tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCynthia's Submission

Cynthia's Submission


I am not a lesbian. At least I never thought of myself as one. Even now I don't feel I am one, but my recent experiences have made me realize that no matter what gender, I am willing to serve a dominant; a master.

As a high school English teacher I have always thought I was the one in control; that I was the leader. In the case of this last school year and a very confident student, my outlook of myself has changed.

Being a young, attractive female teacher in a high school, I am well aware of the thoughts that go through the minds of students and colleagues. I know full well that I get my share of interested stares from the opposite sex and an equal number of jealous looks from females. My beauty has always been a tool I have used to my advantage; my power.

At the beginning of the last school year I began to lose that power to that one confident student I mentioned; her name was Sage Winfield. I took notice of her unnatural confidence, as well as her natural beauty, immediately. When she entered my class room for the first time, she did it with such grace and purpose; as if she knew she was in control of everything, and everyone around her. The following is a full account of my submission to her as my mistress.

Sage most certainly owned whatever room she happened to be in. However it was never in a way that seemed cocky or stuck up, just confident. On the first day of school she waited after class, sitting upright in her chair, until everyone else left for lunch; leaving me and her alone. Thinking she needed something I asked her if anything was a matter. Her response was no, she just wanted to see me without anyone around. Quizzically I asked what she meant. She in turn asked if I would be available after classes for some one on one help. I informed her, as I would any other student, that I am indeed available after class periods, before lunch, and at the end of the day. With that she smiled and said that would be satisfactory before turning to leave the room.

Her last statement seemed as though what I had said pleased her. My availability was satisfactory? At first I thought nothing of it; I just took it in and finished teaching the rest of my classes. It wasn't until I was sitting at home that I really began to go over what she had said. As a twenty six year old women I have never had an experience in which a simple statement has caused me to ponder it's meaning which such deep thought. With my analyzing of Sage's statement I began to think more about her as a person; more about her confidence, her beauty. This simple statement was causing me to spend the entire night just thinking about Sage, and I soon realized that it was having some unexpected effects on me.

I began to become very warm, as thoughts of Sage flowed through my mind. A sense of eagerness fueled my thoughts, which were quickly becoming desires. I was in unusual state of arousal; my breathing became more rapid and I soon felt my crotch dampen. These feelings both scared me and spurred me on to delve deeper into the reason behind them. I came to the conclusion that because Sage has her innate confidence, as well as her stunning beauty, that this is why I began to think about her, but it was her as a whole that interested me. I was drawn to her, to know more about her, to better connect with her. I felt that in doing so I would become better; that connecting with her I would be enlightened. All of these feelings were prompted by one single meeting with a new student. I made it my goal after that long night of self investigation to do whatever it took to become that better person, to connect with Sage. No matter the means or the end, I knew it was the journey to come that would be the important part, the thing that my life was missing.

The next day, as classes began, my mind was still with Sage. I do not know how I managed to get through those early classes, but somehow I did. The class Sage was in, or as I was starting to believe, Sage's class, was the last one before the lunch break. When she entered the room she had my attention, though I tried to not make it too obvious as to let on to the other students. Confident as always, she strolled into class wearing a long flowing dress with her leather bag hanging off her shoulder. The dress was a modest, cotton black one with some floral stitch work at the bottom which hung to just below her ankles. She looked beautiful and radiant; it took much effort on my part to pull my eyes away from her and began the lesson. I focused hard on the lesson and before I knew it the bell was ringing, and the students began to file out to go to lunch. All except Sage, she once again remained seated while the others hustled to leave. When it was just me and her left she once again approached my desk were I was seated behind. This time however she spoke first, asking me if she could ask a personal question. I replied by telling her normally that would be inappropriate, but for her to go ahead and ask away; I would decide if it was too personal to answer. She asked if she could know my first name, justifying her wanting to know by informing me that she liked to feel as though she had a connection with her teachers which would help her learn more efficiently. Her use of the word "connection" made it seem as though she was inside my head. That is exactly what I desired, but it couldn't be what she actually was implying.

