tagLesbian SexCursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 04

Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 04


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. Remember that the term 'teen' can refer to a person who is 18 or 19 years of age!

This is the continuing saga of the Idol of Lesbos, which has been put to film by Margo Sullivan. I'm proud to say that my taboo story has succeeded in making headway into the adult industry. Enjoy a trip into my fantasy world!


Aunt Charlotte asked them to be at the house by 2pm and it was already 3:30pm by the time they arrived. The incestuous trio had difficulties unlatching from each other, but once they did Margaret told her daughters they couldn't leave the idol behind again.

"I just feel so bad those women lost their jobs," she pouted. "We've got to clean this place up and take the idol with us."

Lisa and Leslie smiled and agreed, their minds already working ahead to their next conquest, steered by the insatiable idol to an end wholly built of decadence. Perhaps it was the time under its influence, but neither Lisa nor Leslie felt anything but titillating joy at the news of the hotel cleaners. To them, the women were liberated, set free to explore a new world with a gifted insatiable appetite. They knew that those women most likely licked each other for hours after getting fired and might not have even left the parking lot before getting each other off.

Margaret and Charlotte were making last minute arrangements with the florist before they went to the rehearsal dinner. The next day Aunt Charlotte would pick up her dress and then have her bachelorette party. And then finally the wedding would be upon them! The details were slowly tidying up, but one person seemed less than eager to see matters go smoothly.

Cindy was unhappy about her father remarrying and her attitude did not improve with the inevitability of the event. Responses to invitations had come up missing, phone messages not passed on, and even the flower arrangements had been modified by somebody calling in; this warranted a personal visit to the florist to make sure nothing else went wrong. Charlotte knew it was Cindy, but couldn't prove it. Bradley couldn't believe his daughter would stoop that low, but promised that he'd get Cindy's cooperation -- a promise he couldn't realistically deliver. The last thing Charlotte wanted to do was leave Cindy alone in the house, and the arrival of the twins meant that somebody would be there to keep a close eye on the saboteur.

Charlotte hugged both her nieces and gushed over how beautiful they had become. Lisa and Leslie controlled themselves, behaving themselves as they secretly eyed their aunt's curves. She was a younger version of their mother and both wondered if her cunt would taste as good as mommy's did. Time did not allow for them to find out, however, and after a quick introduction to Cindy Charlotte and Margaret were out the door. Cindy waited just long enough for the door to close before walking away, leaving Leslie and Lisa in the living room.

They waited for the sounds of Aunt Charlotte's car to fade into the distance before Leslie grabbed the gift bag and walked down the hallway, Lisa close behind her. The door to Cindy's room was slightly ajar and the twenty year old girl. Redheaded and freckled, Cindy Fontaine was what most guys would call 'cute'; small breasts, trim waist, nice butt, bob hairstyle, and fair skin that was so out of place when compared against her sun worshipping stepmother-to-be. But there was nothing but ugliness plastered all over her face, her utter disdain for Charlotte and her family was obvious to all who were exposed to it.

"Cindy," Lisa knocked, "Can we come in?"

"I'd prefer if you didn't," Cindy responded uncaringly.

Lisa walked into the room anyway to an exasperated sigh. Leslie followed and the two stood side by side at the opening to the large bedroom. A forty-inch flat screen adorned the wall and a skylight poured filtered light across the oak wood floors. Cindy was lying back in a wicker chair that was bent into a half dome shape. She looked up at the two girls who dared invade her inner sanctum.

"Well," Cindy asked snottily, "What do you want? Or are you just planning on standing there like a couple of zombies?"

"We just wanted to get to know you," Lisa responded.

Leslie broke in, "So Cindy... Tell us about yourself."

Cindy went back to reading her friend's post on her smart phone. "Do I have to?" she asked sarcastically.

"Why are you mad at us? We're just trying to be friendly."

Cindy slapped her phone down on her thigh just above her shorts, "I don't even know why you didn't just leave with the rest of your family."

