tagLesbian SexDA II: Hawke's Lesbian Adventures

DA II: Hawke's Lesbian Adventures


Writer's note

Hello everybody, this is my first story here, so a little feedback can be nice :D

This is a story based on the game Dragon Age II. I recently completed this game with a female character and I completely fell in love with Merrill, a dalish elf, so this story is about my female character getting together with Merrill, if this is a success, I might make a second chapter.

Hawke entered her room and stopped at the mirror next to her bed. She looked at herself. At her blonde hair, pulled into a ponytail, at her bright blue eyes and red lips. She just arrived back from an adventure with Merrill, a dalish elf, Isabela, a pirate, and Bethany, her sister, so she was wearing some armor. She was wearing an iron chestplate over a white, long sleeve shirt. She was also wearing a brown skirt and thigh high boots. She put down her bow and arrows next to the mirror and looked at herself again. Inspecting every inch of her body.

Her mind wondered off and she caught herself thinking of Merrill. Merrill was a dalish mage elf. She had pale skin and stunning bright, green eyes. She had thin lips and markings on her face. Her black hair barely reached her shoulders.

Hawke thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Hawke never told anyone, except her sister, that she was a lesbian. When she told her sister, she was afraid of her initial response, but Bethany didn't mind. As long as Hawke was happy, she was happy. But Hawke didn't tell her mother yet because she alwas wanted grandkids.

Hawke snapped back to reality as she looked in the mirror again. She wondered if Merrill liked her the way she liked Merrill.

"Ah, who am I kidding," she said, "of course she doesn't like me in such a way."

Hawke walked over to her bed and lay down. She stared at the white ceiling for a few moments and suddenly said to herself:

"Just thinking of Merrill gets me so horny." "I can't stop thinking about her, she's so sweet."

Hawke's hand was already going down to her crotch when someone knocked on the door.

"Yes, come in."

It was her sister, Bethany. Her orange eyes peeked around the door.

"What are you doing sis?" she asked.

"Nothing, just thinking about our time here in Kirkwall with our friends." Hawke said, while staring at the ceiling. "Everything just went so fast after we had to abandon Lothering. Thank the Maker we had some family here."

"You're right," Bethany said as she entered the room and sat down on a chair next to the bed, "even though Gamlen always blames us for everything, I'm glad we could stay there."

"Thank the Maker we got our old estate back." Hawke said.

Bethany laughed. "True."

"All things aside, I'm glad we made some friends here." Hawke said.

"Yeah, it has been pretty fun," Bethany replied, "especially today."

"Beating those thugs up was pretty fun" Hawke said while laughing.

Bethany looked at Hawke for a moment.

"You know, I've noticed lately that you're always staring at Merrill" she said.

Hawke's face turned red as she looked at her sister.

"Do you like her?" Bethany asked with a smile on her face.

Hawke started stuttering: "W-w-what..., w-w-why do you ask that, w-w-what makes you think that?"

Bethany smiled. "Like I said, I've seen the way you look at her. The way your eyes light up when you see her, how you always smile when she talks to you."

"Please don't say anything to anyone, please, it's so embarassing" Hawke said.

"Okay, don't worry. You're right though, she's pretty cute."

Hawke's face turned even redder.

"Like I said sis, don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

"Thank you."

Bethany moved and sat down next to her on the bed and said: "if you like her so much, why don't you go on a date with her?"

"Because I'm scared, every time I'm alone with her and I want to say something I begin to stutter and I get really nervous."

"You, scared?" Bethany asked, "You spend your most of your time helping people and beating up thugs."

"I know," Hawke said, "but fighting is easy compared to talking with someone you like."

Bethany thought for a second and said: "I can understand that, but I'm sure she would like you too."


"Of course, you're beautiful, you're fun, every woman should be lucky to have you."

"Thanks sis."

Then Bethany got up, gave Hawke a wink and left the room. Hawke wanted to get some sleep, but all this talking about Merrill had made her horny.

She stood up, locked the door and took off her iron chestplate and let it fall on the floor. As she walked closer to the bed, she also took her shirt off. She now stood next to her bed. She sat down and slowly took of her boots, one by one. She lay down, now wearing only her red bra and panties and her skirt.

