tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 04

Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 04


Continued from Chapter 3. Please read earlier chapters to get the context.


Manisha came upstairs to clean up and make herself presentable. I had moved into the bed very smartly and woke up as soon as she got out of washroom.

"Manisha has the match started?" I asked her in a sleepy tone.

"Not yet, there is still half an hour more," she replied nonchalantly.

I got from the bed and followed her to our living room where Kishanchanji was comfortably sitting watching the TV. It seems it had rained heavily and the match had to be called off. So, nothing much happened that night and we both went back to sleep again without wasting much time.

The next morning, when I woke up, I couldn't find Manisha next to me. It was already 10:30 in the morning and Manisha was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for us. She is an early riser but I am sure even she must have got up very late today. I quickly got up, freshened up and joined her in the kitchen.

She was making egg omelet for breakfast. I hugged her from behind and started kissing her. She was pretty hot from last nights tryst and returned my kiss fervently. While kissing, last nights scenes went through my mind. These were the same pink lips that were penetrated yesterday by Kishanchanji's lucky penis.

I again looked at her to envision what it would feel for an old man like Kishanchanji to have sex with such a young lass. We were into the act while all this was going through my mind. It didn't last for long as the milk she had kept for boiling overflowed. Manisha worked on cleaning the gas stove as I moved to the dining table for my daily dose of news. I, however, just couldn't get the last-night scenes out of my mind and blurted out

"Did you enjoy last nights session?"

To my utter surprise instead of getting shocked she had an amused look on her face. She only smiled and her cheeks blushed in response to my question.

"How was it?" I asked her again.

"How long were you there?" she asked me


"From where you sneaked a peek?"

"I saw almost the entire thing," I meekly responded.

"Then you already know the answer, I guess," she shot back.

I knew the answer but somehow had this urge to hear it from her. Although, I hated the thought of even letting that lecher touch my wife, my dick somehow relished the idea of Manisha getting used by Kishanchanji. I was terribly excited by the scene of her head bobbing up and down on his manhood. She had chosen a potent mate, at least his manhood suggested this, and I was sure that he would be equally adept at servicing her. Incidentally, I had found the talk between her and Kishanchanji also very exciting and asked her, "What was that talk about breeding and all?"

She smiled again but this time a bit more playfully. When I asked her again she said

"About what? About diversifying your genetic pool?"

"Basically it means conceiving from multiple people diversifies your genetic pool and gives your progeny a better chance to cope up in this world," she defined it in a very technical manner.

"And you bought that argument?" I asked.

"Of course. What's wrong with it? That's how things are in animal kingdom," she retorted

"And are you considering it?" I asked

"I haven't given much thought but the theory seems to be sound," she answered to my satisfaction.

"You didn't answer my first question, though?" I said in an attempt to hear from her description of last night's session.

"Which one?"

It seemed she had forgotten about the question and I said, "About last nights session and whether you enjoyed it or not?" clarifying what I meant.

"Obviously," she added after a second.

"Did he live up to your expectations?" I probed her further.

"We didn't do everything as you know but whatever we indulged in, I found him to be extremely talented," she put it in a nice manner after giving some thought.

"So you plan to continue the affair?" I asked her inquisitively.

"Yes, of course!" She said emphatically and then added, "By the way, how did you like it?"

"Did it live up to your fantasies?"

"Actually it was much more vivid than that," I said coyly not wanting to let her know how much I enjoyed her session.

"So, your dick does like me entertaining your neighbors Ah!"

"Come here. Sit down. I need to talk to you." Saying that she pulled me onto the sofa.

"Right at the outset, I would like to tell you that I love you, she said holding my hands in her hands and looking deeply into my eyes.

"What happened last night has opened my eyes to so many possibilities in the sex department?"

She was lost in those scenes as she said this to me.

"Earlier I was very reluctant to look for sex outside marriage but now I have the urge to experiment."

Her words trailing at the end but then coming out of her dreams she added, "A lot and with a lot more people!"

I was mot sure what she precisely meant or had in her mind but I didn't want to cease the momentum our relationship had gained. To comfort her I said, "You deserve a lot more Manisha and I fully support your decision."

