tagIncest/TabooCursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 03

Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos Ch. 03


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. Remember that the term 'teen' can refer to a person who is 18 or 19 years of age!

This is the continuing saga of the Idol of Lesbos, which has recently been put to film by Margo Sullivan. I'm proud to say that my taboo story has succeeded in making headway into the adult industry. Enjoy a trip into my fantasy world!

Chapter 3

"Day 15: Friday"

Phillip stood outside underneath the gas station's covered pumps -- the only relief from the sweltering heat that day. He watched the gallons drop into the tank and the dollars he was racking up on his charge card kick into the thirties, forties, fifties...

Inside his daughters Cammy and Sayla were sitting in the back and Bridgett his wife sat in the front on the cell phone. His wife was looking good these days having joined the gym last year. Toned, tan, and gorgeous, her attempts to improve her looks had not gone unnoticed. Their marriage was finally rekindling in the bedroom and the annual family trip to see Bridgett's sister Dallas was cutting in on their alone time. Still, it was underway and there was nothing to do about it now except be thankful that Dallas had a guest house in the back of the property. Hopefully they would be sleeping there instead of in the home.

Cammy and Sayla were a year and a half apart and chips off of mom's block. At times Phillip was worried they might be too pretty and worried a lot about boys. They were sniffing around the house quite a bit lately for Sayla. Cammy --her first year away at college- was already up to no good and multiple young men were calling her all summer long.

Bridgett was on the cell phone, calling her sister Dallas. The phone was ringing and ringing and Bridgett looked impatiently about. The plan was to come out for this weekend, but Dallas hadn't answered the phone in two days.


The telephone in Dallas' house kept ringing and ringing. The voice mail kicked in again and she heard the voice of her sister Bridgett calling.

"Dallas, are you there? Hello... It's Bridgett... Well, I just wanted to remind you that we're on the road and we'll be there around four-ish. Gimme a call and let me know everything is okay. Okay? Well, okay, bye!"


The Idol of Lesbos stood motionless on the table next to the answering machine. Four feet away from the phone, Dallas was sitting on the living room sofa with her legs spread wide open. Vanessa was on her knees with her ass swaying back and forth as she fingered herself, her face buried in her mother's pussy as she hungrily ate her out. It felt so wonderful having her youngest daughter stuffing her tongue in and out of her wet pussy. For days she had been learning how to be the house 'bitch'. Many spankings, many late nights, many invasive toys that the fortyish mother had to use to probe her daughter with, and many new bits of lingerie to keep things interesting. The newest one Vanessa wore was a pair of panties that said "Mommy's Bad Girl" right across her ass cheeks. Custom ordered, the people at the press must have raised their eyebrows over that one, but Dallas didn't care.


Back in the van, Cammy leaned forward to talk to her mother Bridgett as she hung up the phone.

Cammy asked, "What did she say, mom?"

Bridgett closed the phone with a concerned look across her face, "They didn't pick up again."

Cammy rolled her eyes, flopping back in her chair. "Great," she sighed sarcastically. "They probably forgot we were coming out."

"No. I talked to her a few days ago. She said that everything for the trip was fine. I'm sure they are just busy."


Vanessa was on her back with Jennifer straddling her sister's face. The older sister pulled roughly at Vanessa's hair, forcing her mouth into her cunt. While Jennifer liked the look and feel of her sister's tits, she forced her younger sibling to wear a tank top that said, "I LOVE MY SISTER". The word "Love" was crossed out with a red marker and the word "Lick" had been written off to the side. The panties and tank top were not just for the girls, but for Vanessa's boyfriend as well. He came knocking at the door earlier in the day and Vanessa was forced to answer the door wearing them. Poor Vanessa, lipstick smeared across her face, pussy juices still on her chin, panties soaked in the crotch, stood there in front of her boyfriend admitted she was a lesbian whore and apologized for wasting his time. Jennifer and Dallas stood off to the side giggling evilly as the boy broke down crying, trying to figure out what he did wrong.


Cammy was still ranting in the back of the van, "I don't see why we have to spend our long weekend with aunt Dallas. Last time I was soooo bored."

Bridgett turned about to face her oldest daughter, "Sorry, but you can take a break from your boyfriends. I for one am looking forward to seeing my sister. Besides, sometimes it's nice just to do things with family."


