tagLoving WivesCuriosity: Wife's Warm Up

Curiosity: Wife's Warm Up


The sixth night…

Carol's pussy was dripping wet and her face was completely flushed. She pulled her fingers out from between her legs right before her last orgasm could peak. Yes, the dirty scene flashing across the computer screen had certainly put her in the mood again and it was time to head to the bedroom and her waiting husband. She logged off the computer so Ben would be unable to see what she had been looking at and then walked quickly to the doorway where she found her husband stroking his cock on the bed.

"How was your warm-up tonight?" he asked.

Carol smiled widely, "It was SO hot, that I had to 'warm up' three times, if you know what I mean."

"I was wondering what was taking so long. Are you ever going to tell me what has you so turned on?"

"That wasn't part of the deal," she taunted, "but this was…" She pulled her robe off, exposing her naked body as she climbed onto the bed and onto her waiting man. Unlike the other night, there was no foreplay involved. He was hard, she was wet, and husband and wife were once again happy. She went to turn off the light when Ben stopped her.

"Don't- I want to see you tonight. You look especially sexy," he complimented. He meant it too. Carol was a typical suburban housewife who worked out to stay in shape. She wasn't a hard body like some of the women at the gym but she certainly wasn't fat. Unlike a lot of the younger girls who frequented the gym in full make-up and long nails, Carol went there to actually exercise. She rode the stair master for thirty minutes then worked the lighter settings on the circuit machines. Ben admired her ass and thighs and belly. Even though she was only a B cup, the rest of her body made up for it for sure. Now she was completely naked, ready to mount his stiffness with a look of passion she hadn't had since they were dating.

"Okay, we can do it with the lights on," she replied. She needed it hard tonight and anything to keep things moving would be fine with her. She grabbed her husband's rod and slipped it into her waiting hole. Easing down his length she closed her eyes and ground on his body, feeling the penetration deep up inside of her. She couldn't tell him what she was thinking, but it got her so hot while riding on top of her husband. She pictured herself in the sex scene she just watched and felt white hot between her legs as her husband grabbed her ass in his hands.

She leaned over and rubbed her tits along his chest, grabbing onto his neck as Ben passionately kissed her throat and shoulders and up toward her waiting mouth. Their bodies were intertwined like lovers who had not seen each other in months, yet this was the sixth night in a row that they had together making love with each evening turning the heat up even more.

Carol jumped off her husband and got on all fours, waving her ass to tempt him. "Now do me from behind. I need it hard tonight." Ben didn't protest and climbed into position behind his sexy wife, sliding his cock into her waiting hole. He pumped into her and she rolled back to meet each thrust as his balls slapped lightly against her pussy.

"Oh yeah, spank my ass while you fuck me!" she moaned. It was her first time in their entire marriage she had talked dirty to her husband and she could barely believe the words were escaping her own mouth.

"Wow! What's gotten into you?" he asked, moaning and groaning as he jogged his hips faster.

"Shhh!" Carol said, "Just fuck me. Fuck me harder and spank my ass now!" Ben complied and she yelped as the slap of his hand on her cheek cracked loudly through the room. She commanded him to do it more as she closed her eyes and drummed up the images in her mind that she had masturbated to earlier. Oh, that's better! she thought, The mind truly is the greatest sex organ. It only took some external stimulation to bring hers to life.

One week prior…

"I don't want to watch some porn movie, Ben!" Carol snipped. "It's embarrassing!"

He looked at her in exasperation, "Hello? We've been married for over twenty years, taken showers together, and done all sorts of sex things together, so why wouldn't you do this one little thing?"

"We're married. I shouldn't have to look at other people having sex. You should be enough for our relationship, don't you think?"

"That's the problem, I'm not enough for you apparently. Nothing puts you in the mood anymore. I've tried romantic getaways, candles, all the foo-foo stuff. At this point I'd be happy to have you excited about anything." It wasn't the first time her husband had said this and each time it was painful to hear.

