tagIncest/TabooCuring Mom's Addiction Ch. 02

Curing Mom's Addiction Ch. 02


Story description: A mother with sexual afflictions continues her journey as her son's fuck-slut. Donna manipulates two religious twins into accepting an incestuous interpretation of the Bible.


First Daddy-Daughter Date

It was early Monday morning when Donna woke Chris with a tickle along with a chuckle.

He batted his eyes at her image coming into focus at the side of the bed.

Donna greeted him with a girlish giggle and then twirled around in her tight-fitted schoolgirl uniform.

Chris said, "Oh my, that looks sexy."

She replied, "You know this isn't appropriate work attire. They're going to question me and perhaps send me home. The skirt's too short and if I bend just the slightest my bums on display or for that matter, so is my pussy. My boobs are so constrained that they feel like popping out at the front. You can't seriously expect me to wear this."

"Oh yeah, you're wearing it. Apparently, the idea excites you," he said.

She grinned and timidly nodded her head.

Chris motioned for her to come forward. When she stood with her shins pressed against the bed, he flipped the short skirt upward and stuffed the edge into her waistband.

She immediately arched her bare mound towards him and giggled once more.

He looked up at her face and expressed dismay at her girlish playfulness. He'd never seen his mother so happy. It lightened his mood and compelled him to look down at her pronounced crevasse. He smiled when he observed a tiny stream of moisture trickling down her inner thigh.

He exclaimed, "Your twat's soaking wet. This turns you on that much?"

She replied, "I'm really horny. Can we fuck?"

After looking at the time on the digital clock, he said, "Yeah, there's time to bounce on my rod. I admit, seeing you dressed up like a schoolgirl with your hair done up in pigtails is a huge turn on. You look like a teenager my age when you're dolled up like that. Really hot. Remember, I still want to take pictures before you go."

"I don't understand your picture taking obsession. Last night you made me pose naked in lots of inappropriate positions. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. I felt like a skank spreading for a magazine and it aroused me. I'm just concerned about how you plan to use them. If they got into the wrong hands, well, you know, it wouldn't be good for us. You seem determined not to tell me."

"It's an idea I have. I'm not telling you because it's a surprise. At least I hope it will be."

"Hon, taking pictures of me spreading myself with cum bubbling from my crack aren't the types of pictures you should post to social media if that's what you have planned. If you're jerking off to them, that's perfectly okay. But then again, why would you do that when you have the real thing?"

He pushed her back with a hand and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. After shuffling a few inches to obtain the right position, he waved her forward. Still hard from slumber, his dick stood straight up while it twitched back and forth.

He looked up to meet her eyes and demanded, "What are you?"

She bashfully tilted her head and intentionally broke eye contact. In contradiction with that meek behavior, she eagerly replied, "I'm a fuck-slut, a breeding whore for my son."

He nodded approval while smiling and then said, "Sit on my cock."

She straddled him, grabbed the girth of his dick, and then wiggled the head between her inner lips and then popped it into her gash. She trembled while inching downward on the shaft.

"Now ride me like a naive schoolgirl that's losing her cherry to dad," he commanded.

She began gliding up and down on her son's prick while rubbing her clit.

While shuddering from the stimulation, she flatly said, "Step-dad never took my virginity. My step-brother did."

Chris reached up and pushed her constrained boobs out from the top and clasped them in both hands.

While admiring her knockers, he said, "Mom, it's roleplay. You told me it get's you off. Anyway, I'm curious, when was your first time with your step-dad and how did it happen? He strikes me as being a prude. I don't see him as being open-minded to anything sexual. Can you tell me that story?"

"Is this an attempt to get me sexually frenzied? I really get wild when I reminisce about that day. That's a lot of talking while we're fucking. I may lose focus and if I can't finish, it's your fault. Although a true, I've often used it as a fantasy to get myself off," she said.

"I'm okay with it. I don't know that much about the family and now I have an interest. Tell me your story while fucking," he said.

Donna said, "First, step-dad was never willing to do it. Although half-bred kindred, he wasn't raised in our traditions and he married into the family due to his kinfolk attraction to my mother. He believes the kindred ways are insane. Yeah, weird, huh, you'd think a 40 something-year-old man would jump at the chance to fuck his 19-year old step-daughter. Nope, he wasn't like that."

