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Cry Wolf for Cuckolding


We lived in a garrison town and my forty-year-old husband Tony was reading the local paper and exclaiming disgusting over and over again. “Do you see this Jenny, a study by the university says that tests have shown that one in four of the children born in this town have been conceived in a cuckolding situation!

That’s ten times the national average; it’s those randy soldiers fucking married women I’ll bet! And if so many have been born how many other married women are being fucked by other men and not conceiving?”

“Your right Tony it’s terrible but it must be a mistake I’ve never heard of any hanky panky at all locally. It’s a good job we work in the city and aren’t here much anyway!” He handed me the paper to read and he was right, it said one in four husbands had been cuckolded. The study also revealed than few of the husbands knew the child or children had been fathered by a different guy and were working hard to raise another mans offspring!

Tony was correct it was disgusting, I thought of our situation I was now a thirty-eight year old executive married for the last twenty years to the only man I’d ever had sex with. In all that time I’d never even been tempted to stray. Our sex life admittedly had decreased over the years from every day to once a week on a Saturday night.

The main reason was that with both of us having such high-powered city jobs we spent little time in our home during the week and by the time we’d had a meal we fell into bed exhausted and were both soon asleep. Even the Saturday night routine sex had become boring but I considered this was what happened when you’d been together for so many years.

I thought back to our honeymoon where we’d both had our first sex; it was disappointing to me even then. Not what I expected at all, Tony only lasted a few seconds before spewing his cum into the condom. It hadn’t got a lot better since. He’d never been able to hold back long enough to give me an orgasm and we now only has sex as a routine thing.

I’d not got on with the pill but as our sex acts were so infrequent it wasn’t a problem and in anycase Tony needed the rubber to slow down his ejaculations to a level that gave me any semblance of good feelings.

I’d heard about other women who brought themselves to orgasm but my upbringing as a pastors daughter had instilled in me that any form of sex that was not with your spouse in the missionary position was sinful.

Tony joined a territorial unit in the town, meaning a Wednesday training and frequent weekends away plus one fortnight a year at camp. This was never at the local barracks but at a proper training facility hundreds of miles away. I didn’t care it gave me time to myself.

When he was away one weekend a squddie from the local military barracks called and asked me if I wanted my windows cleaned. They were filthy so I let him clean them; this guy looked in his early twenties. The man was handsome in a rugged sort of way; I noticed that as he cleaned the glass his biceps were rippling as they stood out from his sleeveless vest.

I knew I shouldn’t be looking at him like this; I was a happily married woman after all. But his white vest was now saturated with sweat and I could see his upper body was also tightly muscled. I tried to look away but couldn’t, being fascinated by the boys physique.

When he was finished I paid him his five pounds and he said his name was Jim he was indeed twenty years old and in the black economy so he could save for a motorbike. I suggested, “That’s to take your girlfriend out on I expect?” “No,” he said blushing, “though I’m twenty I’ve never had a girlfriend I m not keen on young women, I admire more mature ladies but unfortunately non fancy me it seems.

“Don’t be so sure,” I said, “you’re a good-looking guy; you’ll find a lady friend soon I’m certain. “I hope so,” he said looking strait into my eyes with his light blue ones. “Would you like me to call again each month Mrs --?” “Call me Jenny,” I said without thinking, yes please come regularly Jim.

He stripped off his soaking vest and I could see he had six pack stomach mussels. Replacing his vest with a clean tee shirt he said in a deep sexy voice, “It will be my pleasure Jenny.” Then he was off down the road.

I stood still for a moment watching Jims small firm bum as it moved in a naturally sexy way in his tight jeans. Then I came to my senses, what was I doing, I was a married woman. With a start I realized I’d not thought happily married this time, what was I letting myself do thinking about another male who was almost half my age.

I realized I was doing things an older married girl shouldn’t do, girl I’d not thought of myself as that for years. What a naughty girl I was, surly this was sinful what would my minister father say if he knew I was lusting for a man nearly young enough to be my son. Did I think lusted that’s disgusting but I knew it was true to my shame.

