tagInterracial LoveDad Did a Bad, Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 01

Dad Did a Bad, Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 01


The day started just like any normal day in my parent's home, but by the time evening came around, it suddenly felt like being stuck in a dream.

My name is Jessie, and I'm twenty-three years old. I'm 5'8" and I have an ample set of jutting breasts and a well proportioned ass. My hair is the same as my Mom's – red, though wavy. Much of my character I inherited from Dad's Irish side, while my physical qualities I got from Mom. This story that I'm about revealing to you is stuff I've had hidden inside my diary for a long while. I don't know how I came to forgot about my having written it when it happened even though the memory remains very fresh in my thoughts. I hope you will bear with me and believing that it's true ... and who knows, maybe such would happen to you too.

Like I said, the day started just like any normal day. It was the month of July – the middle of the summer holidays so I wasn't troubled at all about being away from my books. I'd gotten off college and that day my plan was to head down to the beach to catch some sun and some fun with my girlfriends and who knows, maybe catch the eyes of some staring boys ... like I said, who knows. That was supposed to be how I'd predicted the day was going to be like, though never would I have thought the day would end up how I'm about to tell it. I got home and noticed Dad's Mercedes in the driveway; there was another car – a custom-made SUV – behind his. I couldn't help but frown at this. I knew most of my Dad's friends and knew he didn't have any who drove an SUV.

I went into the house, called out his name and got an answer inside the den. He sat on the long sofa watching an episode of CSI: Miami at the same time nursing a Coors beer in his hand. Though the way he looked I doubt if he was actually concentrating on the TV. He had a weary, haggard appearance about him like that of an English sheepdog. I came over and sat next to him, holding his hand in mine.

"What's up, Dad?" I asked.

He seemed distracted while he looked at me. "Oh ... nothing much, Jessie. Thought you'd be off with your friend Linda to the beach by now?"

"I was going to, but I thought I'd stop by and drop some stuff off before heading over to her place. Hope that's alright?"

"Uh yeah ... yeah, sure ... of course. Of course."

He drank his beer and returned his eyes to the TV screen. Truly I could tell his mind wasn't there with me. I was about asking if everything was alright when I thought I heard a sudden bumping like kind of sound coming from above my head. I glanced around, my body tensed, thinking that maybe it was the start of an earthquake or something ... but my Dad made as if he hadn't heard anything; he went on sipping his beer and staring at the TV like nothing seemed amiss, like he wasn't hearing what I was. It sounded like that of a bed bumping against the wall, followed with someone crying out. The voice sounded very much like my Mom's. I rushed out of the den, heard my father call sharply for me to come back, but it wasn't until I got halfway up the staircase that my feet pulled me to a stop. My face must have looked silly with me standing there as right away I realised the sound and voice of my Mom actually meant. How stupid I must have felt when I should have recognised what my Mom's cries meant right away – that right there and then, in my parent's room, my Mom was getting banged up pretty good.

But if that was Mom getting fucked the she was, and Dad was in the den downing a beer ... then who was it then upstairs with Mom?


I came down the stairs feeling like someone that's sleepwalking and returned to the den. My father had his hands over his face, crying. I sat beside him, for a moment unable to think up what to say. I was just as plastered with shock at what I already figured was going on. Eventually I did.

"Dad?" I said softly, a little afraid of what I really wanted to say. "Dad, what's going on with Mom upstairs?"

Then I saw something that I never in my whole life thought I would ever get to see, and to this day I pray nothing ever makes me see such again. My father broke down into tears. He came and knelt before me and held my hands. Tears sputtered from his eyes and he shook all over as if he had a fever. It was so hard for me to believe, I thought I was having a nightmare and I pinched myself to wake up but no such thing happened. I tried to console him, but it was no use. He went on crying in ways I'd never thought I would ever live to see my father cry at all, and it made me so very afraid.

"Oh Jessie ... Jess ..." he sputtered uncontrollably. He soon began to calm down, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed his eyes which now appeared red-rimmed from his crying. All the while the bumping sound mixed with my Mom yelling out what could only be an orgasm floated down to us.

"Dad, please, what's happening? What's really going on here?"

