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Crystal Clear Ch. 11


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this series. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

This chapter will be dramatically enhanced for you if you read Road Trip -- Ohio and the previous two chapters. These stories can be found at the author's web page by clicking on the name Romantic1 above.

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim moved in with country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen in Nashville. With Crystal's help, Jim became a top country singer. He got tapped to do a movie, enjoys several orgies with his leading lady Jill Danes, and finds a new love interest in Claire. The film crew moved to Nicaragua to film on location, and Jill was kidnapped. Jim did a bold and risky rescue using his skills he learned as a Green Beret. Shooting finished on Jim's movie. He returned to Nashville with Ellen and Claire for a sex-filled week with Nadia their housekeeper before Crystal returns from Europe where she did a movie. Upon Crystal's arrival, Jim and Crystal do a press conference where a reporter asked Jim about his fathering a child in Ohio. Jim initially ducked the question, but his answer indicated the reporter's accurate assessment. The media went wild at the prospect of Jim having a hidden baby. A few days later, Jim and Crystal sneak off to join his child's parents in Michigan after they too have fled the paparazzi; as a group, they decide to allow Edie, the pretty reporter from the press conference, to interview Jim, Crystal, Summer -- the baby's mother, and George -- her husband. Edie falls in love with Jim, Crystal, and the baby's parents; they share some intimate times, and then Edie writes her story for publication, putting a positive spin on the relationships.

Crystal Clear -- Ch. 11

Sauna Stories and Concert Tours

Edie Gerst and her editor published the story about my baby, Summer, George, and me on Thursday. They carefully picked the day of the week, because that's the day most of the tabloids get to the newsstands, so it would be a week before they would be able to catch up with the scoop we'd given the Dayton Daily News. By the time they would be able to write about the story, it would be old news, and depending on what else happened during the week, including what flying saucers landed where, we might not even be on the cover. One could only hope.

Edie's articles and four photographs were syndicated and showed up in other daily newspapers on Friday morning -- at least, those that were fast enough to pick up the story off the wire. ET, and Access Hollywood picked up the story but made surprisingly light of the news, giving the story only a minute or two on each of their broadcasts; none of them turned it into a scandal, just a happy recognition of a singer-star's baby and the hope that another was on the way. If you hadn't listened carefully, you would have missed that the mother was someone else's wife.

People magazine did get in touch with Terry and asked to do a feature spread on me, the baby, the mother, and the unique and loving arrangement that we had between us. They promised a favorable treatment. Previously, they had done right by us, so I trusted them. Terry set up the interview in Nashville for a few days after we returned and before Crystal and I started a concert tour of a dozen cities.

After Edie's article got published, and we saw how the news sat with the public; we all breathed easier. Crystal, Edie, and I stayed three more days at the Ellis' cottage in Michigan, and then we followed each other south to Greenville. Crystal rode with the Ellis' so she could play with Summer and my baby in the backseat of their car. I rode the Harley. Edie drove behind me in her car.

To our surprise, the paparazzi had vanished from Greenville; they'd been scooped, and the vultures headed off to some other potential scandal. We stayed overnight at the Ellis', said goodbye the next morning, and then I followed Edie and Crystal on my motorcycle all the way to Nashville. We'd invited Edie to be our guest, to be present at the People interview if their reporters didn't mind, and to join us for the first venue of our tour. Edie was so excited she could hardly contain herself.

Nadia greeted us at the Nashville house with hugs and kisses much to the surprise of Edie who also got included. Nadia could be very inclusive and demonstrative. Ellen and Clair had gone into Nashville for a few nights at Ellen's condominium and to hang around with Terry and Dan, our agent and publicist, respectively, so the three of us had the house to ourselves.

I went for a run to iron out the kinks from riding the motorcycle for seven hours. When I got back Nadia had organized a fabulous dinner for us, so I showered quickly and joined the women on the patio outside the kitchen. At our insistence, Nadia joined us for the cocktail hour; however, she kept racing back and forth to the kitchen to tend to her feast. She told us what she'd heard in the grapevine about my fatherhood (my reputation hadn't suffered, and probably improved), and we got her talking about her classes.

