tagIncest/TabooCursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 02

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term 'teen' or 'teenager' can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen! I am happy to say that the original story 'Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos' has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol

The Idol of Lesbos III -- Sacrifices


Chapter 2


Tilly and Stefanie waited till after the rest of the students exited the classroom, watching Mrs. Weisman quietly close the door behind them. She gestured for the two girls to come forward from the back row of the class and sit in the front desks. Mrs. Weisman was their government teacher and very sweet, but she also was the woman who caught them cheating on their most recent exam.

"Girls, I really don't know how to quantify the disappointment I feel today. Cutting two classes? Cheating on your tests? And to top it off, you both scored a D- on the exam! How do you score a near failing grade when you are cheating?"

Both girls smirked and shrugged their shoulders, listening quietly to the admonishments from their teacher.

"Both of you have been exemplary students, but this type of behavior calls into question your integrity for the whole year. Can either of you tell me what's going on?"

Stefanie squeezed her thighs together, barely able to keep from rubbing her pussy at the sight of her teacher. "I guess we're just really distracted," the ponytailed girl offered.

Mrs. Weisman lowered her glasses, "Does this have anything to do with you two being in some type of relationship? Don't look surprised. I've seen you two holding hands back there when the other students aren't looking. Do your parents know about your inappropriate relationship?"

Tilly let out a burst of laughter only to stifle it quickly when her teacher glared at her.

"Do you want to tell me what is so funny?" the instructor snapped.

"I think you should explain to everyone about YOUR inappropriate relationship," the blonde mousy girl challenged.

"What relationship?"

"You know, the sexual one you are having with High School Senior Stefanie Wardwick," Tilly said. With that she reached out with her mind and pulled Weisman out from behind her desk. The teacher stumbled forward, unsure why her body was moving, afraid when she knelt beneath the desk where Stefanie sat, and terrified when she noticed Tilly was recording her licking the teenager's pussy.

"Wow, Mrs. Weisman, I don't think your husband would approve of you having an affair with a student. Then again, maybe he would. But I know the faculty here would be shocked to know their newest teacher had her face buried under her student's skirt, wouldn't they?"

The teacher wanted to fight it, wanted to reply, wanted to stop, but the spirit of the idol had reached out to the twenty-nine year old new hire at Tilly's direction and compelled her to slide her tongue up and down over the girl's labia. She felt like a puppet on strings as her own hand reached under her skirt and masturbated all while Tilly Buchanan filmed her actions.

Tilly leaned down, "You know Mrs. Weisman, we both want A's... In every class."

"I non no now!" the teacher mumbled while she ate the slick pussy.

Tilly managed to figure out what Mrs. Weisman said, "You don't know how? Well, you better figure it out or this video is going to be everywhere."

Stefanie, almost on queue, pushed on her teacher's head to keep her away. "Stop! Mrs. Weisman! Stop! I don't want to do this!"

Mrs. Weisman grabbed the girl's hands and held them fast, keeping the teen girl in place as she licked her young cunt.

"Shut up or I'll fail you and your friends in this class!" The vile words escaped Mrs. Weisman's mouth inexplicably, almost as if they weren't her own. The video was damning for the teacher, depicting her as a lesbian predator. Nobody could know that that Stefanie was the lesbian convert and the teacher was the victim of some supernatural power here.

Tilly put the camera phone away and Stefanie went back to being the pussy hungry whore that she was converted into, squealing in ecstasy as she got licked by her favorite teacher. She reached down and played with the older woman's tits to the sounds of her muffled protests.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you, Mrs. Weisman," Tilly prodded, "Not to talk with your mouth full? Now hurry up! We both need to cum before lunchtime is over."

Probing fingers, flicking tongues, pinched nipples; the teacher was flummoxed by how easily she was manipulated. Was it Stephanie or Tilly that held this power? Did it matter at that point? Tilly's fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy past her ripped pantyhose and splattering her female juices on the inside of her thigh as she did. The pleasure within increased to a level that Mrs. Weisman could no longer deny what was happening and she lifted her soaked chin from Stephanie's young crotch to moan.

Tilly spoke from behind menacingly, "Tell me, Mrs. Weisman, did your new husband make you orgasm the last time you made love? Tell the truth..."