"Jess ... honey, I'm so sorry," he paused to wheeze into his hanky before continuing. "This was something I prayed I'd never expose you to. I hope you'll find the heart to forgive me later ... please, I hope you will. You see ... your Daddy did something very bad ... a bad, bad thing."

Then he went on and told me all the bad stuff he'd done and how the led to that day. My father unknown to me, had become something mother had always feared he would become – a degenerate gambler. Horse races and dog tracks usually were his favourites ... always ready to let it ride even when the juice got too high. For the past couple of months, unbeknownst to Mom, he'd realised how much in the red he was, and the fact that he owed some thuggish pimp called Morris Knight nearly fifty-five grand with interest. Morris as of last month had informed him of how badly he wanted his money, and if my father wasn't due with it yesterday that he was going to have to resort to some other measures to get his money back. Measures that were ... a bit more drastic than my Dad could accept, which he had no choice but to. It was useless involving the police – Morris had warned him that that would only make matters worse for him and his family ... especially for his daughter, me.

He told me that he'd confessed to Mom late last night about everything. Had as well told her about the other means with which Morris had told him he could use to clear his debt – that his wife, my Mom, was to become his sex slave. He once again broke into tears when he was done telling me everything, apologising while he did.

What was I to say in such circumstances? How was I to even react to all what my father had just confessed to me? At that moment, if I recall correctly, I felt like I was walking through space ... like I was in some type of suspended animation, if you know what I mean, and still a part of my head kept telling me that this was nothing more than a dream. Some weird, crazed dream I'd had nuzzling in my unconsciousness all this while.

If only.

I did what I figured any girl could do – I got mad. Not at my father, no. At whoever the bastard was that was fucking the shit out of my Mom right then. I got up headed up the stairs. This time Dad didn't bother trying to stop me; in the state he was, I doubt if he even could have.

The bed in my parent's room was still making steady bumps against the wall and I could hear my Mom holler out as I trooped up the stairs. I as well heard snatches of the man my Dad had called Morris cursing my Mom, calling her a slut ... telling her to shut the fuck up and go on and take his big dick! The nerve of this guy – I just couldn't believe my ears even when I brought myself to the door, listening up close to my Mom's panting cries and deep-sounding grunts.

"Oh God! ... Ohh ... Ohh God ... Uhh ... Uhh, yeah ... please, I ... STOP!"

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" a gruff voice snapped at her, interspersed with my Mom's cries. My ears caught what sounded like a smack, and then my Mom yelped like a cat. "Yeah, you love it! Go on, say that you don't love it! Better say it, bitch!"

My Mom then replied to the shock of my ears: "Uhhgh ... yes! Yes, I love it! Oh God ...!"

From the way she was grunting, I could tell she really was enjoying what was happening to her ... and surprisingly so also was I. Standing there by the door, listening in on the yelping sounds of my mother getting joyously fucked, coupled with the sound of the groaning bedsprings ... I couldn't help myself from not feeling aroused by it. I delved a hand into my jeans shorts and felt my crotch and true enough the evidence was there for me to perceive – my panties was wet.

I don't know if what happened next happened because I made it so, or if it was done by the circumstances that had somehow propelled a man called Morris into my folk's life, but the next thing I knew the door came open and I stumbled into the room.

A black man's bulky frame, Morris no doubt, was at that moment on top of my Mom and even as they turned towards my direction his ass still didn't let up from the pounding he was giving her. My Mom's eyes locked with mine and what I saw written in her eyes was a mixture of shame, disgust ... at the same time shocking surprise. I looked around the room and noticed then that they were others in the room besides the two of them. Three other black men, tall and built with solid muscles and as well naked, surprised by my intrusion approached me. I tried fending them off as two of them grabbed my arms and pulled me up to my feet. My father stepped into the room and told the men to leave me alone. While we stood there scrambling and fussing, Morris left my Mom and approached us.

"The fuck is this junior slut, Andy?" he spoke harshly to my father.

Dad answered him meekly. "This is Jessie, my daughter."

