tagBDSMDaddy and Babygirl Ch. 13 Pt. 02

Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 13 Pt. 02


*all participants are consenting adults interested in a D/s relationship. If this is not your thing, then do not read any further!*

Part 2 (the next day)

Daddy had to get up and go to work for most of the day. It worked out rather well for Babygirl though, she had plans. Plans that would be easier to get done if Daddy was away for a little while!

A few months back Babygirl started posting some ads on website. She was looking for another submissive girl, like herself, to help her please Daddy. She was bi-curious herself, but that wasn't even the point. The point was, Daddy wanted to take another girl for his pleasure. It was her job, as his Babygirl, to make that happen. Well, as it turns out, she met a couple of really nice girls on some various sites. One friendship seemed to grow quite well. They had so much in common - it was like they were the same girl. Lexi was just like Babygirl. She wanted to please Daddy, to make him happy. Whether is was pleasurable to her or not was not an issue. She knew that she would find pleasure in serving Daddy. She was quite excited to finally meet another Babygirl as well!

Babygirl and Lexi talked online several times. She explained to Lexi some of the things that might happen, if they were to meet. Nothing seemed to be a problem. They made arrangements to get together next time Daddy was in town for business. Babygirl was quite pleased that she was going to finally be able to offer another girl to Daddy.

This, is what brought her to the hotel with her bag of goodies. The plans were set, and so far things were going quite well. Daddy would be at work most of the day, which gave Babygirl plenty of time to have Lexi come to the hotel and for them to get acquainted. She sent Lexi a text to let her know what hotel she was at and what time to meet her. Then went about her morning ritual of getting ready. About 2:00 she went downstairs to wait for Lexi in the lobby. She had seen several pictures of her, so she knew just who to look for.

Sure enough, just a few moments after 2:15 the doors opened and in walked the girl she knew to be Lexi. Babygirl got up and walked over to meet her, introducing herself to her. She thought it would be strange meeting her like this, but surprisingly it wasn't. They seemed to get along quite well.

"Lexi?" Babygirl extended her hand.

"Yes, nice to meet you Babygirl" they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you too. Want to head upstairs to the room and get started with things?"

"Of course! I've been excited all week, I didn't think it was ever going to get here" Lexi giggled.

"I know, me too!" The two girls headed for the elevator to go back to the room.

Once inside, Babygirl showed her where to put her bag and she got out the bottle of wine she had snuck into her bag. She figured it might be helpful in calming the nerves. Babygirl poured two glasses while Lexi freshened up a bit in the bathroom.

When she came out they both sat on the couch and talked about how things were going to work later in the day.

"Daddy should be back around 5:00 and this is what I've been thinking. I think it would be best if we had you tied to the bed and me waiting at the door for him. I can greet him and bring her over to this side of the room. When he sees you there on the bed, I'll explain him that I have brought him another girl to use."

"Ooo I like the sound of this so far!" Lexi grinned.

"I know, right?! Let me know if you have any suggestions too. Of course we can't plan it exactly - but we can try to have an idea of what might happen."

"I'm listening" said Lexi.

"Okay. So then after I explain to him what I've done, that's when the fun will begin. Well, his fun at least!" The girls both laughed. "Now remember, Daddy will use all of you. Everything belongs to him now. He will do whatever he wishes to please himself, and I'll be helping him. Some things are going to feel really good, and others, well they aren't going to feel so great for you. The important thing is, they will all feel very good to Daddy!"

"Yes, of course" Lexi agreed.

The girls continued talking, and sipping wine, about some of the things that might occur that evening. Before they knew it, it was almost 5:00 and they hadn't gotten ready for Daddy yet. They both got changed and freshened up a little. They didn't really know why they did that when things were just going to get undone soon anyways. But it was a girl thing, and so they continued.

Babygirl laid out the condoms, baby oil, and toys on the pillows. She grabbed the ties out of her bag and looked at Lexi. "Ready for this?"

"Indeed!" Babygirl helped Lexi over to the end of the bed. She had her stand as close to it as she could and then bend over at her waist. She wrapped one tie around each hand and then tied them to the headboard. Next, Babygirl wrapped a tie around each ankle and spread Lexi's legs far enough part to tie each one to the legs of the bed. Babygirl arranged everything on the pillows and made sure she had all the stuff out that they would need. She checked the clock - five more minutes.

