tagNovels and NovellasCruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 07

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 07


Eve continued to tease and chide me as I watched my sweet bride being groped and felt up by the captain as they danced at the Boathouse Lounge. I could hear other people laugh and make crude remarks, as Angel and Adam publically humiliated me with their show of intimacy.

Eve said, "Look how beautifully they move together, I'll bet you wish you could dance like that."

I ignored her remarks and just sat there and watched them cavorting on the floor for three dances, listening to Eve's verbal abuse. I couldn't stand it any longer! "Tell Angel, when she comes back that I went to the cabin with a headache." I told Eve.

"I'll do that." She laughed. "See you both at 10pm... slave!"

When I got back to the cabin I was really feeling depressed. This whole cuckold/humiliation thing was getting to me. I know I had started it by telling Angel about my fantasy, but now, the reality was hitting me hard. I decided to let Angel know how I was feeling when she got back. Fortunately she came back a few minutes later.

"Hi darling, how's you headache, are you feeling better?" She asked.

I told her this whole thing was starting to get too me. Her flirtations with the captain, watching her dance and feel her up, the humiliation of everyone knowing he had taken her from me, Eve's constant verbal abuse. "How much was I supposed to take?" I asked.

"Why didn't you mention this sooner, baby?" Angel asked. "I can't read minds. First you say this turns you on, and then it turns you off. How am I supposed to know what you want?"

She had a point. I know I was vacillating back and forth, how she was expected to know what I wanted?

"Listen," I replied, "I have to comply with my agreement with Eve, a bet's a bet, so for the next two days, it's going to be pure hell, but that's it! After that, no more games. Just you and me, OK?"

"It's a deal!" Angel agreed. "Besides, I don't know how much more of his big cock I can take! I am so sore and raw down there, how about some tongue therapy?"

Angel knew just what to say and when to say it. Soon I was between her legs, licking, sucking and tasting her sweet juices! She had four orgasms and I needed a release real bad. I was about to ask her for some nice cocksucking when she said, "Oh my goodness, look at the time. It's ten already. We had better hurry. The later we are, the harder she will be on you. Hurry and put your panties and robe on. I have to get ready too.

Not quite sure what she meant by get ready, I put on my pink panties over my throbbing cock and slipped on my robe. Angel came out of the dressing area wearing her robe and we headed for Eve's cabin.

To the other passengers, we looked like a normal couple on our way to the Jacuzzi or a massage. If they only knew I was a lamb, being led to slaughter.

We located Eve's cabin from the directions given to us by nephew Daniel who smiled knowingly as he wrote them down for us.

We knock on the door several times before she finally answered. "You are twelve minutes late, slave. You can expect a different punishment for every minute you kept your mistress waiting. These punishments will be delivered over the next two days and each punishment will become more severe than the last, but I am feeling merciful. If your lovely bride wishes to take a punishment or two in your place, I will allow it."

Angel and I exchanged anxious glances as we were ushered into her cabin. We were surprised to see her husband Adam, and his nephew Daniel waiting as well. They were wearing black silk boxers and smiling as we entered.

"You remember my husband and Daniel; I invited them to keep your bride company while I punish you, now, strip!" Eve commanded. I hesitated a little but finally let my robe fall to the floor and stood there looking like a fool, completely shaved, wearing my pink panties.

I could hear Adam and Daniel laughing at me and saying, "Boy, look at that sissy, how whipped can you get?" and "So what's a super fox like Angel doing with a wimp like him?"

I felt totally humiliated in front of these two men dressed like a pansy. Eve pointed to the stool next to the dressing table and said, "Sit, it's time to make you up to look like the sissy bitch you are!"

I sat down, broken, resigned to my fate as Eve applied lipstick, eye shadow, and blush to my face. She then topped it off with a blond, curly wig and instructed me to lie across her lap.

"The first thing a slave needs to learn is obedience," She informed me. "You were late and you hesitated to follow my commands. Punishment #1 & 2, coming up. At this point she pulled down my panties, baring my butt for all to see and started administrating a very hard spanking with a hairbrush on my smarting bottom. At first I was able to not cry out, but as she continued, my ass became redder and more swollen.

Soon I found myself crying out. "Please stop, no more! I'm sorry, I won't hesitate again, I promise!"

Eve ignored my pleas and continued administrating my punishment, each swat getting harder.

Soon I was crying like a baby. "Ohhhhhh no, stop, please, I'll be good! I will do anything you want, please stop!"

"Oh you will do anything I want whether I stop or not" Eve stated emphatically. She then stood up suddenly causing me to fall on the floor at her feet. She lifted her boot covered foot to my lips. "Kiss it, lick it. Show me how grateful you are for teaching you not to hesitate in obeying my commands.

