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Cybersex Rendezvous


Teri sat down at her computer and logged on to messenger. She grinned as her offline messages came up. It looked like one of her favorites, Billy had been on the past couple of days. Busy with work, Teri had not been able to chat with anyone in her messenger harem. She was going to spend her Saturday night hopefully cybering with one of them.

BBoyNYC69: You there T?

Teri deleted that one and went on to the second and the third.

BboyNYC69: Where are you T? I need to talk to you sexy lady. IM me when you get a chance and tell me when your going to be on.

Teri hit the reply key on the offline message.

TxxxBear70: I'll be on rest of the evening until midnight and I'll be on most of tomorrow.

She inserted a few devil and kiss smiley's and sent the message into the cyber world.

Hoping he would come on and tell her what was up and to maybe engage in some online fun, Teri settled in for the evening. Bored, she went onto her favorite porn site and broke out her toys. As she sat there, she thought of Billy. Cute in a nerdy sort of way, he was the same age as she. The only downside was that he was married.

Usually, Teri stayed away from the married guys. She always felt guilty when she cybered with them. However, there was something about Billy that made Teri overcome her hesitations. The moment his name would light up on messenger, Teri always felt her pussy tingle and her nipples tighten in anticipation of just chatting, let alone cybering with him.

The later it became, Teri got frustrated that no one was on. The videos and the vibrator had made her hornier than a dog in heat and she wanted one of her guys to come on so she could have fun.

Just as she was about to give up and head to bed early, the messenger gave her the sound she was hoping for. Billy was on! Teri felt her face flushing, her heartbeat pick up, and her pussy get wet. She quickly clicked on his ID and started her instant message session with him.

TxxxBear70: Comes up behind you and presses her naked body against your back.

BBoyNYC69: T!!!!!!!!! God baby I've missed you! Where have you been?

TxxxBear70: Work as usual. I reach around and fondle your balls and kiss your naked back. I need you so bad baby. You turn around and we kiss passionately.

BBoyNYC69: I cradle your head in my hands and deepen the kiss. Showing you how much I've missed our conversations.

TxxxBear70: I press my naked tits to your chest and run my blood red nails down your back to your ass cheeks.

BBoyNYC69: Oh baby, you do know how to make me hard!

TxxxBear70: I grin and steer you to the couch. I push you down and slide to my knees in between your legs.

BBoyNYC69: Oh god. My cock is rock hard and standing straight up!

TxxxBear70: I look you directly in the eye as I lean in and kiss the tip of your cock. I start to lick the underside. I can't help myself. I take your balls into my mouth and swirl them around with my tongue.

BBoyNYC69: My hips arch to push myself further into that sweet mouth. T! Oh god T!

TxxxBear70: After paying equal attention to each ball, I start to lick from the base of your cock to the tip. Nails dug into your thigh, I slowly put the tip of your cock in my mouth. I suck down. I scrape up.

BBoyNYC69: Oh damn baby. You keep that up and this is going to be a short night. LOL

TxxxBear70: Well we can't have that now can we. (Grins and inserts a devil smiley.) I pull my mouth away and kiss back up your body, then position myself so I'm straddling your lap I reach between us and hold your cock at my entrance as I lean in and kiss you. I want you baby. I need you.

BBoyNYC69: I push myself into you slowly. I kiss your mouth as my cock penetrates your sacred barrier. Inch by inch, I fill that sweet pussy.

TxxxBear70: Ohhhhhh Billy. Fuck me. God please fuck me. Fill me with your hot cum Billy. I need it so bad.

BBoyNYC69: I pick up speed, slamming my cock into your tight little pussy. My mouth at your tits, I bite and suck at them as the sounds of our fucking fill the air.

TxxxBear70: I slam my pussy down onto your cock and moan. I can feel your cock filling my pussy as I rip your mouth from my tits and kiss you passionately.

BBoyNYC69: I'm cumming baby!