Babygirl checked on each of the ties, to make sure they were secure. Then she stood behind Lexi and leaned over her, whispering in her ear "be a good girl for Daddy."

"I will" she said.

"Good" and with that Babygirl slapped her ass playfully and then walked over and kneeled by the couch.

Within a few minutes they heard the key in the lock. Both girls started getting squirmy with anticipation. The door opened and Daddy came in, shutting and relocking the door behind him.

Babygirl crawled over to him on hands and knees. She stopped in front of him and lifted her head, placing a kiss on his cock. Then she crawled behind him and stopped, raising her head to place a kiss on his ass. She crawled back around in front of him, completing her circle, and raised her head one last time to kiss his cock again.

"Hello Daddy" she said softly.

"Hello Babygirl" Daddy leaned down and placed a kiss on her head. When he stood back up his eye caught something moving just on the other side of the wall. Daddy's fingers quickly found Babygirl's hair and he tilted her head up to look at him.

"What do we have going on here, Babygirl?" He questioned her.

She grinned. "Well Daddy. That is Lexi over there. I have brought her here to offer to you. She is there for you to use, any way you like Daddy. She is yours for the entire night."

Daddy leaned down and kissed her lips hard. "Good girl, Babygirl. Very good girl. Now, lets go play with Daddy's new toy!"

"Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy." Daddy walked around to the other side of the room and Babygirl followed, on her hands and knees. Daddy stood and looked at the new bitch laying there, all tied up, on the bed. Just waiting to be used. His eyes wandered to the top of the bed and noticed all the equipment Babygirl had put out.

"Looks like you've been planning something already, Babygirl" he grinned.

"Yes Daddy" she replied.

Daddy stood behind Lexi and started groping her. Feeling her ass, her legs, his hands reaching under her to grab her tits. "Very nice Babygirl. Daddy will enjoy using her". With that he slapped her ass once, playfully and yet forcefully.

Daddy stood in front of Babygirl. "Undress me."

"Yes Daddy." Babygirl quickly undid Daddy's pants and pulled them off along with his socks and his boxers while he pulled off his shirt. Within moments there was a heap of clothes on the floor and Daddy was standing there naked.

"Suck me" he told Babygirl.

Babygirl opened her mouth and went straight to getting Daddy's cock wet and hard. Daddy continued to grope Lexi's helpless body while Babygirl got him ready to use her.

"Enough" Daddy said as he pushed her away. Daddy got up on the bed and lifted Lexi's head. He sat down in front of her and leaned back, pulling Lexi's head onto his cock. Babygirl kneeled behind Lexi and used her tongue to prepare her pussy for Daddy to use. It wasn't going to take much, she was already very wet! Babygirl enjoyed doing it anyways. She licked at Lexi's shaved pussy, making her pussy nice and wet. She took two fingers and sucked them until they were wet, then slowly slid them in to Lexi's pussy. She was nice and tight - Daddy was definitely going to hurt her. Babygirl couldn't help but let a little evil grin form on her lips.

Daddy pulled himself from Lexi's mouth and got off the bed. He walked behind her and told Babygirl to go sit by her head. Babygirl climbed up on the bed and laid down so she was face to face with Lexi. She could see Daddy standing behind her. Daddy winked at her and then slammed his cock with one hard thrust in to Lexi's pussy. She screamed out and Babygirl quickly covered her mouth with hers and kissed her, watching Daddy as she did. Daddy wasted no time and was quickly pounding in to her poor pussy. Babygirl loved watching Lexi's face, she could see the pain all over it and knew that Daddy's cock was hurting her. She told her what a good girl she was being and kissed her lips once more before climbing off the bed.

Babygirl climbed off the bed and crawled over to Daddy. She crouched way down and nestled her head in between Daddy's legs. She had to tip her head back quite far to get under him. Babygirl held her tongue out so that Daddy's dick slid across it while he pumped in and out of Lexi's pussy. Babygirl could smell her arousal and taste her on Daddy's cock. Every once in awhile Daddy would pull out of her pussy and let his cock slip into Babygirl's throat. Two holes in a row to fuck. Babygirl kept her mouth close by while Daddy's fucked Lexi's pussy. It was getting so red and swollen from the pounding.