Morris switched his gaze to me and gave me what I felt was a definitive look-over. He stood over six feet, broad and very thick-set. His eyes were very penetrating and I was afraid to make eye contact with him. Instead I looked down and for no other reason my eyes fell on his cock and widened when I took in his size, along with the copious stain of white cum that could only have come from him fucking my Mom's pussy. That turned out to be a big mistake for me, as Morris took notice of my looking at his manhood and right away read what was hidden inside my head.

"Well what do you know boys," he grinned, turning to his gang. "Looks like we've got ourselves a junior slut here."

I looked at him sharply, my mouth coming unhinged while his eyes locked me in their gaze.

"You came in here to get some black dick just like your Mom, didn't you, sweet thing? Well, if that's what you want, then that's what you're gonna get from me and my boys. Hey boys, y'all game for some fresh college girl pussy?"

They all gave their accent.

He gripped my arm and propelled me from my Dad into the room. Father tried to protest but it was no use; all the while that they were arguing, my Mom remained where she was, sitting up on the bed with the blanket exposing her nakedness. She looked at me and said: "You're not supposed to be here, Jessie. Why on earth did you?"

"This isn't the way it's supposed to go down, Morris," My father stabbed a finger at the black man's chest. "You said it was going to be just my wife – that was the deal we had."

"Shut the fuck up, Andy!" Morris retorted with menace, making my father cringe. "That was the deal. We're rewriting a new one right now, and that's going to include lil' miss-thang here. What's your name again, girl?"

I told him. He caressed my chin and then ran his fingers through my wavy hair.

"Jessie, your Dad done told you who I am and what he owes me?"

I nodded my head.

"So then you know that I'm only here to collect on a debt and nothing more. I ain't the type of guy who's got dough to throw around, and since your pops here's promised getting me half of it. The other half is what I'm taking right now –"

"But not with my daughter!" my Dad stepped in. Morris looked sharply at him and right away his face turned into something ugly. The next thing I knew, one of his thugs came forward and landed a sucker-punch to my Dad's midsection. I watched with wide-open eyes as my Dad tumbled to the floor. I tried to lunge at Morris but he merely threw me on the bed next to my Mom's legs.

"You bastard!" I said to him.

He grinned at me. "Don't worry, sweetie. You'll be calling me something else by the time I'm done with you." His boys pulled my Dad up from the floor. His face was sweaty and he was wheezing through his nose while his hands hugged the spot on his tummy where one of the thugs had knuckle-punched him. Morris said to him coldly: "Here's what's going to happen, Andy. You're going to sit your ass back downstairs and keep being a good boy while my boys and I take care of business in here, and you're going to remain quiet about it. You come storming' up here one more time, or you even think of babbling to any of your neighbours into calling the cops, you're gonna spend the next couple of months living in a world of pain. I'm going get me a whole gang of black and Mexican thugs and they're gonna run a train through your ass, your wife's and your daughter too. And after that, I'm gonna lock you up in a dudgeon and get me some pliers and hammers and go to work on every tiny joint of your body. Do you feel me?"

My father nodded. Morris cocked his head to the side as if he was trying to catch something but couldn't. He smacked my father's cheek; I wanted to rush to his aid but Mom held my arm.

"Cat cut your tongue? I asked do you feel me – yes or no? Don't make me ask again."

"Yes," Dad blurted. "Yes, I feel you."

The ugliness of Morris' face turned into a smile when Dad said that. "You see, that wasn't so hard, now was it. Alright now go on downstairs and mind your biz while my boys and I handle mind."

Two of his thugs sniggered as the back of my Dad turned to face them and then one of them closed the door behind him. The room became dark as their eyes turned towards us.

"Now," Morris smacked his palms together, still carrying that devilish grin on his face. "What you both say we get to know ourselves more?"


A lifetime seemed to pass before my eyes, yet when I got to glance at my watch afterwards when Morris and his gang had done with my Mom and I for the day, a mere two hours plus had gone by. I'm not going to tell you that what happened after the door shut went like a blur. I wouldn't be sitting here telling this to you if it had actually gone down that way, or that you expect me to say that I can't recall much of what happened to us. I very much did recall every bit of what happened. Even now the taste of Morris' semen flooding my mouth still brings sweet memories to my head, and I know if ever a time comes that I do forget, Mom is always around to help me recall it. I still remember everything, and I know since its details you'd like to hear, then I'm going to put down for your reading or jerking-off pleasure much of what went down.