Carol rested her head in her hands at the edge of the bed, her frustration building and a cry coming on. "That's not fair. The problem isn't you or me. It is just us. We don't have any time with each other and I'm tired and I just don't have the energy for sex at the end of the day."

"So what do you suggest? Have sex once a month. Or a year?"

"I don't know…" she sniffled.

This argument had been going on and off since the arrival of their daughter Jennifer nineteen years ago. No money, no time, no sex drive, no interest. It was all mixed together in that thing called marriage as the two struggled on and off to stay connected with each other. Carol always told Ben (and convinced herself) that things would be better once their daughter was out of the house. She complained about fatigue, the thin walls, the embarrassment of having your daughter hearing you having sex, all of these things that would vanish once college started and Jennifer was at the dorms.

Well, college had started and it was early December and things had not improved at all. The tuition costs should have been considered robbery and she was forced to go back to work part time to help defray the costs of Jennifer's schooling. Like many women, Carol was re-entering the workforce at forty-one years old, competing with women and men half her age with twice her energy level. It was too much stress by the end of the day and the last thing on her mind was sex.

So one night Ben gestured for her to come and look at the computer screen; on it was a picture of a younger woman in her twenties giving oral sex to a man.

"Ben you know how I feel about that crap in the house."

"No, you don't understand," he said calmly, "I want us to maybe look at some pictures together… to jump start things in the bedroom so-to-speak."

And so the argument started and would continue for the whole weekend. Ben wanted them to look at dirty pictures and talk about them and hopefully have the two of them turned on enough for sex; a typical male. Carol was not pleased with the idea on the other hand. She worked damn hard to keep her body in shape and the last thing she wanted was her husband ogling some girl half his age on the computer screen and thinking about her instead of his own wife.

Now Carol had looked at her husband's magazines occasionally after finding his private porn stashes over the years. Secretly, they titillated her and she had masturbated to them on the rare occasion. Pictures of men and women together. Pictures of threesomes. Pictures of lesbian sex. Even the pictures of the girls by themselves as they posed for the camera and played with themselves. Each time Carol would cum and then feel terribly guilty about what she had just done or thought about. Then she would complain to Ben that he needed to "throw that trash out" or she would. Months or even a year would go by and she would find new magazines hidden in the garage or under the bed and the whole process would repeat.

One afternoon she was playing with herself looking at a magazine called Barely Legal: All Girls Edition. Girls in pigtails just out of high school licking each other, sucking on each other's tits, kissing and fondling and shoving vibrators into each other. One of them looked like her daughter's best friend. The orgasm was so intense that she screamed out loud. Five minutes later Jennifer came home from school with her best friend and Carol couldn't even look at either of them. The guilt of what she had done overwhelmed her and the magazine went into the trash. That was a year ago and her secret sessions had ended then. Ben never found out. If he had he probably would have been quite angry that she was masturbating but not putting out in the relationship.

But now he was asking to look at pictures together. For Ben it was his attempt to figure out what made his wife tick. For Carol, it would just feel wrong. Still, something had to be done and she was tired of feeling un-sexy.

"So what is this grand plan of yours again?" she asked.

Ben rolled his eyes, "It isn't a grand plan. We just look on the internet together, talk about the things we see, play with each other a little, and then get in the mood for the bedroom."

"But what if I don't want you looking at these other girls?"

"Well, you'd be looking at other men, you know."

Carol thought about it and then looked to her husband, "I'll tell you what. I want to look at the pictures by myself -no interruptions, no questions- and then I join you in the bedroom when I am sufficiently…you know."

"Warmed up?" Ben suggested.

She chuckled, "Yes, warmed up."

"So I just sit in the bedroom and wait? That doesn't seem fair."

"Well, according to you its ME that is never in the mood. You seem to have no problem so I think you can just relax in here." They chatted it over some more and finally agreed to give Carol her warm-up time.

