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Cuda It Be Love


This story is a re-submission, and was submitted under my drksideofthemoon account.

Carly, this story is for you, wherever you are...

All characters, including the car, are at least 18 years of age.

Carly's knees went weak as the purple car drove by. It brought back memories of something that had happened in her past. She had been recently divorced and had moved back in with her sister, and her family for a few months.

There had been a neighbor, and a car. Not just any ordinary car, a car so sensual that even to this day the mere thought of it stirred a warmth in Carly's thighs. The neighbor had been a few years older than Carly, and had been divorced for three years when she moved in.

Mike was a nice enough man, well-mannered, decent looking. At that time in her life, Carly hadn't been interested in starting another relationship with a man. The divorce had taken its toll on her. Apparently, Mike was in a similar situation, he never once in the three months Carly lived next door ever made the slightest pass at her. He was amiable towards her, always had a smile when she appeared, but nothing more.

They had one thing in common, cars. They both loved cars and everything to do with cars. When they talked about cars, a passion came over the both of them. The only date, they ever had was going to a car show together. They must have looked like kids in a candy store, the both of them ogling, and gushing over their favorites. Mike had a '70 Cuda in his garage that he had spent the past two years restoring; it was the love of his life.

Carly loved the lines of that car; it was almost sexual the way it flowed from front to back. She would often walk over and sit on a stool in Mike's garage and watch him work. The way he caressed the body of the car with his hands as he worked, it reminded Carly of the way lovers touched one another. He would often spend hours making sure one spot was perfect. There was a passion in his work usually only reserved for members of the opposite sex.

As the car came together, the individual parts joining to form a complete car, Carly found she was becoming more and more turned on by just the car itself. Late at night when the urge to touch herself came over her, she fantasized about touching the car as she masturbated. She would imagine lying on the hood, the cool metal under her tight, firm ass, her back against the windshield, her legs bent at the knees, spread wide, her hand between her legs, touching, caressing, driving.

Her nipples would harden, and grow, almost bursting forth from the flesh of her breasts when her finger reached between her legs. Her hand would caress her smooth, shaved mound, her finger slowly drifting down. She felt herself growing wetter and wetter, her finger now slowly rubbing her hard clit. Her ass squirmed against the smooth metal while her finger slowly increased in speed. She squeezed her breasts with her other hand, tugging and pulling at her erect nipples..

She would roll over, her legs pushing up, her breasts squashed against the roof, her cheek flat on the cool steel. Her finger rubbed over her clit, and deep into her slippery tunnel, in and out, faster, faster. Her hips beginning to thrust against her hand, but it wasn't her hand she was fucking, in her mind it was the car. Her free hand would claw against the metal, trying to squeeze it as she began to peak. After her orgasm had passed she would lay in her bed trying to catch her breath, her body bathed in sweat.

The car had been sent to the paint shop to have the final bodywork done, and then over to the upholstery shop to have the interior finished. She would watch Mike pacing about his empty garage like a nervous father in the delivery room.

A couple of days before the car returned from the upholstery shop Mike had excitedly waved Carly over. He showed her a crate that had just arrived. Inside the crate was a factory fresh 426 Hemi built to Mike's specifications. The motor was a monster, the valve covers were huge, and everything about the motor was massive. In 1970 the 426 was conservatively rated at 425 horsepower, and was probably closer to 470. Mike figured the way this motor was configured it was easily going to pump out well over 700 horses.

When the car was finally finished, and ready for the road Carly thought it was sexiest car she had ever laid her eyes on. The roof was black, the top of the body started with a metal flake purple, as it traveled down the body it got darker, almost to black at the bottom. The paint gleamed; the car virtually shimmered in the evening light.

Mike looked at Carly. "She's ready to go, I'm going to take her out tonight for a run to check things out, do you want to go?"

Carly felt her heart race. "I would love that."

Mike checked his watch. "Okay be here at seven."

As Carly sat in the passenger seat, she was struck by the austerity of the interior. Mike had laughed. "Well, they built them for one thing, to go fast."

