CvsN 03: A Tangled Web

byTx Tall Tales©

As I got closer to her she spat out, "You bastard." Her words were venomous.

I didn't know what to say or do. So I went for the old standby. I apologized.

"Sorry? What are you sorry for? Do you even know?" Her tone was scathing.

She had me there. I didn't know. Sorry for hurting her I guess.

"Why are you dating me, if that's what you're coming home to? How am I supposed to compete with that? What are you some kind of sick bastard just teasing me?" She had retreated even further from me, and was huddled in the corner.

"Beth, I really am sorry. This happened so suddenly. Three weeks ago, you and I had only just been dating for a short while. I was looking at this place, and Karen and Debbie were in really a tough situation and needed a place to stay."

"Well, you're a pretty sick fuck if you take advantage of them like that and make them sleep with you just to have a roof for their kids."

The words struck closer to home than I cared to admit. "Listen, it wasn't even my idea. It was Karen's and the idea was just that while we were together, we could, well, be intimate. But there was no commitment, other than they had a place to stay, while we all got our lives in order."

"If that's all you want, well I'm not just going to put out for you." She looked miserable.

"I don't know what I want. I was dating you because I liked you. I knew you for a while from our league. I liked being with you. You are so pretty, so cheerful. Yes, I was frustrated because I was getting nowhere with you, but that's not why this happened."

"If you were with me, you know you couldn't be with those women."

"Beth. I don't want to be in a relationship like that right now. I want to finish my house. I want to help Debbie straighten up her life. She's had some really hard times lately and I don't want to hurt her."

"Yeah, I saw the kind of 'hard' time she's had lately." She said, nastily.

"No, really. She had no place to live; she was living in Karen's living room. All her possessions fit in the trunk of her 11-year-old car. I just wanted to help. Then when she made herself available to me, well, I'm sorry. I'm a guy and she's just beautiful. And I wasn't getting any anywhere else. It had been a while. I mean, my God, any guy would kill to be with her, how could I resist that?" Stupid me was digging an even deeper hole.

"I know. I'm just...” she started, hesitating. "She's very pretty. I understand you wanting to be with her. I just thought that maybe we..." She sounded as if she was on the verge of crying.

I moved forward to hold her, and she pulled away from me, hugging herself and sobbing.

"Beth. I'm sorry. I really do like you a lot. But there is so much going on right now in my life..."

"You know, I could do those things for you." She told me, looking at me coldly. "I've never been with anybody. You were going to be my first. You still could be. You could teach me. I could do anything you wanted. Be everything you ever wanted" She looked at me with a strange look, anticipatory.

"Beth, that's not what I want." I was lying of course. I did want that. But I was greedy. I wanted everything. My cake and eat it too.

"I know I'm not as pretty as her, or as experienced. But I thought we had something. I know you wanted me. I could be yours." She was eyeing me intensely, going out on such a limb.

"That's not what I mean. This is not a competition. I don't want to force you into something. You are a very pretty girl, and very sexy, and I love being around you. Of course I'd love to be with you, but not like this."

"You're such a god-damn liar. Last night you would have wanted me any way you could get me." She marched out of there, without looking back. Of course she was right.

* * * *

By the end of the day, the ladies seemed to have come to some uneasy truce. The house was completely roofed, and the old drywall, wiring, and most of the framing for the upstairs were cleared out. Originally, the guys had said that most of them were going to be there the next day. I was wondering how much that was going to change, once they got home and the wives put their collective foot down.

We had a hamburger and hot-dog barbecue feast, which the women orchestrated, and no one left hungry. I think everyone was amazed at how much we'd gotten done, in just a day, and we were all feeling pretty optimistic about what the morning would bring.

I knew however, the phone lines would be singing that night. I shuddered to think what some of those conversations might sound like.

I went home, alone, and spent a miserable night. I was a little surprised at myself over how upset I was over the whole situation. I had always liked Cathy a lot. She had even teased me for years, telling me if Joe ever died, she and the girls would be staying with me and I'd have to take care of them. She was an attractive woman, and we had great fun together. She’d even been known to star in a few fantasies of mine. I didn't want her hating me.