"How..? Uhhhhhh! Can't... Think straight..." was all she was able to respond with.

"That's because you're not acting straight! Ha! Come on, answer me! Did he make you cum?"

"Noooo!" the teacher blurted out, unable to lie to the young nymph fingering her.

Tilly pistoned her hand faster into her teacher's cunt, "That's because you're a closet lesbian, Mrs. Weisman. Now cum, bitch!!"

Mrs. Weisman let out a screech she was certain would be heard in the hallway. Her whole body vibrated until collapsing on the school tile floor, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. Tilly provided her little pause, however, and straddled her face on the floor. The mousy blonde girl humped her teacher's face mercilessly and came quickly. Once satisfied, both teenagers fixed their uniforms and each other's make-up before collecting their book bags. Their teacher managed to prop herself up against the front of the desk, unable to unfix her gaze from the girls' asses and legs.

Tilly turned and knelt close to Mrs. Weisman, "Can't stop looking at us, can you? I've tweaked your mind so that you won't be able to orgasm unless you fantasize about your students. And every time a pretty girl comes into your class your dyke cunt is going to get all tingly looking at her."

"How can I do my job? I'm going to go crazy! You can't do this to me!" the teacher pleaded.

"Well, get those grades of ours up to A's and maybe I'll fix you," Tilly shrugged. "Of course, you may not want to be fixed by the time the school year is over."

And with that the duo stepped from the government classroom, leaving their disheveled lesbian convert teacher to pick up the pieces of her cracked mind.

** ** **

Deep in the teenager's soul, the spirit of the Idol of Lesbos found solace after losing its vessel. Now it risked climbing out to communicate with the young woman Tilly with whom she resided.



The blonde girl was sleeping, but somehow managed to respond, "Yes..."

'What do you crave?'

Tilly smiled, her eyes still closed, "Girls, nothing but girls..."

'I know you enjoy the power I have given you, Tilly, but the power will not last.'


'I cannot explain such things, only that it is so. I need you to find me a new receptacle.'

"I don't understand..."

'Two women you must find.'

'They must be bonded by you.'

'Bond them to each other physically.'

"Yes..." the thought made Tilly masturbate in her sleep.



'Do this, Tilly, and I can be yours forever.'

'Any woman will be yours.'


'Every woman will be yours.'

Her teenage body thrashed as the orgasm poured through her slumbering body. Tilly woke up and sat upright in bed, wide eyed and somewhat understanding of what she needed to accomplish.

** ** **

In the locker room at school, Kelly apprehensively walked up to Tilly while she was changing into of her field hockey uniform.

Tilly waved, "Hi, Kelly, how are you? What are you doing in here?"

The brunette girl looked about to make sure nobody was listening, then sat close to her boyfriend's sister. "Hey, I knew you had practice today and I wanted to talk to you about last night..."

"What about it?" Tilly asked.

"I don't know what made me do all that stuff last night but..."

"But what?"

"But I don't want to screw things up with your brother. So are we cool?"

Tilly didn't feel the least bit bad about her brother, but she couldn't threaten him if she had nothing to hold over his head. She thought about it for a second then responded, "Sure. It never happened."

That's when the Hitch sisters showed up. Lisa and Leslie, gorgeous and tan, identical twins, and possibly the worst attitudes on the planet, stomped by in their cleats as Kelly and Tilly spoke confidentially. Tilly was so tempted to use her powers on them right here and now, but knew that Kelly would put two and two together and realize that something supernatural was going on. That wouldn't have worried her earlier, but the warning from the Idol of Lesbos last night had Tilly concerned that her powers wouldn't last. It was time to conserve.

"Nice job in practice yesterday, asswipe," Lisa scoffed. "I hope your passing improves before our match this weekend."

Tilly waved her hand dismissively, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get over yourselves."

The two watched them leave through the swinging locker room door. Kelly mumbled, "The Hitch sisters think they are so perfect at everything."

Tilly joked, "That's why we call them the 'Bitch' sisters."

