Cum In Her Underwear


I pulled out and stripped off the condom, noticing that I was still hard enough to go again. Figuring she might want more, I quickly put on another condom and slipped back into her. I wasn't rock-hard, but hard enough to still be able to fuck her well. (In fact, it was a little easier this time...I didn't have to hold off as hard.) I tried fucking her faster this time and it was great. She had two smaller orgasms (she told me later) and I ended with another cum myself. After it was over, I pulled out of her with a slick pop (I personally love the sound a condom-covered dick makes when it's pulled out of a tight, wet, happy pussy) and she wiped both of us off with tissues, which was nice in itself (I never had a woman do that before.) We both got dressed pretty quietly, only sharing happy looks and smiles. She gave me one last hug and kiss, both of us having mightily enjoyed our little fun time.

My wife still goes over to her friend's house almost every weekday, and she's still leaving cum-filled panties in the laundry at least once per week. I haven't told her about me and her friend...and I don't think I will. I know she's lying about only fucking her friend's husband once and I don't feel bad about helping out our mutual friend the way my wife and her friend's husband should be. We've only been together once more since then, but I'm sure we'll continue to "friend fuck" when she wants. She did tell me after the last time that she loves the way I "make love"...her husband is quick and rough and often used to hurt her a little during sex. This made some sense of why they drifted apart in the bedroom...he likes it quick and hard, she likes it a little more relaxed. My wife usually just wants me to fuck her, no foreplay at all...and I like to really warm things up with massages, games and oral. It makes too much sense to me that we're all fucking the person we want to be, but with the kids in all of our lives, there won't be any "permanent" roster changes in the marriage line ups. As long as her husband doesn't start counting their condom stash (which I had the presence-of-mind to replace all that we had used, including the last time), he'll never know. And as long as I'm doing the laundry, I'll continue to know every time my wife fucks him by the cum in her underwear.

THE END (or so I thought)

Epilogue: ---------

A few weeks after the end of this story, something else happened in this ongoing saga. My wife and our common friend were going out on a "mom's night out" without husbands or kids. Usually, these evenings consist of a sumptuous dinner and a movie they'd never get to see with their families in tow.

Well, my wife and our friend went out as planned, but my wife started to get a migraine during the movie. She toughed it out through the rest of the film as the migraine slowly intensified, but she had our friend bring her home right afterwards. Upon arriving at home, my wife went straight down to our bedroom (gulped down some Immitrex, I'm sure) and went straight to bed. Our friend came in with her, wanting to help, but there wasn't much she could do. (My wife gets migraines often enough to have a routine when they happen.)

I was up working and watching a movie, but I came down when I saw them coming up the driveway. Other than at a school event, I hadn't seen our friend since our last "meeting". She felt bad for my wife, but was also a bit bummed that their "big night out" was cut short. I told her she could hang out here for a while if she wanted (she did), so I poured us some coffee and invited her upstairs to finish watching the movie with me.

Well, as you can expect, we didn't really get to watch much more of the movie. We sat down on the couch and set our cups on the coffee table. Before long, she scooted up close next to me, so I put my arm around her. She set her head on my shoulder and, after several minutes, ran her hand over my crotch, which was a little surprising and very nice at the same time (as she'd been pretty passive during the other two times we were together.) My dick rose to full-tent status in no time, so she unzipped my shorts and fished out my cock through my open fly. "Is this the same woman?" I incredulously asked myself as I watched her lower her head and felt her start licking around the head of my dick. I reached over and pulled up the back of her skirt, revealing her white thong undies. I ran my hand around her ass and hips before letting my hand slip between her legs, feeling a very moist and hot panty crotch. I slipped a finger under the side of them and rubbed her entrance with my finger, bringing a full-mouthed moan from her. It sure seemed like neither of us really needed any more foreplay at that point, so I gently lifted her gifted mouth off my shiny pecker.

I kissed her deeply and then started to get up to grab a condom when she stopped me, asking me where I was going. I told her and she gently pushed me back down, telling me we didn't need them anymore. (She'd gotten her IUD put in. SWEET!) She stood up, bunching her skirt around her waist and straddled me. I reached around her, pulled her thong to the side and she started kissing me and rubbing her pussy against my dick. Soon enough, I found my mark and the head poked inside her and it happened again...that heavenly, sweet feeling of a small pussy hugging my cock slowly worked its way down my shaft. We made out passionately as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, pushing me around inside her in a most wonderful way. The kissing continued as I ran my hands up and down her back and over her bum, pulling her hips into mine and driving me deeper into her. She started moaning more and more, so I increased the pace of my push/pulling on her hips and, after another minute or two, she pulled her lips from mine. She was quiet for a second, and then made a guttural grunting noise, followed by large gasps as she came really hard. Man, it felt and sounded so good when she came; my own orgasm overtook me and I pulled her hips against me hard as my dick started twitching inside heated seed coating the insides of her naked pussy for the first time.

We both fell together and just held each other quietly for a minute or so. My dick soon softened and popped out of her, prompting her to whisper in my ear.

"Can you do it again?" she said.

Sadly, two-in-a-row is a rarity for me these days unless I take those magic pills (which I hadn't taken in the past several days), so I told her I didn't think so. Even so, I rolled her over so she was sitting and knelt in front of her. I stuck a finger in her pussy to rub her g-spot and started licking her hood.

I ate her to two more orgasms before my jaw felt like it was going to fall off (and it was also my first time eating a creampie, which was kind of interesting in itself.) In retrospect, it was a little unusual for us...the sex wasn't rushed, but it wasn't leisurely either. Also, neither of us took off a single item of clothing the whole some ways, it almost felt like some of those long-ago teenage fucks I enjoyed, but only this was two thirty-somethings doing it.

As for me, I felt like a gigantic asshole not long after she left. My wife was sick in bed downstairs and I fucked her best friend two floors above her. I couldn't get over that feeling, so I told my wife about it a few days later and she was pretty pissed off for a day or two. We pretty much didn't talk for those days, but when we did talk later, she was calmer about it.

In addition to discussing my activities, my wife told me that she'd lied about only doing our friend's husband once...and I told her that I knew. We had a pretty long talk about the whole situation, so it was good in that the tension about the whole situation seemed to be released in our end of things. However, we both eventually agreed that it should only happen again if everyone wanted it, so that left a big question of "How do we go forward from here?" In the end, the front-runner idea was to get together with our friends as a couple for movie nights and just do the full-swap thing in separate rooms. Time will only tell if things actually work out that way, but at least it's something better than the way things have been.

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