Trying to get my mind back under control so got out my bible and tried to read. But couldn’t concentrate, thoughts of Jims finely muscled body kept intruding. I went to the computer turned it on to get to my E mail site, perhaps my husband would have sent me a message to say he loved me and this would put my thoughts on an even keel.

I clicked my mouse on the arrow to find the last E mail shortcut, but it wasn’t there instead there were a series of disgusting shortcut addresses. It was obvious Tony had been looking at naughty pictures. Why wasn’t he satisfied with me, I felt hurt by this?

I was angry I’d give him hell when he got home! Then I realized to do this I’d have to open a link to find out what they were about, they were probably quite innocent. So I clicked the first one.”

A window opened that showed a big built lady that the blurb said was fifty-five years old. But what got my attention was a series of pictures showing this old woman with a skinny youth in his twenties not unlike Jim the window-cleaning soldier. There was also a panel marked video sample, had my disgusting husband looked at this I wondered.

There was only one way to find out, with my fingers trembling I clicked in the sample screen. A panel came up saying you’ve already downloaded this video do you want to re down load, another said open run. The basted he’d checked this out so I clicked to open it.

It showed an old woman with fat thighs and bubbly bum; her massive tits sagging southwards from her age and their weight. But it was her sex partner in his twenties that fascinated me; he even looked like Jim the soldier window cleaner, skinny and muscular.

He was fucking this old woman hard and fast, she obviously genuinely loved it, grunting in pleasure as his long thin cock penetrated her repeatedly like a piston. The young man was definitely enjoying the shagging just as much as the old woman.

I should have turned it straight off and let my errant husband know how disgusting I knew he’d been. But suddenly the man had morphed in my mind to Jim and the fat old slag into me.

In my mind it was Jim shagging me; my knickers were soaked so I slid them off and started masturbating. When I came, the relief was like a waterfall flowing over a cliff it was so intense. I yelled fuck me Jim put your sperm up my cunt impregnate my womb, do meeee, god Jim do meeee!

Something else happened with my fingers still punishing my clit I came again this time even more powerfully. I felt fluid shoot from my vagina, I wasn’t peeing it was a white sticky fluid. I’d spurted my own female cum in my ecstasy. I’d heard other women whisper about these phenomena but hadn’t believed it till then.

I shook for ages still watching the young man shagging the old bag until I lay exhausted. I’d never in my life masturbated before, now I’d cum lusting after a young twenty year old soldier, was I sick or what? I’d betrayed my husband mentally by imagining having sex with this younger guy.

Then I remembered it was the entire fault of my husband in any case, what could he want this video for? I could have understood him looking at late teenage girls or ones in their early twenties, that would be disgusting enough but this was gross! Wait a minute; did this husband of mine have other secrets?

We both had our own filing cabinets so I opened the bottom section of his and felt around right to the floor of the slide out. I pulled out a dark file, inside was a couple of men’s girly magazines with some of the pages stuck together. There were also about twenty re-recordable disks numbered sequentially.

I took one of the cd’s and put it in the player, the first icon I clicked showed a scraggy almost skeletal woman who I judged to be in her late sixties sucking off a guy in his twenties. Without thinking I stripped off my clothes and played all the videos friging myself to countless orgasms. I couldn’t stop and stayed awake all night watching and diddling myself.

I showered but couldn’t bother to put clothes on, I felt at ease with my nakedness and in any case there was no one else around was there. I realized I was physical satisfied for the first time in my life, or almost so. What was missing? I thought and then it struck me I wanted to do it for real with Jim or other twenty something’s. Not only that but I had a perverse desire to fuck bare backed when I was a my peak of fertility and let them get me pregnant!

I knew it was pure fantasy, if I did it for real my husband would chuck me out into the snow as it were. But then I thought the videos turned me on so they must have done the same for him. Did that mean he had a Mother or even Grandmother fixation, as all the women were old?

Could be, so I checked the stuck up pages of the men’s magazines looking for further clues. I reasoned if they were stuck together Tony must have spunked over the pictures or stories within. The first page though yellowed by spunk stains was a picture of a young man of about twenty being fondled by a woman old enough to be his grandmother.

