Cynthia Ch. 5

byMark Singer©

I turned to Anne to see her smiling up at me. "My turn...." she whispered and stuck her tongue out to swipe the end of my cock. I moaned and turned my hips towards her. She parted her lips and took me inside. Her mouth was as velvety smooth as Cynthia's and as hot as an oven. I groaned and pushed deeper, feeling her tongue working against the underside of my shaft as I slid further inside.

Anne grinned around my shaft and brought her hand to my ass, urging me deeper. I watched in amazement as more and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth. Smoothly and effortlessly, Anne allowed my cock to pass her tonsils and glide into her throat. I didn't stop pushing forward until i felt her nose buried in my pubic hair. She winked up at me as she held me there, using her tongue to tease me.

Jim's groan distracted me for a moment and I turned my gaze to Cynthia. She had fully three quarters of Jim's pole in her mouth and was moving her head back and forth. Her lips were almost white as they stretched around him, and a fine line of liquid had escaped her lips, hanging from her chin erotically.

She was sighing and mewling sexily as she sucked him, trying to force more of him into her throat. As I turned back to Anne, I saw she was watching Cynthia intently. I grinned and began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. The overall mood was driving me closer to the edge, and from the expression on his face, I knew Jim wasn't far behind me. His hips began to move, and he reached down to gently cradle Cynthia's head between his hands as he began to saw his cock in and out of her mouth.

Cynthia groaned and held her head still, allowing Jim to slowly fuck her mouth. I realized that, in actuality, Jim was ahead of me. Small beads of sweat were forming on his forehead as he fucked my girlfriends mouth. Suddenly, I felt the cool evening air envelop my cock and looked down to see Anne's smiling face. She'd pulled her mouth from my cock, but continued to stroke me slowly.

"Watch...." she panted, leaning towards Cynthia. She reached a hand out to cradle Jim's balls, then leaned closer, running her tongue over Jim's cock as it slid in and out of Cynthia's mouth. Cynthia turned to her and smiled, pulling her mouth off her toy. Her lips glistened with pre-come and Anne kissed her wetly, sliding her tongue in and around Cynthia's lips until Jim slid his cock between them.

I watched with growing excitement as the two ladies formed their lips around Jim's cock, kissing each other and tonguing him as he slid in and out of their wet tunnel. He groaned and turned, pushing his cock between Anne's lips, fucking her mouth twice, then turning his cock to Cynthia, who greedily sucked him inside. The moans of the three of them filled the air as Jim's climax built.

His hips were moving faster, fucking the mouths of the two girls in turn, then running his pole between their lips. He began to cry out and Anne, brought her hand up to encircle his shaft. She turned him towards Cynthia and began to stroke him wildly. Cynthia groaned and opened her mouth, placing her lips around Jim just as he bucked and stood on his toes.

I saw Cynthia's cheeks balloon out from the force of Jim's ejaculation, then grinned as a thick river of white semen escaped her lips, running over her chin. Anne leaned forward and her tongue shot out, licking up the excess, then tonguing Jim's pole. Cynthia had to pull away in order to swallow the huge amount of cum in her mouth, and as she did, Jim erupted again, spraying another massive load over the faces of Cynthia and Anne. Both girls cried out as Anne continued to jerk him off.

He continued to unload, his third shot hitting Anne's cheek and dripping wetly over her face. The girls began to laugh, licking each other's faces as Jim shot volley after volley of cum over them.

The sight was too much for me. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls as Anne's hand continued to work it's magic on my cock. I turned towards their two cum covered faces, causing them to look up. When Anne realized what was about to happen, she grinned and began to stroke me faster and faster.

"In my fantasy, you come off in my mouth..." Anne said with a smile.

As they continued to lick Jim's cock, I finally erupted. Anne aimed my first blast directly into Cynthia's smiling face. My cum splattered her face, hitting just under her nose and dripping into her mouth. She laughed and began to lick up the excess as Anne pulled my cock to her open mouth. She looked up at me with fiery eyes as her lips closed around me. I groaned and fired another thick load of semen into her mouth, watching her eyes light up and her throat move as she swallowed it. As I felt another blast racing up my shaft, I pulled from her mouth, and aimed at her face.

Anne smiled and watched my cockhead expand, then erupt. She squealed excitedly as my cum splashed against her cheek, then ran in a thick river over her extended tongue. I plunged back into her mouth, feeling her greedily suck the last remainders of semen from my balls. I looked over to see Cynthia doing the same thing to Jim's still massive cock. Her eyes were looking at me, though, knowing that her actions were making me hot.

And she was absolutely right! I smiled at her as I pushed my cock in and out of Anne's wonderful mouth. The whole scene was doing a number on me. I watched Cynthia as she tried to get more and more of Jim's cock inside her mouth.

He'd deflated a bit, with his orgasm, and wasn't nearly as hard. As I watched her, she pushed her face further forward, then rocked back on her haunches. I was amazed at how much of him she was taking. She winked at me, then turned her attention back to Jim. She bobbed her head up and down a few times, then pushed forward. I groaned as I watched Jim's cock disappear into her mouth.

Anne watched also as Cynthia tilted her head. I felt her sucking increase on my own cock as we watched Cynthia work. I saw her take deep breath, then push forward once more, taking Jim's huge cock into her throat. I heard her groan as he slipped past her tonsils, and watched as every inch of his cock slid into her throat. She held him there, her nose pressed into his pubic hair, then looked up at me once again. It was my turn to groan as I watched Jim's cock pulling out of her throat and mouth. It was almost as erotic to watch him pull out of her mouth as it had been to watch him slide in.

