tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCynthia's Submission Ch. 05

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 05


Waking up the next morning I felt refreshed and a bit sore. My pussy had that feel good ache to it from the wonderful fucking I got from Sage, but over all my body felt good and I was energetic to see what Sage had in store for me.

I quickly showered, did my hair and makeup, and got my shoes on. While I was in the shower I removed the plug, giving it a good cleaning before putting it into the bag, and was left with an empty feeling in my ass. It is amazing how quickly I grew to enjoy the feeling of something in my backdoor; I never would have expected that to happen. Since I had very little to do to get ready for work I had plenty of time to get to school and meet my mistress.

Getting back into my car naked sparked me to remember how I had gotten home the night before, and just how nerve racking it was. At least then I had the cover of darkness to help with concealing my secret; driving to school meant doing so as the sun was starting to come up. The only thing I had going for me was the fact that it was still very early and that meant fewer cars on the roads. Knowing that, I was able to power through my anxiety and make my way to my school to meet Sage.

I arrived ten minutes earlier than I was told to, but I figured I should wait for my mistress at the pre-determined spot rather than in my car. As I waited naked outside of the school, I realized just how long ten minutes could feel, which was the complete opposite of how it felt when I was eating out Sage's rear end for ten minutes. What is even odder is that during the entire time I waited, the thought of another teacher arriving early never crossed my mind; I was caught up in eagerly being a good sub slut for Sage.

At exactly the specified time, Sage appeared from around the corner of the school wearing a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, and waved me over to her. I cautiously did as she wanted, not fully understanding what to expect. As I reached her location she began to speak.

"I'm happy to see that you made it on time and just as I had ordered as well. Hand me the bag and we can began with our morning adventure."

I handed her the bag and she snatched it out of my grip before grasping my wrist and pulling around the corner of the school towards the front entrance.

"I was thinking that we should get some good sub slut style pictures of you at your place of employment. The first one that should be captured is of you standing in front of the main entrance, and then we can go inside to capture more."

I couldn't believe what I was being made to do. Never before would the idea of having a naked picture of myself taken while I stood in front of the school have crossed my mind, and not only was it going to happen, but I was getting wet just thinking about it.

Within moments, Sage had me out in front of the school, posing in front of the two front doors. She assured me that this would only take a second or two, and that after she got the shot we could retreat inside for more. I stood waiting and smiling while she framed up the perfect shot, and all the while the only thing in my head was that I hope nobody drives by and sees this. However, before I was able to allow that thought to plague my mind for too long, Sage had taken the picture and returned to my side.

"Ok, I got the shot; let's go inside for some others. Open up the doors and head towards the main office."

I did as I was told and soon found myself posing for pictures all over the front office. Sage took pictures of me on different staff members' desks, bending over in front of the principal's door, and a number of other provocative shots; all of which I'm sure made me look like a true slut.

After a few minutes of snapping off pictures, Sage finally decided she had enough, and instructed me to follow her to my class room. I was hoping that once we got there she would finally provide me with whatever clothing she had brought for me to wear. But deep down I knew that wouldn't be the case just yet.

Once we reached my classroom and I unlocked my door, Sage once again pushed her way past me, while I was left to stand in the hall. Just like the day before she dropped her bag on my desk, retrieved a marker, and returned to hand me another index card. This time she instructed me to take it to the girl's restroom before reading it. Without hesitation, I did just that; making sure to hurry since I had even less time than the day before. Once inside I quickly flip over the card and read my mistress' instructions.

"Go to the first stall and write the following statement on the back of the door: Ms. Evans loves it in the ass, and is a true slut. When you finish make your way back to your class room to get dressed."

I was put off by just how vulgar the statement was compared to the previous one, but knew that I was going to not write it no matter what it said. In fact in a weird way the message kind of made me feel proud; I was indeed growing to enjoy the feeling of something in my ass, and also wanted dearly to have Sage view me as a true slut. So, with a smile on my face, I quickly etched the message on the stall door and headed back to rejoin my mistress.