Either way I answered her question without a thought, I told her my first name, Cynthia. I even went a step further and informed her that if it made her any more comfortable she could use it instead of my professional name, Ms. Watts, whenever we happen to be alone. She seemed pleased by this, and responded with a smile and stating that she has a feeling that the two of us being alone would be a common event. With that she left once again for lunch, just as she had yesterday. Once again I was left to try and decipher what the true meaning of her last statement was. This time however, I did not wait until I was home to begin analyzing her words, I spent the rest of the afternoon's open moments sitting and pondering.

Throughout the rest of my day I wondered what exactly Sage had meant by us being alone was going to be a common event. Was she feeling the way I was? Did she what a connection with me like the one I desired to have with her? These questions kept replaying in my head, and I couldn't get over the fact that I, the elder woman, was being drawn towards wanting to be closer to a younger woman; a student no less.

By the end of classes my mind was clouded with all the different scenarios that could play out between Sage and me. Just as I was shaking myself out of the fog and gathering my things to leave, there was a knock at my door. I got up to open it to see who it could be, and to my surprise, as well as my enjoyment, it was Sage. Upon opening the door, she said nothing, but instead confidently entered the room and proceeded to sit on top of one of the first row desks. Instinctively, I closed the door and went over to greet her. However, before I could get a word out Sage spoke to me, asking a question.

"Cynthia, how do you see me?"

I smiled when I heard her use my first name and responded, without thinking, stating my true feelings.

"I see you as extremely confident, bright, an intoxicating source of curiosity, and of course radiantly beautiful."

It just came out, no thought behind it at all. Those were my true feelings and because I felt such a connection with Sage I did not worry how what I said sounded, or how she would take it. Her response was how I expected it to be; cool and calm.

"Cynthia, it seems as though you think very highly of me. Some would say your statement implies strong feelings towards me. How should I take what you have just revealed to me?"

"I do think highly of you, very high, and it scares me to admit that I do believe I am beginning to develop feelings for you. Since our first encounter I can't stop thinking about you. I desire to connect with you on any level you may allow me to. If this is too much I am sorry, I just don't want a chance to be with you, or even near you, be wasted."

"Cynthia, what you have just explained to me in no way scares me. Quite the opposite in fact; what you expressed pleases me. For I have been expecting it, maybe not as fast as it has occurred, but I have been expecting it. See, I have known of you since last year; I would see you in the halls of this school and wonder what it be like to control you, to make you the person I knew you could become. I requested your class, even though I don't need any more English credits. I wanted the chance to test my theory about you. My theory being that you would make an excellent submissive, I see it as your true nature. So my question for you Cynthia is do you want that connection, the connection to me as my submissive? Is that not truly the connection you desire?"

What she had just said shocked me. I never expected her to be as fourth coming as she had been. But I guess that is her nature; always confident. It took me some time to process what she was proposing. She apparently understood the feelings I was having far better than I did. I was still unsure what I meant by a connection with her. All I knew was I wanted one; I just couldn't comprehend what that entitled. If her view of me was correct, that I was someone who was to be a submissive, why had I not realized it? Maybe my feelings toward her were submissive in nature; I did feel as though what she represented as a whole was right and that knowing her, following her, would make me better. Does this mean I do indeed want to become her submissive? My heart says yes, and my brain, though coming up with reasons why it would be wrong, is also pushing towards accepting Sage's offer. After a long silence in which I processed everything in my head, I answered.

"Yes. That is what I want."

"Excellent. To hear you admit your understanding of your true self pleases me very much Cynthia. However, I must ask one more thing to confirm your comprehension about what you are agreeing to. Do you understand that to be my submissive you must turn over all control of your life to me? I will allow no restrictions; you are to do as I say and follow my commands at all times, no matter the situation. Is this clear Cynthia?"

This time my answer was quick. I needed no time to think it through.

"Yes, I understand completely. It is clear to me what is expected."

"Well Cynthia, all I ask of you now is to prove it. Tell me in your own words what it is you want."