Chris replied, "Yeah, I can see how he'd be uncomfortable if placed in that position. Still, as consenting adults, a step-father usually jumps at the chance if the step-daughter is willing."

"Well, the difference is that he raised me. He couldn't see me as anything other than a real daughter. It took him years to accept the relationship," she said.

She paused as her thoughts shifted to thinking about that day. Abruptly, she began telling her story.


After work, Rick came home and entered through the front door.

His jaw dropped as soon as he realized his 19-year old step-daughter was dancing naked to the tune of disco music around the living room.

Donna gave him a momentary glance and then ignored him by continuing to prance about the room.

He closed the door and stared at his nude wife that was seated on a stool across the room.

In a huff over the obscenity of the exhibition, he strolled past his nude daughter while turning his head, and then made a beeline for his exposed wife.

Yelling into his wife's ear, he said, "What's going on? Why is Donna naked?"

Sonya loudly replied, "Remember our family motto? Family helps the family and there's more to that than it implies. You know Jim's been gone to college for over a month."

Rick shook his head and loudly replied, "Yeah, that's a stupid ass saying that I've never understood. What does Jim not being here, have to do with anything? You still haven't explained Donna."

She smiled, looked at him impishly, and loudly said, "Oh, I did, but you're not listening."

Frustrated, he cast his voice over his shoulder and yelled at Donna, "Cut the freaking music! I can't understand your mom. It's ridiculous with you dancing around naked, get some clothes on. You make me uncomfortable!"

Instead of cutting it off, Donna lowered the volume and continued to dance.

With the sound now muted to a level he could hear, he looked sternly at his wife and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Sonya returned his harsh gaze and said, "With Jim gone, she needs an anchor. All the males are either attached or unavailable. She's been waiting patiently for you to come home."

Rick widened his eyes at her statements. Without replying, he cocked his head and quirkily gazed at Sonya to convey befuddlement.

She said, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He shook his head and said, "I don't know what you're suggesting. Are you saying she needs a mate, or she'll go bonkers like an animal in heat? What about her Uncle Ben? The last time this happened he stepped in. I told you I didn't want to know the details. I was totally against using him. For that matter, why are you naked?"

Sonya mischievously smiled and said, "Ben's out hunting as usual and he's unavailable. Rick, guess where that places you on the list. You're not stupid. You know exactly what I'm suggesting, but you're refusing to hear it. You're the only male available. Also, I'm naked for a reason."

Rick heatedly replied, "That's fucking loony, I'm her step-father. I can't do that, it's sick. I'm not part of your crazy family and don't believe in kindred myths. I told you it's all in your heads."

"After everything you've seen, you still believe that? Your daughter needs you. You're going to abandon her?" she exclaimed.

He sighed and then said, "You know, I've investigated your family history. Although complex and unbelievable, it boils down to an insane ancestor having a desire to copulate with all six of his daughter's. In his lunacy, he drove them to believe they were afflicted with a wacky condition that made them lusty for their father. It became so rooted in your kinfolk's psyche that it was passed down from generation to the next. Oh, I believe that you believe it as fact, but it's all garbage."

She replied, "We are nymphos."

Rick laughed at her statement and then said, "Well, that's true, but the desire for incestuous relations, well, that's baloney. There's not an affliction that causes one to desire sex with relatives. It's something the males in your family have perpetuated to get in your pants. I've told you this before, but it's so ingrained that you refuse to believe it. My attraction to you was pure love, not the kindred lust you keep blabbering about. I don't know how you settled for me as your husband. Other than our bond of marriage, I've never felt the coupling you always rant about."

Sonya put two hands to her shaking head and said, "Unbelievable, we've already had these arguments and you keep rehashing them. It's because I love you and we're also bonded as mates. Your half-kindred so you were already kinfolk before we met. We can have relationships outside the family. Not all of us are affected as severely as Donna. She can't get off with anyone but with kinfolk. It's a curse for her."

"Then what makes you think it's any different if she did it with me. I'm only half-blooded as you keep reminding me," he said.

"Because it works with Jim and he's your son," she replied.