"I wish you had considered other desirable men as potential mates, though," I added clarifying that I didn't quite approve of her relationship with Kishanchanji.

"I understand why you detest him but Vinit we have to be practical," she said in defense of her choice.

"Ever since we have got married, he has been pursuing me. I had resisted all his advances so far until you started pushing me to look for a lover outside.

"He was a natural choice for me and it was just a question of how good he would be in the sex department.

"My initial hunch that he would be much better has turned out to be true, at least partially," she said with a sly smile hinting towards the final act of intercourse that didn't happen last night.

"Even the proximity helps in making things happen frequently yet discretely," she continued.

All the time, I was just looking into her eyes. I could sense it, how desperately she wanted to continue her affair with him. Yet at the same time it she had meticulously thought out before starting her affair with him.

"Manisha our intentions are clear. We want to have some harmless fun but Kishanchanji seems to be more interested in impregnating you," I said putting forward my apprehensions. I was sure that we both were not ready for considering something that extreme.

"Your concerns are valid," she said agreeing with my interpretation of Kishanchanji's actions.

"But that is expected from him. It is in his genes and for many years he has not been able to sow his seeds," she added very tactfully.

"You seem to approve of his attentions," I complained

"I am neither approving nor disapproving but just acknowledging his intentions," she replied calmly.

"Is it that hard to guess reaction of a nomadic Lion on meeting a Lioness in heat?" she exhorted.

We both were avid fans of National Geographic and Discovery and often viewed the wildlife shows on these channels. So this reference didn't surprise me but it only intrigued me and made me wonder the direction in which our conversation was heading.

"I have seen the eagerness of caged Lion in him!" she exclaimed.

"A Lion who has been deprived of his mating privileges," she added justifying Kishanchanji's motives.

"But the Lioness would never let a nomadic Lion mount her," I reasoned reminding her about the instincts of a Lioness.

"Why?" she asked

"For fear of reaction of pride owner Lion," I responded.

"But what if the pride owner Lion himself wants his Lioness to mate with such nomadic Lions?" she retorted. She had touched upon on a very sensitive issue and I was getting uncomfortable now. It was me who had pleaded for her to experiment in the sex department with other men.

"The nomadic Lion wouldn't waste any time and would mount the Lioness as soon as he senses willingness in her," she continued.

"And he would mount her not once but several times until he is sure that he indeed has impregnated the Lioness."

She clarified Kishanchanji's intentions or rather justified his intentions. I didn't understand what her motives were in letting this happen. So, I asked her, "What is your role in all this?"

"All I have to do is willingly accept him every time he approaches for copulation."

"Let him mount me and quench his desire of mating with a prized Lioness," she elaborated.

"Are you implying that you would let Kishanchanji impregnate you?" I asked, puzzled with her explanation.

"All I am saying is that he would mount me on every possible opportunity till the time he doesn't plant his seeds in me," she said nonchalantly.

I was further confused with her explanation and asked her, "How would you stop him from impregnating you then?"

"Every Lioness has a natural defense that protects her from getting impregnated by nomadic Lion until his virility is ascertained.

"All I have to do is prolong the natural defense cycle that women have and being a human, I have recourse to artificial means to achieve this.

"Kishanchanji will be mounting me every day in an hope that someday the condom breaks and he ends up impregnating me.

"Or that someday in the heat of the moment I let him take me bareback and he ends up impregnating me."

"You seemed to be very well aware yet are willing to take the risk," I said in frustration.

"That is the very reason I believe he will be able to give me incredible sex day after day," she exclaimed

I was lost in thought while she was giving all these explanations. I was sort of regretting the fact that I urged her to consider sex outside marriage. I never thought that things would get out of hand and she might have her own plans on continuing such an affair. While I enjoyed the stories of wives getting impregnated by someone else I couldn't digest it when I faced that prospect.

In our leisurely sessions where we read the stories to each other and enacted them, we downplayed the impregnation aspect; we mentioned it only fleetingly on occasions where this was the central theme. Although, I do remember that both of us got very excited while reading such stories but we never proclaimed that we liked such a theme.