Lisa stepped forward, "Because we wanted to meet you. We're going to be your family after the wedding."

Cindy made an exaggerated smile and did her bimbo valley girl impression, "Yeah, that will be just sooo awesome! You can be my new cousins and we can paint our nails and talk about boys and share make-up... Except that's not going to happen. Listen, my dumbass father is marrying your dumbass aunt and I can't do anything about it, but I don't have to like you and you can't make me." She went back to reading her phone, ignoring the twins.

There was a long pause before Cindy looked up again, "Why are you still here? Go make yourself at home, in a different room."

Leslie and Lisa stood unmoving, "Hey we got you a present... Do you want it?"

"No, not really." She paused when she looked over at the gift bag. It was sizeable and her curiosity was getting the best of her. "Fine, I'll look at your dumb present."

Lisa set the bag on Cindy's lap and the weight surprised her. Whatever it was it was heavy -- certainly not something you would typically put in a gift bag. Cindy reached her hands into the pink tissue and wrapped her fingers around something warm and metallic, and -

'Wicked pleasure is yours, Cindy.' ---- 'Lesbian pleasure.'

'Feel them inside.' ---- 'Feel them building.'

'You want it.' ---- 'You need it.'

'You'll beg for it.' ---- 'Over and over again.'

'Pussy is everything.' ---- 'Pleasure is everything.'

'Give in.' ---- 'Give over to it.'

Cindy couldn't understand why her hand was rubbing her mound over the top of her shorts, why her knees were opened wide, and why she had no control over any of it.

"Are you sure we can't make you like us, Cindy?" Lisa grinned wickedly.

Leslie assured Cindy with her finger stroking her arm, "Well guess what, Cindy? You are about to love us."

Cindy writhed on the chair, the compulsion to pleasure herself greater than she had ever felt. To say that she felt 'horny' was like calling the ocean a sip of water. She needed sex... Lesbian sex. And she didn't care who knew it. Hell, her father could walk in right now and she would still dive down and lick that bald pussy that Leslie (or was it Lisa?) was showing her.

They were all naked now, their skin bare for the world to see. The statue was resting against her body in the chair, heat emanating from within its structure. The twin she thought was Lisa was holding Cindy's hands over her head while Leslie got on her knees and exhaled slowly right over her pussy. The hot breath from the girl she barely knew made her wiggle uncontrollably and if it wasn't for her arms being restrained Cindy would have grabbed a hold of that long dark hair and drove her mouth right into her mound.

"P-please! Lick me!" Cindy cried.

"Are you sure you want me to lick your little pussy?" Leslie teased.

"Fuck! Yes!" Cindy spread her legs as far as they would stretch, an open invitation for any woman who would take it. "Do it!"

"Beg for it, slut. Beg me," Leslie ordered. Her mouth a mere inch from Cindy's throbbing clit.

Cindy couldn't stand it. She would say anything -- do anything to have Leslie tonguing her. "PLEASE! Lick me, please! I'm going to die if you don't so please just lick my cunt! Pleeeeease!"

Lisa nodded to Leslie with a grin and Leslie barely flicked the tip of her tongue over Cindy's clit. She responded by thrusting her hips as far forward as she could, her limited mobility only serving to frustrate her even more. Leslie gave her one really good lick all the way along the length of Cindy's pussy lips and again withdrew.

"Ooohh," Cindy moaned. "Why are you stopping? Please... More! I need more!"

Lisa spoke from above her, her grip on Cindy's wrists firm as ever, "First tell us what you are now. Tell us what you crave."

Cindy blurted out anything she could think of, every nasty word the idol was feeding her, "I'm a lesbian. Yes! I'm a lesbian now! A fucking dyke! Please lick me! I need it, I need my lesbian pussy licked now!"

Leslie licked Cindy as a matter of reward every time she spoke, and soon Cindy was screaming out a long twisted chain of vulgarities that satisfied the twins thoroughly.

