tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy and Babygirl - A New Girl Ch. 02

Daddy and Babygirl - A New Girl Ch. 02


*All participants are over the age of 18. If nonconsent/reluctance is not your thing please do not read.*


Babygirl had been waiting patiently, well as patiently as she could, to find out what happened the other night with Melissa. So far, Daddy hadn't said a word about it. She was starting to think that he wasn't going to share with her. While that had its obvious disappointment, she knew better than to ask him about it. If he wanted to share - he would, and she wasn't going to change his mind. There were several girls that Daddy had taken that she didn't know about, it was just the way it was in her life. Quite often, Daddy would share the details while he had her in various positions fucking her, which was a rather large excitement for them both.

It was late morning when Babygirl crawled out of bed and made her way downstairs. There was a note propped up on the counter and a smile crept across her lips when she noticed it. She grabbed some juice from the fridge and poured herself a glass then leaned against the counter to read her note.


Daddy had to run to work for a bit this morning, I won't be gone long. While I am away, I want you to call Amy and invite her over tonight for some playtime. See you in a couple hours, be good!



"I wonder what he has planned for tonight" she said to herself. "Guess I'll go call Amy and see what she is doing."

She grabbed her phone and called her, Amy picked up on the second ring.


"Hi Amy!"

"Oh, hey, how are you?"

"Doing great, thanks. How about you?"

"Can't complain" she laughed.

"I hear that! Hey, I was wondering if you had any plans for tonight yet?"

"No, not really. Melissa is out tonight so I was just going to rent a couple movies and laze around" Amy said.

"Perfect! How about instead of doing that you come over here and hang out with me and Daddy for a few hours? I think he has something fun planned for us" Babygirl said.

"Okay, sure. I can do that. I'll head over in a couple hours then. I've been wanting to go for a swim anyways, so maybe I'll bring my suit along with me!"

"Sounds like a plan. See you after a bit." They hung up and Babygirl went back upstairs to take a shower.

A couple hours later she heard Daddy come through the door. She was in the kitchen getting some lunch ready for him.

"Hey Daddy, I'm in here!" She hollered from the other room.

Daddy walked in to the kitchen and stood in the doorway with that look on his face.

"Is that any way to greet your Daddy?" he said with a grin.

"No Daddy, of course not, forgive me." She dropped to her knees and crawled over to where he was standing. She lifted her head up and placed a kiss on his cock, then crawled behind him and lifting her head placed another kiss on his ass. She came back around the other side and kneeled before him once more, leaning in one last time to place a kiss on his cock. "How was your morning Daddy?" she asked.

"That's more like it. It was just fine, thank you. Have you done your task yet?"

"Yes Daddy, I called Amy a couple hours ago and she said she'd come over."

"Good girl." Daddy brushed his hand along the side of her face, sweeping the hair back behind her ear. "How long before lunch?"

"Just a few more minutes."

"I'm going to go change, holler when it's ready."

"Yes Daddy, I will." He kissed the top of her head and then walked upstairs to the bedroom to change.

A few minutes later she hollered for him to come eat and they watched a movie while they ate their lunch. She cleaned up the dishes and tidied up the kitchen, finding small things to keep her busy while they waited for Amy.

While she was in the laundry room folding up some clothes, she heard the doorbell. She hollered out for Daddy to see if he could get the door so she could finish folding the last couple of items. She could hear them talking as she quickly finished up and headed out towards the living room.

"Hey Amy, glad you could make it!"

"Thanks, me too."

They spent a few minutes chatting before Daddy started heading upstairs and the girls decided to follow behind him. When they got to the bedroom Daddy turned around and grabbed both girls by their hair and led them over to the bed. He pushed them down to their knees and waited for them to take over. The girls undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. Sliding their hands up and down his legs and across his ass. Daddy moved over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Amy pulled his clothes off his feet and tossed them in a pile. Daddy laid back on the bed and Amy crawled up on to the bed and took his cock in her mouth. Babygirl kneeled between his legs and used her tongue to lick his balls and his ass.

After several minutes of allowing the girls to pleasure him with their mouths, Daddy pushed them away and stood up. He grabbed Babygirl's arm and led her up on to the bed with Amy. Both girls laid on their backs with their heads hanging over the side. Daddy stood next to the bed and slammed his dick deep into Babygirl's mouth, causing her to lift her head up to try and get away from the sudden intrusion.

"Not happening!" He growled and slapped her tits hard. She settled down quickly and tried to relax her throat, allowing Daddy's hard dick to slide in and out. Daddy slapped her tits again before pulling his cock from her mouth, only to shove it just as quickly into Amy's awaiting mouth. Daddy leaned over and slapped her tits until they were the same shade of red as Babygirl's tits. He continued using each of their mouths and slapping their tits until he had them both squirming.

Daddy told Amy to lay on her stomach and for Babygirl to kneel beside her. He walked over to the tv and pushed play. Both girls were expecting a hot porno movie to come across the screen. This was one of their favorite things to do with Daddy. He walked back over to the bed and kneeled behind Amy. Just as the movie started he thrust himself deep into her pussy. The girls both stared at the screen as they realized that it was Melissa and Daddy on there. Babygirl got really excited and smiled at Daddy. Amy wasn't as happy to see her daughter. She started to try and get up from the bed but Daddy grabbed her by the hair and pushed her back down.

"Where do you think you're going girl?" he growled in her ear.

