tagGroup SexCvsN 22: A New Housemate

CvsN 22: A New Housemate

byTx Tall Tales©


It's a revolving door: Karen's out but Amie's in.


I had the place to myself for a little while, before Robin and the little one's made it back.

I wanted to just relax, but the yard was getting overgrown, so I started up the riding mower, and took a quick turn about the property, cutting down two weeks of growth. The yard was big enough that it was a sizable chore, nearly an hour of driving around in circles. And that was without doing any of the trimming.

I was just putting away the mower when Robin appeared at the shed. "The kids are wiped out. I fed them, and gave them a video to watch. How can I help?"

It was nice to hear her offer. She'd been a lot of help with the construction but she wasn't a big one for doing chores around the place.

"You ever use an edger?"

"Nope. But you know my motto: I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure."

"I thought that was Mae West," I teased.

"Hey, we should all have role models."

I gave her a few minutes of instruction, then took the weed-whacker out and went to work. We had the place looking almost respectable after another 20 minutes or so.

Man, my life had changed. Just a few months earlier, I was living in an apartment, and the closest I came to yard work was stepping over tools on the sidewalk once a week. Never for a moment had I imagined being where I was today. I looked over at Robin leaning over to pull up a weed, and eyed her tempting little rear.

Nope. Couldn't have imagined anything like this.

We were hot and grubby after the effort we'd put in. While we put the tools away, Robin reminded me of it.

"Looks like you need a shower, handsome. Like some company?"

I wasn't sure where the rules on our house guests stood at the moment. I knew Amie had been promoted to "when available" status, but Robin was still on the fence. I guess she saw me hesitating.

"Just a little fun. I thought I'd stay out of the limelight for a bit, let you kids have some fun alone until things settle down. So it's best if we take any 'alone' time when we have it. Whaddya say?"

"I think you're still off limits, baby." I told her. "Beth made it clear that the only pussy in this house I should be screwing is hers and Debbie's."

"I don't think that should be problem," she answered wickedly. "I've got two more openings dying for some action."

Queen of the hard sell. It appeared to run in her family. "I do need a shower."

I grabbed something to change into and we headed up to the room, hers now that Karen was gone. It didn't take us long to get soapy and steam up the windows a bit. She was playful while rinsing me off, and made sure to get a lot of carnal contact in. By the time we'd cleaned up, I was ready for lots more.

We didn't waste time warming up. She led me to her bed, where I leaned back for a brief oral warm up before reaching into the end table drawer for some lube. Robin took it and got my rod thoroughly slicked up, and slipped a little inside herself before straddling me and sliding me into her tight ass. I couldn't help but think about how I'd had both sisters, the same way, in the same day. I must be doing something right.

She rode me for a few delightful minutes before climbing off and getting on her knees for me. It was an undeniable invitation, and I rode her ass hard, pounding her for all I was worth, completely given over to my own satisfaction, holding nothing back. I was being more selfish than usual, and God knows I could be selfish in the sack, but I wasn't the least concerned with her pleasure at that moment. It was all about me.

"That's it baby, fuck my poor little butt-hole. Stretch me out and use me, lover," she told me, giving me the complete go ahead.

I loved the feeling, and reamed her furiously. I butt-fucked her until that familiar sensation took hold. Show time. I rammed her hard, finally flooding her ass, while she egged me on.

Damn she was a fun fuck. And nicely available. Throw in the fact that she was the most anally oriented girl I'd ever known, and she seemed like a keeper. I definitely needed to work on her status with my roomies.

Robin wasn't looking for any after-play. She hit the bathroom, and got dressed, heading down to watch over the girls, even before I was done cleaning up.

I threw on my clothes and joined them downstairs, wondering if I should start dinner. It was getting late, nearly 7:00 pm, and I figured we'd have some exhausted roommates showing up at any time. I reckoned there was no need to tell my girls about the Robin interlude, anal was sort of like oral. It didn't really count. And unlike her sister, Robin could keep a secret.

I went ahead and fed the little ones left-over mac and cheese, which was a hit as usual. We were cleaning up after them when our errant shoppers finally strolled in. The girls had pizzas from Don Pablo's in hand which solved any dinner issue.

