Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 01


I looked down to see that he was now about half-erect and still touching himself. The sight of him standing naked beside me while he touched himself in that manner sent my penis jolting upward like a 4th of July rocket.

Ignoring my erection he said, "Are you sure you want to go on?" Composing myself I gave an affirmative nod.

"The idea of all this is for you to release all of your reservations and tensions, everything that holds you back, any fear that you're having. You just stand exposed naked before all of nature."

Before going on he paused while I shook my arms, took several deep breaths, and tried to relax the way he had described. But I remained tense, with my mind was screeching odd undecipherable things, and there was definitely nothing relaxed about my cock. .

He went on, "While you're standing here you start pleasuring yourself to begin the feelings. Try to experience a feeling of freedom while you're doing it. Let the feelings you're having in your dick flow out through your whole body casting out all inhibitions."

"Oh," I answered, still uncertain I grabbed myself down there and began stroking.

He reached out to stop my arm saying, "No, that's not what I mean. "You've got it wrong. This is about pleasure, not brute force."

Though what he had just called "brute force" had always been fine with me, I looked down at my body and then his. My Dad was now fully erect and had his fingertips on his swollen rod. Noticing that I was glancing at him he said, "See what I'm doing?" He lifted his erection to show that he was lightly rubbing the underside of his cock head. "Treat yourself the same way, be easy; experience all of the feelings that this can create."

Growing confused I dropped my hand and said, "I'm not sure of what you mean. That is how I always do it."

"What a strange situation," I thought to myself, "I'm playing with myself right in front of my dad." As peculiar as this felt, I was certain that I enjoyed it.

He hesitated and his voice seemed to tremble slightly when he said, "I may have to show you how, you know," he hesitated as though he was searching for words, "so that you can get the idea." Our eyes met as he whispered so low that I could barely hear the words, "Would it be alright if I touch you down there?"

Stunned by what he had just said, I stood speechless. Then he repeated with more emphasis, "Will my touching your penis be alright with you?"

I'm sure that I nodded to signal that was alright, but I still gasped from surprise at the feel of his fingers touching my erection. At the same time his other hand reached around my shoulder as he gently pulled me towards him. My skin tingled from the sensation of our bodies slightly touching. I felt his hard cock brush against me leaving a trail of moist spots. My heart pounded wildly in my chest while shivers went across my body.

"You see," his voice spoke softly, "it's about allowing yourself good feelings and letting them go all through your body. Don't be nervous, this is all new to you. What I'm trying to show you is how to get in touch with yourself, with your feelings."

His fingers lightly played with my swollen, dripping cock head. Pleasing sensations that I'd never had began coursing upward into my body and down my legs like little rivets of electrical charges. I felt myself give way to a feeling of collapsing as my knees grew weaker. With effort I whispered breathlessly, "I can feel that."

We leaned against each other while he gently stroked my engorged cock. Pre-cum was pouring from the swollen slit. I glanced down to see that his hand was covered in my juice. He laughed saying "I've forgotten how much young guys drip." He looked at me and lifting his hand up in the light said, "It's a beautiful thing." The sticky fluid glistened on his fingers.

Sure that that I could never be shocked by him again, I was proven wrong as he nonchalantly drew his hand to his mouth and began lightly licking my pre-cum from his fingers. With my mouth gaping open I could only mutter, "Dad?"

When he was finished, he grinning at me as though the most ordinary thing had just happened before reaching down to begin gently stroking my erection again.

His fingers fluttered lightly over my swollen cock. With my heart beating a staccato, I said, "Dad, I don't know how much of this I can stand without shooting." My entire body felt alive and was quivering from his touch.

"That's okay," he whispered "but try to hold on as long as you can. Let yourself keep enjoying these sensations." Next he started caressing my balls. His easy squeezing brought me closer to my limit. Unaware, I reached out to put my hand over his hip. My fingers dug into the glutinous flesh of his buttocks. He either didn't noticed or didn't care.

"Oh no," I soon cried out while leaning my body into his and resting my head on his shoulder, "I can't hold it, Dad. I'm going to cum." With that ribbons of white cream shot out of me. As my knees went weak I fell against him. My lips pressed against his neck while I moaned with each spurt. Pushed against his body, I felt his hands on my backside. As I twisted and humped against him, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach and his fingers between the cheeks of my ass.

Once I finished discharging, I stood in his embrace as my body shook and my legs trembled. I felt his feathery touch move over my back and down on my rear cheeks. Overwhelmed by the different sensations I had just experienced, I wanted to remain in his arms, to hide in them. He continued to stand and just hold me. Our stomachs, wet from my semen, pressed together.

"Are you alright Davie?" he eventually whispered softly. "Sit down on this big log over here for a while." He cautiously guided me to a felled tree near the edge of the stream. I was dizzy, disoriented. My knees wobbled when I sat.

As my mind slowly shifted away from my feelings, I became aware of how much the moonlight filled the clearing and how streams of silvery light shown back into the trees. Illusions of different shapes appeared throughout the woods. Anxiety rose in my mind and I asked, "What if someone saw us?"

