tagIncest/TabooCursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 02

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Day 5 - Wednesday

Vanessa woke to a still house, as quiet as could be. This wasn't unusual as she was not working and sleeping in had become a regular habit for her unemployed self. Jennifer was typically over at her boyfriend's apartment however, so for her to be gone could have meant they had gotten back together. Peeking out the window, Vanessa noted her sister's car was still in the driveway, so either he picked her up or she was sleeping in too.

Wearing her pajama shorts and t-shirt she climbed out of bed and popped into the kitchen. The living room was empty as was the hallway; nobody was home. Just to be sure though she called out, "Mom! Jennifer! Anybody home?" There was a sigh of relief from her, glad to realize that Jen must have gotten back together with her man. Her sister had been such an odd duck lately. She poured a glass of milk, downed it in a hurry and went to watch television when she passed her sister's room. The door was closed. It wasn't a conscious act to check up on her sibling, but Vanessa knew her sister left the door open when she wasn't home.

Vanessa knocked quietly, "Jen?" With no answer she poked her head into the room and looked at the bed which was disheveled but devoid of any bodies. Her sister wasn't anywhere to be seen. What was on her bed, however, caught the nineteen year old's attention. Adult magazines and sex toys were strewn all over the bed. "Jen?" she repeated, walking in.

'Lesbian Licks', 'Dyke Desires', 'Luscious Lesbos'... The magazines were clearly homosexual in nature. One in particular caught her attention which was next to the pillow, a slickened vibrator next to it: 'Family Affairs -- Lesbian Edition'. Looking up Vanessa noted that the walls were plastered with posters of girls, sometimes posing by themselves, sometimes kissing each other.

The teenager curled her upper lip in disgust. "Gross!" she called out. Even though she felt disgusted at the sight of the pornographic trove, she rummaged through all the items on the bed. The whole idea of being with a girl was plain disgusting. She had a couple of friends who Vanessa was sure had experimented -- it was enough to make the teen end the relationship. "This shit is just nasty," she said snobbishly.

As she did, her older sister Jennifer crept silently up behind her. She was dressed in tight jeans and her tight t-shirt that said "Sorry boys, I lick pussy". She had many more on order but for now this would be her favorite. Her eyeliner was dark and her hair down and wild looking. She slid her hands along Vanessa's waist in a way that family would never normally touch. "Like what you see, little sister?"

Vanessa jumped back, pushing her sister's hands away. "What the fuck, Jen? You scared me!" She stepped back, startled and annoyed with her sister. Gesturing to the room she snapped, "What is all this shit? What the hell are you wearing? I thought you straight? What happened to your boyfriend? And being 'strictly dickly'? Isn't that what you used to say?"

Jen smiled, "Let's just say I changed my mind." Jen stepped closer and Vanessa stepped back again and pivoted to where she was up against the wall. Her big sister came closer, putting her hands on her waist and moving them up toward her breasts.

Vanessa was no longer disgusted but fearful, "What are you doing? I'm your sister!"

"I know. I just can't help it. The idea of fucking a girl gets me so hot now. And the idea of fucking my little sister makes me even hotter!"

"Wait! Don't!"

Jen manhandled her sister, groping her and kissing her neck and her mouth. Vanessa tried to push her older sister away but she was much taller and stronger. Jennifer grabbed her by the hands and held them over her head, pinning her wrists up. It was as if she was possessed with superhuman strength, locking her arms above her. Using her free hand, Jennifer reached into Vanessa's panties and fingered her clit. She felt moistness between her soft folds and groaned, "You have a nice wet little cunt, sis. I can't wait to taste it."

"No! This is incest! I don't even like girls!" Vanessa cried. What was strange was her body reacting the way it did. Her vagina was wet, but she didn't know why. She certainly wasn't enjoying this attack. Vanessa pushed her body against her big sister's to get away, but it was no use. The girl held her fast against the wall. All she managed to do was get closer to Jen so that their bodies were writhing against each other. One attempting to get away, one preventing that.