She fumbled with the full race harness Mike had installed. He watched her for a few moments, then opened the passenger door, knelt down and helped her adjust it. As he adjusted the shoulder straps his hands brushed over her breasts, she looked at his eyes, but there was no sign that he had even known what he had done. He brought the last of the belts up between her legs, and as he fastened it, Carly felt a surge of electricity through her body as his knuckles brushed against her mound.

Mike blushed, and softly murmured, "Sorry."

Carly closed her eyes, the touch hadn't bothered her, after all she was in the car. As he tightened, and tugged on the straps she almost felt like she was being bound by the car. Her pulse quickened, and she felt her body warming. She felt her small, firm breasts almost mashed to her chests by the belts, her nipples were already rock hard.

Mike strapped himself in, he turned to Carly. "You ready?"

Carly had nodded. "Anytime."

Mike turned the key, the familiar whine of a Mopar starter sounded, then all hell broke loose. The massive motor came to life with a roar. Carly had never experienced anything like it. It assaulted all of her senses at once, the noise, the smell of the high octane racing fuel, the vibration of the car.

Mike let the oil, and water temperatures come up, as he waited he turned to Carly, "If anything happens, push down hard on the release on your harness and run like the devil's on your heels. This thing has twenty gallons of one ten octane gas, if it burns, it'll go like hell."

Carly nodded, affirming that she understood. Her body was beginning to react to the car. This was wilder than her fantasies had been; the car was sexually turning her on.

Mike depressed the clutch, grasped the pistol grip shifter, and eased it into reverse, they were moving. As in most cars that have been built for power, and nothing but raw power, the big Hemi ran rough at low RPM's. The engine surged and loped at idle causing the car to shake. The exhaust sounded like the low rumble of thunder of a summer storm.

Carly watched his hand on the shifter, the way he stroked it at the light waiting for it to change, it reminded her of watching a hand stroking a hard cock slowly. She wondered if Mike used his hand like that on himself. She felt her juices beginning to flow in her pussy; the thought of watching him masturbate turned her on. The vibrations where coming through the belt between her legs, her clit was hard, it was like touching herself with her vibrator, but with so much more power.

Once out of town Mike's face looked ghostly in the glow of the dashboard lights, "Now are you ready to see what it can really do?"

Carly nodded, she was afraid to speak; she thought her voice might betray her building sexual excitement.

Mike blipped the throttle a couple of times, the car shook as the massive torque from the engine tried to twist the body from the frame, finally he revved the motor, popped the clutch, and hammered the gas.

Immense amounts of high octane racing gas flowed through the twin 1150 cfm carburetors as all eight barrels opened at once. The accelerator pump squirted raw gas into the maw of the massive carburetors. The tall lobes of the full race cam pushed down on the intake valves, pistons sucked the fuel air mixture down through the intake manifold then compressed the explosive mixture in the high compression engine, and the hot spark from the plugs ignited an inferno inside the cylinder. The explosion drove the piston downward, each cylinder of the big block V-8 repeating the same series of events over and over, and faster, and faster.

As the clutch engaged Carly felt herself being slammed hard against her seat, the front end of the car lifted, and twisted as the wide racing slicks fought for traction against the asphalt. What had been a low grumble was now a wild roar; she fought to keep her breath. She wished she could put her hand between her legs right now, she wanted to feel her finger fucking herself right now, and this was wilder than anything she had ever experienced before. She felt the front end slam to the ground as Mike shifted from first to second, then she was slammed back in her seat again, the front end lifting again. The roar from the exhaust, the unearthly howl from the intake as the engine gulped massive amounts of air, and fuel battered her senses. Her hips moved up and down pressing her vibrating clit hard against the belt between her legs.

Carly was drunk with lust as Mike shifted from second to third, her breathing was ragged and wild, she wished she had something to fuck herself with, she needed something deep inside her. She wanted release, she wanted to cum.

