tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy and Babygirl - A New Girl

Daddy and Babygirl - A New Girl


*Everyone involved is of legal age to do so. This story contains nonconsent/reluctance material. If this offends you, then don't read it. It is intended for those who do enjoy reading it.*

Babygirl and Amy had gotten together shortly after they had surprised Daddy with his birthday present. They spent the day shopping, grabbing some lunch, catching a movie, and just chatting as girls will do when they're together. Daddy and his friends were back at their place having a poker game, so it was a good day for her to be out!

While they were out for lunch Amy's daughter, Melissa, met up with them. She had just turned 18 the day before and was out spending her birthday money on a new wardrobe. The three of them had a good time catching up at lunch and then Melissa went off to meet up with her girlfriends.

Amy and Babygirl continued on with their girls day out. While they were walking to their nail appointment the subject went back to Melissa.

"I can't believe she's 18 already, you know!" Amy said.

"I know, it seems like she was just a little toddler running around, time goes by so quickly. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady. You should be very proud." Babygirl said.

"Thanks, it wasn't always easy but we both managed. You know, her and I were just talking the other day about boys. She hasn't really dated anybody and that has always bothered me" Amy said.

"Well, maybe not having a male figure in her life has affected her in that aspect. I wouldn't worry about it too much. She'll come around in her own time. At least it has been one less thing for you to worry about!" Both girls started laughing.

"That is true, so true. Still, I can't help but think that she should be hanging around with the guys, ya know? I mean, I know she's curious and all, but I think she's just too shy to do anything. She should be partying and being wild, she's 18! She should be having the time of her life right now. I don't think she knows what to do though. Sometimes I just wish that I could find a guy to show her a good time, ya know what I mean?" Amy winked and started laughing again.

"Yes, I know what you're saying. I might have an idea for you, if you're interested. You and I have always had a good time with Daddy ... maybe Melissa should 'meet' Daddy? He could certainly teach her a thing or two, and I know he'd love it. What do you think?" Babygirl questioned her.

"I've been thinking that same thing myself! How funny is that! I didn't know if he would want to do something like that or not and I wasn't really sure how to bring it up to you. You would be okay with that?"

"Of course I would. I think it would be a great surprise for Daddy, I know he would love it! Why don't you and Melissa come over tonight after supper. Bring your swimsuit and we'll go out back and leave them alone. I'll go home and talk it over with him and if anything changes I will call and tell you."

"Sounds like a great plan. Thank you so much! I can't wait for tonight, this is going to be great." Amy grinned.

The girls went in and got their nails done and then stopped by one more store before heading back home. They said their goodbyes and parted ways, but only for a couple hours.

When Babygirl got home she could hardly wait to tell Daddy about what she had just gotten set up for him. He was going to be excited for sure.

"Hey Daddy, how was your game?" Babygirl kissed his cheek.

"It was good, how was your day with Amy?" Daddy asked.

"I'm glad you asked actually! It was lots of fun, we had a really good time." Babygirl filled him in on their activities.

"While we were at lunch Melissa came and joined us. Amy and I had quite a little discussion about her after she left. She had her 18th birthday yesterday and Amy is worried about her lack of dating. So we got to talking about how it would be nice if she had someone to, well, break her in so to speak." Babygirl watched Daddy's face for a reaction.

"And what did you tell her?" Daddy questioned.

"Well, I said I would come home and talk to you about it. I thought you would be a perfect candidate to do that. She's a beautiful young lady, very innocent, shy, and I think you might really enjoy it. So I told Amy to bring her over tonight after supper, if that is okay with you of course. So, what do you think?" Babygirl waited.

"I think it sounds like a great idea, you were a very good girl to think of Daddy. I like that, a lot." Daddy gave her a kiss.

"Perfect. They'll be over in a couple hours. I think Amy and I are going to go for a swim after they get here. I thought maybe you would enjoy having this one to yourself Daddy." Babygirl winked.

"That sounds good to me. Lets go for a quick swim while we wait for them to come over." Daddy grabbed her hand and they went to retrieve their swimming suits and headed for the pool.

