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Cum For Me


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You know how much I love to watch you jack off. Give me show, stroke it like you never stroked it before. Make it hard, really hard, tease and please it. Concentrate on what makes it feel the best, wrap your hand around your cock. Squeeze it tight as you pull from the base to your swollen head. Run your hand over the head as if you were rubbing it against my plump pussy. That's it push between my lips so you can feel my hot swollen clit. Oh yeah, my clit swells even more as your cock lubes my pussy.

Let your fingertips slide up and down, slowly, softly, tracing over and around your swollen hot rod, wherever it is that makes it feel good... Do it... Make your self hot... Show me what you can do...

Imagine I'm there with you, right now and I'm watching you, aroused, hot, my hand between my thighs, stroking my hot pussy, masturbating, right there, next to you.

I need you to come for me. I need you to come while I watch you. I want that, very much. Want to see you touch yourself, tease yourself, get yourself hot, drive yourself crazy as I watch you. I want you to bring yourself to the most powerful, intense orgasm, right there in front of me.

I want you to show me, show me how you love to stroke yourself, to concentrate on the touch of your hands on your cock, stroking yourself, caressing yourself, arousing yourself.

Wanting it to feel like my mouth when I slip the head of your cock between my lips, sucking it in, and then taking it all the way down my throat until my face is against your body.

Imagine that as you grab your cock with both hands, sliding it back and forth... slowly... twisting and turning your hands as they slide over the length of your cock... a little faster now... a little more... yes, oh yes... I love watching you... You turn me on so much...

Touch yourself for me. Masturbate for me. I'm watching you, right now.

God yes... ooohhh... aaahhh... that's it...

don't stop...

I want you to cum so much... but not yet... just a little longer... I want you to think about your cock sliding deep into my cunt... So hot and so tight... feel me... grind your hips against me...

Watch as I play with my tit's... Pulling my head up to take a nipple into my mouth...

Sucking... nibbling... biting...

As your cock slides harder, deeper into my hot cunt...

So wet now... so wet and hot... sucking your cock into me...

Squeezing around your thrusting cock... as you fuck me deeper... Groaning with each thrust...

I'm watching you... I'm watching as you show me... Showing me just how good you can take care of that throbbing rod...

God how I love watching you...

Seeing you get yourself off drives me insane... I'm trembling now... My body jerking and spasaming as I watch you get closer... Closer... Almost ready to shoot your hot load... hearing you gasp with each thrust... Harder... and harder... faster... and faster... and I'm so hot... my clit is so swollen... so swollen I can jerk on it just as you are jerking on yours... and my clit is throbbing... and pulsing... And you know how I want to feel your cock throbbing hard... swelling in my hot cunt... and you know I'm going to cum... You know you are driving me wild...

you know I want to watch you to shoot... shoot it like a cannon... watch as all your hot spunk flies through the air... ohh god...

and you can't hold back... you're so close... and you're ramming your cock so hard... wanting you to come... oh god wanting it... all over my throbbing pussy... ohhhh god... cum for me...

ohh god please cum... Cum all over my pussy...

I can't hold back any longer... unnhh god cum with me.... now...

yes yes yes now... I want to feel your cock... gushing...

unnhhhh fuckkk... all over my clit...

ohhh god cum for me... I'm cumminggg..


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by Anonymous

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by Familyluv2114u08/25/18

My God!

This was short BUT soooo intense!
I especially loved that 'cannon' line;) hearing you say that fos too much! I acually groaned and shot off hard all aver myself. I was lying on me back,and I swear my cummore...

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