As Nadia moved around the house, I evaluated her again. She still had the sexiest ass I'd ever seen on a woman, plus that cute Russian accent and vocabulary that often created a sentence structure so funny we had to laugh aloud -- a point that never seemed to bother her; she learned from her mistakes. Nadia appeared more grown up than when Ellen and I had left alone to go to the west coast to make a movie -- more mature, open, empathetic.

After dinner, the four of us went to the sauna. Nadia had quickly caught on that we had an intimate relationship with Edie, and she told me she wanted to be counted in on whatever happened. In an aside moment, she said to me in a whisper, "I like Miss Edie. Do you think she will let me play with her tonight -- to lick her? Can we all play together? I am again tired of my battery toy; I need you -- at least, a time with you so to make me feel right again." She gave me her goofy grin that clearly meant she wanted me to fuck her brains out. The idea appealed to me too.

We sat in the sauna and enjoyed each other's nudity. Crystal got each of us talking about the sexiest or most unusual times we'd had sex. We were each to tell a story to titillate the others according to Crystal's rules. This would be a form of foreplay for us. We were supposed to be explicit and salacious in our descriptions, according to Crystal.

After great teasing, I had to go first and Crystal restricted me to talking about something that had happened on my road trip, although she had heard most of the stories. I told the three women about my stay in Arkansas during my road trip. I'd been arrested in Louisiana for felony robbery on a case of mistaken identity, and easily proved my innocence after a night in jail. I spotted my 'twin' riding a nearly identical motorcycle in the small town of El Dorado, Arkansas. I hung out in a diner across the street from where I saw the bike to keep an eye on my nemesis -- the guy I thought might have done the robberies I got arrested for. Later, he was indeed caught 'red handed' with my help.

The waitress and owner of the diner was a pretty woman named Pat. She and I hit it off, and the next you knew I'd taken a job there as a cook, dishwasher, and counterman to help out for a week. Well, one thing led to another, and one night we made love in every booth, on every table, and all along the various counters in the place. We were insatiable sex maniacs for the week I spent there. I described several of our sexual forays in stroke-by-stroke details much to the delight of my sauna mates.

Crystal went next. George Rinard, her co-star in the movie she'd just completed in Europe -- mainly Paris and Moscow -- took her to a gala at the Louvre one evening. They and several hundred others enjoyed a cocktail hour, a sit down dinner, and private tours. She told us, "I challenged George to find a place where he could make love to me -- he could be such a stick at times. He was suitably shocked, but then started to look for places as we walked along."

She continued after wiping a bead of perspiration from her face, "We lagged behind our small tour group to look at some tapestries from around the year 800. A small nook in the wall behind one tapestry that hung to the floor afforded us a hiding place. As our tour disappeared, George knelt, pulled down my panties, and ate me for five minutes as I groaned in pleasure. After than, we changed places, and I gave him the blow job of all blow jobs; and after that, I pulled my evening gown up to my waist, dropped the top of my strapless dress, and lay down on a hidden display case that seemed to be just the right height. George fucked me until we both came."

Crystal giggled a little, "As we straightened ourselves to be presentable again, and I might mention I had his cum running down my legs under my floor length gown, I noticed that we'd screwed atop a display case containing the oldest Persian carpet ever discovered -- something from the fifth century B.C. It had been removed from the grave of a Scythian prince -- whatever that meant. It was beautiful and so old, and so worthy of our fucking on top of it."

We all laughed and turned to Nadia. She began, "When I turn eighteen, I go to Leningrad or now St. Petersburg; my father he have business there, and it is February and very cold, but not to bother, we used to that where we live so dress appropriately. I walk around and take tours while papa does his business over several days, and I meet a nice soldier on leave. He from Ukraine. First day, we kiss a lot; second day, I decide I want to make love with the handsome guy."