Daddy and Babygirl spent about an hour and a half swimming together. Babygirl was chasing him around the pool and trying to dunk him. She always tried even though she knew she'd lose in the end. It made for a fun game though!

"Oops, there's the doorbell. Come on Daddy, the fun is about to begin!" Babygirl winked at him.

Babygirl opened the door "hey guys, come on in! Would you like something to drink?"

"Sure, that would be great!" Amy said.

They came in and Babygirl poured drinks for everyone, then introduced Melissa to Daddy.

"Melissa, this is Daddy. He's going to be hosting a little party for you tonight!" She took her hand and placed it in Daddy's then turned to Amy, "come on, lets hit the pool!" Babygirl and Amy started heading for the back door and Melissa got nervous.

"Mom, where are you going? Wait!" Melissa tried to walk towards her but Daddy had a firm hold of her hand and started leading her towards the stairs.

"You'll be fine baby, just do what he says and relax, it'll make it much easier if you do." Amy turned and walked outside with Babygirl.

"Do you think I'm doing the right thing? Maybe I should go back and get her." Amy wasn't sure if Melissa was ready for this or not.

"She'll be fine Amy, don't think about it. Lets just have a good time. You know Daddy, she's in good hands!" Babygirl said.

"That's true. You're right, lets go swim!" Amy pulled off the clothes she had over her suit and jumped in the pool. Babygirl started laughing and jumped in after her.

After awhile Babygirl went inside to grab some drinks to take back outside with them and she could hear Melissa and Daddy upstairs. She took a few moments longer than necessary to grab her stuff so that she could hear them.

Babygirl could hear Melissa screaming and telling Daddy she didn't want to, he was hurting her. Babygirl knew from experience that those words were not going to get her anything and she couldn't help but giggle to herself.

"I don't care if it hurts. I didn't ask if I was hurting you did I? It's not hurting me, and I quite enjoy it." She could hear Daddy talking to Melissa and she could just imagine the look on her face right now. The realization that Daddy was going to do whatever he wanted and she couldn't stop him. That was a look she never grew tired of seeing. She hoped Daddy was enjoying his little gift up there. Maybe if she was lucky he would have set up the camcorder and she could watch it later. She loved it when he did that.

She brought her thoughts back to the task at hand and grabbed two glasses. She walked back out to Amy and put the stuff down by the side of the pool and hopped back in.

"Sounds like they're doing just fine up there" Babygirl giggled.

"Good, I can't wait to hear what Melissa has to say about it!" They toasted the party and drank some wine, then went back to swimming.

A little while later Amy saw Melissa walking around the downstairs looking for her. They got out of the pool and went inside.

"Hey baby, you want to come outside and swim with us?" Amy asked.

"No, lets just go home for now, please" Melissa had that look on her face of a girl who had just been thoroughly fucked and she was so confused.

"Okay baby, lets go then. I'll call you later, thanks for the swim!" Amy and Babygirl hugged goodbye and they left.

Babygirl cleaned up the downstairs and grabbed the stuff from the side of the pool. She went upstairs to find Daddy and she could hear the shower running when she walked in the bedroom. She took off her swimsuit and grabbed a towel to dry off.

She was waiting on the bed when Daddy came out of the bathroom. He looked so sexy standing there with a towel around his waist, water still dripping down his body. He walked over to the bed and leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Thank you baby, that was great" Daddy said.

"You're welcome Daddy, I'm so glad that you had a good time." Babygirl reached over and undid the towel around his waist, watching it fall to the floor.

Daddy walked over and turned the light off and Babygirl pulled the covers back on the bed. She laid on her side and watched Daddy walk back to the bed. She couldn't help but sigh contentedly as he crawled in next to her and she curled up next to him.

She leaned up and kissed his lips, then trailed her kisses to his chin and neck and chest. She looked up at him and grinned.

"Goodnight babygirl" Daddy kissed her lips and rolled them both over to their sides, stroking her hair as they drifted to sleep with smiles on their faces.

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