"I want to turn my life over to you; for you to have complete power over me. I want to be you're submissive, because I know that being your submissive will make me a better person."

"That is perfect. Let me now go over the ground rules of our relationship together in which you must always abide by or else there will no longer be an 'us'. First, you are to always refer to me as mistress. Second, you may never disobey any direct commands I give you. Lastly, anytime I feel you have not served me as you should, I will punish you. These three rules are constants, but more may be added if I deem it necessary is this understood?"

"Yes mistress."

"Very well, now for your first test; a test to see how committed you truly are to being my sub, to doing exactly as I say. Cynthia, I want you to remove your clothes and kneel in front of me, placing your hands behind you head. Doing so will show exactly how far you are willing to submit, and to be my sub I will need full submission."

I was stunned at how quickly things were progressing. I knew I had to do as she commanded or else I would lose the chance to connect with her. However, doing what was asked would be dangerous, and uncharacteristic of a teacher. This being understood, I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do. I proceeded to complete her command. I removed my blouse first, unbuttoning the front and exposing the white cotton bra that concealed my breasts. Sliding it off my shoulders, I let it slip to the floor at my feet and began to unzip my black pencil skirt. It too quickly fell to my feet and I stepped out of it. I was now standing in front of a student, who was now my mistress, wearing only a pair of black flats, my bra, and a matching pair of bikini cut panties. I then bent down to remove my shoes, releasing my feet to stand bare on the cool surface of the tile floor. Reaching behind me, I unclasped my bra causing it to spring open before sliding down my arms to gather with the building pile that was the rest of my clothes. My last step was to remove my panties, which I did by hooking my thumbs under the waist band and rolling them done my thighs until they fell on their own to pool at my ankles. I quickly stepped out of them and took my position kneeling in front of my mistress with hands behind my head, interlocking my fingers. It was both nerve racking as well as liberating to be in that my position; that position being naked on my knees in my own classroom while in front of a student of mine. If it had not been for my door being closed, anyone walking the halls would have been able to see that I was completely exposed. My nerves were on edge and my body shivered as I awaited further instructions from my mistress.

Deliberately taking her time, Sage slowly circled me. She examined me closely without saying a word. The silence was only adding to my now building arousal. When she was behind me she bent down and picked up the pile of my discarded clothes before continuing her circle back to the front of me. Setting my clothes down on top of a desk, she began to go through them as if deciding what to do with them. After looking through them for a while she spoke.

"Cynthia, your ability to quickly follow my instructions makes me happy. You should never worry about anything I have you do. You should always trust that it is for the best, though sometimes it may not look that way at first. From looking at your clothing, I get the sense that you have a good sense of style and fashion. However, from this point on what you wear will be my decision. That is why I had you remove your clothes. Your submission to me must start from a clean slate. Now that this has been accomplished, we can move on with our next step. For this you must remain as you are as I retrieve my bag from my locker. I will be taking your clothes with me as a way to make sure you don't get any ideas of getting dressed. You will have to trust that I will return. Be good my Cynthia, and remember you are to remain in that position until I return."

With that she turned at left the room, thankfully closing the door behind her. I was now left in my state only able to think about everything that is happening and that has happened. To wonder and worry about all the different scenarios that could unfold. A colleague of mine could walk in and find me naked and kneeling, or another student could come by looking for something they may have left behind. All of which were totally plausible scenarios, this was a public building after all. It wasn't as if I was submitting in the privacy of my own home or even a motel room by that matter. I had to trust in Sage that everything was going to be fine, no matter what. She was testing me once again; testing my commitment to her as my mistress. I was alone like this for almost five minutes according to the clock hanging on the wall directly in front of me before Sage returned.

She returned as promised, with her bag hanging over her shoulder and my clothes tucked under her opposite arm. Upon entering the room, she closed the door, locking it from the inside, and placed my clothes atop of the book shelf located on the wall next to the door. She walked towards me stopping at the front row of desks and positioning her bag on one of the desktops while sitting down into its connected chair. From her bag she pulled out a digital camera and set it on the desk next to her before addressing me.