The accompanying story I read with an open mind, which was as well as it wasn’t what I’d expected at all. It was all about husbands fantasizing that these younger men would cuckold them by fucking their slightly older wives. The article said that this built up into wanting the younger guys to impregnate their own wife.

That these husbands not only wanted this to happen but desired their wives to be sluts and shag any twenty year old men that wanted her. The peak fantasy being to watch a group of these men fuck his wife bare back while she was at her most fertile. Imagining watching his wife being impregnated by several others, spraying their potent sperm into her to compete in fertilizing her egg.

This type of husband was disgusting I thought and then remembered these were almost the same desires I had for myself when I watched the videos. Not only that but I now realized my own husband wasn’t lusting after the old women but was imagining me his wife being fucked and made pregnant by twenty year old men!

Now I understood we both were fantasizing about the same thing. I shocked my self when I realized that I wouldn’t object to him watching me fuck twenty-year-old guys.

I resolved to bring up the subject and did when we were in bed the night he returned. There was no beating about the bush I showed him my evidence and asked for an explanation.

He admitted it all, he actually got a kick from imagining me fucking several twenty-year-old guys while he watched. He also confessed he had a kinky longing for neither partner to take contraceptive precautions and them to make me pregnant.

I asked him, “What if I consider giving you your wish and having a liaison while you watch, but if I did the guy would have to wear a condom as I’m frightened of getting aids or other venereal diseases.

He said, “Yes.” Triumphantly, then fucked me hard for longer than he’d ever done before. He came quickly into his first condom but staying hard until I came for the first time during intercourse. You see I was also ultra turned on by what I imagined it would be like and pretended it was Jim doing me.

We relaxed in each other’s arms and Tony said, “It’s just a dream I don’t expect it will ever happen. Its funny where these ideas came from, it was just finding that site that gave me these ideas.” Then I thought of that report in the paper that cuckolding had produced one in four children in this garrison town.

I said, “Yes I understand how it happened, if you like we could play act a bit as we both now have the same fantasy. But of course we couldn’t carry it out or we’d lose half our joint income if I had to give up my job because I was pregnant!

You’re right as always Jenny, we could watch the video clips together and pretend I was a twenty year old cuckolding your older husband when we have sex. This we did, with Tony buying younger style clothing and me in old women’s apparel.

Over a few months we used our imagination to become sexually excited. We tried bondage, taking it in turn to be tied face up to the bedposts legs tied spread lewdly open and we were also blindfolded. Then I’d be the wife cuckolding her husband with a twenty year old or he the twenty year old impregnating me while my husband watched and wanked.

Then we had a bit of luck, a substantial win on the lottery, not the top prize so we couldn’t live in luxury but enough that I could leave work if we decided to have children.

Tony my husband went away for his two weeks training with the territorial army and after a few days I was feeling horney so got the video clips out and was slowly masturbating dreaming of Jim the twenty year old soldier when the front door bell rang. I was naked so grabbed a short robe to check who it was.

I was ready to give what I thought was a salesman a bit of my mind for interrupting my own play-acting. I swung the door open but I didn’t protest, as it was the smiling face of Jim. “I’ve come to clean your windows Jenny,” he said. Looking at my legs as my robe was very short.

I couldn’t speak for a few seconds; the man I was just thinking about when I was masturbating was here right in front of me. Then without considering the consequences I answered him, “Yes of course, but its midday and I was going to have a bite to eat and a drink, do you want to join me first?

He hesitated so I leaned forward allowing my robe to open and gave him what I hoped would look like an accidental glimpse of my breasts. He blushed and then said, “Yes please I could do with a drink.” I made us both some sandwiches and enjoyed his gaze as I bent over from the waist giving him a clear view of my bare backside and pussy when I got the ingredients from the fridge.

“Tell me Jim,” I said, “Have you found yourself a girlfriend yet?” No he answered, I told you last time Im only attracted to older women.” I asked, “Jim have you had sex with a girl or are you a Virgin?” He blushed again then said quietly, “ Does it show that much, yes Im still a virgin Jenny. That’s because the only woman I fancy hasn’t noticed me ---- I mean till now, oh sorry I shouldn’t have said that I’ll go and do the windows now shall I?