Jen kept rubbing her sister's pussy and then slipped her fingers into her hole. Damn it was tight! Two digits shoved their way in and soon Jennifer was finger-banging her little sister against her will. "That's it, Vanessa. Come on... Cum for your big sis!"

Vanessa felt the penetration of her sister's fingers and the clever manipulation of Jen's thumb against her clit. It felt so good, so amazing, which made the treachery all the more shocking. She wasn't a lesbian and she certainly had no attraction to her own flesh and blood. Yet her own body was betraying her, shuddering in pleasure from the stimulation. Soon a short and powerful orgasm twisted its way through her gut. What humiliation bubbled up from within the younger sibling knowing sexual pleasure in such an involuntary way. Jennifer let go, panting lustfully like an animal, a crazed look in her eyes as she ogled her sister.

The nineteen year old took the opportunity to jump away and out of the door. "Don't do that again ever! I don't care what the fuck you do with your life but I am not a lesbian!" She stormed out of the room, guilt ridden and violated from the lesbian assault by her own sister.

Jennifer shouted after her sister, "You will be!!" The door slammed on the other side of the house and the older sister smiled evilly. She repeated, "You will be."


Vanessa spent the rest of the day locked up in her room. Her sister left the house shortly after the attack, but Vanessa didn't want to risk leaving the safety of her room. Around dinner time she finally chanced coming out to eat a quick dinner and take a shower. She washed her crotch over and over, trying to strip away the filthy memory from her private parts. Vanessa kept listening for Jennifer, afraid she might come back. Every call she placed to her mom went unanswered. She couldn't talk to her friends. She couldn't call the police. The teenager spent the hours crying in her room, trying to understand what had happened.

Eventually she put on her mp3 player and tried to distract herself with some music, napping here and there. Vanessa's dreams were short and frightening, filled with images of her older sister grabbing her. Worse still Vanessa woke up feeling aroused which confused her even more. Tears flowed and she did her best not to fall asleep. There was something else, something quiet and unnerving beneath her waking thoughts and sleeping visions.




It was a sound- no, a voice? Vanessa turned up the music and closed her eyes.

Unbeknownst to Vanessa, Jennifer and Dallas parked on the sidewalk and snuck into the house. They both spoke in low voices in the darkened hallway, mother and daughter both holding the statue and caressing it with their fingertips. Dallas look mesmerized, just the way her oldest daughter wanted her.

Jennifer, confident that the idol's influence was complete, commanded her mother to action, "Do it, mommy. Go to her. You know you want to."


Vanessa was lying in bed alone, reading a book and feeling sullen when there was a rap on the door. She jumped at the sound, the fears of her sister's forced lesbian act all coming back to her. She exhaled in relief when her mother's voice came through the door, "Honey, it's me. Can I come in?"

"Yeah, hold on a sec," Vanessa answered. She hopped off the bed, unlocked her door, and retreated back to her mattress as her mother entered.

Dallas walked in wearing a fluffy terrycloth robe with something wooden protruding from the pocket. Her maternal instincts were not masked despite the idol's corruption as she noticed her daughter's upset face, "Vanessa, what's wrong?"

"Mom, where have you been all day. I tried calling your cell but you didn't answer."

"Sorry, sweetheart. I was out shopping all day. What's wrong?" she repeated.

All day Vanessa had rehearsed how she was going to bring up what happened with Jennifer. But now that her mother was face to face with her she had no idea what to say. How do you tell your mom that your sister sexually assaulted you? "Nothing," is all that she managed to let loose. "It's just been a terrible day."

"Didn't you have a date tonight?"

"Yeah, I just couldn't go on it. Jennifer and I had a fight this morning. Kinda anyways."

"What were you and your sister fighting about?" Dallas knew -- she knew every last detail. Jennifer had come to meet her for lunch with the idol in hand. Her daughter handed it to her and confessed the last few days' events. While the two sat in her SUV parked in the multilevel garage near her job, Jennifer related what had happened in every terrible detail, including the finger fucking she gave Vanessa. Dallas was mortified, but when she tried to jump out of the SUV to get some air she found her hand practically glued to the idol that now kept her fixed to her seat. Her daughter then proceeded to finger her mother right there in the parking lot, making her orgasm to every detail about the lesbian attack she perpetrated on poor Vanessa. It was terrifying... It was stimulating... It was perverse... It was sexy... And now here she was doing the bidding of the voice in her head. Dallas was told to play ignorant and so she would do so, for now.