"Cynthia, will you please stand up and drop your hands to your side, it is time for some pictures."

Quickly, I stood up to follow my mistress' order. Once I was in a position of her liking, she picked up the camera and took a picture of my standing in front of her. It was nothing fancy; just a basic picture of me standing nude in my classroom. Wow, how quickly things progressed. Sage did however make sure that I kept a big smile on my face; she said that everyone should smile when they are getting their picture taken.

"Okay Cynthia, let me have you bend over your desk, with your ass facing me, and make sure to spread your legs a bit so the camera can capture the whole scene."

I spun around and took up my new position; this was really starting to get to me, my pussy was soaking wet and I could feel that my temperature was up. Sage casually snapped off some more photos, every once in a while changing her position to get different angles.

"Cyn, reach back with your hands and spread yourself apart, I need to get a couple of really open shots."

Again, I did as I was told; reaching back I pulled open my cheeks exposing myself even more if that was even possible. I know for sure she was getting some great shots of my wide open vagina and asshole. If someone told me a month ago that this was what I would be doing after the third day of school I would have thought they were crazy. Now that it is happening though, I don't wish to be doing anything else. This is what I was meant to do; what I was meant to be. This is my role in life; the sub of an eighteen year old high school mistress.

"Alright Cyn, I think I got enough pictures of you looking like a total slut and it is getting pretty late, I should be getting home. However, before I go there are few things we need to go over. First, you are to wear the shortest skirt you own tomorrow for work, pair it up with a nice blouse; something that really shows off your breasts. Second, I want you to shave off your pubic hair; it will make you feel and look more subordinate. Third, no panties or bra tomorrow, this will keep you on edge as well as keep you open for any advances I may want to take. Fourth, keep your lunch break clear as well as after school, I have a couple of fun tasks in mind for you. Lastly, just so you don't think you're free for the rest of the night from my control, you are to go home wearing only your bra and panties, I'll take your skirt, top, and shoes with me to make sure you do not chicken out. Upon your arrival home you are to call my cell phone for further instructions. Are we clear on what is to be done?"

"Yes mistress. But how do expect me to leave here in only my bra and panties, what if someone sees me?"

"Cynthia, I have all the faith in you that you can accomplish this task, if not you will know what not to do next time. Now, what are you my dear?"

"I am your submissive mistress."

"Very good, but from now on, you are to say that you are my sub slut, that only leaves to serve me. Well have fun getting home tonight and don't forget to call."

With that, she turned and left the room; grabbing my clothes off the bookcase as she exited the room. When she left this time however, she left my classroom door open. I had to quickly scamper over and close it before anyone passed by. Once it was closed and locked, I took some time to steady my nerves. My head was spinning and the weight of the evening seemed to hit me all at once.

I leaned back against my door and began to reflect how I got to where I am now. The day started out like any other, except for the fact that I couldn't get the thought of Sage out of my head. My thoughts of her were not in the least bit sexual, just thoughts about her; who she is, why she had this effect on me. I in no way expected to be in the position I now found myself. However, now that I am in this position I get a sense that this is meant to be. I feel as though I have found what has been missing in my life, and now that I have found it I am not going to let it go. My whole body feels alive, and from how soaked my crotch is I am definitely aroused. Accepting my new position, and understanding that it was truly what I wanted as well as needed, I began to explore my arousal. My hands slid down my bare chest caressing my firm breast. Squeezing and massaging my perky twins fueled my fire and I soon had a hand snaking its way towards my overflowing box. My fingers instantly disappeared within slippery confines of my snatch and I began to slowly finger myself, spurring my passion further. Soon my other hand found its home rubbing my love button with the intent of making me climax. I was lost within myself to everything around me as I leaned naked against the door to my classroom pleasuring myself as if I would never be able to again. My hands were a blur of movement and within moments my orgasm exploded causing my already soaking pussy to flood further and my body to spasm uncontrollably. I let out a deep moan as the most electric orgasm I have ever had subsided. I had never felt more free or drained in my whole life as I slowly slid down to the floor and basked in the afterglow of such a magical moment.

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