"Yes! More! I'm a dyke! A fucking queer girl! Your lesbian slut! I swear, I'll lick your pussy every day... I need it now. I'm your slave forever, I promise! Ooooh, I need cunt! I'm a cuntlicker! A dirty fucking cuntlicker who will never touch a man again. Only girls make me --ooooh!- happy. More! More! Make me your little queer bitch! Please! MORE! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Cindy's first orgasm from a woman quaked her body and made her eyes roll back. Leslie never stopped licking her though -- instead she latched onto her clit with her lips and continued to suck on it and massage it with her tongue. The orgasm continued and Cindy gasped for air, her whole room spinning from a lack of perspective, her nervous system overloaded as Leslie overstimulated her for... How long? Minutes? Days? Cindy was vaguely aware that she was babbling incoherently, unable to even ask to be let go or to have Leslie stop. The room grew dim as the fair skinned girl lost consciousness.

'Obey them.' ---- 'Obey us.'

'Obey your lust.' ---- 'Nothing else matters, Cindy.'

'You need lesbian sex.' ---- 'Pussy is everything.'


Cindy awoke on her father's bed, completely nude still, but the twins were on either side of her. Leslie was fingering Cindy's clit while Lisa fondled her breasts. "Wha- what happened?"

Lisa smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Hi sleepy head, you're awake! You passed out from my sister licking you. I bet you liked that didn't you?"

"I lo- lo- ooooooh! -loved it!" Cindy was sputtering already from the stimulation. "I need more. It's sooo good.... Soooo sexy...."

"Are you sure you want us to keep playing with you?" Leslie queried. "Your dad might come home, catch you on his bed having sex with two girls. What would he think about his little angel then?"

"Oooooh, I don't care... I don't care if he sees me... I don't --oooooooh!- don't care if anybody sees me. I need it!"

Cindy's transformation was quicker than most girls, for reasons the even the twins did not understand. Not that they were unhappy with her change, but the idol had plans for their new conquest and it was important to focus Cindy's raw energy into the purpose the Idol of Lesbos selected.

Lisa sucked on Cindy's tits, driving the girl mad with sexual satisfaction. Soft hands everywhere. Touching, caressing, rubbing. The redhead gasped again and then wailed as her second lesbian orgasm stimulated every last nerve ending in her body.

Lisa waited for Cindy to come down from her high before instructing her, "So, bad girl... I know you don't care if anyone knows, but it is important you keep this a secret. For now."

Cindy looked up at her new mistresses, "I'll do anything you ask. Just tell me what you want me to do."


Charlotte wasn't sure what was going on, but she wasn't about to complain. As she and Margaret walked back into Brad's house, she found Cindy sitting in the living room with Lisa and Leslie. The three were acting like they had known each other for years. Cindy had out one of her scrapbooking projects and was showing off pictures from college.

"This is my sorority house from the inside," Cindy pointed at the page, "We spent a week painting it and decorating it."

"Wow, that's so pretty!" Lisa exclaimed. She looked up when Charlotte walked in and waved, "Hi! How did everything go?"

Charlotte was sure Cindy had good moods, but she had honestly never seen her in one. Now she wasn't just smiling; Cindy was absolutely beaming. She squinted her eyes and walked slowly over to the trio sitting together, "Everything went fine... What are you three up to?"

Cindy looked at Leslie and then back at Charlotte, "Oh, nothing much. Just showing off some pictures. I'm glad everything got worked out with the florist, Charlotte."

"Thanks," she responded slowly. Something was wrong. She knew it. This redheaded nightmare of a girl had changed her tune in a matter of a few hours, but to what end she didn't know. Surely if Cindy was up to no good her nieces would say something. The rest of the afternoon went seamlessly, and even Brad commented later that night how strangely polite his daughter had behaved. Finally, he acknowledged her bad behavior after changing it. Maybe he truly didn't see what a witch his daughter was? Or maybe he was in denial? But the contrast certainly illustrated that Cindy had been miserable up until then. Charlotte went to sleep troubled, her mind unable to wrap itself around what was happening.


