tagLoving WivesCuckold Sissy Husband Goes Further

Cuckold Sissy Husband Goes Further



"Baby, I've been thinking about you. Been thinking you need something more to look forward to. I think that you would enjoy cumming more, enjoy your little thing played with more if it was more a special occasion." She's seated at the kitchen table. She has a small package on the table. "Come here." She watches as I walk to her.

"Mistress, I never do anything unless I'm with you."

She laughs. "Bull. You play with that little thing every minute of every day.

No Mam." She cuts me off.

"Are you calling me a liar?"

"No, no...no Mam." I feel my face turn red.

"What we're going to do is keep that little thing in a cage. I have a locking penis harness; you'll never guess who bought it for you." She pushes the box to the edge of the table.

"Your lover did."

"Yes, and I want you to say 'thank you' at the office tomorrow. Now, open the box and figure out how to put it on. And don't take a long time." She sips the coffee in front of her.

The box says CB-3000, a locking plastic chastity tube...that prevents erection or masturbation. I feel fear as I read the description and instructions...

"He did the research, bought it off the web. I thought it was a very good idea too. It should fit your little thing perfectly; it may even be too big." She laughes. "Put it on."

She sat and watched as I put it on, closed the locking ring behind my balls, struggling to squeeze them into place. She took the little locking device in her hand. "I'll do the rest. I want to be the one that makes it lock, get your hands out of the way." She brushes my hands away.

I hear the lock click, feel her tug at it. She makes me cry out. "That won't come off. I like that. And two keys. Good. One for me, one for my lover. Not that he's interested in your little thing. Now, this is going to be for the best. You are going to love being rewarded, let you out of your cage like a little bird. I haven't decided how often that should happen. Let's start with a week. I bet you touch that thing at least once a day when you're away from me. One week should have you very ready to crave my touch and your reward."

She leans forward, puts her hands on my hip, she turns me around roughly. "Bend over." She pushes my back forward and I hurry to bend forward...feel her push her hand up between my legs from behind.

"Spread." I do as she instructs. "Oooo, another bonus. If I found a metal clasp I do believe I could pull it back between your legs up to the wall, lock you to a hook in the wall up between your legs real tight."

I feel her finger push at the locking ring. I cry out. "Yep, it would have to be small but that would work, whip my bad little boy with his back to the wall. That's of course only if he's bad, a read bad boy."

She pulls her finger out, runs up through the crack of my rear. "There, there, we're not going to worry about that. You're a good boy." She pats my rear. I stare at the floor, feel my penis struggle to get semi erect as she runs her hand over me from behind. I hear her giggle. She takes her hand off me and turns me around, back facing her. I stumble as I straighten and look down at her.

She stares up at my face. "What do you say?"

"Thank you, Mam." I look to the floor.

She reaches up under my balls, holds the entire thing up, looks at it approvingly. She smiles. "I like that, very erotic. I'll get hot thinking about you at home like this while I do all the dirty little things I do for my man. Tell me you like that, baby." She runs her finger around the hole of my penis, makes it start to get hard in the cage.

She smiles as she sees that it really works. I feel the slight pain as my penis struggles to get semi erect in the harness.

"Uhhhh, please, Mam...please..."

She drops it, takes her hand away. "I have other plans but that's enough for now. Do you know how much I love you? I do. I couldn't have all the fun I have without you, baby. And in return I give you everything you need. Don't I? Am I a good wife or what, baby? You couldn't find another woman to treat you as good as I do. I hope you know that. I know what you need, I know how you need to be treated, don't I?"

"Yes, Mistress. I love you...I really do. I'm grateful, Mistress, I am."

She stands. Pets my face, "Come on, baby, let's go upstairs. For some reason I'm horny, want you to make me cum with that mouth of yours." She walks toward the door and I follow her.

"I simply must get a leash for that thing." She turns and smiles as she points to the stairs, pats my rear as she points for me to walk up first. "That thing looks so very cute. I can't believe I didn't do this long ago. Maybe get a bell for it."

I can feel her eyes on me, she watches me from behind, as I walk to her bedroom.

"Let's go make Mama cum, baby." She slaps my rear as I hurry up the stairs to her room.



I hear the bell ring from upstairs. I know she's with him. They never let me into the bedroom when their up there. I feel my heart sink. I hurry up the stairs, don't dare keep her waiting.