The first night…

The next night she set up a new user account on the computer and password protected it before her husband came home from work. Not really sure where to start she simply typed in SEX PICTURES into the search engine and scrolled through the various links. She was shocked at how many websites there were, how much money they asked for, how many different themes there were. Eventually she found a website that had free pictures and videos with thumbnails to entice you to click those links. One link was a brunette woman giving a blowjob; she clicked it.

The pictures quickly loaded across the screen as Carol watched uncomfortably. She was a little turned on, but still feeling awkward about actively seeking out pornographic pictures, but there was a certain level of comfort that she was doing this to be with her husband.

She 'X'd out of that link and went back to the previous page with all the thumbnails. The page was actually well laid out with 'Most Popular' thumbnails up on top and then categorized links running along the side. She scrolled down the page and read some of the names: Straight, Lesbian, Threesome, Group, Anal, Dildos, Gangbang, etc. She remembered to bookmark the site and then shut the computer down. Ben would be home soon and she had to make dinner.

Four hours later Carol was back in front of the computer. Her brunette bob haircut brushed along the white robe she wore; underneath was nothing else. Ben was lying down in the bedroom with the door shut, waiting patiently for her to 'warm-up'. Memories of her dirty masturbation sessions from the past were surfacing, but for the forty-one year old this was a new experience in many respects. Her husband had practically begged her to look at the pictures on the internet so it wasn't like she was doing anything to betray him. It sounded strange, but even her fantasies felt like some violation of her marriage vows and as such she never explored them. Only the occasional moment of weakness with her husband's magazines…

The first picture she clicked on was blonde haired man licking a brunette woman's pussy. Each picture showed the attractive couple in a variety of poses in a well dressed room. She skipped through them quickly and went onto the next set – this time a threesome between two women and a man. Carol began to lightly rub her already excited clit as her eyes scanned across the images. Two women locked in a sixty-nine position as the well built male slid his dick into the girl on top. As her robe spread open, so did Carol's legs. Her whole toned body was exposed as she fingered herself looking at the scene. Once back in school her friend Allison French kissed her on their graduation day (while they wore their cap-n-gowns!), but nothing ever came of it and that was the end of her experiences with other women. Still, as a modern woman she found other women attractive and in weaker moments she had played with herself looking at them. It was never anything she would act on or say anything about, but there was no denying at this moment how wet the picture was getting her. In fact she realized her fingers were rapidly stimulating her clit and an orgasm was building. She stopped.

Quickly logging off the computer, Carol walked to the bedroom and was greeted by her husband. She didn't speak of what she masturbated to; in fact she didn't speak at all. The husband and wife held each other and kissed each other and soon began to make love.

The second night…

"You are really in the mood again tonight?" Carol asked, exasperated by her husband's constant hounding for sex.

"Yes!" he answered, "Aren't you? Especially after last night? We haven't made love like that in a very long time."

"It was nice, but I really don't think we need to do this every night. I'm not in the mood."

"You can always warm-up if you want…" Ben let his comments dangle in the air.

His wife considered the idea as her memory drifted to the previous night. The pictures had helped in that particular instance and perhaps he was right that they could help tonight.

Twenty minutes later she was at the computer again. Ben had peaked out of the bedroom at the beginning and she quickly turned off the monitor. "No peaking or I won't do this anymore!" she yelled at him. He couldn't see anything from the bedroom door anyway but it was the point of the matter.

"Fine, I won't peak," he grumbled, shutting the door.

Carol went to her favorites and opened the website once more. She needed to vary the types of things she looked at so she looked down through the categories until she saw the word MILF. A few months back one of Jennifer's girlfriends called her that in a complimentary way and all of the teenagers got a good laugh as Carol stood there, clueless as to what the word meant.

"Mom, it means 'Mother I like to you-know-what'"," Jennifer embarrassingly told her.

"Jenny!" she snapped, "All of you girls should be ashamed of using a term like that. She was smiling as she said it but the topic was quickly dropped. A few months later, Carol sat in front of the computer looking at a whole category of porn called MILF. She clicked it.

