tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Our Landlord Ch. 01

Cuckolded by Our Landlord Ch. 01


A long time ago I lived with my girlfriend Sally in a dingy flat above a small shop in a poky little town. We were both eighteen and loving being our own bosses, getting up when we liked, fucking when we liked and trying out all sorts of kinky new ideas. Inevitably we had our first argument not long after moving in. I ended up sitting on the bed fuming and feeling guilty, she ended up sitting out in her car and crying.

The owner of the flat and the shop, our landlord Derek, was downstairs at the time doing whatever shopkeepers do, while his little wife served in the store. He was a pretty non-descript kind of guy, tallish, beer belly, balding, glasses and in his mid forties. Noticing that my girlfriend had dashed out to her car in tears he gave her a moment and then cautiously went over to see if she was ok. When she didn't really respond he opened the car door and got in next to her. She was slightly taken aback by this, but when he offered her a cigarette and some sympathy she soon relaxed and it all came tumbling out, how I was a terrible boyfriend and I didn't care about her etc.

Gradually she calmed down and they got to chatting about other things, eventually he'd pretty much cheered her up. Sally was always a very chatty girl bordering on flirtatious although sometimes she really didn't realise that she seemed to be giving off certain signals. This was why, when our landlord leaned in and slowly ran his hand up her thigh she stopped chatting abruptly and ordered him out of her car.

Sally and I settled our differences soon after and had some fantastic make up sex. Part way through she told me that our pervy old landlord had tried it on with her in her car and after relating the whole, although somewhat short, story I blew my load and spunked up her there and then.

"Oh so you like the idea of that dirty old man feeling me up then do you?" she teased while I looked slightly shame faced. I have to admit I did like the idea although that kind of thing really hadn't crossed my mind up until then.

Anyway she carried on teasing me along the same sorts of lines and I soon had another raging hard on (those were the days). We were soon fucking away like rabbits once more but this time she was constantly whispering into my ear all the dirty things she could imagine our landlord doing to her whilst she gently fingered my arse. As you can imagine all of this combined soon sent me over the edge and I emptied my balls into her one last time.

Fast forward two weeks and I fucked up again, but this time it was serious.

The door to the flat was also the back door to the shop and a condition of us staying there was that the door would be locked at all times with no exceptions. One day after a few beers with some friends I decided to go back have a bath and go out again for the rest of the day. Don't ask me why I didn't just stay out. Well anyway with the flat to myself, I fell asleep in the bath only to be awoken about thirty minutes later by a banging on the bathroom door. I jumped out covered myself up and opened the door to be confronted by our irate landlord.

It turned out that while I was asleep a couple of my friends had wandered in via the back door and feeling hungry had started helping themselves to some snacks they found stacked up at the bottom of the stairs. I had forgotten to lock the door and upon discovery my friends had told our Derek that I had told them it was fine just to wander in and wait for me. Derek wasn't happy and told me that we had 24 hours to find somewhere else to live. I got angry back and said fine it's a dump anyway and it went downhill from there.

Several hours later I'd cooled down and felt a right idiot, only now I had to explain to Sally why we had nowhere to live. When I did she went mad too, Sally got the bed that night and I got the sofa, next day we had to figure out where we were going to live.

When next day came, we'd both calmed down and tried to come up with some ideas. In fact I was trying to work up the courage and figure out the best way to tell her my 'crazy idea that might just work' that I'd come up with during a sleepless night.

"What the fuck are we going to do?" Sally moaned holding her head in her hands.

I bit my lip, my stomach was churning and I felt incredibly light headed. It was now or never. "Well the landlord likes you doesn't he? Why don't you see if you can talk him round?"

"Well yeah but what do you mean? The only time I really talked to him he tried to put his hand up my skirt..." my girlfriend stopped and looked at me, her face holding an expression I just couldn't read and still can't today when I picture that moment.

"Just go and have a chat with him, you might get him to see reason I dunno..." I was backpedalling fast now and we both knew it.

"Just fuck off and leave me alone for a bit," Sally lit another cigarette and I left her to it, heading to the bedroom to pack some of our stuff.

About ten minutes later I heard her get up and walk towards the bedroom, but instead of coming in she turned off and I heard her walking down the stairs. My heart was thumping like a jackhammer and my stomach doing somersaults, I told myself she was probably just going to her car or something, but somehow I knew that just wasn't the case.

I gave it a minute or two before creeping over to the bedroom door and sure enough I could just about make out voices downstairs. One was raised enough for me to know it was our landlord telling Sally that we had to be out this evening and that was that. The other voice I couldn't really make out but I knew it was my girlfriend trying to talk him round. Gradually the voices got quieter and quieter until eventually they both seemed to stop altogether. I crept back quietly, expecting Sally to come back up the stairs with bad news, but when she didn't come I got curious and peeped down the stairs. I couldn't see anything and still couldn't hear anything, so holding my breath I crept down the stairs to see what was going on.

At the moment I poked my head around the corner at the bottom of the stairs I'm still amazed to this day they didn't hear my heart beating like a hammer, but to be fair they did seem to have other things on their minds. I could see straight into the stock room where my eighteen year old girlfriend was passionately kissing our fat, balding forty odd year old landlord Derek. He had pulled her skirt up at the back and had his hand inside her tights and knickers groping her arse and having a good feel around. The sight of this old pervert's hand in my young girlfriends knickers and the sounds of their lips smacking and squelching, Sally's little moans and our landlords grunts and heavy breathing gave me the fastest erection I think I've ever had and I'm surprised I didn't cum there and then.

This carried on for what seemed like ages and I was spellbound, they still hadn't noticed me when Derek stopped kissing her for a second "Shall we go upstairs love?" he asked, my girlfriend just nodded slightly out of breath.

They stood like this for a couple of minutes, my girlfriend looking up into his eyes as he looked down at her, her short skirt up around her waist with her tights and knickers pulled slightly down and his hand now moving rhythmically between her buttocks obviously fingering her. "Come on then," he breathed, pulling her forward into him and kissing her one more time.

I crept as quickly as I could back upstairs and sat down in the lounge grabbing the first thing I saw to read which turned out was the microwave instruction manual. My hands were shaking when I heard two sets of footsteps on the stairs, my girlfriend give a little yelp and start to giggle uncontrollably. They'd stopped halfway up and I could hear the unmistakable wet sounds of them kissing passionately again.

It didn't last long however and they soon appeared. Sally didn't look at me, she was holding Derek's hand and leading him towards our bedroom, her face flushed and her skirt and top pulled up indicating where our fat old landlord's hands had been. Derek stopped her for a moment and looked at the instruction manual I was holding in my clearly shaking hands, "You can stay, but on my terms. I'll be talking to you later," he growled.

"Thank you," I barely breathed as I watched him turn back to my girlfriend and pull her in close to him, my cock was like an iron bar at this point. Sally moaned and they kissed deeply as he slid his hand back up her skirt and down into her tights and knickers again, kneading her arse roughly. Derek turned her round to me so I could get a good view of all of this, making sure that I knew what his 'terms' were. They broke off and Sally couldn't take her eyes off him while Derek gave me one last hard look before following my girlfriend into our bedroom still with his hand on her arse. They closed the door and I breathed again.

To be continued...

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