We were all hanging on every word, delighting in her small slips of grammar. She went on, "We can find nowhere inside suitable to fuck, so we decide to do it outside, but the temperature is minus fifteen degrees celsius -- that near zero the way you measure. This plus wind blowing. We walk and find cozy place under a bridge near the Winter Palace. We both strip off our clothing except boots until nearly naked, and then we happily fuck. We both turn blue too, really bright blue -- and we worry about frost bite of vital parts. We laughing a lot too. We dress really fast, and run to a pub to get warm, and it takes us over an hour to stop shaking from the cold. People in restaurant surely knew what we had been doing because we are both so blue -- even my breasts had turned blue when I look at them in lavatory trying to get warm. Nipples stay erect rest of day."

After suitable appreciation for the coldest fuck any of us had experienced by far, we looked at Edie. The sudden focus by the three of us on her made her blush, a reaction hard to see given the rosy state the sauna had created on our bodies -- the opposite of Nadia's coldest fuck story.

Edie hesitated. She started in a low tone so we had to lean forward to hear her. "I did some crazy things in college, not always intentionally. And, I need to tell you that I wasn't completely candid with you in Michigan about having had a sexual experience with more than one person at a time." She gave us all an embarrassed little grin.

We nodded in unison for her to continue. "I was a junior and majoring in communications. People in that major also had many friends in the drama and theater group, especially those that put on plays at the campus theater. Anyway, there were these two guys that I really liked, but I started to date one of them -- Steve. We were wild in bed, just like all of you." She gave us a lascivious smile.

"One time while we were fucking, Steve got me talking about whom else I liked, so I confessed to liking a friend we all called Tink. As we went along Steve laid out this whole threesome scenario with the two of us and Tink; I got so hot that I couldn't stand it. Anyway, he got me to agree to a threesome and by that time I would have taken on the entire football team."

Crystal smirked and said, "That's not so unusual, is it?"

Edie ignored Crystal's taunt and said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I also shared a fantasy with Steve about screwing somewhere where we might get caught or seen. I guess I'm a bit of an exhibitionist as well as a voyeur." She paused and regained her train of thought, "So, Steve talks to Tink who jumps at the opportunity to jump my bones. Moreover, the three of us agree to do it on the stage of the campus theater some night when nothing is going on and we have the place to ourselves."

"So, one night, we sneak into the theater, turn on one or two dim lights so we can see what we're doing, push a sofa used in some play into the middle of the stage, strip all our clothes off, and I start by sitting between the two guys as they kiss and paw all over me, including finger fucking me. As they do that to me, I'm holding their cocks and stroking them off. My temperature rises past boiling. After a few minutes, I take turns giving them blow jobs, and next one of them eats me out while I suck on the other. We trade back and forth several times."

Edie paused to make sure everyone was listening, "So, one guy starts fucking me and I suck the other, and the guys take turns flipping me back and forth much to my delight. We try several positions, all on the couch in the middle of the stage. After a while, Steve asks whether I want to be double penetrated. I think about this because I'd never had anal sex up to that point, but I agree if he can find some lube. He must have planned ahead, because he produced a tube of stuff."

"Steve greased me up as well as his cock, and I bend over, he slowly works himself into me, and I kind of enjoy it -- it's different and dirty and sexy, anyway. After a few minutes, he pulls me up and into his lap, and Tink comes and sinks himself into my vagina. So, I'm fucking two guys at once, and I start throwing off one orgasm after another with little screams, and Steve says to Tink and me, I'm about to cum -- really hard -- this is the fucking best sex I've ever had. Tink agreed, and announced he was about to cum. Meanwhile, I was about to cum again, and about a minute or two later, all three of us start moaning and when I'm not cuming I'm screaming things like 'Oh, fuck, this is great,' or whatever."

She paused for dramatic effect. "We all came, and now I am dripping junk out of both holes and in a very awkward position because the guys stayed embedded in me after they came; I mean we were comfortable and happy. And, picture this, from the shadows of the audience about two-dozen people start applauding and cheering our performance. I about melted into the floor I was so embarrassed. The three of us grabbed out clothes and tore off stage, but the applause kept going and shouts of 'Encore,' and 'More, more.'"

Crystal is laughing along with the rest of us, "So what did you do?"