Vanessa and Jennifer were locked in a 69 position, the two now naked sisters enjoying each other as their mother Dallas watches them from the chair nearby. In one hand she was rubbing a vibrator all over her pussy while her other hand roamed over her beautiful body. She elated in directing her daughters on how to pleasure each other. "My beautiful girls look so sexy eating each other. You make mommy so happy... That's it, finger your sister. Make her cunt all wet..."

Jennifer's body started vibrating in pleasure and Vanessa followed suit. Both siblings dared not take their mouths away from each other's sopping wet pussies as they pleasured each other orally to the maximum.


Phillip climbed back in the van and started up the engine, enjoying the cool air from the air conditioning. Sayla --previously occupied with her music- took off her headphones and looked over at her sister who was buckling in.

"What's going on?" Sayla inquired.

Cammy answered with an annoyed tone, "Our cousins are bailing on us this weekend. Just wait."

Sayla scrunched her face up, "No they're not. Jennifer sent me a text just now. See? It says 'CANT WAIT TO SEE U. GONNA HAVE A GIRL'S ONLY WEEKEND'."

Cammy was still unimpressed. "Super," was all she managed to say.

Sayla shrugged, "Well, I think it sounds fun."


Dallas and Jennifer were both back on the sofa with their legs spread and draped over each other. Vanessa had returned to the position she was most familiar with these days: on her knees with her face buried in her sister's pussy. Jennifer was showing her mother her own cell phone and they giggled over the message she has just sent.

Dallas laughed, "'Girl's only weekend'? I like that, baby."

Jennifer smiled and set her phone down, "I was hoping you would like that."

Dallas lightly masturbated her clit as she watched her daughters engaged in sapphic pleasures, "You make me so proud. Give mommy a big kiss."

Jennifer leaned over and soon mother and daughter were engaged in a most unfamilial kiss, swirling their tongues against each other's and touching each other's breasts.

Vanessa picked her head up out of her sister's crotch, "Did she text you back?"

Jennifer's smile vanished in an instant and she grabbed Vanessa's hair, yanking it hard, "I didn't tell you to stop licking me, did I, bitch? Now take care of your big sister's pussy the right way!"

Not waiting for a response, Jennifer shoved Vanessa's face back on her crotch. Vanessa forgot her place for a moment and apologized by devouring her big sister's delicious mound.



Dallas opened the door and Bridgett stood there on the porch with her arms outstretched. "Hey!" Bridgett was four years younger and both had passed their beautiful blonde hair down to their girls. Both older women had similar bodies, although Dallas often bragged she had better cheek bones and Bridgett simply joked that she had a better ass. Not wanting the air conditioning to get out, Dallas ushered Bridget and her family into the house with their suitcases. Phillip immediately plopped himself down on the sofa, exhausted from their trip.

Cammy looked at her aunt, "Can I have some water? I'm dying." Her aunt nodded and gestured to the refrigerator for a drink. When Cammy opened it up she noticed it was damned near empty.

"Aunt Dallas, where is all your food?" she asked, confused and concerned.

Dallas raised her eyebrows and called across the living room into the kitchen, "Oh! Sorry, the girls are out at the store. We didn't get a chance to do any shopping this week."

Bridgett looked to Dallas, "What's going on? Are you girls just eating out a lot?"

Dallas smiled slightly, "Oh, we eat out a lot more than you can imagine."

Bridgett looked confused and was about to ask a question when Jennifer and Vanessa came in with the grocery bags.

Phillip stood up and took a breath, "I'll go help with the other bags." Turning to Jennifer and Vanessa he put out his arms widely and called for them, "Hey, girls! Give your uncle a hug!"

Both girls hug him uncomfortably, their frowns hidden from everyone's views. As the embrace broke, they plastered on fake smiles and the trio disappeared as they talked, disappearing outside to get more grocery bags.

Sayla took the opportunity to get the skinny on the accommodations, "So, aunt Dallas, where is everyone sleeping?"

Dallas turned and took in the beautiful vision of her niece. Her pussy moistened with a glance at her toned young thighs, but resisted any urges. The Idol would take care of everything. "Well, your mom and dad are going to be in the guest house. Last time we left you and your sister out there we had problems. Jennifer and Vanessa will sleep together in Jennifer's room. And you and your sister are going to have to share Vanessa's room."