Not wanting to incur more of her wrath, I quickly kissed her booted toe and licked the shiny leather surface of her boot.

"Suck it slave, just like you would a cock!" She added mockingly.

Once again I humbly complied with my mistresses wishes. So here I was, dressed like a complete sissy, tear streaks on my face, butt cheeks bright red, sucking the boot to show my gratitude for receiving a spanking for not obeying her quickly enough. And it had only been one half of an hour. Two days! Two days! I'm not sure I can make it.

I quickly glanced around the room as I sucked her boot. Adam and Daniel were laughing and pointing at me saying, "Man he sure sucks that good!", "Probably had a lot of practice!", "Maybe we can give him something else to suck on, that fucking, faggot, sissy!"

My face was turning red with anger and my eyes started to water up with tears of humiliation when I looked over at Angel. She had taken off her robe and I couldn't believe what she was wearing. There she stood in black nylons, four inch high heels and black lace garter belt faming her beautiful bald pussy. She had on a matching black lace bra with the nipples cut out. She looked sooo hot! She was smiling at me and playing with herself! She was actually getting off on this, seeing me feminized, beaten and humiliated! Knowing I was watching her, she walked over to where Adam and Daniel were sitting and squeezed in between them, placing a hand on each of their thighs. She smiled at me wickedly and said, "Be good sissy, and watch me be bad!"

Then I suddenly remembered an agreement we had made. If we ever got into a forced sexual situation and neither of us could do anything about it, we agreed to enjoy the moment! She was not doing this to hurt me; she was only obeying our agreement. I felt a little better.

"I didn't tell you to stop licking, slave, don't worry about your pretty bride, she will be well taken care of, just do what I tell you to do!" Eve said as she whipped my behind with a leather strap.

She stopped striking my poor smarting butt and said to me. "That's enough boot licking, suck my cunt, slave and do a good job or you're in big trouble!"

I raised myself up from her boots and looked directly at her cunt. It was shaved and cocoa colored on the outside with pink inner labia. It had a strong musky odor to it. She had a large clit that stared out at me like a tiny penis, begging to be sucked. I started placing soft kisses on her pussy lips and clit. I could taste her juices as I kissed her. I slipped my tongue in as deep as I could at the bottom of her cunt and slowly brought it upward toward her clit. She had a sweet bitter honey taste. I could feel her body jerk as I latched on to her clitoris with my lips and drew small circles on it with the tip of my tongue. She grabbed my hair above both ears and pulled me hard against her.

"That's right slave, suck me, suck me hard, swallow my quim, breath me in, and inhale my scent!"

I had to admit I was getting rather intoxicated with her pussy juice and smell. It was a little difficult to breath, being held so tight but I managed to keep sucking until I felt her cunt and thighs quiver against me and heard her orgasmic cries of ecstasy!

"Very good slave, someone has taught you well!" She said as she slowly released her death grip on my hair. I quickly gasped for air, replenishing my oxygen supply.

"Now, since you have been such a good girl, I can't really call a hairless sissy, wearing panties, make up and wig, a man, or a boy. I am going to show you a little mercy. Your lovely bride can take away two of your remaining eleven punishments by fucking and sucking my husband and his nephew. Remember, I told you each punishment would get worse? What do you say my dear, are you willing to fuck and suck to save your husband from some pain and discomfort, or should I proceed to the next punishment?"

"I'll do it!" Angel replied. "Anything to make it easier on my baby."

"I thought you might," Eve replied. "But just to make it more interesting, slave, I want you to beg them to let you suck their cocks hard so they can fuck your bride. Then I want you to get her pussy nice and wet with your tongue and guide their hard cocks into her mouth and cunt. Now!"

I remembered what Eve had said about hesitating to follow her orders but the idea of sucking cock repulsed me! I look at Angel who was giving me a look that said, "Remember our agreement?"

I swallowed whatever pride I had left and said, "Please Captain Wellworth, please Steward Daniel; let me suck you cocks hard so you can fuck my Angel."

Both Daniel and Adam let out loud laughs, hooting and hollering, "Listen to that sissy fag, begging for cock for his mouth and wife!" and "Man oh man, what a dickless wimp, she sure deserves better than that!"

Eve then put a collar around my neck and attached a leash. She handed the leash to Angel and said, "Go ahead, lead her over to suck the cocks hard, which will soon be pleasing you."

Angel then led me on my hands and knees to Daniel who was standing naked, by the bar. "OK honey, make it hard for me, be a good girl."

"Oh no, now she was calling me a girl too!" I thought to myself. "How much more of this could I take?" And the party was only getting started.

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