They both laughed. Kelly left as Tilly went onto the field to practice. She could easily switch them into crazed lesbians at this very moment, but she grudgingly admitted she needed the twins to win their last match. Tilly left them on a list of girls to convert after graduation.

** ** **

Later that night Megan rolled over and turned off her lamp, but when she rolled back she found her husband close and groping her. His rough hands were grabbing at her breasts and his penis was poking through his pajama bottoms and stabbing her ass cheek.

"Not tonight, Bill," she whined.

"Come on," he complained, "Why not tonight?"

"I'm just not in the mood," she excused herself.

"I'm going to be out of town all next week. You'd think that you could put out for your own husband!" William Sr. rolled over and tried to think of baseball and cooking shows and the stack of files he had piled up in his office. Anything to get rid of his erection.

Megan lay there, staring at the wall. She watched the minutes tick by and listened for her hubby's breathing to change to snoring before she risked getting out of bed. Her sheer night gown brushed against her skin as the blonde mother of twins descended the steps in silence and made her way to the living room. There she found her daughter, pawing at her bare pussy, sitting in the leather arm chair.

"You're late, mommy," her daughter accused.

"Your father was up late, I couldn't get out of bed till now," Megan whispered, standing there in the room's entrance and afraid to step closer.

Tilly curled her index finger, "Come here mommy. I know you need your midnight snack don't you?"

"Tilly, you can't keep making me do this! Your brother knows!"

"So what? He isn't going to say anything."

"Your dad is going to find out."

Tilly pouted, "But my pussy's lonely, mommy. It needs some loving care."

Megan crossed her arms in front of her defensively, "I'm not some toy for you to play with. I'm your mother."

Tilly scoffed, "Actually, mom, you're both. Now get down here and lick me. You do it soooo good."

Megan tried to stand her ground, but was once again compelled to do her daughter's wishes. It was terrifying to know that she had no way to resist, and even more terrified at the intense pleasure she had at the hands of her own daughter. It was an awful feeling, knowing that the incestuous lesbian sex she had with Tilly was far more satisfying than any other sexual experience she had in her life. How could she go on pretending all was normal when such a perverse relationship continued behind the scenes?

Megan pondered these thoughts as her nose rubbed against the clean shaved groin, her tongue slipping against the soft young folds, a mouth full of teenage pussy juice setting Megan alight with passion. Tilly did everything she could to make her feel like the pervert she was acting as, whispering devilish things to her as she flicked her tongue across that youthful hard clit.

"That's it, mommy... More... Look what you are doing to your own daughter! What a pervert you are mommy, sticking your tongue in my nice young cunt! Licking me! Tasting my pussy juices all over your face! That's INCEST, mommy! Think about it, INCEST with your own daughter? What would all your friends say? Oh, I mean the ones that don't already know what a filthy dirty lesbian slut you are... Oh, I'm cumming, mommy! Cumming! Cumming!"

Tilly squeezed her thighs together as Megan continued to munch away, the post coital stimulation making her young flesh squeak against the leather as Tilly squirmed about. Megan tried to pull away but her daughter kept bucking her hips, fucking her mom's face and practically suffocating Megan with her pussy. Finally Tilly relented and let her go. Megan collapsed on the floor, gasping for air.

"Mom, you are getting sooooo good at that," the petite blonde sighed. "I really can't wait till daddy is gone all next week so we can have even more fun." She got up and picked up her pajamas and panties that were carelessly discarded on the floor. "Goodnight, mom!"

Megan turned and called after her, "But what about me?"

Tilly yawned, "Oh, sorry, mom. I just got really tired. But I'm sure you can finish by yourself." She threw her panties to her mother. "Here! Just think of me when you are taking care of yourself."

Megan knelt on the floor, frustrated and wet between her legs as she watched her daughter disappear into the darkness. In desperation, she took her daughter's panties and pushed them up against her face, smelling the scent of sex that still clung to them. Just the smell of Tilly's pussy made Megan masturbate uncontrollably, shoving her fingers into her slit and thinking about the wicked things her daughter had made her do... And would make her do. It was wrong and terrible and Megan could think of nothing else until she climaxed. When the excitement finally abated, she stared pathetically at the tiny panties balled up in her sweaty fist, disgusted at how far she had fallen as a human being.