Jim moaned and pushed forward again. This time he slid effortlessly into Cynthia's throat. He pulled back to give her air, then began to fuck her mouth, sliding all the way in, then pulling out until his cockhead rested on her tongue. It was like watching a magic act, wondering where all that meat was disappearing to! I felt my cock hardening inside Anne's mouth, and she responded with a squeal of delight. I turned to her and watched as she mimicked Cynthia's act, smiling up at me as she allowed my cock to pass her throat, pushing forward until I was buried inside her mouth.

I felt the blood rushing back to my cock, making it expand inside her throat as she worked to bring me off a second time. Gripping my ass, she pulled me to her, sucking hard and deep. I took her hint and began to fuck her face, holding her head in my hands and driving my cock in and out of her throat like it was a pussy. She mewled her agreement, her smiling eyes locked on mine.

I heard a grunt from my left and turned to watch my girlfriend sucking off Jim. He was no longer in her throat, but his cock was pistoning in and out of her mouth as he held her head much like I was holding Anne's. His cock was in Cynthia's mouth, but his eyes were locked on his wife's mouth as my shaft slid in and out of her lips.

Anne moaned and began to suck harder. She pulled me from her throat, using her warm, saliva filled mouth to coax another ejaculation out of me. And she was doing a fine job! My cock wasn't as hard as it had been, but I could feel she was going to make me come.

Both ladies were making sloppy, wet sucking noises as our cocks fucked in and out, and both were moaning loudly as they sucked. I saw Jim tense up...and the expression of pleasure on Cynthia's face drove me over the top. She didn't move her head this time, keeping her lips locked around Jim's cock as his strokes slowed. He began to slide just the first two or three inches into Cynthia's mouth, then he grunted again.

And once again, I saw Cynthia's cheeks balloon out as he filled her mouth with his seed. I noticed a little bit of semen push out from the sides as Jim pulled out, then pushed back inside, but this time she kept it all.

I felt my own orgasm break the up my shaft to pour thickly into Anne's talented mouth. I saw her eyes were locked on Cynthia as I came again and again over her swirling tongue. I could feel her mouth filling up with my cum as I jerked and spasmed in front of her.

When I'd finished shooting, Anne pulled her hot mouth from my cock. She looked up at me, holding her mouth open...grinning as she showed me the thick pools of semen on her tongue, then closed her lips and swallowed noisily, working her tongue around to capture any semen that remained in her mouth, then smiling a huge smile up at me.

"I love that stuff..." she panted. "So hot....Mmmmm....." I moaned as she swallowed again, then turned as I saw a motion to my left.

Cynthia was moving over to evil grin on her closed lips. As Jim and I watched, she cupped one of Anne's breasts, urging her to lie back. Anne smiled and obliged as Cynthia crawled over her. She slid one hand between Cynthia's legs, and moved it upwards until she was cupping her mound.

Cynthia kissed Anne gently on the lips, then pulled away about three inches. Instinctively, Anne knew what Cynthia was up to. She grinned and opened her mouth wide as Cynthia let her lips part slowly.

Cynthia had not swallowed Jim's cum, you see... As he and I watched in erotic wonderment, Cynthia opened wider. Jim's cum poured over her lips, and into Anne's open mouth in a thick, white river. Anne moaned out loud and extended her tongue to catch it.

As the ample flow trickle down, Cynthia smiled and leaned forward, kissing Anne passionately and pushing her tongue between her lips. Jim and I watched dumbfounded as they shared his semen.

Cynthia looked so damn erotic, kneeling over Anne with her naked ass high in the air. I desperately wanted to move over to her and slide my cock inside her, but nature wouldn't allow it this time.

As hot and horny as I was feeling, my cock was wasted...hanging limply as I watched the girls play. I collapsed backwards onto the couch, giving Jim a tired smile as he did the same across from me.

The girls, though, were far from finished...riding high on a energy filled wave of pure lust. I watched as Anne pushed her hand higher between Cynthia's thighs, then slid her middle finger between the lips. Cynthia moaned as Anne pushed deeper, then began to finger fuck her as they kissed. They stayed in that position until Cynthia began to move her tongue lower, wetly licking each of Anne's firm tits, then moving in a beeline over her belly.

Anne ran her fingers through Cynthia's hair as she felt her lips nearing their goal. Spreading her thighs wide, she pulled her knees up to her chest as Cynthia began to lick her. Both of them were moaning wildly as Cynthia buried her entire face in Anne's widespread pussy. I could hear plainly as she licked and sucked...the wet noise of their lovemaking filling the air.

Anne began to pant and sigh, working her hips in the opposite direction of Cynthia's tongue. Then her sighs took on a different meaning, becoming louder and more insistent. I watched with a grin as the signs of her orgasm etched themselves on her face. The other tell tale sign of her coming was the noises Cynthia was making. She slurped and swallowed as she panted into Anne's pussy, moving her face up and down between her new friend's thighs, licking up her juices as Anne poured them into her sucking mouth.

When Anne's spasms finally slowed, then stopped, the two girls collapsed into each others arms, grinning wildly and breathing harshly from their exertion. I sighed and let my head drop back against the cushions as the four of us took a rest. The only sound that could be heard was the crickets, the gentle wind and the exhausted panting of four fucked out humans.

Not a bad sound, if you ask me....

continued in PART 6...(

Copyright 2001 by Mark Singer and SingerTales, Inc.

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