Morris wrenched me from the bed and pulled me to my knees; his cock nodded its head at me as if in responding to the scent of pussy close by. "Open up and start sucking, lil' missy. And you'd better suck it good and try not to bite, or else I'm gonna redecorate your face with my fists. You feel me, girl?"

Like my father had done, I too nodded my head.

"Good. Now get to work!"

His black prick was already fully erect when I cradled it in my hand and started stroking it before inserting it into my mouth. Morris was too impatient and too rough for any soft touch. He held my head with his massive hands and started pumping his organ back and forth into my mouth, nearly choking me with it. I sucked his cock till tears pours from my eyes, running my makeup, and still I went on sucking him. His thugs crowded around me, all three of them stroking their manhood before my face. I needed no one telling me I was going to pleasure theirs, and even before I could respond, two of them grabbed my hand and placed them on their cocks. There I knelt, having Morris' cock shoved down my throat while my hands stroked two cocks at the same time. Morris allowed me to suck his boy's cocks and so I did, moving my head from one back shaft to another, practically having my mouth gang-fucked by each one.

"Hey yo, hot mama," Morris said to my Mom. "How about you getting your fancy butt down here to join the fun."

Mom meekly descended from the bed and came and knelt beside me, taking another's cock while I was busy working on another. One of the men grabbed my hair and ordered me to take his cock while he shoved it all the way into my mouth, nearly getting to my tonsils. The room was filled with the sound of our slurping and then men moaning their delight. In another lifetime I would have been ashamed sucking cock in front of my Mom was there, but somehow while we both did the four men, my inhibition melted away. I knew from that day on that I was no longer 'Daddy's Little Girl'. And I kept glancing at Mom to see how she was doing, and from the look of things, it seemed as if she too was in heaven. The way she slurped and swallowed one of the thug's think shaft and balls, I couldn't picture her ever doing to that Dad, and afterwards when I asked, she too admitted she'd never been so down and dirty in bed with him like that ... and I know she never will anymore, as long as they stay married.

The one whom I was sucking shot his cum inside my mouth. "Go ahead and swallow it," he ordered me. "Swallow every last drop."

I did as he wanted, even scooping up the ones that dribbled down my lips.

They soon had enough of my mouth and decided it was time they took cunt. A part of me was scared, I'll admit, but at the same time a part of me was as well gushing with excitement as the men stroked their cocks, waiting impatiently for me to hurry out of my clothes. Two of them already had taken charge of Mom. She was on her hands and knees on the floor, one of them offered her his cock to suck on while another crouched behind her ass about to plunge his cock into her pussy. My Mom left off from her cock-sucking for a moment to cry out as she felt his black pipe sink inside her. Morris didn't wait for me to get my panties off. He ripped it off my legs and then pushed me to lie on the bed. He beat the head of his cock against the walls of my pussy – I was already wet – and then thrust it inside me.

The thrust of his cock literally knocked the wind out of me. It was like being shoved with a slab of ice and I was hyperventilating and cumming by the time he'd thrust in me thrice. My eyes were shut, my heart pounded faster, and my lips all of a sudden wouldn't shut up. I was so immersed in the joyful warmth of his cock expanding my pussy and I just kept telling him to go on and fuck me harder. Oh yeah, he gave it to me hard ... hard and deep. He laid my legs over his shoulders and just kept banging my pussy with that thick cock of his. When he was done, he pulled himself out and then made way for one of his boys to come and do the same. I could do nothing except lie there and take their cock one after the other.

The other two who'd been torturing my Mom left her for Morris and his other and came for me. They had me on my elbows and knees and then one of them mounted me from behind, slamming his black prick, jamming it in and out of my wetness at the same time smacking my ass while he did. The way my ass tingled, it felt as if my skin was on fire. They lay me beside my Mom who was busy riding one of them while another pressed her mouth to his dick. I can't recall how many times I came, but for all I know, it was one explosive orgasm after another. All four of them did unload their sperm over our faces, much of which Mom and I swallowed, but just when I thought I'd given one a good fucking, another of the gang who was resting after having spurted over my face became surprisingly hard again and returned for more.

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