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Dear readers I have been away for sometime, but I have continued to read the stories online. Some really good contributions. Congratulations to those who have attracted my vote or comment. Hope you enjoy my latest imaginary friend. This is a work of pure fiction, and is not intended to bear any relation to anyone either alive or dead. If you don't like whores don't read anymore. If you don't like wives who stray same again. If you don't like long stories go watch a movie. If you like reading about sex with a mature woman with an ample figure come and meet Andrea, my very attractive fantasy.

Andrea was a mobile hairdresser. She had been cutting hair for almost 30 years. Starting in a salon, she became independant as her kids grew up and her husband's career improved. With the family grown, her income paid for the luxuries in life. The holidays away, her car, and the bigger items around the house. So when her daugther announced she was planning on marrying her long term boyfriend, Andrea as mum automatically said it would not be a problem for her to finance the wedding and the honeymoon, as a present to start them off in their new life. Andrea knew that the two lovers had been saving towards a new home, and she felt that by paying for the wedding it would give the youngsters a better chance in their new life together.

Her husband Peter whilst supporting her in the gesture was concerned about how much she had offered to contribute. whilst they were comfortable, it would be a large amount of money to find and at this time he could not contribute any extra. His company had frozen staff salaries so whilst they were not poor there was not any slack within their budget. For Andrea this was not a problem she already had some money put by and on her estimates with 12 months to save she would be able to fulfill her promise. This was all true until her car unexpectedly expired with a major mechanical failure. It would be a lot to fix and even more to replace. Andrea's car was her livelihood and with it off the road she could not earn money. She took the aggressive decision to buy another second hand car, newer, a better model. But that emptied her savings.

She took a long cool look at her position and started by extending her hours to accept more appointments. Peter reluctantly accepted her position, he saw little of his wife as it was and now she was permanently tired. . It was after all for a few months and hopefully things would improve after the wedding. He was already noticing the decline in his sex life and looked forward to a special celebration after the wedding. It was not just his daughter who was going to be well laid on that night. Andrea's daughter Michelle did offer to amend her wedding plans and her boyfriend Alex suggested a change to their foreign honeymoon plans but that had already been paid for at a very special no cancellation rate. Andrea was adamant. She had made the commitment, the promise, she would not let her family down. She did not want them to start with disillusionment or unfulfilled promises. Andrea would achieve her goal. Peter despite his talk of no slack did find some extra budget and added an extra £100 a month into the budget. He did also talk of cutting out his golf, but as Andrea pointed out, that was as much business as pleasure. He needed to maintain his contacts, no she would resolve this. Peter was relieved, the thought of being at home and not getting any sex either had been worrying him. But the grateful peck on the cheek was a little less than he had hoped for as a thank you.

Andrea was detailing all this to one of her regular clients Rose, whilst she waited for the colour on Rose's hair to set.

'I am running out of time Rose. I am also feeling very tired. I am starting to consider Sunday appointments. I don't know what to do. I have nine months left and only the Honeymoon and the dress are completely paid for. I have paid the deposits on the venue and the catering but there is still so much more to find.'

Rose her hair cooking under the blue plastic bag, studied the features of the 48 year old woman who had cut and dyed her hair for the last 10 years. She was pretty with a rounded cherubic face, soft thick blond hair which ended just above her shoulders. She always spoke with a lively animated action that made her hair swish when she was excited or happy. She wore very little makeup, but she did have a soft pink lip gloss which matched her manicured nails. When you work as a beautician you have to look good. Beneath the apron protecting her clothes from the dyes, Andrea wore a round neck loose fitting jumper and a pair of plain black trousers which fitted snugly onto her broad hips. Andrea had what the English would describe as a classic Pear shape. She had a modest 36C bust, plenty to keep her husband happy, but then she swelled out at the hips, and she had a more Afro Carribbean look about her with a broad round, firm ass, the kind you could bounce coins off. Beneath her hips, her legs were long and curved into a graceful taper. Whilst Andrea had often complained about the size of her ass and was constantly on a diet to shrink it, for many male eyes this was one of her best features as Rose knew from personal experience. Often if he was at home, her husband Harry, would take the opporunity to have his hair trimmed by Andrea, just so he could watch her tight butt filling out her trousers. He would take delight in having her thighs pressed closed to him inches from his face, the visible outline of her bikini panties showing through her trousers and the round swell of her abdomen giving the vaguest hint of a camel toe as her trousers gripped her thighs and crotch. Rose always liked it when Harry had had his haircut, he was often quite appreciative of her afterward, though he was under orders not to mess up her hair.