Edie got a big smile, "Why, we went back out on the stage in a line, and bowed deeply to the audience, only then I can see it's more like thirty people. We're still nude, and I obviously have cum running down my legs from both holes." She sighed, "We went off stage, dressed, I tried to clean up in one of the dressing rooms, and then we snuck out the back door. It turned out that the whole cast and crew of some campus play had turned up for a late evening rehearsal."

I said, "I feel the experience I shared was too tame by your standards. Tomorrow, if we do a sauna, I'll tell you about Oklahoma, or maybe a little adventure Crystal and I had in Illinois."

We exited the sauna, and I turned off the power to the small room. We hit the showers, and then we hit the bed. Edie captured the spirit of the night an hour later when she said, "I never thought a guy could successfully make love to three women at the same time -- my God, I was soooooo wrong."

* * * * *

The interview with People magazine took place two days later. They had requested that the interview be done at Crystal's home, so we worked out of that music studio rehearsing for our upcoming concerts until just after lunch when the two reporters -- Jan and Kyle, and a photographer -- Ralph -- showed up. They were a friendly lot, and even brought some fresh flowers to Crystal to say thank you for her hospitality.

Crystal and I sat with the reporters, and Edie came into the room carrying her iPad. I did introductions, asked whether she could sit in while they interview us, and the People team looked a little puzzled until I explained that Edie had discovered the 'hidden baby' and deduced the circumstances of Little Jim's birth.

Edie jumped in, "I also have a big bargaining chip, if you'll let me stay. I just want to hear how you guys interview and maybe learn something from the pros. I have no ulterior motive, unless Jim or Crystal says something I haven't heard about the baby. I think we hashed it all out pretty well though."

Kyle asked with a smile, "What's your bargaining chip?"

Edie pulled her iPad from behind her back, "I have about two hundred pictures of Little Jim, Jim, Crystal, and the baby's parents. I'm willing to share." She grinned; she knew she had a very valuable bargaining chip.

Jan and Kyle flopped back against the sofa cushions as though someone pushed them. Jan said, "You're kidding, right?"

I shook my head. Crystal and I had already screened the pictures up in Greenville with George and Summer. They all had the Good Housekeeping seal of approval from us.

Edie said, "Nope. Is that a good chip to play?"

Jan said, "You bet. You might just save us a trip to Ohio too, can we see them?"

Edie passed her the iPad, and Jan, Kyle, and Ralph hunkered over the screen as Jan flipped through every picture with one finger. Halfway through, Ralph said, "These are fabulous. You're composition is great, and you took care to have good lighting. They don't look like snapshots; they look really professional. Did you take them?"

Edie looked especially proud, "Yes. I have a Canon Rebel with a quality strobe, that's all."

After every shot had been scanned, Ralph said, "Edie, you weren't in any of these. Can we get a picture of you with Jim and Crystal?" We agreed, so Ralph posed us in front of the majestic mantel and fireplace in our living room, and took six shots.

Jan started the interview talking to Edie, and Ralph took a couple of shots just of her. "How did you find Jim's baby?"

Edie told her story about doing her family's genealogy, going to the Darke County Courthouse and happening to see my name for a child. The birth date was close to one of her new cousins, so she made note of it. A few days later, and some research in the newspapers morgue, and she figured out to the day that I'd been in Greenville exactly nine months before the baby was born. She'd made the leap by my being the father, wrangled a press pass at one of our press conferences, posed her question, and then all hell broke loose for a week in the press until she filed the confirming story.

Jan studied Edie for a second and asked, "Why did you spin the story the way you did? I mean, you could have sensationalized it and kept all the hooprah about the baby going for a few more weeks, particularly since I gather from your article that Summer Ellis is pregnant by Jim again."

Edie responded, "In the course of talking to Jim, Crystal, and the Ellis', I realized I'd met some of the nicest people you'd ever hope to meet in the world. Jim's baby wasn't conceived at some swinger's orgy or as an accident in an extramarital affair. Little Jim is truly a love child surrounded by four loving adults who knew exactly what they were doing to help one another. The only emotions I have ever found surrounding this child -- and the next one -- is love."

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