Upon entering my room I was greeted with the sight of Sage sitting atop my desk, still completely dressed, but wearing the strap-on harness holding a fake cock that jutted out in front of her. She smiled at me and gestured for me to assume the position of kneeling in front of her. I did as she wished and soon noticed she was guiding the rubber member towards my face. I instinctively opened my mouth to accept my mistress' long dick, and soon had the head slide into my wanting hole. Sage commanded that I show her what a good little cock-sucking slut I was, and to get the entire length down my throat. It took some effort, but soon I found myself getting the rubber phallus all the way down my throat causing my lips to smash up against the leather harness covering Sage's pubic mound. Once I was able to successfully deep throat the piece, she had me hold it in my throat so she could capture a picture of the event. Following the picture she then challenged me to see how long I could hold it like that before I had to breathe. She had me back off of it to gather my breath before I attempted to re-insert the member into my throat. With my first attempt I was only able to hold it in place for a few seconds before I felt like I needed to breathe and had to back off it again, coughing and gasping for air. This did not please Sage, for she commanded that I immediately try again, and that she would make sure I would hold it in longer. I took the cock once again into my throat, and right when I had all the way in she used her hands to grab the back of my head, holding me in place.

After the same amount of time had passed as had with my previous attempt, I began to really struggle to keep calm. Unfortunately, I panicked after just a bit longer and began to use my own hands to push out of my mistress' grip. After a bit of a fight, with my eyes bulging and spitting up a bit of saliva, I managed to break free and regain my breath. However, my behavior once again displeased Sage and she began to yell at me.

"How dare you push me away when I am trying to teach you how to better your oral skills; that is no way to behave as a proper sub-slut! Where are the cuffs? I'm making sure you can't fight me on this next attempt!"

She began to forcefully pull open my desk drawers until she found the hand cuffs, and then quickly used them to secure my hands behind my back. With my arms locked behind me she proceeded to force the fake cock swinging in front of her back down my throat. Once it was again lodged all the way in, she grabbed a hold of my head with her hands and with firm pressure held me in place. Again, after only a few seconds I began to struggle for breath and my eyes started to bug out. Sage just kept her hold on me and began to spout off cruel and humiliating statements.

"That's it slut, hold my cock down your throat. You look like a helpless little whore struggling for air. It's disgusting to watch you spit up all over yourself, gagging like a trashy cunt. I need to get another picture of you like this."

She released the grip of one of her hands to grab the camera, but kept her other hand firmly on the back my head to make sure I didn't pop off of her. As she got the camera positioned I started to get the feeling I might actually pass out from a lack of air. My throat was straining to release to rubber intruder, and let in some oxygen while my eyes began to water and leak down my cheeks from the fear of choking. Fortunately, once she took the picture and set the camera back down, she gave my head one last firm pull before pushing me off of her; causing me to fall backwards as I coughed up a string of sticky saliva that covered my chin and most of my chest. I remained on my back with my hands secured behind me, trying to catch my breath, as Sage removed the harness and began putting things away. When she got everything in order she came over and helped me back to my knees, but left the hand cuffs on while she spoke.

"I am displeased with how you struggled against me and that is why I had to get a little forceful with you; if my actions scared you I'm sorry. I was only trying to teach you how to truly be my submissive. Now, there is only about five minutes until the students should be arriving, and you still need to get dressed."

From her bag she pulled out a medium sized brown bag and dropped it on my desk. She opened the bag and removed something from it before speaking again.

"I was going to allow you to wear panties today, but since you didn't completely follow my commands you will have to make do without."

With that she unlocked the cuffs and left me to get dressed on my own. Once she left my room and shut the door behind her, I quickly opened the bag and pulled out the contents. To my surprise, all that was inside was a simple cotton dress, black in color, and a note. Putting the note aside, I slipped into the dress and was happy to see that it covered up quite a bit. It was a bit shorter than I was used to, and with or without panties I would have issues doing much more than standing in it, but the rest of my body was sufficiently covered.