"Nothing I want to talk about. It's just that Jennifer is acting really weird lately. Haven't you noticed?" If Vanessa thought that her mom was involved, she certainly didn't show it.

"Yes, I did. For the last couple of days. I think it has something to do with this-". Dallas pulled the Idol of Lesbos out and showed it to her daughter.

Vanessa cocked her head, "That's that statue she got the other day, right? Why would this make her act differently?"

"Here, hold it in your hands. It might make more sense." Dallas was trembling slightly, the last scraps of her normal life fading as the idol wormed its way into her judgment.

Vanessa took it in her hand and immediately started to feel sexually aroused. Power flowed through the wooden statue as she gasped. The voice was in her head. It had been there all week long -- she was sure of it. Quiet, in the background, subtle. It was the voice that told her she could be aroused at any woman's touch, even the violent penetrative finger fucking her sister gave her earlier. Now the voice was screaming in her brain with no way to turn it off.

Pussy is all that matters.

Men no longer are important.

Sexual pleasure is everything.

Women are everything.

You are a slave to your desires.

Touch your pussy.

Masturbate now.

Despite the embarrassment of feeling so aroused in her mom's presence, Vanessa struggled to create a coherent thought. She gripped the Idol tightly. Her hand slowly crept toward her panties as she started rubbing it. She was scared and tried to stop, but found resistance a worthless endeavor. "Mom! What's happening to me?"

Dallas stood there, a smile creeping thinly over her lips. "The Idol is changing you, sweetheart."

Vanessa shook her head and trying to push the thoughts out of her mind, but she failed. She continued to grip the idol and finger herself. She managed to gasp out a question she already knew the answer to, "Changing me into what?"

"Changing you into a lesbian, my beautiful daughter," Dallas answered matter-of-factly. "Just like it changed your sister. And just like it changed me."

"But I like boys! I don't want to like girls. I- I- I can't stop thinking about... About... Pussy..." Vanessa purred as she slipped her fingers into her wet hole, which just twelve hours ago was occupied by her sister's violating fingers. Thousands of images bombarded her brain of women from every time and country, every age and race, all engaging in lesbian sex. The idol wanted her converted and it was working fast.

Dallas let the robe drop off her frame to reveal her black stockings, black boots, and a big black strap-on dildo. She climbed on the bed and began fondling her youngest daughter. Starting with kisses to her baby Vanessa's neck, Dallas quickly felt the need to touch her everywhere, her hands roaming her stomach and hips and thighs and perky nipples.

Vanessa was shocked. None of the images in her mind were of her mother or her sister, but here she was allowing her mom to touch her while she masturbated uncontrollably. "Mom! What are you doing to me!?"

"I'm finishing what your sister started this morning. I'm going to make sure my sweet innocent daughter is a naughty... lesbian... whore."

Dallas ripped Vanessa's panties off and brought her mouth close to her beautiful trimmed bush. Pushing the teenager's hands away, she flicked her tongue across her daughter's clit and watched as Vanessa went crazy with pleasure. Soon Dallas was devouring the girl's mound, tasting her juices and fingering her tight pussy simultaneously. Brought to the brink of orgasmic pleasure, Dallas pulled away from her daughter and climbed between her legs. The middle aged mother of two teased her daughter's pussy with the strap-on, rubbing it along the mound and driving her nuts with desire. At just the right moment she plunged the phallus into her daughter's deepness and buried the strap-on all the way up in her. Vanessa screamed in pleasure as her mother humped her.

Just then, Jennifer walked in smiling, wearing her "I lick pussy" t-shirt and white thigh-high stockings with no panties. "Keep going, mom. Fuck my sister hard."

The encouragement brought Dallas a new vigor in perversity. She stared into Vanessa's eyes who lay beneath her, "Oh take it baby. Take mommy's big strap-on."