She lifted her butt slightly in the air and slowly slid her skirt off. The fabric felt soft on her smooth skin as it slid down her thighs. Once it was off, she threw it on the ground. She now lay there with only her red bra and machting panties.

She started touching her body, gliding over her stomach with her fingers. Every touch felt amazing. Her, now hard, nipples were getting sensitive as they slid against her bra. She closed her eyes and one of her hands found it's way to one of her breasts under her bra. The moment she touched her nipple, a shock of pleasure shot through her entire body and she let out a soft moan.


She played with her nipple for a while while her other hand was softly gliding over her stomach. She pinched her nipple and let out another moan. This feeling felt out of this world. With each pinch, the pleasure rose, making her nipples even more sensitive.

The hand that was gliding over her stomach found it's way to her back and unhooked her bra. She took it off and let it fall to the ground next to her skirt. She moved her free hand to her other breast and started groping this one as well. She played with her breasts for a while, building up the excitement. With each touch she moaned louder. With each pinch she got more excited.

She thought about Merrill. She pictured her smiling at her, slowly getting naked in front of her, teasing her. She pictured her breasts gently bouncing up and down as she walked over to her, feeling her skin as she touched Hawke. This made Hawke wet and she couldn't take it anymore. She let go of one of her breasts and made it's way down to her wet pussy. She touched her pussy through her wet panties. This felt like heaven. She teased her pussy through her panties for a while, and with each passing second, she got wetter, hornier.

She stopped teasing and slowly took of her panties.Just as her skirt, the fabric felt amazing against her thighs. She threw them on the ground next to her bra and skirt.

She lay there, now completely naked, on her back. Her entire body burning from desire. She started to breath faster, she was sweating. Every inch of her body was filled with lust, lust for Merrill. Lust for her soft lips, her smooth skin, her warm breath.

One of her hands moved down again to her pussy, while the other was already groping one of her breasts. As her hand reached her clit another shock of pleasure, this time much bigger, shot through her again. She arched her back in pleasure and let out a big moan.

"Ooh, mmh."

She started rubbing her clit slowly. She started to tremble. Shocks of pleasure shot through her witch each movement. Every second felt like heaven. Every second her nipples became more sensitive. Every second she got wetter. She felt an orgasm was building up, but she didn't want it just yet. She wanted this moment to last for as long as it could.

She stopped rubbing her clit and glided her hand over her stomach again, touching every inch of it. Her entire body felt hot, burning up. She couldn't stand it anymore. She moved her hand down to her pussy again.

She teased her clit one more time, and moved her hand a little further down. Her pussy was soaking wet, and when she touched it, her entire body went numb and she let out a loud moan.

"Aah, yes!"

She felt like she was in another world. It felt amazing. Every touch was like heaven, every inch of her body was burning up. Every thought of Merrill almost made her orgasm on the spot.

She couldn't take it anymore and she slid her index finger in her pussy.

"Aah, ooh, mmh!"

Because her pussy was so wet, her finger slid in easily. She lay there, enjoying the moment, excitement building up. She started to move her finger slowly in and out, raising the excitement, moaning with each thrust. After a while she moved her thumb to her clit and started teasing it as well.

The feeling of both sliding one finger in and out of her pussy, her tumb teasing her clit and massaging her breasts almost pushed her over the edge. She arched her back in pleasure, moaning, screaming as her body burnt up even more, as the pleasure almost reached it's maximum. The way it felt was almost indescribable. She had never felt this good in her life. She struggled to breath, sweat was pouring out of her with each thurst, each tease. Every thurst, every tease, every pinch drove her crazy, she lay there with her mouth open, almost passing out from pleasure.

She pictured Merrill again. She pictured that it was her fingers that were thrusting in and out of her pussy. That it was she who was massaging her breasts, pinching her nipples. She pictured them kissing, feeling her skin, her breasts on her own. She pictured Merrill's hot breath on her skin, in her neck, on her nipples as she kissed them. She pictured saying sweet, lovely things to one another. She pictured them both moaning, screaming in ecstasy. She pictured Merrill massaging her own clit as well, fingering her own pussy. She pictured her cumming.