"So what?" he answered, "So what if someone saw us. Why would you care? They have no more business being here than we do. If they don't like what they see, they'll leave. If they like it, let them watch and enjoy." With that he gave a shrug and a grin.

Looking at the pond I could see shiny ripples as tiny insects struck the water surface. All around me the dark shapes of the trees appeared to move in harmony with the breeze.

He was squatting down in front of me Indian style; his legs open, exposing himself. I gradually became more collected and noticed that he was stimulating himself.

"You sure are big down there, Dad," I said while staring without any embarrassment at his genitals hanging down between his legs.

"You're not exactly small yourself David," was his response. "Besides, I figure it's how you use it, not how much you use."

Emboldened by his comment I replied in a stammer, "Will you give me tips on how to use it some day? Would that be okay?"

He hesitated before saying, "I suppose that would be alright." Once again I felt that I was with someone who I'd never known before. He was not my dad; he was a mystical priest of the forest that I had encountered out here. I knew that our old relationship had ended forever.

Looking about over the pond a nagging question came to my mind. "Have you been out here doing this before with,' I paused, "anybody else?"

He laughed then rose upright still fondling his organ. "Usually just myself, but there have been a few occasions," was his reply. With what seemed like a sigh he continued, "Okay, there have been a few. Unfortunately, most women get uptight being outside like this." He didn't offer an elaboration or explanation, so I decided to not ask for one.

"What are you feeling now?" he looked at me, continuing to touch himself. I had remained partially erect while recovering, but watching him had caused my prick to begin throbbing again. "You should share what you're feeling right now," he repeated.

"Ok, I guess, it's all so new," I said while looking downward, unaccustomed to the idea of sharing and baffled by the feelings I was having. "No," I reconsidered, "I feel good, really great." Then I looked back up at him and with a sly grin said, "So is there anything else you have to show me in this Nature Boy game?"

With a look of surprise, Dad chuckled before answering, "Sure, there are lots of other things I could show you, but this may be all too new for you." He seemed to be considering something for a few moments before continuing, "I guess it's alright to give you some more new experiences." I saw an ironic smile when he said "experiences."

"Experiences," I replied, "is what have we've been having?" Feeling bolder I stood and stroked my shaft. "What other Nature Boy games can we play?" I said while looking at his hard cock.

"Slow down," he answered while grinning, "now you're being greedy." He paused again for a minute before he continued. "I suppose it won't hurt for us to keep going." He paused and looked around. Then a slight hesitation appeared in his voice when he added, "This may all be very strange for you; but remember, this remains just between us."

At that point he stepped toward me, took my hand and lowered it to his penis. Surprised by the feel of its warmth, I felt a surge through my own. With my touch, his breathing intensified and his chest noticeably heaved. My curiosity elevated knowing I could have this effect on him.

"Are you alright with touching me down there?" he asked quietly through his breathing. He waited until I nodded 'Yes.'

"Then move closer and get down on your knees." When I stepped forward he said, "Care of the rocks." I knelt down in front of him; his erection was directly in my vision. I still held it in my fingers.

"What you do now is up to you; you have my permission to use me to satisfy any curiosity you may have," he whispered. The pounding of blood inside my head made him sound distant. "Please yourself," he continued, "I may suggest some things if you're okay with that." Again I my head moved to indicate 'Yes.'

Leaning my head forward I felt the head of his cock brush against my lips. I opened my mouth and slowly leaned more. My senses were engulfed and I inhaled sharply the instant I felt his head and shaft enter my mouth.

I jerked back abruptly, looking at him questioning. He only smiled and reached out to lightly finger my hair.

I leaned forward again and began lapping out at his swollen head. Its strange ripeness exhilarated me. My tongue twined around his shaft and eventually I kissed the dripping tip before encasing it with my lips to gently suck on him. The taste filled the cavities in my head. Sensations swirled through me as my breath came in small gasps. With guttural moans I ravenously took him into my mouth swallowing him as far as I possibly could before gagging.

This was all so new. I had to learn my limits. Tears formed in the corners of eyes as I begin moving my mouth back and forth on his cock.

Deep in my mouth I again felt the sensation of his head pressing against the back of my throat. This time I relaxed to it.

As my hunger grew I no longer worried that someone would see us, or what he might think. I reached around him to began rubbing and kneading his firm ass. I began to anticipate the burst that I knew would be coming from him.

Down between my legs my cock throbbed. Even though I had just recently cum I knew that I couldn't stand this new pleasure very long without shooting again. No more than a few minutes passed when I looked up at him and uttered between gasps, "I'm getting close again."

Taking my cock in my hand, my right arm and shoulder began moving with piston like tandem. Hot bursts from me soon began hitting my thigh and from my throat I cried aloud, but the sound was muffled in my mouth by his engorged flesh.