I went to take two of the large pizza boxes from Beth, but she shooed me away. "Why don't you do some unloading out back while we get everything setup?"

I took the hint, and found Amie's car was outside, filled to the brim with bags and boxes. The entire backseat was filled to the roof, and the trunk was bungied closed since it wouldn't shut all the way. Definitely a successful outing.

It took me a few minutes to get that thing emptied, before I headed back to the main house. I was starving and looking forward to a few slices. Of pizza. Hell, who am I kidding? Of whatever I could get.

Over dinner Robin and I were regaled with tales of shopping and negotiating. From the sounds of things, the girls had found at least 90% of what they had set out to get, and plenty of extras. They were so excited the feeling was contagious.

With all that gorgeous, nubile flesh surrounding me, I was starting to contemplate where the evening was heading.

It appeared a fivesome (is there such a thing?) was not in the picture. Amie begged off after dinner, and after some quick hugs and kisses, I walked her back to her car since it was so dark out, and gave her a little extra friendly goodbye, with some serious fondling and making out before I let her escape.

Back in the house, Robin had rounded up the little ones, sent them off to bed, and retired upstairs, claiming to be worn out from the days activities. Strike the foursome.

Beth came to me and gave me hug. "Sorry big guy. Just the three of us. I hope you're not too disappointed."

Damned witch could read my mind. I swatted her delicious butt. "Disappointed? To go to bed with you two? There's nothing else I could want more in this lifetime."

"So you're not sorry that Amie headed home?" Debbie teased.

"Not in the least. I mean, she's cute and fun, but what is it Beth says? 'When you've got prime rib, who wants hamburger?' Right?"

We spent some relaxing time on the couch together, discussing the housing situation, while I massaged the girls feet and calves. Beth knew about Amie's desire to move in, but Debbie was still in the dark.

"I don't know," Debbie hedged, when we broached the subject. "I'm not certain how I feel about that particular hottie being around all the time. And I imagine Ron will end up being a fixture around here as well, as long as she's here."

"I know," I told her. "I was kind of looking forward to Robin moving out in a few weeks, and having the place to ourselves. It's been a wild ride so far, but I'd be happiest if it was just the three of us."

Beth was taking Amie's side. Not much of a surprise there. "I don't think it'll be that bad. She's seeing Eric twice this week, and I think they're getting more serious. I'm guessing that within a few weeks she'll be spending as much time at his place as here. She just needs to get out of that house she's sharing and find someplace for her stuff. She's talked about moving back home but she has reservations."

"That doesn't surprise me," Debbie laughed. "Her old man has it bad for her."

It took a good bit of discussion, but Beth finally got her way. Debbie still had the last say.

"Ok. We'll give her your room for now. But no long term commitments. If things don't work out, or it gets too weird, we'll have to let her find a new place. If that's back at her father's place, or at Eric's, or just a new apartment that's nearer, we'll worry about it then."

Beth was overjoyed and gave Debbie a big hug and kiss, thanking her. Then she ran off with phone in hand to tell her buddy the good news. Debbie and I turned off the lights, locked up the front, and headed to our sanctuary.

While she was in the tub, she told me the latest plan was for Beth and Amie to give their two weeks notice, and they'd open up for business as soon as I got back from Spain. While I was gone they'd finish the setup and organization, get a sign put up out front, and start contacting a few potential clients. She went on-and-on about their shopping successes, and I listened to her, overjoyed to hear her so happy.

Watching her walk to my side, naked and stunning, produced the reaction it always did. She smiled for me.

"I love that I can do that to you. Just walking in here."

"You are the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Beyond all my dreams. I can't help myself."

"Sometimes I can almost believe that," she said softly.

"Believe it." I pulled her into the middle of our bed, and went down on her, opening her legs and tasting her, licking her, ecstatic in my ability to place my face between her perfect legs. Once more, I was astonished that I could even be with her.

"Am I sexier then your little teenage toys?"

Was that a hint of jealousness I was hearing?

"Debbie, you are the pinnacle, a picture of perfection. You are so sexy you make my body ache in need. How can you even ask?"

"They're so young, so willing," she said softly. "Beth is so pretty, and you were her first."

"I wish I was your first," I told her, moving up her body so I could make love to her.