Picking up the dress the next day took longer than expected. The store manager was distracted by inventory checks and one of the sales women commented how the district manager was there as well. Charlotte had dealt with the store manager personally in the past and was now relegated to trying on the dress with one of her employees. Margaret managed to keep things focused, however and the final alterations were so incredibly minor that they took care of them within an hour.

Leslie and Lisa disappeared for a spell, only to reappear coming out of the back of the store walking with the district manager. They shook hands and the manager gushed over them, telling them how delighted she was to have met them.

"What was that all about?" Charlotte asked.

Lisa and Leslie grinned and looked at each other, then turned to their aunt. Leslie spoke, "Well, we hadn't gotten jobs for the summer yet and Mrs. Hunsacker offered to talk to some people in the chain and get us jobs for the summer up in our town."

"Wow," Charlotte raised her eyebrows, "you must have made quite the impression. I'm surprised that they would hire you knowing that you'll be going off to college in less than two months."

"My girls can be quite influential," Margaret jumped in, shaking her head subtly at them. She stifled her grin, knowing that her daughters had once again corrupted a married woman and bent her to their will. Whether they had changed Mrs. Hunsacker only slightly or twisted her into a pussy eating maniac Margaret may never know.

"I can see," Charlotte said. "My nieces are truly impressive..." she meant it, but this was yet another strange occurrence that revolved around the twins.

The conversation in the car switched to the bachelorette party and how they were going to work things out. Margaret had met with her friend Vivian last night in private to go over the details of the party. Vivian was another divorcee and Charlotte's best friend; since she was local she was planning the whole party from the beginning, but had kept the details quiet. It was supposed to be a surprise, after all. Margaret wanted to share some ideas about the party and so they arranged for Vivian to stop by the hotel and meet with Charlotte's sister.

Since yesterday, Vivian hadn't answered any text messages and Margaret had been extremely tight lipped about the whole party. It was driving Charlotte nuts. "Can you at least tell me where we are going to have it?" she begged.

"Nope," Margaret smiled.

"Fine. Don't tell me." She turned around to look at the twins and Cindy in the back seat. "So girls, what are you three going to do tonight while we're out partying?"

Cindy shrugged her shoulders, "Uhh, Margaret said we were going to the party too. I hope that's okay."

"Oh. Okay. Well that's interesting. And... Margaret, you are okay with all of them coming to the party?"

Margaret smiled, "Oh, I couldn't uninvited them if I wanted to."

Margaret dropped off her sister at Brad's place, her eyes fixed on her ass as she walked up the steps into the house with the wedding dress box carefully balanced in her arms. She helped Charlotte get the last of the details in place while Cindy drove off with Leslie and Lisa. Deep inside there was a small conflict, knowing that she was leading her baby sister into a trap, but after spending the last several days eying Charlotte's body, she had to help her daughters. They promised that the wedding would still go ahead as planned, but that the bachelorette party would be their fondest memory. Margaret didn't doubt it. After Leslie and Lisa used the idol on Vivian, the four of them became so loud that a complaint was called to the front desk. The hotel's night manager called and asked that they be more discreet, but it didn't stop their activities. By 8 o'clock at night the morning, Vivian was putty in their hands. By midnight the plan was hatched and the bachelorette party planned out. By 2 o'clock the foursome realized they had to call it a night or there would be no energy left in their bodies to continue the next day. Vivian walked out of the hotel stumbling like a drunk even though she hadn't had a single drink.

The summer sun was still bright that early evening, sinking very slowly toward the horizon. Leslie, Lisa, and Cindy made a quick pit stop at the hotel to get their 'special' suitcases. They resisted the urge to have another rendezvous, knowing that the night would be well worth the sacrifice. Their next stop: Vivian Shumaker's house to help decorate for the party.

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