Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 01


Jen watched her mother in the shower as she played with her large breasts. Never before this weekend had a woman been the object of such dark fantasies, let alone her own mom. Yet there she was, naked, touching herself, so curvy, so soft, so hot. The incestuous aspect of the fantasy only drove her desires farther, making the wicked feeling in the pit of her stomach grow to insurmountable levels.

Just watch her, slut. Watch and play. You desperately want her to be your plaything, don't you? The voice spoke and Jennifer acted.

Jennifer succumbed to her perverted desires and whispered to herself, "That's it mom, show me that pussy... My mommy has a sexy body, doesn't she?"

Each wicked word that dripped off her tongue energized her even more. "I want to lick you so bad, mom," she moaned.

And every word spoken seemed to come in concert with Dallas pleasuring herself more. It was as if the spirit of the Idol was rewarding her for Jennifer's nasty thoughts. Dallas went from teasingly pleasuring her clit to fingering herself hard and groaning loudly in the shower. Jen's knees shook as the orgasm washed over her. It would have been considered utterly disgusting to masturbate watching a woman , but here she was pleasuring herself as she stared at her own mother.

"I need to-" Jennifer whispered to herself, intending to say I need to stop. Instead she finished the sentence, "I need to... see more."

The ogling session ended as Dallas --frustrated that she could not cum- turned off the water. Jennifer vanished into the darkness of the hallway leaving her mother ignorant of the voyeuristic act that took place not eight feet away.

The blonde mother threw some cold water on her face, brushed her teeth, and dried her hair. By the time she got to her room, she was tired and ready for bed. She never noticed the wooden idol sitting on the floor. Dallas turned off the light and fell into a restless sleep.


As Dallas slept, the idol guided her to the naughty places her daughter had just gone. Talking in her sleep the mother of two whispered indecent words she never heard let alone uttered before. "I need a girl to lick me! Lick my pussy!" The words came quicker and easier with each passing phrase. It was a feedback loop where her physical pleasure was heightened by the dirty words she told herself, which encouraged her to masturbate faster and bring her more pleasure.

I am a cunt licker.

I am a dirty girl.

Train me to love pussy.

Tutor me to want girls.

Teach me to desire women.

I am a dirty girl.

I am a slave to my pussy.

I want to be a lezzie slut.

I love pussy.

I need pussy.

I love cunt.

I will only want women.

Never a man again.

I will obey my lesbian desires.

Jennifer walked into the master bedroom boldly this time. Watching her mom fingering her cunt uncontrollably, she slowly pulled the sheet off the middle aged woman's writhing body. Jen stood there for just a moment before the voice commanded her to action.

Touch her.

Jennifer didn't need the command anymore. She wanted her mother. She needed her. She desired the wicked feeling that she had gotten from the spectacle in the bathroom. For all intents and purposes, the idol had washed away the last of good girl Jennifer, leaving behind a manipulative lesbian slut.

The lanky blond climbed onto the bed and ran her hands along her mother's open legs. Her fingers fondled her mother's waiting pussy and her tongue found itself buried in her mother's wetness. Jennifer's very first time touching another woman and it was her own mother's sleeping body. The power was intoxicating and the juices on her tongue were as addictive as cocaine. The whole time the younger blonde was fucking her fingers in and out of her own pussy with her ass up in the air.

"Cum for me!" Jennifer spoke, ignoring all discretion. "Cum for me, mommy!" Her fingers pumped the older woman's hole as she came hard, the orgasm rousing her from her sleep.

Dallas opened her sleepy eyes, confused by the confluence of intense sexual pleasure, homosexual dreams, and the reality of seeing her oldest daughter between her legs. "What is going on? What are you doing?"

Jennifer looked up from between her mother's thighs, "It's just a dream, mom. Just a hot wet dream. Now cum all over your daughter's mouth!" She went back to sucking on her clit and pumping her fingers simultaneously.

Dallas tried to resist, but found her body lacking the energy to fight what her mind knew must be stopped. "No, this is wrong. I'm your mother! Ooooohhh! Noo! We can't do this! Ooooh!"

A second intense orgasm rampaged Dallas' body as she barely made sense of what was happening. Jennifer smiled, climbed up next to her still half-sleeping mother, and licked on her nipples. The whole time she shoved her fingers in and out of Dallas, fingerbanging her mom's drenched pussy.

Jennifer was overcome with lust, talking dirty right into her mother's ear, "Cum for me again, mommy. Cum for your lesbian daughter! I'm going to make you a queer girl just like me.

Dallas fought it meagerly, "No!!"

"Yes! Say it, mom. Say you want to be a lesbian."

"I- no- -uuuuhhhhhhh!"

The third orgasm was building and Dallas winced in pleasure/pain as Jennifer yanked her hair back, "Say it, mommy! Say you want my cunt. Say it! And I'll make you cum like you never have before..."

Dallas caved and looked right into her daughter's eyes as she experienced the hardest climax of her life, "Oooooh, I want my daughter's cunt! I want my daughter's cunt! I want-"


Dallas bolted straight up in bed. She quickly looked around and noted not only was she alone but it was morning time. The sun was up and the house was quiet. Dallas looked around with a look of fear and guilt on her face.

Dallas put her hand on her forehead as a look of concern drew across her expression. "A sex dream, about my own daughter?" she said to herself guiltily. "What the hell made me think of that?"

Day 4 -- Tuesday

The nineteen year old was asleep in her bed. Having been out all day with her new boyfriend and having gone to bed around ten pm she never noticed anything unusual going on in the house. Just before midnight Vanessa had kicked the sheets of herself, exposing herself as wearing a simple pajama short and tank top combo. Vanessa still had the bunk bed from when she and Jennifer shared this room. It was smaller than Jen's new room and she knew she was too old for the décor, but it was fun sometimes being the baby of the family still.

The youngest daughter of Dallas slept soundly, ignorant to the eyes upon her legs and hips and breasts and face. Standing in the doorway was her sister Jennifer. She wore a white tank top that had imprinted on it, "Sorry boys, I lick pussy" along with a pair of white sexy underwear that showed off her ass. She simply stood there, breathing a heavy, staring wide eyed and lustfully at her sister's sleeping form.

It would be so easy to convert her, Jennifer thought to herself. But where is the fun in that?

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