Megan looked at the clock and noticed it was almost one AM. She couldn't have William Sr. knowing she was up and so she tiptoed up the steps and down the hall, back to her bedroom, dumping the panties in the hamper as she went. She did not notice her son's door slightly ajar nor Billy's eye spying on her as she walked back to her bedroom.



'Two women you must find.'

'You must bond them to each other...'

The words came again last night and Tilly realized she should heed the voice's instructions before it was too late. Looking out the window, she realized she needed two women and figured what better place to find them than right here in the neighborhood. She would have gone to Cindy's place, but her brother was home and it was too complicated to work anything out with her.

Ashley was home, however. And so was her mother. Tilly distinctly remembered seeing them in the circle of lesbians on that fateful day; remembered seeing Karen Townsend with her fingers massaging her daughter's pussy. Tilly remembered how disgusted she was at the time, and how sexy she thought it was now. Perhaps it was time to find out more about what happened? Mr. Townsend always got home late on Thursdays and Fridays. What better time was there?

Karen put down her mixed drink and answered the knock at the door. She was shocked to see Tilly carrying a bulky black trash bag. The two had not spoken much since 'the incident' and Karen had difficulty looking her in the face.

"Hi, Mrs. Townsend. Can I come in?" Tilly asked sweetly.

"Sure, Tilly. Ashley is upstairs, studying of course."

"Actually I came over to talk to you."

The two sat on the stools by the kitchen and Karen looked terribly sad. "I suppose I owe you an apology, Tilly," she started.

"No," Tilly stopped her. "Don't apologize. We were all being influenced by that beautiful idol Mrs. Watson brought home. How could you stop it?"

"Beautiful?" Karen curled her lips. "That thing was hideous! A thing of hate! I'm so glad that your brother destroyed it. Thank God for that!"

Tilly tried hard to hide her anger at the insult of the idol and her disappointment of its destruction; instead she remembered to stay on target.

"So what's in the bag?" Karen asked.

"It's all the sex toys from that day," Tilly confessed. "We cleaned it all up but I was so embarrassed about the trash men seeing what was in there, I've been hiding it ever since."

"Oh you poor dear. We're all ashamed about that day. Me more than others."

Tilly probed, "Why? What happened? Please tell me."

Karen shook her head, on the verge of tears. "I can't. It was awful what it made me do."

"What was it? I need to understand."

"Ashley was a good girl, like you," Karen confessed. "She was saving herself for somebody special and I ruined that for her. I tried to fight it but the idol kept pushing and pushing and pushing until I finally snapped." She wiped a tear from her eye. "I've been trying to forget it all happened."

Tilly drew closer, "But don't you think about those things you did with Ashley?"

"I try not to."

"But you do think about it. Don't you? You're thinking about it right now."

The memory of Karen standing there getting off while her daughter had lesbian sex with Cindy flashed into her mind. Then the image of the day of her husband's hunting trip when Karen was driven made with lust. The strap-on she used, Ashley's pussy stretching around its girth, screaming for her to stop.

"How could I do that to my daughter?" Karen wept.

Tilly crept behind her and brushed her fingers along Karen's back, "You're thinking about how hot it made you feel. Not just licking another woman's pussy..."


"But a hot, wet, eighteen year old pussy..."

"Please, not again..."

"That pussy belonging to your own daughter..."

"Oh my God, this can't be happening..."

"What got you off the most? Tell me."

"Fucking her... Using her...."

Tilly held up the black strap-on dildo she had withdrawn from the trash bag. "And now you can't think about anything else except doing it all over again. Isn't that right?"

Karen's eyes were completely dilated as she stared at the brutal gigantic toy she had fucked her daughter with. A drip of pussy juice escaped her soaked panties and escaped down her sweating thigh.

** ** **

Ashley sat in her room listening to her music through her ear buds. She was scared upright when her mother slammed the door open and stood there in her black bra and the strap-on dildo that had taken Ashley's virginity. Over and over her mother had used it on her to the point where Ashley had trouble walking for the rest of the evening. Now she was wearing it again!

"Mom, what are you doing?" the redhead screamed.

"I'm here to take care of that slutty little pussy, Ashley."

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