I took a look around my class to make sure things were in order, and just as the bell rang to start classes, I remembered the note. Hurrying over to my desk, I snatched the note, sat down in my chair, and began to read its contents as my first period English class began to file in.

"Hello, my little sub slut, I wish I could see how you look in your dress; I got it cheap at a thrift store so I hope it fits. Anyways, this note is to inform you that I will not be attending school today, for I have things I need to set up for later. However, you are to behave as though I was at school and during your lunch break, log into your e-mail and follow the instructions of the message that well be waiting for you. Have a good day slut, and make sure to behave yourself."

A little disappointed that I would not be seeing Sage as usual, I stashed the note away and tried to focus on teaching my class. At first I had difficulty doing so, but soon found that I got into a groove and time seemed to skip by rather quickly. The only thing that would knock my thoughts back to Sage is when I would notice the hem of my dress riding up, which I would immediately pull down to prevent a humiliating situation, but all in all it was time for lunch before I knew it.

Once the last student exited my class room, I immediately logged in to my e-mail and pulled up the message that my mistress said would be waiting for me. As I did, I noticed that there were a few attachments along with it, but decided to ignore those for the moment.

"Ok Cynthia, my obedient teacher sub slut, let us see just how committed you are to follow my orders even when I am not present. Firstly, I want you open your top drawer and find your butt plug that I stashed away."

In a focused fury I pulled open the drawer and shifted through its contents until I found the plug, before continuing to read the message.

"Now, remain where you are and remove your dress. If the door is still open, you may not close it until you are naked."

Unfortunately for me, I had not closed my door because of my eagerness to read the message, and now I was forced with the dilemma of following my mistress' orders and risking exposure, or closing the door before removing my dress knowing that Sage would never know either way. However, I knew that taking the second route would leave me with huge guilt and that Sage would appreciate absolute follow through. So, with a deep breath to steady my nerves, I quickly pulled the dress up and over my head, laid it on top of my desk, and scurried over to shut my door and lock it before anyone could possibly pass by and see. I successfully completed the task without being seen, allowing me to let out a sigh of relief. Who knew that walking just ten feet could cause such a gut wrenching feeling? At my desk I continued to read the e-mail.

"Once you are naked, insert the plug inside of ass using whatever lubrication you deem necessary."

I decided to use my own saliva as a lubricant and soon had the anal intruder settled inside my tight rear.

"You are to remain in that manner for the remainder of the break; putting your dress back on as the bell rings and not a moment sooner. You may not pleasure yourself, and must remain seated behind your desk for the entire break. I have attached some of the pictures I have taken of you so far during our short time together; feel free to enjoy them as you sit. As far as what is expected from you after lunch, you are to simply go about your day as you normally would, just with a bit of healthy anal distraction, and at the end of the day you will meet me at the city park near the public restrooms at the south entrance. Have a great lunch break, and I will see you soon slut."

As I finished reading the message I was both relieved and disappointed to have to remain naked for my lunch period. On the one hand it was a relief to know that I would not have to risk being exposed to others, but on the same note I felt let down by not being made to push my limits further. The excitement from the relative danger I get from doing Sage's tasks was like a drug to me, and I began to want it more and more. This task seemed a bit boring to me compared to some of the others, and I hoped that when I would meet Sage later that day I would be challenged a bit harder to make up for it.

Though I felt down about the simplicity of my task, once I began going through the pictures Sage had attached I started to get over it. I even began to become excited and filled with pride as images of me doing my mistress' bidding flashed on the screen. All the different tasks I had completed so far for Sage were there, and in each one I could progressively see that I was becoming more and more the sub slut that she wanted. My pussy began to flood with arousal, and my eyes began to water with pride; I was truly becoming what I was meant to be.

