos back. We do this on every cruise!"

I could see my hubby's face turning red with anger at having been taken in so completely and knowing there was nothing he could do at this point but comply. Call the authorities? One look at those videos and "case dismissed", not to mention the public humiliation when copies were sent to family, friends and employers. They had us by the short hairs, except we were both shaven.

While my sissy sucked Adam's cock, the captain said to me, "Tell us all bitch, tell us how good it feels to be stuffed full of black cock! Go on tell your sissy wimp husband how it feels!"

"Oh honey," I gaspped. "It feels wonderful. Daniel is fucking me sooo good! I think, I think...oh god yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes, more, yes, don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop, ahhhhhhhhhh!"

"You hear that sissy?" Adam asked, "She loves it! Wait till I get my cock up her pretty little ass, now suck me harder and get me ready!"

Eve joined in on the chiding of my poor hubby. "You heard him bitch, keep sucking and do a good job. Once you get him hard, lick your wife's ass and put my man's cock right on her cute little anus!"

My poor, humiliated husband sucked Adam's cock to its full twelve inches, he then licked and sucked my asshole and lined up the captain's cock. Daniel stopped his continuous pounding of my pussy to allow his uncle to enter my ass. It felt amazing, two cocks in me at the same time. I had never felt so full! I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other through to thin layer of skin between my pussy and ass. It was an amazing sensation!

At this point, Eve yanked on my husband's leash, and had him bend over in front of her, facing us. She had put on a large strap on dildo and was lubricating my honey's asshole. She smiled down at my humiliated baby and said, "I think you should share in your pretty slut wife's experiences, so I am going to fuck your ass, while she is getting her plump little ass reamed!"

She slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. I could see his eyes widen and hear a moan escape from his lips as she entered him. I knew it was painful for him. We had played a little "I fucked him," game at home and his anus was very tight and sensitive. Now he was being ruthlessly fucked by a much bigger dildo, by a woman who was showing him no mercy. Soon he started to get use to it and I could hear his crys of pain, turn into moans of pleasure. His butt was getting into the rhythm of things and he even was starting to move back to meet her thrusts.

In the meantime, Adam and Daniel continued their ravishing of my cunt and ass. The picked up their pace. It was really getting to me! I could feel them swell. A woman usually knows when a man is about to cum. There are several warning signs. The way he breaths, his moans, the way he moves his cock and the changes in his body motion. I could feel both of the men's climaxes building, not to mention my own. Eve too was starting to exhibit the sounds of a woman approaching orgasm as she rubbed her clit against the dildo ravishing my husband's asshole. Even my sweet hubby was about to get off from the relentless massaging of the dildo against his prostate.

Suddenly the room became a symphony of moans, groans, crys, screams and yelling. It was a five-way orgasm! We had all gotten each other off in one way or another. I am sure everyone on the ship could hear our crys of pleasure!

For about three minutes, there was complete silence in the cabin as we all lay there, exhausted, satiated and satisfied. I could feel both cocks in me shrivel. It felt like I had a cup of cum in each of my orifices.

Eve finally broke the silence by saying, "OK slave, clean up time!"

My poor husband, gathering what strength he had left, crawled over to me and started licking and sucking the cum running out of my pussy and ass. I know this was hard for him because he did not like the taste of even his own cum. I was proud to see him soldier on, licking me until I was clean!

"Now them!" Eve said, pointing at the two men's cocks.

My poor hubby was grimacing and gagging as he went from one cock to the other, licking them clean while the men laughed and teased him. "That's right sissy, taste your wife's pussy juice on my cock?"and "Do you detect a little lower intestinal flavor on my cock, bitch?"

At this point, Eve let us go to sleep, me, between Adam and Daniel, and hubby, leashed and collared, at the foot of her bed.

The captain and his nephew fucked me and made me suck them a couple of times that night. Eve, getting turned on by the sounds of our copulating, had my husband suck her pussy and ass, giving her three orgasms.

We finally all fell asleep and were awakened in the morning by room service, serving us a magnificant breakfast.

The next twenty four hours were pretty much a repeat with some variations and more punishments to my poor husband. Finally at about nine that evening, Eve told us his debt was paid in full and was even giving us an hour off early for good behavior. She warned us that everything was videoed and to keep our mouths shut or the tape would be made public.

We were both relieved that it was over. We put on our robes and staggered back to our cabin for showers and a sound night's sleep, feeling sore, exhausted and emancipated, all at the same time.

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