Andrea, decided it was time to complete Rose's hair cut, washing out the remaining dye and then wet cutting the hair before drying it. Rose considered the conservative family woman and wondered if she would be interested in the proposition she was about to offer her.

'Andrea. You and I have known each other for a number of years. I have a thought that may help you. A temporary solution to your money problems. Please don't say anything straight away. Please don't be offended. It is just an idea. Well this may sound a bit drastic. But it could solve your problem. Have you ever thought of perhaps offering a little extra service?'

Rose's cheeks flushed. She just hoped this would not end in an argument or her loosing her hairdresser. They were so difficult to find. The ones you could welcome into your home, the ones you knew would not not wreck your hair, or leave your looking green or scalped. Rose waited for Andrea's reaction.

'Well I don't know Rose. I can do manicures, and I used to do some wedding makeup. But I don't have that stuff now. A lot of things require spending more money and I don't have the time to make it back.'

Rose closed her eyes. Was Andrea so innocent and naive or was she deliberately not understanding the question. Rose considered how to say the next thing without it sounding well horrible. Rose licked her upper lip and sucked in her tummy taking a deep breath, to contain the butterflies.

'Have you ever considered perhaps offering massage. For say your male customers.'

Andrea was just teasing the last of the hairs into shape using the handle of her comb, Rose feared the hairdresser would stab her with it, but Andrea appeared still not to understand the question. Was Andrea really that dumb?

'Massage? Well no. But that takes ages, you have to train, get certificates and stuff. Why just....males.....? You mean..?'

Rose watched as Andrea stepped back from her the implements of her trade hanging loose in her fingers.

'Yes relief massage. Men can get very tense. My Harry gets very tense around you. I...'

'Oh my god! Harry! Your Harry! Rose I am so sorry. I didn't realise. I didn't know. I don't. You know I don't'

Now it was Andrea blushing, flustered and flushed concerned that Rose may think she had been flirting or encouraging her clients husband into improper thoughts or actions.

'Oh my. Oh god. Rose I...I..'

Rose held up her hand and took hold of the hairdressers wrist pulling her towards her and removing the sharp implements from her hand in case they slipped and pierced the floor or worse still Rose.

'Andrea I know! I know! Look I am not saying you did anything wrong. I quite like the effect you have on him. I am at times very grateful for the effect you have on him. Look he would be horrified if I were telling you this. What I am saying is, he finds you very attractive. Sexy'

Now Andrea begin to giggle as a nervous reaction to what Rose was saying.

'Hell Rose. He must need new glasses if he finds me sexy. Look at me. I am fat, over forty, I have two children both working. I have fat on my fat. I look like the Michelin woman. Even Peter jokes about my handles. Look at you by comparison so trim and neat. Now you are sexy. Me I am a big lump.'

'But it does not stop Peter from fucking you does it? Or using those handles you refer to, to grab you by in the throes of passion.'

Rose was shocked by her own sexual reference. But she was trying desperately to communicate with Andrea while they had some time alone. Her appointment was almost over and she knew Andrea had to move on and her own children would be home soon. She just had to put the thought, the idea into Andrea's head.

'The truth is, fat or not. Let's just say voluptuous. A lot of guys love girls with curves. They fantasize about girls with your shape, your assetts and they would pay a lot. To well maybe extend that fantasy into life. I know my Harry would love to...'

'Rose what are you saying? I am a hairdresser. I earn a living. I work hard to earn a living. But I am not a prostitute. I am not so money driven that...'

'Andrea. I am not saying anything about you. Your morals. Whatever. It is just a thought. In the timescale you have it is a quick way to solve your problem. The other answer is simple. Go to a bank. Get out a loan and be in debt for your daughters wedding for the next five years and work yourself to death paying it off. No need to worry about sex. Because you will be too tired and your husband will be fucking someone else.'