TxxxBear70: Yes! Yes! Oh God! Vibrations rack through my body as I explode in a mind blowing orgasm when I feel you shoot your hot cum up into me.

BBoyNYC69: Damn girl! You drive me nuts!

TxxxBear70: I slump against you, sated for now. You wrap your arms around me. I needed you so badly tonight Billy. I was so horny!

BBoyNYC69: You're always horny T. LOL. (Inserts silly grin smiley.)

TxxxBear70: You make me that way Billy boy! Oh I almost forgot. You said you needed to talk to me?

BBoyNYC69: How could I forget? LOL. My boss is sending me to Pittsburgh at the end of the week for a meeting. I was wondering. Um, I know we said this was cyber only, but I'd love to meet up with you for a night. They are putting me up Thursday and Friday nights at the Railway Sheraton. I fly in Thursday evening; my meeting is Friday from 9 to 3. My flight out isn't until Saturday at 1. I want to spend that time before leaving with you. I want this to be real! Even if it's just the once, I need and want you.

TxxxBear70: I don't know Billy. What about your wife?

BBoyNYC69: I've told you. We are married in name only. We haven't had sex in four years and I don't foresee that ever changing. I've explained to you about her illness. I stay because I don't think she could handle if I left and she needs my insurance coverage. I know that's not an excuse, but I need you T! Please think about it! At least give me that.

TxxxBear70: Ok, I'll give you that much. I'll think about it. The prospect of meeting with you and being naked in your arms is very tempting. I'll let you know one way or the other. I think I had better go do some thinking. Night.

Teri clicked out of her instant messenger without waiting for a reply. Her cheeks flushed she put her hands to her cheeks. Should she do it? She had never had a rendezvous with any of the men she had met on Lit. She was so tempted.

Shutting down her computer she wandered through the empty apartment. If she didn't do this would she regret it? If she did it would she feel guilty for having slept with a married man?

The next few days flew by for Teri. Busy at work, she did not have a chance to look at her messenger until Wednesday night. When she opened her messenger it was flooded with offline messages from Billy.

BBoyNYC69: T! Where are you? Did you decide yet?

Teri deleted and went on.

BBoyNYC69: T! I need you! I want you! I beg you! Please meet up with me on Friday night.

Teri deleted that one too. What was she going to do? She stifled a sob. How could she do this and in all confidence not come out hurt. One night with Billy would never be enough. She knew that in her heart. She didn't want to hurt him. She didn't want to get hurt herself.

BBoyNYC69: It's Wednesday night Teri dear. My plane leaves right after work tomorrow. I sent you an email with all my contact information. I don't know what I need to say to convince you I'm for real about this. If you can find it in your heart to spend a night with me, I would be forever indebted to you. In all my life I have never ever felt about any woman the way I do about you. Not even my wife in the early years. I hope to hear from you.

Teri sat and stared at that message for hours. Finally, she opened her email and printed out the info that Billy had sent her. The next day at work Teri couldn't concentrate and ended up going home early. Her secretary looked at her in concern and asked if she was all right. Teri never went home early. She never missed work.

When Teri got home, she went to the closet and pulled out her suitcase. Opening it, she placed her red satin robe, her vibrators, some of the peach scented warming oil she had bought at local adult store, her camera, her computer, and a few other of her sexy clothing items in and zipped the case up.

She was going to do it she decided as she went it to the bathroom to wash her hair and shave her legs and pussy. Wanting to be perfect for Billy, she gave herself a facial and manicure. Painting her finger and toe nails a deep red, Teri finished up by pulling out her clothes for tomorrow.

The night was a long one for Teri. Having made the decision she wanted it to be the next evening. Around 3 AM Teri realized she had not given Billy her answer. Grabbing her cell phone, she hurriedly sent a short text message to him indicating she would be there tomorrow afternoon and to reply with his room number.

A few minutes later the reply came back saying how glad he was she was coming. He was in suite 333. The rest of the night Teri had a smile on her face as she dreamed of the upcoming rendezvous.