"Why are you so concerned?" she asked moving closer to me on the sofa.

"I remember you were very excited when we enacted some of the impregnation stories from the net," she added her fingers tracing my lips and gently caressing my face.

"Yes but it was a fantasy," I meekly replied not looking at her.

"Well, wouldn't you want to enact that fantasy of yours?" she asked me playfully as her fingers played with my lips and I had gently sucked her left index finger into my mouth.

"No," I said jerking her hand out of my mouth and tried to move away from her.

"Do you really mean it?" she asked playfully and added, "Let me see what the little master has to say." She was referring to my pecker and to my utter surprise I had an unmistakable stiff erection that was almost on the verge to explode. As her fingers traced my bulge my head dropped in shame. I was not able to fathom why I wanted her to get impregnated by Kishanchanji, or for that matter some body else. But it was clear that although I had this, perhaps, latent desire I didn't want to admit it.

"Your little master is saying something else," she said toying with my emotions.

"Manisha there are lots of complications with that," I reasoned, trying to change the topic of our conversation.

"You need to be prepared for them, then," she said emphatically.

"With the kind of engagement we have with Kishanchanji such things can happen even after taking precautions."

"Well if it happens as a mistake then it is fine but we should not purposely get into it," I said

"I have no intentions of delivering another baby so soon. So, you need not fret over it," she said cheering me up.

"So, what is the plan?" I asked

Neither Kishanchanji nor I want to waste any time in taking the affair to the next level.

So, we have to start at the earliest, implying that I give her an earliest opportunity to consummate her relationship with Kishanchanji.

I had to work on a very important sale and needed to visit my office today despite being a Saturday. Running your own business has its own issues. I guessed Manisha could utilize that time to get much better acquainted with Kishanchanji.

That day I had great difficulty in driving out the thoughts of my wife screwing Kishanchanji out of my mind. I had an important sale at hand that needed my complete attention but my dick wouldn't let me concentrate on my work. Finally, I had to jack off in the office restroom to relieve myself. Only then I was able to focus on my work. I had spent almost 3 hours on my work before a phone from a friend interrupted my concentration.

After having some casual talk with my friend I thought of giving a call to Manisha to find out what was up. Surprisingly, there was no answer. I tried a few more times but again she didn't pick up.

After another 5 minutes, I got a call from Manisha. She was short of breath and cursed me for calling at the wrong time I told you not to disturb me she said in an irritated tone and suddenly her conversation changed.

"Honey, I am fine. I was in the shower and hence couldn't take the call. I got to go now."

I knew that something was definitely up at home. Either they were into the act or had just finished the act. I had a tough time getting my thoughts back to the proposal at hand. With great difficulty I submerged myself into the files and only got up after the proposal was ready. It was around 9:30 pm and I got a call from Manisha to find out when I was returning.

I wondered if she wanted to have one last session with him before I returned and hence called up to find out. Anyway, I was to be back home in half-an-hour so was not sure if they would cut it so close.

I was home by 10:20. She was waiting for me at the door, wearing just her sexiest night suit. In no time I pulled her into my arms and our eyes met. She looked a bit tired, perhaps with the extended session with Kishanchanji. I checked for any signs of her rendezvous with him. Her skin seemed to be a bit more flushed and I saw a few bite marks around her lips, remnants of passionate kisses that were exchanged that day, perhaps. Her lips themselves looked tender, succulent, and reddish in color.

I lowered my mouth to hers, she didn't resist but neither did she reciprocate. My lips were engulfing her lips in an effort to penetrate her lips. Gradually her lips parted and I could feel my tongue sneaking in through her lips. She responded to my kiss by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

I wonder if Kishanchanji had just left for the day and I tasted their mixed juices. Her breath smelled normal and their wasn't an tangy or salty taste so she definitely hadn't given a blowjob to him just before I arrived.