The kinky words only brought the taboo pleasure more emphasis and Vanessa wailed. Jen walked to side of bed and got face-to-face with her sister. Her mom continued to slide her strap-on in and out of her daughter's pussy. "You like that little sis? How does it feel having mom fuck you like that?"

Vanessa shuddered, "Soooo good!"

"Do you want to fuck your boyfriend?"


"Can you even think about a man?"


"What do you want, little sister?"


Jennifer grabbed her sister's hair and yanked it hard, "Are you going to be my lesbian slut now?"

"I'm your slut, sister! I want you so bad now!!"

"I thought lesbians were gross? Isn't that what you said today?" Jennifer patronized.

"Oh I was wrong..." Vanessa crooned. "So wrong... I'm sorry, sis! I love it!"

Dallas flipped her daughter over with ease so that she rested on her knees. The strap-on dildo found its way back into the hungry cunt of her daughter as she pounded the nineteen year old without remorse. Jennifer climbed onto the bed and opened her legs wide, inviting the younger daughter's oral pleasures. Crazed with lust, Vanessa dove into her older sister's shaved pussy and licked it hungrily.

"That's it, sis. Lick me. Lick your big sister's pussy. Yeah you love it now don't you bitch?" Jen was the very embodiment of the idol, reveling in the knowledge that her sister had crossed two taboo lines at her hands. One into lesbianism, the other into an incestuous act.

Vanessa orgasmed, screaming loudly, "I'm CUMMING, MOMMY!!"

The three women changed positions, with Dallas removing her strap-on and straddling Vanessa's face. The youngest daughter opened her legs wide while she licked her mother's slit, an act that just begged for Jennifer to grab the strap-on and put it on.

"That's it. Lick mommy's pussy," Dallas cried. "It feels soo good.... Soo bad... My own daughter's tongue up inside me!"

Jennifer fully adorned the strap-on and started fucking her sister while her mother ground her pussy all over her Vanessa's mouth.

"I love fucking my sister's little cunt."

Dallas's clit was throbbing as she looked down and watched one daughter slam that black toy in and and out of the other. The wicked act sent a shockwave through her that was more a convulsion than an orgasm. It was too much to bear additional stimulation to her clit so Dallas climbed off her daughter's face and lay down next to Vanessa. It was so sexy watching the daughters she raised engaged in such a lustful lesbian act. It wasn't long before her own fingers were plunging in and out of her box, encouraging them to continue. "Fuck your sister, Jen! Shove that big black cock in her! Stretch her out. Ruin her so the boys can never satisfy her."

Jennifer responded, "Oh I am, mom! I'm going to fuck her every day. And every night. She's going to be my little queer girl from now on. My SISTER slave. My little INCESTUOUS whore."

Vanessa was beyond the normal realms of pleasure. Supernatural powers were bringing her to a place where every wicked act that could be performed on her by her mother and sister were delicious and desirous. "I'm gonna cum again! I'm gonna cum! More!"

"Tell me what you are, little sister. What do you want to be?"

"I'm a queer girl! I'm a queer girl! I'm your whore, sister! FUCK! CUMMING!!"

Jennifer didn't bother to slow down. The post-coital shock of being penetrated made even the idol-influenced act one that Vanessa had to rest from. She pushed at her sister's body, desperately trying to get her to stop. Only after Jennifer was satisfied with her cruel thrusts did she end the act, however. The strap-on came off and the two daughters climbed between their mom's legs and licked her, swapping tongues and deep kisses in between.

"Such naughty incestuous daughters I have...." Their mother groaned. "Kiss your sister nice and deep."

Watching them flick their tongues in each other's mouths was so utterly nasty. French kissing daughters poised right above her crotch. She needed them... "Now lick your mother's cunt! Make mommy cum!"

It did not take long for them to comply with their mother's wishes. Their cheeks and lips slick with her juice, Dallas came once more before the night was through. When they were done, they all collapsed in a heap of lesbian flesh. Fondling each other and the Idol simultaneously. Each one of them whispered with a satisfied voice.

"No more boys. Only girls."

The idol was nowhere close to finished with the family, however.

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