He arrived an hour ago, has been upstairs with her since he walked in. Smiled at me, the wicked smile he always has for me, as he walked by. The bedroom door is closed, I knock. I hear him, not her.

"Come in, now!" It's an order, his voice is stern.

She's on her knees in front of him, naked and kneeling. Her hands are behind her back, cuffed. Her rear is wet, his cum up the crack of her ass. It's the first thing I notice. He is fully erect, I had no idea how big he is, only heard her tease when she told me about him. She has her mouth on him, perfectly made up eyes closed, she is his.

She is naked, soft and beautiful. I feel jealousy, want to rescue her. She opens her eyes and looks up at him. I think her eyes say, 'why are you making me do this in front of my sissy husband?'--that is what it feels like to me. I feel shame.

She pumps him slowly, deeply, his hand holds her tight by her hair. He's moving her head back and forth on him, full strokes. He's hard as a rock, his erection is slippery from her mouth as she sucks him. He's huge. My face is bright red. I look to the floor at my feet.

"I've decided I want you to see this. I want you to see this at least once. You should see her do this so you know what she is to me." I feel my face flush deeper red. "Every man should know his wife and some of her most intimate little secrets. Look at her. I'm going to show you a side of your wife you don't know. You'll thank me for it later."

I didn't know he restrained her, cuffed her, had no idea she would let him hand cuff her. Feel my face flush bright red, feel my heart race.

"She's a good little bitch. I know you know she's mine to do with as I please, but you've never seen it first hand. I think it's good that you finally do see my bitch in action."

He looks down at her. She starts to take her mouth off of him. I can tell she wants to say something. He pushes her back onto him. He slightly jerks her head up toward him, roughly. He looks down at her sternly.

"Suck girl. Don't make me spank that tight little ass! Be a good little girlfriend!" She goes back to submissively worshipping his cock--that is the only way to describe it. She's sucking him to make him cum.

I hear her moan softly and lose herself to him. She is totally his. He looks back at me. He's fully dressed, has his pants down around his ankles. He looks like he was ready to leave but decided to do this first. I feel like I want to cry.

"I fucked her earlier, that's not for you to see, not really your concern. But that's for you to think about, especially when you see me in the office. Her legs up around my back, fucked her for almost an hour. You should see your wife when she's being fucked properly, such a hot little thing. Not for you to see, though. We are in our own world when we do that. But this is for you to see, at least once. You should see your wife do this for me at least once. You should know what your wife is, fully." He looks back down at her..."Ready, baby?"

She looks up at him with soft sweet eyes, she's beautiful. I can't help noticing that.

He takes her hair tight enough to make her whimper. He starts to fuck. Holds her hair tight and starts to fuck her mouth. He closes his eyes, slides in and out of her mouth rapidly. She keeps her pretty lips on him, can't take all of it, I hear her start to choke slightly as he grows more excited. He's working as hard as he can to cum as fast as he can. I want to rush to her, all I can do to hold myself back. I want to cry out. He uses her for almost five minutes like that. Then he cries out.

"Fuck!" He starts to cum. He pulls back a little and then it happens, he cums in her mouth, hard, explodes.

"Fuck! You are such a good girl!!! Ahhhh!". He pulls it out slightly, he cum runs out the side of her mouth, onto her face. He holds her in place. She keeps her mouth open, looks up at him. Pushing it back into her open mouth, she closes her lips around him, see her swallow gently.

"Oh....fuck, fuck fuck...swallow it...!" He pulls her further onto him. She starts to whimper loudly. Takes her head in both hands, holds her tightly in place and slowly milks himself to finish into her mouth. He starts to soften, can get it almost all the way into to her now. He buries himself in her, can see his rear cheeks tighten and release.

And then it's over.

When he finishes he looks down at her and smiles. "Yes! That's my girl!" Pulls his cock out of her mouth, He bends down and kisses her forehead, runs his hand over her hair. He releases her; she bends and bows her head to the floor. She doesn't look at me. She keeps her eyes down. He wipes his cock on the side of her face, then on her hair. He pats the back of her head, gently.

He turns to the bed, wipes his cock clean on the sheet. "You can go now." He looks at me, emotionless. "I'll be down stairs shortly, you can get me my coat, meet me at the front door. Go." He bends to pickup his lowered pants, starts to dress.