And Beth. Beth. I did like Beth. But to paraphrase one of the great thinkers, two birds in the hand, beat the hell out of one in the bush. She didn't deserve what had happened today, and I was determined that in the near future, I would do what I could to straighten things out, and to finish with her cleanly. I doubted I'd see her anytime soon, after what I'd put her through.

I don't know how long it took, but I did eventually fall asleep. I couldn't even get up the energy that night to jerk-off. I needed help.

* * * *

If Saturday was a maelstrom, Sunday was a hurricane. No, an earthquake. Maybe a huge meteor strike.

Everybody showed up, brothers, friends, wives, and neighbors. It was to the point of being ridiculous. I guess everyone thought that there would be some great fireworks, and I know that some of the guys wanted to see this Debbie they'd heard about, as well as Beth.

I mean everyone showed up. I couldn't believe it but Beth was back. I thought for sure that she'd never speak to me again. Cathy was there, still hot as a Dallas sidewalk in July. She did speak to me. She finally approached me to tell me I could be such an asshole and what was I thinking.

My boss from work was there. Who had invited her to the activities, I have no idea, but when she caught my eye, she had the biggest shit-eating grin. I had no doubt she was fully informed as to everything that was going on. She stopped by to tousle my hair like some kid of hers that was up to mischief.

Half the guys from work showed up, as did all but one of Joe's brothers, and the rest of the men's softball team. Friends of Karen's were there that I didn't even recognize. There was even a little hottie that worked with Beth at the day care. It was a madhouse.

I was a hero. I was a villain. I was a jerk. I was a fool. I was a genius. I was a male, letting his hormones run his life. I was a typical guy, letting the little head do all the thinking.

Most of all I was just a confused guy, in way over his head.

Debbie looked incredible. She was wearing short shorts, and had a t-shirt tied off, hooter-girl style. She clearly was NOT wearing a bra.

Beth looked divine. Open legged shorts, with a very tight, scoop-neck tee, that left about two inches of her midriff exposed.

Karen looked like the cat that caught the canary. She was clearly one of the centers of attention, and reveling in her new role.

There were too many people there. They were getting in the way of each other. Still, it was amazing how much work was getting done. There were little cliques of people everywhere, speaking among themselves. I know there must have been over 40 adults there, and at least a dozen kids. There was an entire contingent working just on the property, mowing, cutting brush, gathering up bottles and cans from the yard.

For the kids it was a festival. There were snacks, and games, and a huge yard to run around in. I was still amazed to find that Beth and Debbie were sticking together running the kid show. It kind of made a sick sense. It kept them away from the cattiness near the carport; they both loved kids, and I'm sure it was a big distraction for them. It also kept them away from the lustful gazes of most of the men, heading off a lot of trouble before it ever happened.

Let me say once and for all, that I was pretty useless. The Howard gang, Joe and his family, were in control, and seemed to coordinate most of the actual work being done. Whatever else, they did a wonderful thing for me that weekend, beyond anything I had earned or could hope to repay.

I did almost no work. I had little say in how things were done. I went from group to group, nominally supervising, in reality being told what they were doing. Numerous trips were made to the store, and I passed out cash like water. Twice I sent out my bank machine card on trips, until I'd withdrawn my limit.

Plumbing, wiring, framing, drywall, cleaning, replacing windows, installing fixtures, there was an incredible transformation going on under that roof. I felt like a cross between an Amish barn raising and the video of the world’s fastest house building.

It was mid-morning when Joe's mom finally took mercy on me, and pulled me to one side. She was sort of the matriarch of the whole women's contingent, and when she had my ear, everyone else stayed out of the way.

"Jack, Jack, Jack. What are we going to do with you? Hmmm?" She shook her head, looking at me like some kid who had been caught in a fib.

I tried out my boyish charm, and sheepish grin. No luck. It earned me a cuff on the head.

"None of that. I've had eight boys of my own pulling that crap for over 20 years now. Now how did you picture this whole scenario working out, Jack?"

"I, uh, guess I didn't really think it out. I just thought we'd live together, sort of as friends with, well, certain side benefits. We'd solve some problems for each other, and keep it pretty private. So I guess that part didn't work out too well, huh?"
"Did you really expect no emotional attachment to those women? What about the kids? You thought you could live with them and not grow close to them? And how were they supposed to view you? Damn it, Jack, you can't let your pants do your thinking for you.