Cammy and Sayla groaned in dissatisfaction and look at each other with disappointed faces.

Cammy looked disapprovingly at her aunt, "Uhh, isn't it going to be cramped in there, the two of us?"

Dallas shook her head, "No, there are still bunk beds."

Bridgett interrupted her daughters and put a stop to Sayla and Cammy complaining, "Oh, kids, don't be ungrateful." She turned back to her sister, "I just feel bad you're kicking Vanessa out of her room."

Dallas put up her hand, "Don't. It's no big deal."

"Are your girls going to mind sleeping with each other?"

Dallas grinned again, "No. Trust me. They won't mind a bit." She couldn't help but smile and Bridgett looks at her sister confused slightly. It was almost like there was a joke being told and she didn't get the punchline.


Sayla washed her face of make-up and brushed her teeth in the bathroom in preparation for bed. Looking down she saw a magazine in the rack by the toilet that did not look like all the Cosmo's and Lucky's in front of it. She reached down and pulled out a pornographic magazine -- and not just any porn but lesbian porn.

"O. M. G.," Sayla whispered. Down the hall she heard somebody coming and she shoved the perverted magazine back in the rack. She wasn't going to judge but it seemed like whoever it belonged to could at least hide their porn better.


Sisters Cammy and Sayla were in Vanessa's room, with Cammy taking the top bunk in a typical sibling solution -- the older one goes on top. Vanessa's room hadn't changed much since the previous year and Sayla was a little surprised that she still had a bunk bed. There was something new though.. . A wooden statue of a woman, her body half draped in cloth and a single breast showing. It reminded her of something Greek or Roman, but regardless of its origin the statue was a thing of beauty.

After the long drive everybody was pretty beat up and so the two of them switched into their summer nighties and said their goodnights. Cammie was ready for bed but Sayla couldn't sleep. The wooden statue just looked strange. She reached out and slid her finger along its length.

Girls are sexy.

Girls turn you on.

Lesbian sex is hot.


Sayla broke contact with the Idol and took a breath. There was a strange feeling creeping through her body, as if...

Cammy interrupted her thoughts, "What are you doing down there?"

Sayla cleared her throat, "Nothing, just thinking. Aunt Dallas and our cousins seem a little bit off, have you noticed?"

"Yeah, but I really don't know why," Cammy agreed. "It's weird."

Sayla hesitantly continued, "I feel kinda funny too, now that I think about it."

"You're not sick or anything are you? Because I'll go sleep on the sofa."

"No, I'm not sick. It's just... I can't really explain it."

Sayla looked up at the Idol next to the bed and reached up and gently ran her finger down the length of it again. Images of women kissing filled her mind. Their breasts touching. Their pussies touching...

Sayla took direction from her impulses, a voice in her head nudging her along. "Well, you want to see what I found in their bathroom?"

Cammy answered sardonically, "I don't know. If it's gross, then no."

"Well, then, fine, I won't show you." She knew the teasing tone would get her older sister to bite.

Cammy relented quickly, "Come on! Show me! You brought it up."

"Fine... Come on down here."

Cammy climbed down the bunk bed as Sayla went to the bathroom and returned with a magazine that was clearly lesbian porn.

Cammy laughed nervously, "What the fuck, Sayla!? Where did you find that?"

"I told you, in the bathroom. I found it in the magazine rack with all the beauty magazines."

Cammy took the magazine from her sister and looked through it, "Well it has to belong to one of them. Who do you think is going all lezbo on us?"

Sayla feigned disappointment, "You know just because somebody likes girls doesn't make them a lesbian."

Cammy looked at her sister puzzled. She paused, looks at the magazine, and looks at Sayla again. "Hey, little sis, you haven't been with a girl, have you?"

"No! Never. But..."

"But what?"

"Well. It's embarrassing but when I looked at all those girls doing stuff with each other I was... you know, just wondering. Does that make me a freak?"

Cammy sat on the bed Indian style across from her sister. "No, it's cool. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I mean, I would never do anything like that but lots of girls at school do. It's cool. I'm just surprised is all."

Cammy closes the magazine on her lap and awkwardly looked away. Her sister was staring at her strangely and she felt a combination of guilt for making her obviously confused sister feel bad, and discomfort from the odd conversation. Her eyes caught a glimpse of the Idol and Cammy wondered why she never noticed it before. It was pretty, but old and out of place in the room. For inexplicable reasons the older sister reached out and fidgeted with the Idol.