The two parted in silence. Rose paid for her haircut and added a tip, that Andrea reluctantly accepted. Andrea went to her next appointment. When the husband answered the door she ran straight past him, to meet her client. She hurriedly shut the door, just in case he too had a thing about her ass. It was three more days before Andrea looked at her bank balance, her appointment schedule, and the amount she still had to find. The florist quotation had arrived £4,000 she almost threw it away. What was she to do. She loved Peter. He would have been disgusted by Rose's suggestion just like she was. But the more she thought about it. The more she realised, Rose had given her the honest answer to her question. What was she to do. It was time to ring Rose again.

'Hi Rose. It's me Andrea. Is too late to apologise?'

'What for? It should be me apologising. I went too far. I never meant....you are such a decent person and...'

'Truth hurts Rose. You gave me the honest answer. Borrow it or work for it. There is only one way to earn that kind of money. But at my age. I know what you said. But do you really think anyone would pay for me? I sneaked a look on the internet. It seems like it is all pretty young things almost school girls. Younger than my daughter.'

'You were looking in the wrong places. A lot of guys feel threatened by these skinny kids. They want someone, soft, sexy, who will be a little naughty. Forbidden fruit. The woman from the office, at the checkout, the neighbours wife, the pretty hairdresser whose body is inches from theirs.'

There was a long pause on the phone.

'Rose how do you know all of this?'

'You used to have a teenage boy? Did you not ever read through the porn mags he used to smuggle into his bedroom. Very revealing. You find the readers's wives section very easily. It is the most thumbed part. It is also the part you least want to touch. Not unless you particularly have a fetish for your son's or his pals dried sperm.'

'Yuck Rose. You do have a way with words don't you. Look what you said about Harry. Is that true? Aren't you well uncomfortable with, knowing he has these fantasies about me. You should be jealous, finding another hairdresser.'

'Men are men. Unless you want to turn gay you are stuck with them and all their weaknesses. Overall it is not too bad a deal. Do you want to talk about this?'

'I need someone to talk to. Would you mind?'

'I started this so I guess, I had better say yes. I will find some of the less stained magazines for you to look at. Then you will perhaps understand something of my reasoning.'

Andrea and Rose met in the morning two days later. Both were apprehensive, both a little excited. After two hours of talking Rose looked at her watch.

'You are loosing time here Andrea. You had best go away and make your decision.'

'I think it is made. I don't know how I am going to do it. How it is going to work. But I need the extra money. I just need to figure out how. I mean it is not the sort of thing you can advertise without my husband finding out. I don't want Peter knowing. I have never cheated on him. After the wedding I will never do this again. But..What do they say pride before a fall. I just don't know where to start.'

Rose reached across for Andrea's hand.

'Start with Harry. I haven't bought him a birthday present yet. You will guarantee I can do anything I like with him for the next 12 months. He will be permanently in my debt.'

'Harry? Your Harry? I...I.. When? What do I have to do? How?'

Rose smiled. 'I'll work that out. I'll also sort out your appointments. Leave it to me. My mother said when I grow up I will be a proper little madam. Well guess I have grown up and I am going to be a madam. Your Madam. Now shift that shapely ass and get to work. I will phone you tonight when everything is arranged.'

With butterflies in both their stomachs the two women parted company and set to work on their individual projects. Andrea could barely concentrate all day and she jumped up like a startled rabbit when her mobile phone finally rang that evening.

'Everything is organised. You have an appointment with Harry this Friday evening. My son is stopping over with a friend. You also have appointments arranged for all of next week. I took the liberty of planning your schedule. The last appointment of each evening will be 'a special'' Rose emphasised special over the phone 'The gentlemen know what to expect nothing too kinky. Ah I forgot to ask, you do suck cock don't you only...'

'ROSE! What? Look it is not something I regularly do. More special occasions'

Rose at the other end of the line went quiet as she heard the sound of Peter's voice in the background questioning Andrea.

'Everything alright darling? Who is that'

'Rose, you know Rose lives out at Holly Bush.'

'Yes nice lady, teenage son. We met her and her husband in the supermarket six months ago. The son, Andrew? Plays cricket just moved up from the junior team to the seniors. What's the problem?'

'No problem.' said Andrea just picturing herself with Peter meeting Harry after she had sucked his dick. Oh god could she really do this. Could she go anywhere again without people looking at her knowing, what she did for her daughters wedding. Maybe this was a bad idea.