The shift from third to fourth was nowhere near as violent as the previous shifts had been; but the rear end of the Cuda still squatted down from the torque, she moaned softly, she was so hot, so wet, and now so close. Her hips humped harder and harder against her belt, her erect clit being stimulated by both her movements, and vibrations of the car.

This is what this car was born to do, run hard, and run fast. The 426 Hemi had been designed for one reason, and one reason only, to produce inordinate amounts of power, to race, and to win. If anyone had been watching, it would have looked like purple streak as the car screamed by, the sound from the exhaust shaking the ground. Under the hood the headers were beginning to glow cherry red from the heat of the burning gases being expelled from the engine.

Suddenly it was over, they were decelerating, Mike looked over at her, "What do you think, should we do it again."

All Carly could do was nod. Midway through the second run she peaked, it was all she could do to keep from screaming out, her hands gripped her shoulder harness tightly while her hips moved up and down quickly. Her body shook as the engine roared, lights flashed in her head.

As the car came to a halt she felt limp, exhausted. She looked over at Mike and smiled, "That was one hot ride, how fast did you get up to?"

Mike grinned, "I dunno, the speedometer got buried at one-forty and we still had about two grand left."

Carly felt wild, and alive, it seemed like every nerve in her body was on fire, she was almost at sensory overload. On their way home, a kid in his hopped up Honda pulled up beside them at a light and motioned that he wanted to take the Cuda on.

Mike looked over at Carly and winked, "Hang on, we are going to kick a little butt here."

At that moment if Mike had said, "Wanna fuck?" Carly would have been all over him like white on rice. The thought of racing another car out here on the street turned her on all over again.

Carly grinned at Mike, "Take him!"

The light turned green, the Honda sounded like an angry bumblebee in heat, and the Hemi Cuda sounded like the hounds from hell had been unleashed. The smaller, lighter Honda took the lead through the intersection, but power is power, although the Cuda weighed over a thousand pounds more than the Honda, it probably had a four hundred and fifty horsepower advantage.

As the RPM's in the 426 climbed, Carly found herself becoming more and more sexually turned on. As the Hemi hit seven grand and Mike slammed the shifter into second the Cuda passed the Honda and never looked back.

After she had gotten home Carly had headed straight to bed. Tonight her fingers weren't going to be enough. She wanted to feel herself being filled. As she plunged the soft plastic cock in and out of her pussy she relived the evening in the car. She had cum so hard, and so loud that her sister had knocked on her door to make sure she was okay.

Over the next few weeks each time Mike took the Cuda out he would ask Carly if she wanted to go, and she never refused. They had even taken it out to the local drag strip a few times, racing against other cars. Although she wasn't able to ride in the car as Mike raced it, just the sound of the car made her shake.

Carly had asked Mike once, "Isn't there anyone else you'd sooner take?"

Mike had just shook his head, and gave her a shy smile, "No, not really. I think you appreciate the car, and you seem to enjoy it."

Carly wasn't sure if the enjoy was a reference to the sexual pleasure she got from riding in the car, and she didn't care. If Mike knew she was getting turned on beyond belief that was fine, he had never tried to take advantage of the situation.

Mike had been out of town when Carly got the phone call she had been hoping for. Her job application for a good position with a great company had been accepted, and they had offered her the position. The only downside was that the job was across the country.

Carly had written Mike a letter, and she walked over to his dark house to leave it in the mailbox. She looked at the garage, and decided to leave it in the car. Mike had given her the code to open the garage. Her fingers trembled slightly as she punched in the code; she stood back as the door raised.

There it was, although it was cold and quiet, it still exuded power and speed. Carly thought the Cuda was so sensual, almost phallic. She could feel butterflies in her stomach; she had never been alone with the car before.

She walked into the garage and closed the door down. Carly was alone with the car. Her finger traced along the smooth lines of the car as she walked around it. Just the touch of the smooth paint sent chills up her body. The body of the car glowed softly in the dim light of the garage.