"Up" Daddy said as he pulled Babygirl up on to the bed by her hair. She laid down next to Lexi and Daddy had her lick Lexi's ass. Daddy pushed Babygirl's head down flat so that it was resting against her ass, and he pulled himself from her pussy. Babygirl helped guide his cock to Lexi's ass and then she pulled her cheeks apart, opening her up for Daddy to use. Lexi got nervous and started squirming. "I'm not ready for that, wait!" she begged. Babygirl slapped her ass quickly. "Be a good girl. Let Daddy have his pleasure Lexi, just relax and be a good girl."

Daddy started pushing his cock against her tight little hole. Babygirl lifted her head and spit right where Daddy's dick was going in to Lexi's ass. Daddy pushed harder and before long his cock was slowly slipping in to her tight ass. Enjoying the tightness of her ass around his dick, Daddy started pounding her hard and fast, just as he had done to her pussy. Lexi was making all sorts of noises and begging him to stop.

Babygirl kept her head right by Daddy's cock and Daddy would let his cock go from Lexi's ass to Babygirl's mouth. The difference in sensations made his cock even harder.

"Fuck her hard Daddy. Use her. Hurt her." Babygirl continued to encourage Daddy to use her for his pleasure.

Daddy grabbed hold of Babygirl's head tightly and pulled his cock from Lexi's ass and came all over her face. When he was done he climbed up on the bed and Babygirl went and cleaned up. She came back and undid the ties around Lexi's arms and legs. They each curled up next to Daddy and he stroked their hair. Babygirl placed her hand on Lexi's as they massaged Daddy's chest.

"Thank you Daddy, for using her" Babygirl said to him.

"Good girl, Babygirl. That was a very nice surprise to come home to." He continued stroking their hair.

"Don't get too comfy yet Daddy, it isn't over" Babygirl giggled. The girls each got up and leaned over Daddy to kiss each other. Making out fiercely over the top of him. Daddy wasn't tired anymore, and his cock was quickly becoming hard again. Daddy stroked himself while he watched the girls' tongues dance with each other. Rubbing their tits together.

Babygirl laid back down on one side of Daddy and Lexi climbed over and laid on top of her. Lexi was licking and playind with Babygirl's pussy while she returned the favor and Daddy watched. Once they were both wet and ready to be used again, Lexi grabbed the strap on and Babygirl helped her put it on. Babygirl laid on the bed on her tummy and Lexi kneeled in front of her. Babygirl took the fake cock in her mouth and sucked it just as she had done to Daddy earlier.

Daddy and Babygirl got up and Lexi laid down on the bed. Babygirl kneeled over and they guided the fake cock in to Babygirl's very wet pussy. Lexi grabbed her tits and Babygirl's head rolled back as she moaned and rode Lexi's cock. Daddy kneeled behind her and pushed her down until he could see the cock inside her pussy. Daddy slapped her ass hard with his cock as he watched his Babygirl ride the cock.

"Please Daddy, please use me" she begged him.

Daddy kneeled behind her and lined his cock up with her ass. With no gentleness behind it at all, he forced his cock in to her very tight ass. She screamed out and he pushed her head down so that Lexi could cover her mouth with hers.

Daddy leaned over and whispered in Babygirl's ear, "it's not so fun being on the other end is it?" He started fucking her harder. Her ass was so tight with that fake cock in her pussy. Daddy and Lexi quickly picked up a rhythm and they were both fucking her hard.

"Turn over, now!" Daddy yelled as he pulled his cock from her ass. Babygirl quickly removed herself from Lexi's cock and laid down next to her. Daddy stood over them and stroked his dick a couple times before cumming all over their faces and tits. When Daddy was done he collapsed down on the bed and watched the girls clean the cum from each other.

They each crawled back up next to him and rested their heads on his chest together.

"Thank you Daddy, for using us" Babygirl said. "Yes, thank you Daddy" Lexi repeated.

"You are welcome. Good girls." Daddy stroked their hair while they massaged his chest and stomach and they drifted off to sleep together ...

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