A page opened with some movie links, each one of them featured an attractive woman in her thirties or forties with a much younger man. Each one couldn't have been much older than their early twenties and many of the young studs looked like they just graduated High School. That is just plain dirty! she thought to herself, closing out the page and moving onto the straight section again. But as she played with her pussy, she realized none of the pictures were getting her as excited as she had hoped. Impulsively she clicked back on the MILF link and watched a half dozen video clips in a row and scoured over pages of pictures. Carol's clit was throbbing now as she thought about fucking a man half her age.

One set of pictures had a younger girl and a younger man (both appeared to be eighteen or nineteen) getting caught by an older woman, some mother figure no doubt. As the pictures progressed, the woman pushed the younger girl out of the bed and began to suck and fuck the young man's cock. The story played out in her mind as she slipped past her clit and shoved a finger into her soaked pussy.

…Catching her daughter sleeping with her boyfriend…

…Sucking that eighteen year old dick…

…Riding on top of it and showing him what a more mature woman can do…

Carol almost came and had to calm herself down before she joined her husband in the bedroom. When she finally did, she was well beyond worked up and desperate for her husband to penetrate her. Unlike the first night, Carol switched up their positions frequently, dragging Ben from one part of the bed to the other. As she came that night, her thoughts were on that eighteen year old dick fucking her all night long. Ben came almost simultaneously and fell upon his wife.

"Wow, that was intense," he complimented. "Aren't you glad we did it again tonight?"

Carol kissed him on the cheek, "Not nearly as glad as you will be when we do it again tomorrow."

The next morning Ben woke up early and went to the computer. He wanted to snoop on his wife's activities on the internet before she got up and he had about fifteen minutes before he needed to be in the shower. Clicking onto her icon on the Windows Sign On page, it prompted him for a password. Okay, so she wants her privacy, he thought. It still frustrated him slightly, but the fact that they had sex two nights in a row was not something he was going to complain about.

The third night…

Carol clicked the link for LESBIAN and let her eyes wander over all the soft flesh. Her fingers were already on her pussy, teasing her own mound and rubbing herself as she watched the naughty girl-girl acts come to life on her computer screen.

Earlier that night she was watching one of her regular sitcoms when two female characters kissed on the mouth. Ben was in the kitchen getting a snack and missed the kiss and Carol didn't bother to tell him. But the whole night she thought about the two women kissing and her 'warm-up' time would be a perfect opportunity to explore that fantasy.

Most of the images and videos were from a company called Sapphic Erotica. The girls were all extremely attractive and had nice bodies. The camera work was well done and the kissing… Oh, the kissing was very sexy. Carol was feeling exceptionally dirty tonight. Here she was, a married conservative mother rubbing her clit watching these sexy young girls licking each other, grinding against each other, shoving vibrators into each other's pussies. Her whole body was on fire as she watched a whole set of movie clips that featured a MILF getting licked by a girl in pigtails. The older woman was grabbing onto her pigtails and grinding her cunt up to that teenage tongue. So naughty! Carol thought as her orgasm built past the point of no return. Her fingers frantically clicked on the next video and she gawked as the woman ate the younger girl out with skill. I want to lick that nice bald pussy so bad! was what she was thinking as the orgasm shook her from her toes to her head.

With her climax passing, Carol's guilt started to creep back. Why was she looking at this stuff? Why was she thinking these things? This whole thing was meant for her to be closer to her husband, not exploring her own perverse desires. She logged off.

"Ben, I'm a little sore down there," she told her husband as she walked into the bedroom. "Do you think we can skip tonight and do things tomorrow?"

He was disappointed, especially after waiting for fifteen minutes. Ben was rock hard and needed some relief and the idea that he would have to wait was not appealing at all. He spooned his wife and rubbed his manhood against her ass. "Come on, Carol, we can go easy tonight. How about I take care of you first, okay?"

"I don't know…" she responded, but her husband was already working his way down her body to her wet mound. As he began to lick her pussy, Carol moaned loudly and spread her legs open. Yes, it had been awhile since he even offered to lick her and it felt so good to have his tongue dancing over her clit. His fingers pushing into her hole.

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