"So do I. You would have been eleven," she giggled. "I could have trained you."

"C'mon, you're not that much older than me," I reminded her.

"Two years. You would have been eleven."

"You were thirteen?"

"That's when Uncle Wally figured I was old enough to earn my keep."

She had never gone into any detail about her past. I knew too much already about her last relationship. Karen had said that Debbie had been on her own from an early age, but I had never known why nor had I asked.

While we made love, she told me a bit about her early days. Her Uncle sneaking into her room for years until she'd had enough of him and her aunt's accusing, and moved out with an older boyfriend at 16. By seventeen she was knocked up, and was on her second live-in boyfriend, happy enough to have a roof overhead and medical benefits.

By eighteen she was living on her own and working like a dog, just to keep herself and her baby fed and sheltered. It wasn't an ideal childhood. I couldn't help but compare it to mine or Beth's. We'd had it easy.

Our lovemaking was slow and gentle. She didn't seem too upset talking about her past, but a couple of times she pulled me down and hugged me, silent while we relaxed together.

She had just starting telling me about living with an older couple, who seemed perfect at first, when our third-wheel came bouncing into the room. Beth stripped down in a heart beat and cuddled up beside us.

"She's so happy! She's going to move out this week. She'll get some of her dad's guys to move her Wednesday, if that's cool."

The end of the month. Made sense.

"We'll need to get that room ready for her," Debbie said, while I slowly resumed sliding in and out of her.

"I can take care of that. She's promised to leave us alone down here, only playing when she's invited. She doesn't want to be a pain in the ass." Beth told Debbie, reaching out and caressing her.

Debbie sighed. "It'll be alright. As long as we're together, the other's are just little distractions. Maybe we can limit the playtime to the weekends."

"Wouldn't that be great? Just us during the week, and then a little wildness on the weekend. Don't you think so, Jack?" Beth asked, her hand still fondling Debbie's breast.

"Sure. Some weekend fun. But all I really want is what I have right now, right this moment." I turned to face Debbie, making sure she understood me. I slowly thrust into her, deeply. "This is it. Perfection."

Beth leaned in and kissed Deb on the cheek. "It is, isn't it? Just the three of us. Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself." Then to my surprise she backed away.

"I'm here if you want, Jack, but don't feel you have to. You guys look like you're having fun. I don't want to interfere."

She relaxed on her side, watching us, while I leaned over and kissed Debbie, getting back to business.

Debbie reached out to Beth, touching her cheek. "You're never anything more than a blessing, love."

"Thanks, but sometimes I think it would be nice for one of us to sit one out. Make the loving something more than just a sexy threesome, you know?" She was full of surprises.

"Of course I know. Sometimes I want him to myself; I want to have all of his attention, have him love me, and know when he pulls out, it's to lie beside me so I can fall asleep in his arms, not so he can go stick his cock in somebody else, coming back to me when he feels the urge."


Beth smiled. "Exactly. And tonight, he's all yours."

Debbie caressed our teen bedmate's hair. "Thanks, maybe tomorrow can be yours."

"I'd like that. We should make it a once a week thing. We get to be selfish one night each. And the other one gets to watch. Deal?" Beth inched closer so she could reach out for her gorgeous roommate, who was still on the receiving end of a long thorough screwing.

Debbie seemed halfway to tears, which I thought was a little overreacting. She wasn't much of a crier. "Deal," she finally said, pulling Beth in close for a long soft kiss.

"Sure you only want to watch?" Debbie asked with a knowing grin. "He's feeling pretty strong tonight."

"Positive. This one's all yours. I love watching you two together. It's so incredible."

And that's all she did. It was a beautiful evening, endless touching and holding, loving and kissing, never seeming to get wild and needy, just a wonderful lovemaking. We ended like we began, with me just lying on top of the girl I loved so much, feeling the end creeping up on me, the unslakable desire to fill her with my seed one more time. We came together, Debbie responding to my needs. We'd almost forgotten about Beth's quiet presence, and were both surprised to see she'd drifted off.

Debbie giggled, "Not hot enough to keep our little friend entertained I guess."