Girls are sexy.

Girls turn you on.

Obey your cravings.

Obey your lust.

Cammy took a deep breath, a look of surprise on her face. She turned quickly back to her little sister, looked down at the magazine, then back at her sister.

Sayla inched a little bit closer to her older sister. "So, IF you were to be with a girl, would you want it to be somebody older or younger?"

Cammy bit her lip, "Younger. How about you?"

"Older." Sayla looked her sister's face, wondering what was going through her mind. They both paused and smiled, afraid to make eye contact with each other. Instead both ended up looking down at the magazine covered in female flesh.

Cammy took her turn at probing for information, "Would you want somebody experienced or somebody new?"

Sayla thought about it, "Uhmmm, somebody new to it all, like me. I guess."

Cammy was quick to reply, "Me too."

They both smiled shyly again, glancing at each other and looking away.

Sayla took a chance, running her fingers along her sister's silky thigh, "And somebody I know really, really well...."

Cammy was breathing heavy, letting her fingers play with her sister's in a flirtatious way, "Yeah, me too."

They were both now so close that their knees touched, staring into each other's eyes.

Sayla pushed one more time, "And, if I liked it, somebody I could do it with all the time."

They were mirror image, both leaning in very close, almost kissing. Cammy mimicked her younger sister, "All the time..."

They both began kissing hard on the mouth. It was sudden and frisky. They embrace and fondled each other frantically, pulling their nighties off almost violently. Sayla pushed her big sister back and ground her whole body against Cammy. They maneuvered so that they could each hump the other's leg, kissing and making out like crazed maniacs.

Cammy broke the kiss long enough from her sister to comment, "I can't we're doing this! You're my sister!"

Sayla was panting, "I know. It's so wrong, but I can't stop. It's like I'm not in control of my body."

Cammy grabbed her sister by the back of the neck and kisses her hard again. They broke their kiss once more and Sayla began sucking on her Cammy's ear and nibbling on her neck.

"Oooh, you are getting me so hot, little sister," Cammy crooned. "We can't let mom and dad know..."

Sayla licked her sister's nipples and worked her way down to Cammy's pussy. She smiled, asking devilishly in between flicks of her tongue, "Know what?"

Cammy looked down in anticipation, "You know, they can't know what we're doing..."

Sayla smiled seductively from between her sister's thighs, "You mean that their daughters are doing bad things with each other?" She paused, looked up, and then devoured Cammy's wet cunt. The older sister went crazy with lust, wrapping her legs around the younger.

Sayla shoved her fingers into her older sibling's hole and smiled lustfully as she moaned in response, "You like that big sister?"

Cammy barely got out an answer, "Oooohh.. Why does that turn me on so much?"

"What? When I call you big sister?"

Cammy moaned louder, "Fuuucckk, yes. This is so naughty. So wrong. God I'm gonna cum!"

Sayla began finger banging her sister fast, emphasizing every vile word that would drive her sister crazy, "Do it, big sis. Cum all over your little sister's fingers. Cum knowing your slutty little incestuous sister is finger fucking your dripping wet cunt!"

Cammy orgasmed almost violently. Her thighs squeezed hard together and soon she was a heap of pleasured female flesh. But the respite did not last long. Instead of being exhausted, Cammy felt energized, flipping Sayla over on her back and grinds against her as they kissed deeply. Their sex was extremely passionate, almost frantic, hurried. Never in her life had Cammy ever had a lesbian thought, and here she was in her cousin's bed having incestuous lesbian sex with her own sister. It was crazy! Her mind was flooded with images and words and thoughts that were not her own. But the feelings were definitely hers. The two sisters rubbed their pussies against each other, licked each other in a 69 position, and spent what seemed like hours touching and fingering and probing. Every time Sayla would cry out "I'm cumming, sis!" it sent a perverted thrill through Cammy's body and she felt the need to orgasm again. One sister kept feeding the other. Would their pleasure ever stop? Did she want it to?

Jennifer stood in the doorway, the door open just a crack, watching and smiling. Her cousins were completely engrossed with each other. The Idol of Lesbos had done its job. Jennifer stepped back and disappeared into the dark.

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