I became so involved in examining each picture, that I had not realized how quickly time had passed, and was awoke from my trance by the ringing of the bell. A little bewildered, I hurried to put my dress back on before my next class arrived. I got it on just as my door began to swing open, allowing a string of students to enter. From my desk drawer, I pulled out a pocket mirror to make sure I was presentable. Once the rest of the students filed in, the tardy bell rang and I focused on teaching.

I presented the class the same lecture I had given the previous classes, and with about twenty minutes left I had them silent read to themselves the story we were covering in our textbooks. When I returned to my desk and got behind my computer, I was shocked to see that I had forgotten to close out the last picture I was viewing before the class had arrived. It was the most recent one Sage had taken in which her strap-on was lodged down my throat as my eyes were bugged out and spit covered my cheeks. I was thrilled that none of my students had to go over to my desk during my lecture, for they would have easily been able to see the picture. Fortunately, that didn't happen, but it did however cause me too long for the upcoming meeting with Sage and cause time to begin to creep by. I knew that for the remainder of the afternoon I would be watching to clock slowly tick away until I would finally be able to leave and see my mistress.

My last period of the day was just as agonizing as I knew it would be, but I managed to power through, and was soon awarded with the sound the dismissal bell ringing, signaling the end of the day. I think I was packed up and out the door before many of my students, and honestly was in a focused haze as I hurried to meet up with Sage. I hardly remember driving to the park, it felt as if I was floating and nothing was stopping me from getting to my mistress.

I arrived at the park, at the predetermined entrance, and once I was parked I rushed to the restrooms to meet Sage. Unfortunately, she was not there when I arrived, which caused me to momentarily worry she wasn't going to show. However, from inside the women's restroom, I heard a toilet flush and the sink turn on, which I knew in my heart, meant Sage was indeed inside. I waited just outside for her to appear and was soon awarded for my patience as she emerged from the facility and greeted me.

"Well hello slut, you made it here quick. Is someone excited to serve their master?"

"Yes mistress, I am."

"Good, because you are going to have a very interesting evening ahead and you will need to be ready for it. First thing I need is for you to remove your dress right now."

"Yes, mistress."

Without hesitation, my dress was up and over my head, and I was handing it over to Sage. I didn't think twice that I was standing out in the middle of an open public park; I just wanted to please my mistress.

"Very good my slut, now if you would follow me I have something to show you."

With that she turned to head towards the men's side of the restrooms and entered them while I stayed close behind. Inside my nose filled with the aroma of dried urine, and an overall musky scent. The restroom was pretty dingy, and on the side of being downright repulsive. This however did not seem to deter Sage as she made her way towards the middle stall and pushed the door with her foot before speaking to me.

"Get inside and grab the bag that is on floor behind the toilet. Inside you will find a few nice things in which I have bought for you to wear."

I instinctively followed her instructions and was soon bent over in the stall reaching for the bag. With it in my hands, I stood up and spun around to open it in front of Sage. It was a small duffel bag, and I had no trouble getting the zipper open as I held it securely with my other arm. Inside I was greeted with the sight of another pair of heels, at least four inches high, some handcuffs, and a larger butt plug. After analyzing the items for a moment I looked to Sage for further information.

"Well I hope you like your presents, because you will be getting rather acquainted with them over next few hours. Now I will ask that you hand over your purse and the plug currently inside of you before we can go any further."

As I handed Sage my purse and began to embarrass myself by pulling out the plug from my own ass, I wondered what exactly her plan was for me that would have me getting to know the items in bag for hours. Not wanting to show any sign of uneasiness however, I removed the plug with a humiliating popping sound, and handed it to Sage which in turn began her providing some more details.

"Thank you slut. You are probably getting more curious by the second about what exactly you are going to be doing with all that equipment, and rightfully so. To ease your mind a little I'll just say you will completing a rather challenging task, but before we can go over what exactly, we have to get you ready first. If you would please get the new heels on, and remove the other items from the bag."

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