By the increasing pressure from his fingers on my skull and his hard breathing I knew that he was also near climax. Short snorts of air exhaled through his nose as his chest heaved and fell and his hips drove his hard shaft into my mouth. His thrusts became firmer and shorter.

He gave a sudden shudder and his upper body jerked abruptly when, at that instant, a hot, volcanic-like spray shot into my mouth. With awe I knew that my father was ejaculating. In spite of the unfamiliar flavor, I gobbled the fluid down like a starving animal craving more.

His moans were soft at first and then became louder as his juice continued in spasms. The salty-sweet taste of him filled my nasal passages; when I swallowed my eyes stung. A sound like the roaring of waves filled my head.

Slowly the squirting semen subsided. The motion in my mouth ceased. I quit my vacuum-like sucking, though my face remained pressed into his groin. His wiry hair tickled against my nose; it was wet from sweat and my drool. My erection began to go down while I lightly massaged his balls. I had no idea how long we stayed there like that, but it seemed hours.

With the ebbing of my passion, I became engulfed with a new feeling of satisfaction. On this night he had lit the dark corners of my mind and enlightened me to my nature.

After we both had grown soft, he assisted me to my feet and we stood facing each other; appearing as though we saw each other for the first time. He had become someone that I had never before met. Suddenly extending his arms, he reached out and pulled me forward into his embrace. He said nothing but I could feel his heart beating against my own. .

After a few moments we separated and I became aware of a chill in the air. "It's gotten colder," I finally said, clearing my now raw throat.

"It's been getting cooler for a while; you just didn't notice with all the heat you were feeling." Taking me by the shoulders he leaned close and with concern said, "Is everything we've done alright with you?"

I averted my eyes but smiled and nodded 'Yes' while reaching out to stroke his shoulder. Awkwardly I leaned forward and kissed him on his neck before saying briskly, "Yeah, sure, I'm fine...great." Though my voice sounded certain; my legs were still trembling. .

We separated and he stepped into the pond, squatting down while he washed his stomach and chest with water. "Your cum is all over me," he spoke nonchalantly. Looking up toward me he added, "Don't you need to clean up?"

Following him I plunged into the pond until immersed by the cold water. Rubbing my stomach I shivered, "It's gotten really cold in here." I emerged shaking the dripping water from my body.

After a few minutes of circling back around the pond before finding our shoes, Dad stopped and said with a laughing tone, "Now for a big piss." He held his cock as an arching stream shot through the air and down into the pond. I quickly copied him. We playfully slapped the glistening arcs of spray together like children playing with water swords. My stream lasted longer and afterward we grinned as we shook our soft penises at each other. "The family that plays together...," he said, concluding with a hearty roar.

Returning on the path that we had originally taken, I became aware of underbrush sweeping against my lower legs and an occasional branch brushing against my side and arms. Still, looking around the dark woods I had a sense of elation.

"So Dad," I spoke out grandly. "Am I now officially a cock-sucker?" I said this with a grin on my face.

Unexpectedly he whirled and glared at me. Pointing his finger at me he said harshly, "Careful how you speak about yourself. You haven't changed. You're still you, and that's all you need to worry about being." With that he turned and continued on the path.

I followed, shocked at the change in his tone. My light mood had vanished.

Soon we were back at the fence and I saw the underwear we had left tossed over the wire. It seems as though years had passed since we were last here.

"Here we are," he said. With another shift of his tone he became frivolous, "How was your most excellent adventure?" Dad often made joking references to the title of a movie that we had watched together years before.

I watched while he grabbed his boxers and bent over to step into them. I said, "Dad."

"Yeah, what is it?" was his reply, as he stood upright to begin pulling on his boxers. Suddenly he paused, with his soft cock still hanging over the waist band, and looked at me expectantly for a few seconds. An unspoken conversation seemed to fill the moment. Then, with a shift of his hips, he slowly pulled his underwear all the way on.

Realizing that he had been waiting for me to say something, I found a verve previously unknown and said aloud, "I love what you did with me back there Dad."

He grabbed out and pulled me to him. As his arms encircled me I heard a muttered reply just before our lips met. My heart swelled while we stood with our bodies and mouths pressed together and our tongues lapping the other. Then we separated and, without talking, walked home.

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by Anonymous

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by AydanFiore07/29/17

Excellent first chapter!

I know this story was published some time ago, but I just want to say that this is one of the best examples of how to ratchet the sexual tension tighter than a snare drum before ending with a big bang!more...

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innocent mouth

one of my long time fantasies when i was young was to get down on my knees and use my virgin mouth to suck off my dad until he ejaculates thick gobs of semen down my throat

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by Anonymous07/06/17

love it! want more!!

I totally love the story! Its so well written and developed I wish it had 100 chapters.
I love how the relationship is slowly progressing into more and more every chapter. pls update ! xoxo

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by NellaBarely207/01/17

Wife is watching Mathew Maconahy ...

OK, I'm also watching as I read this exquisite entry into other worldly delights. While watching I can only imagine Mathew could easily be this father figure - independent and private 'enough' to havemore...

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