"Yes Sir." I glance at her, hope she'll say something to me, don't know what, just something. She stares at the floor, eyes down. I see her dripping from behind, his cum under her kneeling rear on the floor. See her bare feet, up under her butt, so cute, like a little girl, her legs spread slightly. I see his cum on the side of her face. I feel my eyes start to tear but don't dare cry.

"Yes, Sir...I'll be down stairs for you." I leave and close the door behind me.

At the door he says nothing, just takes his coat and leaves. He doesn't say a word. He doesn't even look at me. I close the door behind him, hear his car start, know I'll see him at work in the office tomorrow. I feel helpless. I want to cry, almost lose control. But I don't dare. She hates that about me, hates to see me cry unless it's during punishment.

I hear her go to her bathroom, hear the door close. I hear her shower start. Feel like I want to rush to her, clean her, be close to her. She doesn't ring the bell for me.

Feeling all alone, I do start to cry.



"Get you all hot and bothered to see me suck his dick like that? I had no idea he was going to do that, didn't tell me he was going to bring you into the room. My man is full of surprises."

She's sitting on the edge of the bed; sitting next the stained sheet where he wiped him self clean after using her. "You know you love me doing these things. I know how your dirty little submissive mind works. Probably was good for you to see it actually happen."

I stare down at the spot still wet with his cum, the cum that ran out of her as she knelt in front of him. She showered and is sitting in a white cotton robe, her hair still wet. She has no makeup on; she looks fresh, innocent and beautiful.

"I was afraid, Mistress, afraid for you. I've never seen you cuffed, never seen him treat you like that." I look at her. She laughs, laughs loud.

"You've never seen him treat any way at all." She laughes again, looks away from me. "Baby, baby, baby, I'm always in control. Do you doubt that?" She looks at me, smiles and winks.

"I thought he was going to slap you." She laughs again.

"Well, I have to tell you that if he did it might have got me even hotter. Do you know how much I love that man's dick, love the way he knows how to treat a woman. I don't know if you noticed, but he's three times bigger than your little thing even when semi-soft. Did you notice that, baby?" She starts to dry her hair with a towel, looks away, at herself in the mirror. "I'm sure you did."

"Yes, I saw how large he is, Mam." I feel like a child with her, feel helpless.

"And he knows how to use that thing. I cum at least three times every time I'm with that man." She stands, reaches to the table and takes the key to my chastity tube.

"Come here." She reaches down, "This was such a good idea, can't believe I didn't do this sooner." She runs her hand up my leg. "Baby smooth little sissy, this was a very good idea too. And he really likes that I do this to you. You like shaving for Mama? Tell me." She pats my rear, runs her hand over it. "Oooo, soft like a baby boy.", she stares into my eyes, "makes you even more a sissy this way, right?"

"Yes, Mam, yes. I love what I am for you, love preparing for you, shaving, yes!"...I feel my penis start to stiffen. "Yes, Mam."

She smiles. "How long has it been?" She reaches down, runs her finger over the end of my dick. "I do believe it's wet, baby."

She pulls the harness up quickly, makes me whimper slightly. "Hold still!" She puts the tiny key into the lock, leaves it there, does not unlock it. I reach back and grasp both my cheeks from behind, don't wait for her to tell me to.

She sits back on the edge of the bed. "Want Mama to let you play with yourself? Would you like to please me like that? Would you?" She picks up the towel and starts to dry her hair again...

"Oh, yes...please..."

"Well then ask me nicely."

"Please, Mama, please...please let me play with my sissy little thing for you, please, please let me do it for you, please...", I almost stammer, start lose control.

She shushes me, "How long has it been?" She looks up at me, wicked smile on her beautiful face.

"Almost three weeks, Mam, please." She stares up at me, cold.

"How fucking long???" She drops the towel to the bed. I feel her irritation.

"Two weeks and one day, Mam, fifteen days, Mam." I do stammer, feel fear. I look to the floor. "Fifteen days, Mistress."

She stands, reaches down and pulls my balls up by the harness, unlocks them with the key and pulls the chastity tube off of me. She tosses the key to the table.

"Free little bird, out of its cage." She sits, holds the chastity tube on her finger. "So fucking cute, you have no idea how cute that little thing is, baby. That pleases me. My precious little helpless baby boy, I truly do love you, honey."