This thought pushed Hawke over the edge. She arched her back, she screamed in pleasure, moaning, panting, trying to breath as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Her entire body was burning up, trembling, it was shaking as waves of pleasure shot through her entire body. Her pussy was pulsating, every second the orgasm increased, every second every inch of her body became more sensitive, every second more waves of pleasure shot trough her. While she was cumming she tried to keep thrusting and rubbing to extend her orgasm as long as possible. She has never felt so good in her life.

She finally fell back down on her bed, panting, sweating, trying to catch her breath again. She slowly slid out her finger, letting out one last moan as she did it. She was enjoying the moment and not much later, she fell asleep.

It was already 10 o'clock when Hawke woke up. She looked at her clothes on the ground and smiled. She searched her closet for some pyjamas, put them on and went downstairs.

"Goodmorning," Bethany said as Hawke entered the living room, "you're up late."

She was sitting in a chair, reading a book about magic.

"Sorry, I was really tired yesterday."

"Don't mind it." Bethany said.

Hawke smiled and went to the kitchen and ate some breakfast.

"Oh," she heard Bethany said while she was eating, "a letter arrived for you this morning, it's on the desk in the hallway."

"Thank you, I'll look at it after I'm done with breakfast."

Hawke finished breakfast and walked into the hallway. She opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear misstress Hawke,

I heard you beat up those thugs yesterday. I was really hoping you could help me. Someone kidnapped my daughter and taken her somewhere south of the city. I was hoping you could find her and rescue her. Her name is Lara. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes and she always wears a necklace with a rose..

Please find her, I will be forever in you debt.

If you find her, bring her to my house in Hightown.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Sophie.

Hawke put down the letter and ran back into the living room.

"Get dressed," she said to her sister, "there is a girl missing, we need to find her."

"No problem." Bethany replied.

Hawke ran upstairs into her room and put on a pair of black panties and a black bra. She found a light brown skirt and a red long sleeved shirt and put it on. She picked up her iron chestplate and put it on as well. She put on her boots, took her bow and arrows and ran out her room back downstairs. Her sister was already ready.

She wore a purple shirt and blue pants. Her brown hair was loose and just reached her shoulders. She already had her mage staff ready.

"Come on," said Hawke while she ran to the front door, "we'll pick up Merrill and Isabela on the way."

And they ran out of the house.

They quickly picked up Isabela from the bar, and Merrill from her house and exited the city. They took the path that led directly south from Kirkwall. This path ended in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, a perfect place to hide yourself from the guards.

"You still haven't said what we are doing here, Hawke." Isabela said.

Isabela was a pirate. She had dark skin, bright orange eyes, and thick dark lips. Her smooth dark brown barely touched her shoulders. Even though she made a lot of... sexual references, Hawke was glad that she was an ally. There was no one who could handle a pair of knives better than her.

Hawke looked at her as they were walking down a dirt path and said:

"I received a letter stating that someone's daughter was kidnapped and held up somewhere south of the city."

"Oh Maker, I hope she's all right." Merrill said.

"We'll do whatever we can do save her." Bethany said.

Hawke looked at her, smiled and nodded as they continued walking down the dirt path.

After walking for 2 hours, they reached the end of the path, and entered an area full of hills and small mountains. There was no grass in this part of the land, only dust, dirt and rocks. It looked like even the trees didn't want to grow here, there were only bushes. There was no clear path for them to follow. They wandered around, looking for clues, or a trail they could follow.

They searched for about half an hour when Isabela finally found something. She called everybody over to her as she dusted the item off and held it up. It was the rose necklace Lara wore.

"I think we'll find her," Isabela said, "look, there's only one path they could take from here."

"Their camp can't be far now, probably a few more miles southeast." Bethany said.

"Let's go, but be on your guard," Hawke said, "they could have prepared an ambush."

They followed the only 'path' they could southeast, silently, listening for any sound, looking for any sign of an ambush. At first, there was no sign of an ambush, and they walked for another half hour before they saw a cave in the distance. As they got closer to the cave Hawke felt like they were in danger... and her instinct was right.

She heard a sound and turned around, and not a moment to soon. She could barely dodge the oncoming arrow and she could feel the wind on her skin as it flew past her head.

"Ambush!" Hawke yelled.

At that moment, 20 men, who were hiding behind rocks and bushes, stood up and readied their bow. 5 more came out of the cave, each wielding a long, steel blade.