Little surges of pleasure coursed through her body as she continued walking around the car. Her nipples hardened first, her pulse quickened, her breathing became shallow. She leaned across the hood; it felt so smooth, so sensual. She was aware of her increasing arousal. Carly walked, and stood in front of the car, and slowly began to unbutton her shirt. Slowly and sensually her hips rocked as she slowly undid each button like she was teasing a lover. She let the shirt slip from her shoulders, and drop to the floor. Her hands reached behind her back, and undid the clasp of her bra. It dropped from her shoulders, and joined her shirt on the floor.

Carly raised her hands to her breasts, slowly squeezing them, and her hard nipples at the same time. Her hands drifted down to her jeans, unbuttoning them. Carly wanted the car to see her nakedness as she stepped out of her jeans. Slowly she slipped her panties off, revealing her smooth shaved mound. Her hand ran down her body, and in between her legs. She wanted the car to see her puffy lips between her legs. A soft moan came from her lips as she found her slit already slick with her juices.

She walked to the car, and raised one of her long, lithe legs and laid one along the fender, her other leg on the ground. The feeling of the car against her body was exhilarating, she felt herself growing wetter, and wetter. She pressed down with her hips and could feel her clit touching the metal. She gasped, and then began moving back and forth, her wet lips sliding along the fender. Leaning forward she let her nipples drag along the smooth surface. The cool touch of the car only made her nipples harder, and harder. She touched one of her nipples; she loved it when they were hard like this. As she pinched a nipple she could feel her swollen clit tingle.

Carly rolled, and slithered all over the car, sometimes her finger rubbing her excited clit, other times she pressed it against the car. She caressed the body with her hands, licked it seductively with her tongue, doing the same things she would do to excite a lover. She opened the driver's door, and slowly she climbed into the seat. Her hand went back between her legs as one hand went to the steering wheel. What would it feel like, holding on to this wheel, feeling the power surging through it as the car accelerated. She closed her eyes and began to alternate between fingering her tight, wet pussy, and rubbing her swollen clit.

The pistol grip shifter caught her eye; she had imagined that this was the cock of the car. She removed her hand from her pussy, and she began to touch the shifter. It was so hard, so smooth. Her hand began to move slowly up and down, she imagined that it was a stiff cock. She loved how it felt in her hand; it had been so long since she had held a cock. Up and down, up and down, she stroked it tenderly as her left hand reached between her legs. Her hips moved up and down on her finger. She leaned over, licking the tip of the shifter, it felt so hard, and she lowered her head, taking the shifter into her mouth. She could taste Mike on the shifter. Her head moved up and down, sucking on the shifter like she was sucking on a cock. Her finger rubbed her clit faster and faster, her finger in her pussy wasn't satisfying her. She wanted something to fill her up; she needed to feel something driving in and out of her wet tunnel.

"Oh fuck, I am so hot, I have to fuck," she moaned while she masturbated.

Her gaze was still on the shifter as her hand continued stroking it, she needed a cock right now, and she wanted to feel it driving deep inside of her.

Carly positioned herself over the shifter, opening her pussy lips with one hand, and bracing herself with the other. Slowly she descended, she gasped as the shifter entered her wet tunnel, and it felt so hard. She moaned as her hips began to move her up and down sliding the shifter in and out of her pussy.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me hard," she moaned as her hips rose and fell driving the shifter cock deeper and deeper.

Carly pinched hard on her nipples, pulling hard on them as the shifter slipped in and out of her. She was close to cumming, she wanted to cum so desperately. A vision of Mike jacking off while watching her fucking his car came through her head, and that sent her over the edge.

She moaned loudly as her body shook, she could feel the walls of her pussy contracting, and trying to grip on the shifter. Lights exploded in her head; in her mind she could hear the wild howl of the Hemi as she came.

It took some time for her to regain her composure, and to get dressed. She had left the note to Mike, and her bra on the dash of the car. Just before she left the garage she leaned down and kissed the body of the car softly, and whispered, "Thanks."

As the memory faded, Carly's knees were still weak when she got to her own car. She sat there quietly for a few minutes. Maybe she needed to take a few weeks off and go back and visit her sister...

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