She stands and takes me by the arm, pulls me to the front of the stain on her carpet. "Kneel, baby. I want to watch you masturbate. I want to watch my little man cum on the floor. It'll be our secret. You can cum on the floor where he dripped out of me. Would you like to do that for me, have a little secret that's ours alone, cum on my lover's stain on the floor? So dirty!"

She reaches down and takes my penis in her hand, very gentle, starts to pump, pull, starts to bring me to erection. She runs her hand over the head of it, knows she drives me crazy. I grow hard in her hand, lose myself to it. I start to moan softly.

"Yes, Mam, please. I've wanted to cum for you for so long, thought so many things for you, the things you like me to think, so many dirty things. I kept my submissive edge, never thought about me, thought about you only and what I am to you."

She smiles, kisses my cheek. "Go ahead, kneel. Do it. Make your little dick spurt for me. Do it, honey."

She sits and watches as I kneel, start to play with my self. She smiles and stares, amused. "And don't make a bigger mess! You spurt on the same place his cum is on the floor."

She leans forward. "You really are precious to me, such a good husband." She stares, feel her eyes on me as I masturbate for her, my eyes slightly closed.

"You've got three minutes to make that thing um for me, baby."

She stands and turns her bedside table clock toward her. "Did you like the way he fucked my mouth? That was very hot. At least I thought so." She smiles down at me. "Almost choked me. He's big! As hard as I try I can't get him all the way in my mouth, wish I could do that for him."

"Oh, yes, Mam...uhhhh, yes!" I start to pump, make myself crazy thinking about the dirty things that get me hard, think about being hers completely, thing about him fucking her, think about being what I truly am, her slave.

"You haven't really seen anything, you should see me when I take my time on him, suck him for close to an hour, sometimes more, make him squirm, almost beg to cum. I do it on top of him, sometimes 69 style while he uses his mouth on me. He is so fucking good at that too, that man knows how to treat a woman."

She looks at the clock. "Come on, baby, cum for Mama. I have to get to the mall before it closes."

"Uhhhhh...', I pump for her, pump frantically to cum, making submissive little whimpering sounds as I do.

"Do you appreciate what Mama does to give you all the dirty little attention you need?" She watches. "Do you?"

"Yessssssss, think about you all the time...yessssss....Oooooo..." I start to cum, careful to aim for the stain in front of me. I hear her laugh as I cum. I cum all over his wet spot, the one he left on her bedroom floor. I'm careful not to let one drop go outside of his stain on her floor.

"That's it, good boy. I know that feels good." She watches as I finish. She watches as I put my hands to my sides, watches as I stare down at my cum on the floor. She watches every thing.

"And in under three minutes, you are such a good little man. Yor deserve a reward for that. I'm going to be kind to you tonight. Don't lick it up. I know you hate that after you lose your submissive mind-set, when you cum. And I also know you were very afraid when you saw me cuffed, used, almost raped in front of you." She puts her hand on the side of my face, pets me. She looks down at me, very comforting, then stern.

"Don't be afraid, I'm totally in control of all my men, my little boy and my real man. Count on that. He does nothing with me I don't like or want him to do. You trust your wife, baby. I'm in control, not him."

She looks into my eyes deeply. "You can't take me like that, not the way you are. A woman needs a real man one that fucks her silly. I need that man. I love that about him, he takes me. He's no sissy."

She stands. I stare at the floor; hear her take the cock harness from the table. "If that man or any other man ever did anything to me I didn't like, ever mistreated me in any way, I'd very much get even. I'd very much teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget, never come back from. You can count on that too."

She looks down at me. "I know you don't like this part. But I do. This is the part you hate, just came and now feel ashamed. You know what I need from you now, don't you, honey. She almost screams, Tell me!" She glares at me, snaps her fingers loudly.

My confession begins. "I'm ashamed of what I am, feel helpless, shame. I can't stop, when you let me cum I don't want to be submissive anymore, but have to be, want to run, but I can't, can't help myself, don't want to be made to leave you.", I'm rambling, voice breaking up, "I'm your sissy, can't be anything but your sissy, I know I'll be submissive to you all my life, will just end up wanting it more, please, Mistress, please, lock me up again...please, I can't say no to you, Mistress, please..." I start to cry. This is the confession she waits for every time. I start to cry hard.

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