He said, "See that's my point, it's all in her head. She's also capable of getting off if she fantasies sex with a blood relative. It boggles my mind that you can't see it."

She said, "Rick, please, just drop it. We have a serious problem and you're the only solution. You must do this for her. At least for a while until Jim returns or I find a replacement. Also, it'll turn me on if you did it with her."

He widened his eyes and heatedly said, "You want to get off watching me have sex with your daughter? I know you have sexual kinks, but I never thought you'd go that far. You didn't get off watching her with Jim, did you?"

Sonya's skin flushed, and she replied, "Actually, I joined them on occasion. You didn't need to know. Since you brought it up, I'm telling you. I would explain more, but I'm afraid to break your heart."

Rick exclaimed, "...and you think it's a good idea to tell me? As for the second part, I don't want to know. In a way, I'm not surprised. I've become accustomed to your sexual antics."

She said, "So, you're okay with it?"

Rick lowered his brow while giving her a stern look and said, "Seriously, you want me to answer that? Ah, I see what you've done. You're intentionally trying to anger me. You want me to give in from spite, so I'd do it to get even with you. You're a tricky woman."

After returning his stare with a puzzled look, she suddenly smiled and then said, "Well, I was finally telling you the truth for once. Let's go with your version. Sure, I was deliberately making you mad. Will you do it?"

Rick shifted his attention to look at his step-daughter while she danced like a strumpet in a strip club. He watched her mascara highlighted eyes fixed on him.

Donna stared at her step-father lustfully while she moved about the room.

Sonya reached out and took his hand. Shaking it to get his attention, she said, "Rick, please do this. She needs her daddy. It's your duty as a member of the family to serve as her anchor."

Without turning back to answer, he continued to stare at his step-daughter, and calmly mumbled, "This is silly, using me as a stud to quench her unnatural passion. You made her dance like that on purpose because you knew it would turn me on. How can I live with myself if I committed such a dreadful act?"

Upon judging that Rick had taken the bait, Sonya reached up and began unbuttoning his business shirt.

She said, "Dear, it's not appalling if she's willing. It's consensual. After all, she's not your real daughter. You'll have no qualms from me. On the contrary, I desire that you do it."

Rick turned back to look at his wife and then reached down to unbuckle his dress trousers.

He replied, "I helped raise her. To me, she's my daughter. It's a father's bond and now you're asking me to change it on a whim."

Sonya stood up and pulled his tee-shirt over his head.

She said, "The first time is always the hardest. You can't tell me you haven't fantasized about her sexually. Every single father has at least one solitary moment where they have immoral thoughts of coupling with their daughters. It's more common than you know. Of course, for obvious reasons, such men would never admit to it."

Rick tilted his head to the side and gave her a quirky expression. He then dropped his underwear and trousers to the floor and stepped out of them.

Now completely nude, he said, "I feel so awkward with all of us naked in the same room."

Sonya smiled and began jerking his rigid dick.

She said, "Hum...for being reluctant you have an obvious boner. It's clear you're stimulated by the idea. Ask yourself, why are you already rock hard?"

He refused to answer and remained silent.

Sonya didn't need him to respond. His muted reply signified he was shamed by that truth.

She released his cock and grasped him by both shoulders. She then forcefully turned him around to face Donna and demanded, "Go to her."

Both Donna and her step-father locked eyes as she danced in place facing him. Her hips seductively swayed to the beat while her right hand extended out to repeatedly curl a finger to beckoned him onward.

Rick half-heartedly shuffled forward while nervously jittering with each step.

He admitted that he found his step-daughter attractive. As his wife stated, he often sexually fantasized about her, but it was just that, a simple dream used to drive masturbation. He never intended for those obscene thoughts to become reality. Like Sonya had said, no father would ever confess to having impure thoughts about his daughter.

Donna danced forward to meet him and then wrapped him in a hug. Her eyes watered the instant she looked up to meet his stare.

She said, "Thank you, daddy. I know this is difficult for you."

Although uncomfortable for several reasons, including the fact that his hard cock was pressed up against his stepdaughter, Rick shrugged it off and decided to tightly hug her. Noticing tears forming in her eyes, he gave her a little shake and a broad smile.