"Listen to me. Right now you have a couple of situations you need to deal with. First, you've got to reel in your friend Karen over there. She's really not helping the situation at all, and if you want this to die down, you've got to get her under control. Second, you need to talk to Cathy, and work out whatever’s eating her. She feels especially hurt for some reason, which has some people wondering, in and of itself. You're not doing anything with her, are you?"

That question hit me from out of left field. "God! Of course not! Joe is probably my best friend. I wouldn't do that. I love that whole family."

"Well, thank heavens for that. No matter. You've still got to talk to her. You don't want to be on her bad side, she will hold a grudge forever, and can be pretty spiteful and vindictive. I love her, but you don't want her mad at you. Finally, you've really been unfair to Beth over there, and you need to fix that. She's just a kid, and doesn't deserve any of this." She caught her breath. I guessed she was looking for a response.

"I know. I've been stupid. I didn't mean for this to happen, I just wasn't thinking it all through."

Mrs. Howard stood up to leave, then leaned over and whispered to me. "You might also try to keep your dick in your pants today. We don't need any more stunts like yesterday, Ok?" She gave my cheek a motherly pinch. I swear she could crack walnuts with that grip. I hoped I wasn't bleeding.

I'm sure I blushed a nice deep crimson, as I nodded my assent.

Ok, first things first. I hadn't said more than a dozen words to Karen in the last two days, and it appeared that she was definitely firmly ensconced in the eye of this hurricane.

I managed to peel her away from everyone else, and convinced her to take a walk with me. She was adamant she was doing nothing wrong, but after 10 minutes of heart-to-heart, I convinced her to at least try to stop antagonizing Cathy, whose family was the key to getting our home into a livable condition. She saw the reasoning in that, and promised to do her best. Whatever that was. It took a great deal of effort for me to get her to agree to leave the meal plans to Cathy, and work with the yard people for a while.

Buoyed by my success, I decided to attack what I perceived as the most challenging prospect, soothing the ruffled feathers of my once-good-friend Cathy. I approached Joe for any insight into how I might go about this, and if he knew what was the biggest problem. He just laughed at me and wished me good luck.

Even Cathy wasn't prepared for the turnout we had that day, and she was busy directing efforts to prepare a lunch and dinner for a troop this size. My idea to order in pizza was met with cold disdain, and I decided to stay away from any more suggestions. They decided to stick with their idea of cold cuts and sandwiches for lunch, and to just fortify their supplies. Through insistence and near begging, I convinced Cathy to allow me to drive her to get the stuff. She'd pick it out, and I'd charge it all, since I was running a little low on cash (at least that was the excuse I used.) We used her truck, since my car wasn't good for carrying much more than two people.

The atmosphere in that truck was absolutely frigid. I've been in warmer freezers. Every attempt at conversation on the way to the supermarket was ignored or parried. We did manage to get to the store and make the purchases without any bloodshed.

On the return trip, I decided to take an even more direct approach.

"Cathy. Please talk to me. I hate this. You must know how much I love you and your family. I don't understand why you hate me now." I tried to keep the whining out of my voice.

"Fuck you, you pig."

I wasn't prepared for the vehemence in her tone. I pulled over, and turned to address her directly.

"Ok, maybe I am a pig. And maybe I’m stupid, and making some bad decisions. But why are you so angry with me? Why?"

"Yes, you are stupid, and I guess that only your dick is doing any thinking for you," she sneered.

I was getting so frustrated. I was getting nowhere. She sat there, immobile, staring straight ahead. This didn't make any sense. Why was she even there if she was that pissed at me? She didn't have to show up today. Was I dense?

I reached out to her, grabbing her shoulder, turning her to face me. She tried to force my hands away, and twisted away from me, facing out the opposite window.

"Don't you put your god-damn stinking hands on me, you pig." She hissed.

Then I did something really stupid. I slid across the seat, my back against hers, and wrapped her tightly in my arms. She struggled against me immediately. My right arm was wrapped over her shoulder, and crossed her chest, grasping her left arm tightly. Her breasts were crushed against her chest, and her left nipple was burning a hole in my wrist. Her head was held tightly between my arm and my own head, and my mouth was next to her ear.

