tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 09

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 09


*all participants are over 18 and are not related in any way! If you find BDSM material offensive, then do not read it.*

"Oh Daddy, she is so hot! Are we going to fuck her? Please can we fuck her Daddy? Oh please Daddy?" Babygirl was so excited she could hardly control herself. The girl sitting in the chair was absolutely beautiful. Babygirl was so horny and Daddy looked so sexy standing there with his cock sticking straight out. What a sight it was to see!

"Yes Babygirl, get over here and get Daddy ready first." Daddy smiled at her. The girl in the chair looked a little nervous waiting there. Not sure exactly what she was getting herself into.

"Oh yes Daddy!" Babygirl dropped to her knees and crawled over to where Daddy was standing. She wasted no time in wrapping her lips tightly around his hard member and working her tongue around it. Getting it wet, working it to full hardness. This was one of her favorite parts - knowing that her mouth was preparing Daddy's cock for the pussy he was about to take. She took pride in it, which only made her more wild at sucking Daddy's cock. She was really going at it today. Daddy had to push her away from him so that he wouldn't explode in her mouth!

"Enough Babygirl!" Daddy pulled out from her and grabbed the other girl by her hair, leading her over to the desk. Daddy pushed her over the side and lined his cock up at her pussy. He leaned in and whispered in her ear "be a good girl for Daddy now Vicki" and with that he thrust himself to the hilt into her pussy. Vicki screamed out in surprise and in some pain as Daddy rammed himself into her unprepared hole, forcing her into the desk, forcing her to take all he had to give her.

Babygirl crawled under the desk so that her head was right under Vicki's pussy. She used her tongue to tease her clit and lick at her pussy. Babygirl could feel Daddy's cock sliding across the tip of her tongue as he pummeled in and out of the girls abused pussy. Babygirl loved tasting the girls pussy on Daddy's cock! She could see and taste and hear everything. It was so hot! Babygirl used her finger to play with herself while she continued to use her mouth on Vicki. Daddy was fucking her so fast and hard, when his cock would slip out it would thrust right into Babygirl's mouth and he would groan at the new sensation.

Babygirl put her hands on Vicki's legs and pushed her back onto Daddy's cock, helping him to fuck her harder. The room was echoing the moans and groans from everyone. Babygirl was getting so excited! She loved sharing these special times with Daddy.

Daddy pulled out from Vicki's pussy and told Babygirl to "prepare her ass for Daddy to use" and Babygirl crawled around behind her and spread her cheeks, licking her asshole. Spreading her pussy juice back onto her ass and making it nice and wet. Vicki was squirming and kept trying to get up from the desk.

"No, please don't do that. I'm not ready for that!" Vicki pleaded. Daddy looked at Babygirl and raised his eyebrows. He didn't need to say anything, Babygirl knew what he expected from her. Babygirl got up from the floor and she smacked Vicki's ass really hard - her handprint instantly visible on her right ass cheek. Babygirl leaned over the desk next to Vicki and grabbed a handful of her hair and made her turn her head to the side. Babygirl kissed her passionately on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth, nipping at her lips. She used her other hand to play with her tit. Babygirl was whispering things in her ear "just be a good girl, it won't be so bad, I promise, let Daddy have his pleasure from you, be a good girl now." Vicki was moaning and squirming against Babygirl, leaning into her kiss.

Daddy stepped back up behind Vicki and started sliding his dick into her ass. She started tensing and Babygirl kept working at her. Daddy pushed again and this time he was able to slide in. He wasted no time at all, and soon he was pounding her ass furiously. His balls slapping up against her pussy. Babygirl left her side when Vicki started begging Daddy to fuck her harder and she went back under the table to eat her pussy again.

After several minutes of pounding away at Vicki's ass Daddy pulled his dick from her and spun her around and pushed her down. She kneeled down on the floor next to Babygirl.

"Mmmm give us your cum Daddy, cum all over our faces Daddy, cum on our tits Daddy, cum on our tongues Daddy, cum in our eyes Daddy! Cover us in your cum Daddy please Daddy please!" Both girls begged him for his gift and were happily rewarded with several jets of hot cum upon them which they shared!

Just after everyone had gotten cleaned up, Vicki's twin daughters came walking through the front door of the house. "Hi Rachel! Hi Rebekah!" Vicki said. Daddy looked the girls up and down and grinned. Babygirl knew exactly what he was thinking. And from the look of it so did Vicki - only she didn't look happy about it!

.... to be continued

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