The next morning Teri dressed in her demi lace red bra, her red thong and matching garter set. Putting her conservative black pinstripe suit on top, Teri felt sexy and powerful. She spent the day in a mood that she couldn't describe. She was nervous, scared and excited all rolled in one. She felt powerful in her suit, and smiled in a few meetings thinking if they only knew what was beneath it.

Teri took the subway to her truck and then drove to the hotel. The closer she got to Billy the more nervous she got. As she pulled into the Valet Parking area she almost chickened out. The valet attendant came to her door before she could act upon the impulse. Letting the valet help her out of her truck, she steadied herself as she rolled her suitcase into the hotel. Taking a deep breath she proceeded to the elevator, wobbling on her too high heels that never caused her a problem before that moment.

As Teri waited for the people in the elevator to exit, her self confidence soared when she saw two men in suits check her out and wink at her. Bolstered, she hit the third floor and decided this was going to be a good experience. She walked slowly down the hallway looking for Billy's room. When she reached it she knocked on the door.

"Come on in T! It's open," she heard Billy call from inside.

Teri pushed the door open and wheeled her suitcase into the most stunning suite she had ever seen. Made up of small kitchenette, it had a sitting area with a couch and two chairs. A hot tub resided in a corner near the bathroom.

Teri looked up and smiled. Billy stood at the window talking on his cell. He gestured he would be with her in a moment. His smile confirmed that she had done the right thing.

Teri placed her bag on top of a credenza and decided to unpack later. Walking back into the area where Billy could see her, she held onto a chair and removed one shoe and then the next. She then slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket and let it drop off onto the floor. Next she unzipped and let the matching skirt pool at her feet.

Teri watched desire fill Billy's eyes from across the room as he took in her almost non-existent outfit. He quickly ended his call and came across the room.

"Hi," Teri said as they met in the middle of the room and she wrapped her arms around Billy's neck and kissed him passionately.

"Wow," Billy said, "that was awesome. You look amazing. Your videos didn't do you justice T!"

Teri blushed and pushed Billy up against the bed, her body rubbing against his. They kissed and Teri started to undress Billy. When she had him down to his boxers and nothing else she kissed and licked his smooth, buff chest.

She worked her way down, smiling at how his cock was straining against the material of his boxers. Pushing him down onto the bed, Teri started to kiss him through his shorts.

Billy moaned loudly and panted. "Please T! You're driving me nuts!"

"Please what?" she giggled while she pulled his boxers down and started to suck on his large shaved balls. She moved on to his stiff shaft, doing all the things she knew he liked from their cybersex sessions.

After only a few minutes of deep throating and sucking at his cock, Teri got what she wanted. Billy erupted in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her mouth. She tried to swallow without losing any.

"Oh Teri. I'm sorry I came so quickly! I've been dreaming about you. Every night I go into the shower and relive what we have just done. The past couple of days I have been so hard wondering, hoping that you would come to me tonight. I feel like a horny teenager again!"

"I think about you too baby," Teri whispered choked up on emotion as she climbed on top of Billy and placed his still hard cock at her entrance. Ever so slowly, Teri pushed Billy's cock into her pussy. Once she was seated on his throbbing cock, Teri leaned in and kissed him.

Billy then took control and they made slow passionate love. When they had both erupted into mind-blowing orgasms, they lay there wrapped in each other's arms.

"This is what I always miss after we have cybered," Billy whispered into her ear. "The part where I hold you in my arms and never let go."

The next morning, Teri woke after many rounds of sex to sneak out of the hotel room before Billy awoke. She knew if she had to say good-bye, she would beg him not to go. When she got home she logged on her messenger and clicked on the silent id of BBoyNYC69.

TxxxBear70: Until next time, I'll be dreaming of you!

Authors note: I want to give a big shout out to "Billy". This story was inspired by him even if just the ramblings of my brain. Also thanks to my editor Michchick. And of course all my lit friends who encourage me!

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