He calmly said, "Dear, it's okay, no worries. I can't say I'm comfortable doing this, but if you've consented then I'll follow through. In truth, you do arouse me more than I'll admit."

Donna felt her step-father's girthy dick throbbing against her skin. The thought of what he said compared with what she felt caused her to burst with an impromptu giggle.

She said, "Daddy, I can feel that truth. I want you to enjoy it as much as me."

He said, "This won't be routine. I'm only agreeing because you're suffering. I don't understand your weird condition, but I've seen what happens when you've gone without. I never envisioned myself being placed in this position. Just one issue, I refuse to ejaculate in you. I'm not impregnating my daughter. I couldn't live with that."

Sonya crept up from behind and jingled a condom over his shoulder.

Sonya said, "We already determined what you might say. We prepared for that response."

Rick snatched the rubber from her hand and turned his head over a shoulder and then replied, "Sonya, you're a wicked woman and often creepy at times."

Donna giggled at his rebuke to her mother and then said, "Dad, give it to me and I'll put it on."

Snatching it from his hand, she immediately squatted in front of him, but instead of rolling the condom on, she opened her mouth and began giving him a blowjob.

"Oh Jesus, when did she—fuck...she's good," he uttered from surprise.

Sonya pressed herself against him from behind and then reached down between his legs with her left hand and began massaging his balls. Her other hand drifted to his chest to tease his right nipple.

He gasped and grunted from the intense pleasure he was receiving from both women.

Reaching down with both hands, Rick placed them on top of Donna's bobbing head and rowed with her movements.

He groaned and breathily muttered, "Oh, this is ridiculous, both mother and daughter pleasuring the father. You two are unbelievably cruel."

Sonya stood on the tips of her toes and whispered into his ear, "Hon, I wasn't planning on watching. This is a family affair and I always intended to join in. Your daughter is an amazing cocksucker, isn't she?"

He responded with a deep exhalation of air followed by a loud moan.

After three minutes and without warning, Donna pulled away. She rubbed the back of her hand across her mouth to wipe away slobber. She followed that action by shuffling backward and dropping prone onto her back. She then spread her legs and looked up at her step-father like an innocent puppy-dog. After opening her mouth wide, she began wagging her tongue up and down.

Rick stood immobile and confused. He then turned his head to the side and questioned his wife by saying, "What's she doing?"

Sonya laughed and then replied, "Straddle her shoulders and put your dick in her mouth. She'll do the rest."

He said, "What are you going to do?"

Sonya chuckled and said, "What I've done multiple times. I'm going to eat my daughter's pussy."

With wide-eyes, he turned around to face his wife and loudly exclaimed, "You're going to do what?"

Sonya smiled and said, "Oh—I neglected to tell you about us. I've been intimate with Donna on multiple occasions. Now go, let her keep you hard while I get her lubricated and warmed up."

Still shocked by that revelation, he stood and simply stared at his wife.

She then pushed him in Donna's direction to break his dazed demeanor and said, "She's waiting for you."

As he moved to straddle his step-daughter, he replied, "What other surprises have you kept from me?"

Sonya went to her knees between Donna's legs and said, "Hon, I've covered it all. Ah, well—

I've also had sex with my mother. Yeah, I probably should have told you about that."

Sliding his dick into Donna's open mouth, he sighed and then flatly said, "Nothing about you and your crazy family surprises me anymore. Look at me, I'm sticking my cock in my stepdaughter's mouth. Without realizing it, I've been turned into one of you. This is insane, yet here I am doing it."

Sonya bent down and lingered her mouth above her daughter's hairy mound and replied, "I told you before we married about our afflictions. Get over it, quit blabbering, and enjoy the experience."

Sonya pulled her hair from her face and then proceeded to lick her daughter's pussy.

Donna enjoyed sucking dick since becoming aware of her sexual inclinations. She was trained as a kindred whore since puberty. It was kinfolk tradition to educate both females and males about sex. Although sucking dick wasn't new, giving head to her step-father was special and it had her tingling all over.

She took great care to make sure he relished the experience, so she worshiped it like no woman had ever done. It didn't take long before she tasted precum and feared he was getting close to ejaculation.

Donna grasped the base of his prick, crimped it to the side, and then slipped it from her slobby mouth.

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