“No its alright,” I replied, “Jim are you saying Im the lady you’d like to take your virginity? I couldn’t believe I’d actually said that, I’d only ever had sex with my husband and was so inhibited until I saw the videos.

I thought I’d read the situation wrongly, as he hadn’t answered and was about to apologise to him when he spoke in a whisper, “Yes Jenny you’re my dream girl could I, I mean could we?”

I stood up opening my robe and dropped it to the floor. This left me standing full frontally naked in front of only my second males gaze. What would he think? My figure was still good but I’d put on a stone and my breasts and bum had sagged slightly.

He looked stunned so I moved forward unzipped his tight jeans and took out his already hard penis. It was no bigger than my husbands but it was only the second I’d ever seen. It felt naughty but so right, I licked his bell end and rubbed it up and down with my hands.

Jim said, “Please can you ----? I knew instinctively what he meant and took his cock lovingly into my mouth, as I suckled him he groaned. I wanted to see him naked so led him upstairs by his member. I thought I’ve never even done this for my husband having thought it dirty, but it didn’t feel wrong at all now.

In the bedroom I slowly took off his clothes and ran my hands over his rippling muscles. Then I lay on the bed and pulled him into the sixty-nine position. Neither of us had any experience of cunnilingus nor fellation till today but the experimentation was wonderful.

He kissed and licked both sets of labia then plunged his tongue into my vagina, I was licking his testicles and shaft alternately, which sensation was better I wasn’t sure they were all wonderful. Why hadn’t I allowed my husband to lick my genitals? My stifling upbringing had robbed me of so much pleasure.

Carefully and lightly I took his penis into my mouth holding it loosely with my lips licking his shaft at the same time. Jim was still exploring my pussy, his tongue found my clitoris and he circled it and bit it lightly.

This was heavenly so perfect, we weren’t in any hurry and neither really knew what to do but let nature take its course. I pushed my genitalia on to his mouth and this gorgeous twenty-year-old virgin male was kissing and licking me there as if it was the Promised Land for him.

I was very exited and felt my orgasm coming, I gushed again and this time over his face my body writhing with the pleasure he gave me. I gasped and sucked hard on his cock and this brought him over the top and I felt him squirt seven strong streams of his spunk in my mouth, strongly as only a young guy could.

As this was the first time I’d tasted a man’s cum I was overjoyed at its salty creamy taste. I knew girls swallowed this male offering but wasn’t sure about it so retained it in my mouth. Jim looked at me with such love and pure adoration I opened my mouth showing him his cum on my tongue, then swallowed it deliberately letting him see I was doing just that.

The after glow as we held each other tightly in the spoon position was so wonderful. Jim whispered in my ear, “Jenny can I, you know – fuck your vagina now.” I asked him, “Have you got a condom Jim because I haven’t. He replied sadly, “No I hadn’t expected this!” “Nor me Jim,” I said, “I didn’t know you were coming round did I?”

“I suppose not Jenny,” he said with a sad disappointed little boy voice. But it will mean I’m still a virgin. You see so me and another two twenty-year-old virgins get teased rotten about it at the barracks. We try to lie and say we’re not virgins but they all know the truth somehow.” “But Jim,” I said, “if you cum in me without a condom you’ll make me pregnant, then my husband may throw me out and divorce me, would you want that on your conscience?”

“No of course not Jenny,” He replied, “I wouldn’t want you thrown out, but my dream’s to make you pregnant with my baby! Can I slip out and come back when I’ve bought some rubbers, I can get some from the pub toilets?”

“I want you to penetrate me Jim,” I replied, “but it was magic today so we can save that other pleasure for another time and enjoy the loverly memories we’ve just made!

Tell you what, as you want to impregnate me I just may be able to arrange it by asking my husbands permission! Jim looked panicky at the mention of my husband, he said tentatively, “Would he --- let me give you my baby, surly not?

Well he just might if the conditions were right, “I answered, “But you’d have to do it with him watching us as he’s a voyeur and there’s more, his fantasy is to see me in a gang bang. Would your other two twenty year old virgin mates be up for a foursome so I could take three men’s virginity at the same time?

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