Hawke and her friends stood there, trapped, surrounded by 20 archers, who had the high-ground advantage, and 5 men with swords. Hawke glanced at her friends and nodded. She took an arrow, laid it on the bow, pulled it back, and shot one archer faster than the human eye could see. This was the starting point of a battle.

The archers had now started shooting at them and the 5 men at the cave were charging fast. Isabela started running at the 5 men charging at them and before they knew it, thanks to her speed ang agility, she had already taken out 2 of them. Hawke, who had an amazing aim, shot 5 archers in rapid succession and Merrill aided her by casting a rain of fireballs against 4 archers who were standing close to one another.

After only a few seconds, they took down 11 enemies. Bethany shot ice balls out of her staff wich hit another 4 archers, taking them down. Isabela was now struggling fighting the last 3 swordsmen at once. Hawke saw this and quickly shot one of them, allowing Isabela to take down the other two. There were now only 7 enemies left.

Merrill casted a spell wich electrified 2 foes. Bethany took down 3 more by shooting fireballs at them. Hawke saw one who was aiming at her, but she quickly took care of him. The last enemy hid himselvs as Hawke and her friends looked for him. Everything and everyone was silent when suddenly, someone screamed in pain.


It was Hawke, one of the remaining archers shot her and the arrow pierced her thigh. She fell to the ground, screaming, unable to get up. Merrill quickly saw were it came from and casted another rain of fireballs wich took down the last enemy. Merrill quickly glanced back at Hawke, who was still sitting on her knees, screaming in pain. Merrill ran over to her an put her hand on the wound. She mumbled a spell wich stopped the bleeding and eased the pain a little.

"I know a few healing spells," Merrill said, "but I can't do it here, it's not safe, I need to get her to my house." "Go see if the girl is in the cave."

Bethany ran into the cave and quickly came back out, followed by the girl.

"Thank the Maker." Hawke mumbled to herself.

"Can you take the girl back to her mother," she asked Isabela and Bethany, "I'll take Hawke back to my house and take care of her."

"No problem," Bethany said with a sad look on her face, "do whatever you can to make her better."

Merrill nodded and Isabela and Bethany ran of with the girl. Merrill helped Hawke to her feet. The pain was almost unbearable, Hawke limped with every step, growling with pain.

The walk home was devastating, every step hurt, every second, the pain increased. Getting here already took 3 hours, but getting home took almost 5. Hawke couldn't breath anymore when they finally arrived at Merrill's house. Merrill laid her down in bed. She took Hawke's bow and arrow and put them away. Merrill took off her heavy iron chestplate, her red shirt, her boots and her pants so she could see the wound. It looked bad, it was bleeding again, and the wound was bigger than she expected. She lay her hand on the wound and started mumbling a spell. The last thing Hawke felt was Merrill's soft, warm touch before she fell asleep.

Hawke suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, screaming. The pain had broken her sleep. Merrill who was sitting next to her immediately calmed her down, put her hand on the wound and mumbled another spell. Hawke fell asleep again.

It was almost noon when Hawke finally woke up. At first, she didn't know where she was, but she soon realised that she was in Merrill's room. She could already move her leg a little, but it still hurt. Suddenly, Merrill entered the room. She wasn't wearing any armor. She wore a black skirt and a blue top.

"Oh, thank the Maker, you're awake." Merrill said.

"I should be thanking you," Hawke answered, "you saved me."

"Aah." Hawke tried to move her leg.

"Don't rush it." Merrill said as she sat down on the bed next to her and put her hand on the, now barely visible, wound, mumbling another spell.

Merrill's soft touch on her thigh felt good, her touch alone eased the pain. She couldn't help but let out a small moan. Merrill quickly looked up and smiled.

"Your leg should be healed by the end of the day."

"Thank you." Hawke said, "What about Isabela and my sister, did they make it back with the girl?"

"Yes, the girl is back with her mother, her mother wanted to give you some coin for everything that you did."

"I don't care for the coin, as long as she's safe."

Merrill looked her in the eyes and said: "You have a great heart, Hawke." Hawke blushed and smiled. It was silent for a moment when suddenly Merrill said:

"Your sister told me something yesterday."

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