With our intense tongue play, we found us moving into the living room and crashed onto the love seat where Kishanchanji had seduced Manisha last night. My hands were all over her body and I slowly unbuttoned her top. My hand sneaked into the bathrobe caressing her smooth skin onto one of her mound. Manisha gasped involuntarily as my fingers played with her nipples.

As my hand massaged her tits, I could witness the signs that Kishanchanji left for me. Her breasts were unusually fuller and red. Her flawless fair skin had lots of bruises and hickeys on her breasts. I lowered my mouth and took one of the nipples into my mouth. I gently rolled my tongue over her nipple and caressed her areole with my tongue. I then took her nipple into my teeth and very gently started nibbling at them. Manisha enjoyed this foreplay a lot.

"Easy Vinit!"

"Kishanchanji has already drained my milk," she moaned.

"He did!" I exclaimed.

"All evening he was latched onto my breasts."

"What else did he do?" saying that I was moved slowly towards her crotch.

"Slow baby, I am yet to recover from his assault. He has ravished me in last 4 hours. I have never been used this way."

Her panty was very wet with the juices of their mating. I had an urge to see how much open her lips were. I was not sure if she could have easily accommodated him, as his equipment was considerably larger than mine. I wondered if she purposely didn't take a shower and perhaps wanted to present herself in the state in which Kishanchanji had left her.

Ever so slowly I kneeled down all the while caressing her well-used body gently. She was comfortably lying on the love seat with her legs spread wide and her suit bunched up near her waist.

She let out a gasp as I moved in to smell her pussy from close quarters. It had a distinct smell of a well-used pussy. Without wasting much time I moved the thin silk material of her panty near the crotch area aside to expose her cunt lips. What I saw took my breath away! Her normally pink pussy lips were deep red in color and they were wide open showing the entrance to best place on earth.

She had played safe with Kishanchanji, as there were no signs of semen around her pussy. Her lips had the telltale signs of a much-used pussy. Her breathing was a bit labored as my fingers traced contours of her wide-open pussy. I wondered if she would be able to feel me after accommodating Kishanchanji.

"When did he leave?" I asked

"Just before you arrived," she replied lazily and then added - "I had seen him off through the side-gate when you arrived."

"Did he leave by himself or you had to bribe him," I asked playfully hinting that Kishanchanji might have been reluctant to leave.

"He left by himself, I didn't have to bribe him," she said in a matter of fact manner.

"So, he left just like that?"

"We exchanged a kiss at the door but it didn't last for long as you just arrived at that time."

So, my doubts were not unfounded. Here lips were bright red from the smooch she shared with him. And I surely tasted their mixed juices as we swapped quite some saliva during that kiss.

"I hope, I didn't disturb you folks," I said teasing her.

"No you didn't, we were almost done," she replied with a smile and then added, "Although, Kishanchanji wished to stay a bit longer."

"How was your first encounter with him," I asked her changing the topic.

She blushed hearing about her first extramarital intercourse with Kishanchanji.

"It was good," she responded coyly.

I could guess that she didn't seem too comfortable talking about her escapades with him. Perhaps it was too early to broach up the topic.

"I am glad that you decided to play safe with him," I said hinting towards the use of condom.

"I had too play safe but he didn't seem comfortable using a condom."

"But you did use a condom right?" I asked

"Yes, we did use a condom as I did not have any diaphragms. Need to buy them," she said and then after some thought added, "Just in case he gets too uncomfortable or the condom breaks, I would have another level of protection."

Manisha very adroitly brought the topic of protection through the use of diaphragm at the same time hinting the possibility of letting Kishanchanji taking her without a condom. Although, I hated the lecher, the visions of Kishanchanji spewing his baby making semen inside her were too tempting.

"How many times did you do it?" I asked.

Manisha rolled her eyes and her face showed embarrassment and she shot back at me, "Please Vinit this was our first time, I can't be so candid with you!"

"Okay then when was the last time he fucked you," I said making it a bit easier to answer this one.

She gave me the look that said, "You are incorrigible" and said, "Just after calling you we did it one last time."

"I was about to take a shower after calling you, but he didn't let me and instead utilized the half-an-hour left and took me on the very same seat."

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