"I'm not watching you fuck my daughter, turn this off right now! This is wrong!" Amy continued to struggle against Daddy but he continued to overpower her attempts.

"I can see you're not going to be a good girl tonight, are you? Baby, go get those ties over there for Daddy." Amy tried fighting hard against Daddy to get up as her daughters pleas and begs started emitting from the tv.

"Let me go, I want to leave. I'm not watching this, that is my daughter on there!" Amy was pleading with him as she watched Babygirl bring back the ties.

"She's just another source of pleasure for me. I don't care if she's your daughter or not. She's got herself a nice pussy, ass, and mouth, not to mention a great set of tits that I thoroughly enjoyed using. And now you are going to watch it while I do the same to you. We can do this the hard way or the easy way, it's up to you. The end result is going to be same though. You wanted her to get used, that's why you sent her to me. You can't deny it. Now

shut up and watch what happened like a good girl" Daddy warned.

Amy started kicking and flailing her arms. Daddy took the ties from Babygirl and used one to tie her hands behind her back. He handed one to Babygirl. "Shut her mouth up for Daddy, I don't want to listen to her." Babygirl took the tie and placed it between her teeth, pulling it tightly back behind her head and tying it in place. Daddy took another tie and used it on her right leg, securing it to the bedpost. He handed Babygirl the last one and she tied Amy's left leg to the bedpost.

Babygirl leaned over to Amy's ear and whispered "you should have just been a good girl and listened to him. You didn't have to make this difficult."

Daddy positioned himself behind Amy once more and slid easily in to her pussy. She may have been fighting him and denying it, but her pussy always told the truth. That's what Daddy loved so much about women. They could fight and beg and plead and talk all they wanted, but as soon as he slid his cock in those hot and wet pussies, he knew the truth.

Babygirl held on to Amy's head, holding it up so that she could watch the whole movie. Babygirl loved watching her Daddy take other girls, especially when they tried to fight it. It just made his winning in the end that much sexier to her. She also knew a pussy never lied, and from the sounds of that video and the room she was in ... there were two very wet and hot pussies telling the truth right now! She looked up at Daddy and grinned.

"Thank you for sharing this Daddy!" She leaned in and kissed his mouth while he continued pumping himself into Amy's pussy.

"How about you show Daddy then" he grinned at her.

Babygirl crawled behind him and used her tongue to lick his ass while he fucked Amy. She rubbed her hands along his back and down his legs, massaging him almost. Flicking her tongue across his ass she could hear him moan. Daddy pulled himself from her pussy and Babygirl quickly crawled in front of him to clean his cock. Taking it deep in her mouth as she flattened her tongue against the bottom of him. Cleaning Amy's juices from his cock while her hands gently cupped his balls and played with them. When Daddy pulled his dick from her mouth, she leaned over and spit on Amy's ass. Getting it ready for Daddy. Without any hesitation he slammed himself completely in her ass, causing her to writhe against him, pulling at her restraints. Babygirl leaned over and whispered to Amy once more "just relax and be a good girl. Look at Melissa, watch her enjoying Daddy's dick. Imagine that just a couple nights ago she was in this same spot, and you brought her here for Daddy" she kissed her cheek before turning her attention back to Daddy.

Melissa and Daddy were fucking on the screen, he was using every hole she had to offer and was definitely enjoying it. Amy was watching as her daughters tits were bouncing back and forth from the impact of Daddy behind her. Listening to their grunts and moans and her pleas for him to stop. She saw the confused look on her daughter's face of what was happening to her. She didn't want it to, but she couldn't deny that it made her excited to see her daughter pleasing Daddy in the same ways she had done so many times.

Kneeling behind Daddy, Babygirl continued to rub his body with her hands, licking his ass and his balls. She laid on her back underneath them and held her tongue up against Amy's ass. Daddy's dick gliding against it every time he pulled out and thrust back in. She brought her hands up behind Daddy and rubbed his ass and the backs of his legs. Watching his cock slamming in and out of her ass. She could see the moisture building on Amy's pussy and she used one of her fingers to rub her clit. Amy started squeezing Daddy's dick in her ass, causing Daddy to pound her harder.

He reached underneath Amy and grabbed Babygirl, pulling her down just a little. Babygirl opened her mouth just as Daddy started cumming. Each spurt landing against her tongue. When he was finished he pulled her up and she licked the remaining drops of cum from his cock. Then she crawled up to Amy and Daddy pulled her head back, undoing the tie, and forcing her mouth open with his fingers. Babygirl pulled her own hair back from her face and leaned her head forward, letting Daddy's cum spill from her mouth to Amy's mouth. Once it was all out, Babygirl leaned in and kissed her. Then Daddy pushed Amy's mouth closed with his hands and told her to swallow.

Babygirl and Daddy undid Amy's ties and they all laid on the bed together, relaxing. Babygirl leaned over to Daddy, "thank you Daddy, you're amazing!"

Later on that evening Amy and Babygirl decided to grab their suits and head out for a swim. While they were putting them on, Daddy piped in "who needs those? They just cover up the good stuff!" The girls both giggled and decided to forego the suits and went out back to take a quick swim, completely nude. Daddy sat by the side of the pool, his feet dangling in, watching them splash around. The girls were whispering to each other and just as Daddy was getting

ready to ask what they were doing they both dove under water and came up right at his feet. Each grabbing ahold of one leg they pulled him in the water with them. When Daddy came back up he looked at them and smirked "game on." The girls shrieked and took off swimming.

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