'Andrea? Andrea are you still on the line? Don't hang up. You are not having second thoughts?'

'Rose I might have to come back to you on this one. I will have to consider if I can help with what you want.'

Peter looked across at Andrea, 'Whatever it is I am sure you can do it. Don't turn away customers at this time you have a bloody wedding to pay for.'

Andrea at this point wanted to throw the phone at Peter or the wall, or maybe just beat Peter with it for making her so angry.

'Fuck him. Okay Rose, I will do it. But well I have just not..'

'Done it with anyone other than your husband. Special treat is it? Well it is a special treat for these guys too which is why they are paying. One other thing. You need to dispense with your normal clothes bring something sexy you can change into. Maybe some new underwear, a little bit silky, satin, a push up bra to show off your breasts, and some pretty panties, I don't think a thong is quite you. All guys love black or red lingerie, but you could try blue or pink to go with you lip gloss. A short skirt, and maybe some hold up stockings and wear a top that is low cut in a vee or with buttons so you show some cleavage. Oh yes heels. Some real fuck me shoes.'

'Oh Rose. That sounds terrible, disgusting. I just cannot put into words.'

'How does sleazy and slutty sound? I know it is going to make you look like a whore, but for a short time only that is what you will be. Look I know you are apprehensive. I would be if it was me. '

'If it was you? You sounded so confident. I thought that...'

'I am or have been. No this is new ground for both of us and I am not offended by your thinking. It is exciting though. It is one of those things you wonder what would it be like. I wondered what it would be like to have Harry fuck another woman. I won't frighten you by being there. What happens is between the two of you. I have also told him I will personally cut off his balls if he tells anyone else or tries anything on with you without my knowing. I have told him you are doing this as a one off. That after the wedding it will not happen again. But this is a special treat.'

Andrea suddenly found herself shaking. She wanted to go away and hide. The clothes, she had a short skirt, yes she had some sexy lingerie, but those were for Peter. She would buy a set of clothes, some changes of underwear, that she could burn and never see again. There was one other thing troubling her immediately.

'Rose? I understand the Harry thing. But the others? Organising my appointments for me?'

'I guess it is my inner bitch. Sure I want to help you. But there is something particularly what is the word sadistic? In organising your appointments. It has given me an especial thrill. I owe you a lot for this chance to should I say take liberties.'

'Liberties? What kind of liberties? Rose!' Andrea hissed realising this conversation may at any time be interrupted by Peter.

'No one is going to hurt you or your marriage Andrea. Well not intentionally. It is the rule of the appointments. You are the forbidden fruit anyone who cheats or tries to break away from this arrangement will have me to deal with. If you are like me, this whole project has made me very wet and Harry is going to have to reward me tonight if he is to get his Friday treat. Ciao!'

The line went dead. Andrea wrapped her arms around herself. What had she done? What was she going to do? Maybe, just maybe she would win the lottery, someone would just give her the money. Her face was glowing, she felt ashamed already. She thought of the clothes she had to find. How much would she earn from Harry? Would it even cover the cost of paying for her slut outfit? She could be worse off and be shamed for ever. She had till Friday to find a way out of this. She suddenly thought of Rose's words. Did she really want to know the intimate details of Rose's experience. Did she need to know that Rose was in a state of arousal. She shivered again then she felt the tingle in her tummy. She realised her nipples had grown taut, slowly she realised she too was aroused. How could she be this was the most obscene thing she could be doing. She remembered the embarrassment when Alex her future son in law had commented on some old photos on the fridge door of her in a bikini, when she still had a figure. She remembered him saying how pretty she looked. Her face glowed, she did like to be noticed. She did like to be wanted to be the centre of attention. Her pussy tingled her labia lips parted as she began to lubricate imagining Harry's erection. Oh god how big would it be? How thick would it be? Would she gag when she had to take it in her mouth. The picture came into her head of her bent over Harry's cock and Alex saying how sexy she looked. How pretty she was, how like her Michelle was, Andrea was close to tears, could she really do this? Her pussy fluttered again, her pants grew damp and she felt excited and ashamed. She got out of her chair and went to find her husband. She wanted to hold him, hug him, kiss him, and maybe, just maybe, suck his cock.

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