Cynthia Ch. 4

byMark Singer©

I knifed through the water, gliding up next to her and pulling her into my arms.

"I'll bet he's fucking her brains out right now..." Cynthia whispered to me with a grin.

"Want to find out?" I replied. Her eyes widened and she slowly nodded. "Follow me..." I whispered, pulling myself out of the pool. I reached down to help Cynthia out. I tossed her a towel as I dried myself off, then took her hand, turning to the house.

We scrambled through the kitchen and up the stairs, stifling our giggles like school kids spying on their teacher. I opened the door to the guest room quietly, although there was no way we could be heard, and we tiptoed into the room.

I brought Cynthia over to the window that over looked Jim and Anne's back yard and slowly parted the blinds. The sight that greeted us made us turn to each other and grin.

Jim and Anne were both as naked as Cynthia and I. Jim was lying on his back, and Anne was straddling his head, facing his cock that stood in the air like a telephone pole. One of her hands was caressing her small, firm breasts, and the other was wrapped around his hard-on.

"God, he's huge...!" Cynthia sighed, her eyes focused on Jim's massive boner. I had to admit that the man WAS big. In fact I'd been amazed the first time I saw Anne going down on him. He was ten inches long if he was an inch, and big enough around to prevent Anne's fingers from touching as she stroked him up and down.

"Not that you're not..." she smiled, her hand snaking out to tease my exhausted prick.

"It's okay...." I sighed pitifully, making her giggle. "Some of us have to make do with what the good Lord gave us..."

"And you make do fine, studly..." Cynthia laughed, turning back to the window.

We watched as Anne ground her pussy down against Jim's tongue. Occasionally, she rise up, and we could see Jim lapping and slurping her pussy as she moved against his face. The look on her face was pure ecstasy.

That look changed to a lustfully distorted grimace though as she lifted off Jim's face. We watched his tongue flick back and forth, teasing her clit, then swiping along the length of her cunt. As he licked, his tongue and face took on a glisteningly wet glow as Anne began to cover him with her juice.

I'd never seen a woman pour out cum like this. Jims face was soaked with her juices as he continued to lick and suck. Small rivers of cum flowed over his cheeks as Anne threw her head back in climactic rapture.

"Looks yummy, doesn't it..." Cynthia sighed dreamily. I looked at her curiously, wondering just how much we hadn't yet explored together.

"Might be fun to share that sometime..." I hinted, feeling another twitch in my balls. Cynthia turned to me with an evil smile.

"I'd like that..." she whispered, cocking her eyebrows like Groucho. I grinned and shook my head. This lady was continually amazing me! I followed her gaze back to the window.

Anne was leaning over Jim's massive boner, using one hand to steady herself as she held Jim's cock upright with the other. As we watched, she slowly dismounted from Jim's face, kneeling beside him and bringing both hands to his cock. The sunlight on his face showed that he was drenched with her cum. He dropped his head back to the ground and closed his eyes as Anne began to stroke him faster.

She was still using two hands to pump him, but now, she dipped her head, and we watched as her tongue flicked out to wet his cockhead. When her long hair flipped over her head, she'd flip her head, tossing her hair back and grinning. When Jim's cock was thoroughly wet, she leaned back again and continued her stroking. Then she did something that surprised Cynthia and I at the same time...

Still jerking her husband off, Anne slowly turned her head... first to the side, then steadily looking upwards...until she was looking directly into the window we were standing in front of!! I jumped and almost stepped back, then smiled. So she knew...!

I turned to Cynthia to see her smiling back at me. "Looks as if you have more in common with your neighbors than you realized!" she laughed.

"Well, whadya know..." I laughed, turning back to the window. Anne had leaned forward again, and was taking Jim's huge cockhead between her lips. She bobbed her head up and down slowly and we watched in amazement as more and more of his thick pole disappeared into Anne's mouth.

She'd taken more than half of his cock into her mouth when she pulled off. Her hands continued to stroke his now slippery shaft as she turned her gaze back to us. Leaning forward, she drew Jim's cock between her breasts and grinned up at us as she jerked him off.

Anne continued to stare up at us as Jim's hips began to buck and her face lit up as a huge column of semen sprayed from his cockhead. It splashed against her chest as she continued her stroking.

I looked down at Cynthia as I heard her breathing increase. She was staring open mouthed, her tongue making lazy circles around her lips. I grinned.

"And I'll bet you'd like to share that too, huh?" I teased. She didn't move her eyes from Jim's spurting cock.

"There's so much of it...." she sighed. "He comes as much as you do..." Her hand snaked out again, gripping my semi-hard shaft. "Look...."

I turned back to my neighbors in time to see Anne dip her head down and take Jim's cock into her mouth. His hips continued to buck as she sucked him inside. We were too far away to tell if she was swallowing, but I was sure Jim was continuing to pour his cum into her mouth.

As if she could read my mind, Anne pulled her mouth away until it hovered an inch above Jim's cock. Cynthia groaned as we watched another thick spray of semen erupt from Jim's cock and splash against Anne's lips.

Once again, she turned her face up to us, as Jim's thick cum dripped off her chin to join the thick blanket on her chest.. Still grinning up at us, she used one hand to continue stroking her husband, and the other to scoop thick handfuls of semen from her chest. She smiled and brought her hand to her lips, her tongue poking out to lick the thick juice from her fingers.

My cock was like an iron pipe in Cynthia's hand. She wasn't stroking it, rather she was clutching it like a railing to hold herself up as she stared out the window.

"Jeez...", she intoned, turning to me. Her eyes were lustful, and her hand began to move on my prick. I felt as hot as her but, to be perfectly honest, my cock was SORE. Too much too quick was tiring this poor guy out. And the quick alcohol buzz was fading fast. I desperately needed to lie down and rest. I expressed this to Cynthia, and she smiled at me.

"Good idea..." she grinned. "You're going to need your me!" She smiled and kissed me before dropping to her knees. She rubbed her tits against my cock as she lowered herself, then looked up at me and opened her mouth, extending her tongue. I groaned from pain and pleasure as she took my cock into the back of her mouth. My balls were aching from watching Anne suck off her husband, but I literally couldn't take any more. I was almost thankful when Cynthia released her oral grip on me and stood up.

"Just needed a little more..." she teased, hooking her arm through mine.

I laughed wearily, and together we walked down the hall and collapsed on my bed. To my surprise, I caught her yawning, making me join her. I chuckled as she cuddled close. I put my arm around her and hugged her tight, cupping one breast in my hand.

I began to drift off with the comforting feel of Cynthia's hand gently caressing my semi-hard cock, lightly massaging it with just the tips of her fingers. Her movements slowed and her breathing got deeper. Soon we were both locked in the embrace of a deep sleep.

It was only three o'clock in the afternoon, but I was certain we'd be up pretty late tonight, and I wasn't planning on missing a moment!

* * * * *

Copyright 2001 by Mark Singer and SingerTales, Inc.

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