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This is a work of fiction but by writing this down and publicly but anonymously sharing it with my wife through literotica, I hope to bring this closer to reality. So I dedicate this snapshot of a loving cuckold lifestyle to my sexy, dominant wife.

My wife and I live in a modern townhouse in a hip, urban neighborhood. It's a small place but its got a big tub and the shower doubles as a steam room. It's just big enough for three, as long as two of the three stay very close together. There's a little seat in the built into the corner where the third can sit, low and out of the way. When there are three in our little steam room, as there so often is, I'm always the third because I'm the submissive, cuckold husband.

On this night I'm sitting on the little bench hyper-aware of my genitals hanging between legs because my infuriated cock is tightly bound by my leather cock cage, tightening with the water and heat of the shower. My jealousy and humiliation strains against the leather as I look up at my wife pressed close to her lover John. They are kissing passionately. Third wheel is an understatement in this situation. To say my wife is "dating" or she has a "boyfriend" has also become an understatement over the last two months as their relationship has developed.

When they finally unlock lips and my presence is once again acknowledged, my wife hands me the bar of soap in nonchalant way. The subtlety with which she now dominates me has deepened since she took this lover. More assertive in gesture and tone, she needn't concern herself with role play; she simply hands me the soap with the confidence of a cuckoldress.

My submissive side is thrilled to serve the sexy couple and do what I can to relax or heighten their enjoyment of each other. I begin with my wife's feet as she turns back to him for another hot kiss. I lovingly soap her legs and admire her big ass, wide hips and narrow waist. Honored to have the opportunity to lather her body I nonetheless try not to linger between her full, round cheeks -- I remind myself that I am here to ready her for lovemaking, not indulge my lust for her curvaceous body. She turns to face me with her back to her lover and I gently wash her sexual organs while she is held tightly by him, her breasts fondled and her neck nibbled by the younger man. I want to lick her and we all know it but John slips past my wife's curvaceous, soapy body, touches my shoulder gently in order to take my place on the bench. I take to my knees as he sits, his legs spread, anticipating my attentions. Soap still hand, I lovingly wash his feet, and legs and underarms, once again balancing my lingering touch with a quick efficiency. But his heavy balls demand special attention and he slips forward so I can cup them in my hands. Despite my jealous fascination for his slowly swelling organ, I sense that his attention is fixed on my wife's legs and ass she rinses off my lather, probably putting on a little show for him. I try to show his cock the devotion he gives to her ass as I stroke him with soapy hands. Semi hard I can feel a thickness and weight that still feels extraordinary even after several months of my being in its imposing presence. I will always remember vividly how heavy and virile John's big cock felt in my hand the first time I guided him into my own wife's pussy, a memory continues to fuel my masturbatory fantasies. So erotically transgressive. Such an expression of love.

Despite all the hints, suggestions and everything short of out and out begging, we have not yet measured our units, John and I. That is to say, I have not measured myself in the presence of my wife and her lover. Nor have I yet had the privilege of measuring John's erect cock. I know very well that I am exactly five inches fully erect with a proportionate girth that falls easily into the small/medium range. It is a well-shaped, attractive cock, if I do say so myself, and it always comes to immediate attention when required. I'm most proud of my ability to control ejaculation; in 10 years of marriage I have never come without my wife's permission. And John has never seen me ejaculate since I am never, ever given permission to come when John shares our home and marital bed. But what little pride in manhood I may have is completely deflated in John's presence. And were I not now feeling the humiliation of wearing a size XXS leather cage, I would be feeling the deeper, more erotic humiliation of having my cock in the immediate proximity of John's far more superior member. So while I have not determined his superiority in exact inches, my wife's orgasms reveal much more than matters of size. Let's just say his flaccid cock is about the same size as mine when fully erect, something that has been pointed out to me on several occasions. My wife would never admit to being a "size-queen" but she could not deny she is addicted to John's skills at lovemaking, skills that make the most of every thick, beautiful inch of the manly cock he wields.

As a service-oriented submissive, the task of fluffing my wife's lover comes easily and naturally. My love for my wife has become more apparent since she made me her cuckold and it expresses itself in my deepened devotion to her pleasure and John's. As I stroke his soapy cock he pushes me back again by a touch on the shoulder, this time a little more firmly. I lean back to let the shower fall between his opened legs as the soap I so lovingly applied swirls in the drain. As John lifts his balls to take advantage of the stream, I feel her hands on the back of my head. She says those words I longed for so much: "Make John hard for me."

My wife is far too dominant to get on her knees and blowjobs aren't on her menu. But she is dominant enough to demand that her husband take cock sucking workshops hosted by the local sex shop. I'm on my knees, my head down, and John lays his arm along my back, I suppose to put his hand between my wife's strong, thick thighs. Even half-swollen his voluptuous cock head fills my mouth. With one hand cupping his balls, the other stroking his lengthening shaft, I work him over with my lips and tongue. He grows fully erect too fast for me to savor his swelling. Soon I can really feel it, stiff and thick and with a pronounced upward curve. When fully hard, John's cock head is disproportionately large compared to his substantial shaft. Yes, this cock was designed for a woman's body; I owe my wife's rediscovery of her g-spot to that magnificent head. Clutching his hardness, I hear my wife turn off the water and turn on the steam. I keep John hard and I know she is going to want this cock to herself.

In a moment they are in one of their new favorite positions, with my wife sitting on his lap, her ass toward him. I stare at John's hands on her beautiful voluptuous hips but I can also see his cock between her thighs. This is one of my wife's favorites because John is so long that his cock head reaches right to her clit. She looks at me and spreads her legs, taking his cock in her hand to press it against her. I can't help myself and without permission I lean forward to press my lips against the underside of his cock, on the sweet spot just below the head. With his head held in my mouth I grind it against my wife's clit the way I know she loves. I stroke his balls, too, to ensure he stays erect for my wife. My intervention works its magic and their mutual arousal comes to a peak.

My wife suddenly steps over me and with John's hand in hers, pulls him from the stall. I follow to help with the drying, as they eagerly discuss heading upstairs. My wife says as they head out the bathroom door. "You can stay down here tonight but we might call you for clean up later." Still on my knees, my cheeks flush with jealous rage and my cock swells to fill every available gap in my straining cock cage. There will be no voyeurism for me tonight. I won't be able to implore John to fuck my wife. No guiding his cock into my wife, I will not be giving oral pleasure while they fuck.

I clean up the towels and I settle into a frustrated throbbing that continues until I lie down. But before I drop off to sleep, I hear my wife's moan. It's that moan I have come to know. His cock is stroking her g-spot and his pelvis is grinding against her clit. I hear her powerful orgasm, the kind she only has with him. I am suddenly content as I drop off feeling sexually satisfied as only a loving cuckold husband can be.

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