"She couldn't know. That was amazing," I told her, freeing her up to use the restroom. She came back to me and kissed me, then rolled onto her side facing young Beth. I cuddled up behind her spooning, holding the love of my life, wondering why I let all these other women take away time I could be spending with her. God, I was a fool.

"I love you Debbie. More than anything," I told her softly.

"I know. Thank you," she said softly, pulling my hand up between her breasts and clinging to it.

It was a nice way to fall asleep.


Karen and Jim were over Sunday, and Amie didn't even put an appearance in. We spent most of the day Sunday organizing the new goods, with a simple dinner, and a quiet evening. By Monday, things were almost normal again.

I called home at lunch, to tell Debbie I'd be coming home. I think I surprised her.

Robin was out. It turned out she was looking for a part-time job for the rest of the summer, which made sense. Funds were running low. She was living off of us, but everyone needs some spending money. I decided on the spot to help her out a bit, as a reward for all the work she'd done. A few hundred should help her back on her feet, and make sure she didn't head back to school broke.

"So what brings you home?" Debbie inquired.

I took her in my arms, interrupting her sandwich making. "Make mine to go. I'm here for you."

"For me?"

"I don't want to spend a single day of my life not making love to you. Not if I can help it. So if tonight is Beth's, the day is yours."

She turned and kissed me passionately, holding me tight. Then she led me into our bedroom, closing the door so the little ones knew better than to intrude, and she rocked my world.

She was impassioned, fucking me wildly, sucking me like her life depended on it. As much as I knew she preferred to make love face to face, I really liked being behind her, looking down on her perfect smooth skin, her bikini lines criss-crossing her back and highlighting the most private parts. I loved holding her incredible ass cheeks while drilling her from behind. Nothing could get me off faster then taking her that way. Each time I came, she came after me again, her mouth quickly restoring the steel to my rod, and sucking me long after she had me ready to go again. That beautiful face, full of my cock, was a sight to behold and I knew I'd never tire of it. When the clock read 1:15 I let her ride me to one last incredible finish, before she chased me out, telling me how bad I was.

Even discussing our travel plans with Chris didn't get me hard that afternoon. My mind was still replaying my lunch meeting. Why didn't I do that more often? Once the day-care was up and running, would I even be able to?

While Beth and I had our fun that evening, Debbie watched us, a little enigmatic smile appearing on her face every so often. I would have bet money she, too, was remembering our lunch date.

Beth was as fun and energetic as ever, teasing me about Friday and bringing Amie into our bed. "Saturday Ame's got a date with Eric, so maybe we can let Robin play a bit."

"Don't worry about her too much," I reminded her. "She already told me she's going to be over at Jim's tomorrow and Friday, so I don't think she's missing out too much. And don't forget, I leave Sunday."

Of course she was leaving Ron out of the equation, and I imagined he'd be popping up before too long.


Wednesday was moving day. I got home late, finishing a practice training session. There was a truck out front, and Ron was there directing traffic. It didn't take long at all for Amie to get settled in, and for Ron to finagle a dinner invite.

We found out that Robin had secured a job. A pretty good one. She had the right connections.

"I get to inventory his warehouse, and see if I can get most of it emptied by the end of the summer," she explained. "Ron's going to let me keep 20% of the proceeds!"

"That's great!" I was happy for her. It was a great deal.

"It just sits there, getting more and more out of hand, and I end up paying taxes on it every friggin' year. It'll be nice to get that out of my hair." Ron said, seeming a bit embarrassed by the way things had worked out. He quickly changed the subject. "Tell me, pretty lady, how the hell you can make something as simple as spaghetti and meatsauce taste so damn good. Your culinary talents are wasted here."

Debbie thanked him. "Serving dinner in my home could never be a waste of talent. There's nobody I'd rather have enjoying my food than the ones I love."

"Ain't that the truth. You all are damned lucky."

I laughed. "Don't you think I know? I used to eat out three times a day. Now I never want to eat out. Except maybe to give her a break."

"That's sweet," Debbie told me, collecting up some of the plates and bestowing a kiss on my cheek.

"Lightning strike me if it ain't the truth," I vowed.

Beth came up behind me and gave me a hug. "I think we're going to have to get you back on an exercise program soon, if you don't learn to say no to seconds and thirds. All the bedroom workout in the world can't compete with Deb's cooking."

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