"Please. Help me set things right. What do I have to do?” My lips brushed her hair with each word, and she appeared to be finally settling down.

"Oh, fine. The big strong guy has me helpless now. I suppose you're going to rape me now like you've been doing with those other sluts." She managed to yank her left arm away, which left my hand grasping her breast, as I pinned her to my chest.

"Cathy. Please." I still don't know what possessed me. I pressed my lips to her neck, and kissed her there, tasting her anger. My right hand, seemingly of it's own volition, cupped her breast, and pinched her already hard nipple.

She seemed to relax for a moment, her head leaning back on my shoulder, her breath still coming in gasps. Then she elbowed me hard with her left elbow, calling me a pig again, and then elbowed me yet again. I captured her arm with my left arm and did another even stupider thing. I pulled it behind her, placing her hand in the middle of her lower back. I then pulled her backwards, between my legs, trapping her arm between our bodies, and holding her tight against me by her breast, with my left hand gripping the waistband of her pants. I didn't realize the error of my ways, until I felt her forearm pressed against my crotch. I was embarrassed to realize all this was getting me hard, and there was no chance of her missing that now.

"Cathy..." Again, almost of their own volition, my lips sought her neck.

"Great. I suppose you're going to fuck me now, and that will make everything all wonderful again." She had turned her head, towards me this time, and for the first time, some hint of something other than vitriol came through.

"Cathy. I would fuck friggin' Janet Reno, if I thought you'd stop being angry with me." I almost shouted, exasperated.

This finally elicited a bit of giggle out of her. Her hand between us slid and turned, and she grasped my cock, and gave it a hard squeeze.

"You, know, I believe you would." And then it happened, a hint of a smile.

I was so relieved to think that maybe I was breaking through, I could feel the tears forming in my own eyes. I leaned into her, and place my lips on hers.

Her lips betrayed her. They were warm and inviting, and her tongue was generous in its attention, exploring my mouth, caressing my lips. I don't know how long we kissed, but when we finally broke, her hand was methodically stroking my cock, and my hands were busy caressing her breast, and squeezing her pussy through her pants.

"So now what? Am I supposed to be just another fuck-toy in your life, Jack? Are you going to use this big cock to tame me? Hold me down and rape me, until I do whatever you ask? Now what, Jack?" Her tone was challenging, but her left hand kept stroking my cock, and her right hand was now over my left, pressing it firmly against her mound.

I pulled away from her, and positioned myself behind the wheel. I re-entered traffic, and started down the road.

"Now what the fuck are you doing?" she asked me, and I could feel the anger mounting once again.

"I'm taking you to my apartment." I told her.

"Oh, and like I'm supposed to swoon, and throw myself at your feet?" She asked sarcastically.

"No. You shut the fuck up for the next two minutes. Then you walk with me up to my apartment, to save me the effort of carrying you. And then once and for all you and I settle this."

"With your big cock I suppose."

"Yep. That's part of it."

That finally shut her up.

It was only a couple of blocks away. I got out, and grasping her hand tightly, I pulled her across the front bench and out my side of the truck. She came along docilely enough. She walked up the steps just behind me, and I never let go of my tight grip on her hand. Her hand was hot and clammy.

I have no idea what had come over me. This was unlike anything I had ever done. But I was going to take my best friends wife, fuck her fast and hard, then take her back to the activities, among her friends and family, with my hot cum filling her pussy, and dripping down her leg. I was out of control.

As soon as we were in the door, I turned her to face me. Grasping her hair in my fist, I kissed her mouth hard. She grabbed my shirt and pulled at it, freeing it. Then I was pulling it over my head, and she was fighting with my belt to get into my pants. She was bent over at the waist, leaning over, and tugging at them. I stepped back, kicking off my shoes, and stepped out of my pants. I was not wearing underwear, and my fully hard cock sprung free.

Cathy dropped to her knees and looking up into my eyes, licked the length of my cock, before taking it into her mouth. She was a consummate cock-sucker, playing with my balls, stroking my cock, laving the head with her tongue, and taking me deep in her mouth. She seemed to anticipate my desires, knowing when to speed things up, when to tease, when to stroke me hard and fast. Her eyes would lock onto mine for long seconds, and then her attention would return to the simple feat of servicing my cock, with every bit of her essence dedicated to that effort.

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