tagNovels and NovellasDaddy and Little One Ch. 01

Daddy and Little One Ch. 01


Chapter 1

It was not an unusual day for the girls of J Dorm. They had returned from breakfast and were changing the sheets on their beds when Madame came through the door and ordered them to assemble in the hall. Each girl knew this meant a prospective employer had come to find a shop girl or a laundry maid. No girl was excited about the idea of such drudgery even if it meant leaving the home. The girls lined up in the hall and nervously waited for Madame to return with the visitor. Madame entered the hall with a tall man. The Man did not look like the previous visitors. He was broad shouldered and had a silver beard. He did not go down the row, examining each girls hands and pinching their arms. He walked behind the line first. Each girl felt a strange chill as the man stopped behind them. Madame followed the visitor and made comments about each girl as the man walked behind the row of anxious girls. The man stepped to the front of the row and again walked slowly, looking each girl in the eyes. He stopped at the last girl in line. She was shorter than all the other girls. Her breasts were well formed and pushed against the buttons of her shirt. Her nipples were hard in the cold hallway and showed through her bra and shirt. The man had already carefully considered the shape of her full round ass. The girl was looking down, her long black hair, hiding her face. The Man put one finger under her chin and raised her head. Her green eyes were framed by long silky black lashes. She bit her bottom lip pensively, unused to direct attention.

"What is your name, girl," the man asked. The girl gave a slight curtsy.

"I don't have a proper name, sir. I was brought to the home when I was very young. I have always been called Little One, sir," she answers. The man considers her carefully before turning to Madame.

"Let's discuss this in your office," he tells her.

"Girls, return to your room and continue gathering laundry," Madame orders.

The girls file back into the room and excitedly discuss the strange visitor, except for Little One, who sits on the edge of her bed and remembers the piercing blue eyes of the man and the strong hand that lifted her chin. :Little One's friend, Edith, ran in and bounced on the bed beside her. The other girls picked up the laundry baskets and carry them out the door, leaving the two on the bed alone.

"Did you see how that man looked at you?" Edith said.

"I thought he was looking through me," Little One answered. Edith wrapped her arms around Little One's neck and pushed her down on the bed.

"Are you panties clean?" Edith asked.

"Why?" Little One cried. Edith leaned over Little One, a few inches from her face.

"Because that man is taking you with him and you better have clean panties when you leave," she answered. "And you can't wear mine. I soaked mine when I saw him walk through the door." Edith took Little One's right hand and pressed it against the damp spot weeping through her panties.

"Oh my, Edith, you are wet." Edith ran her hand up the inside of Little One's thigh and pushed her fingers inside Little One's panties.

"Look who else is wet," she said. "Just think what it will be like to have a real man play with your pussy. I bet he has a big cock too."

"Edith!" Little One cried, "You are terrible" Edith's fingers pulled Little One's slit open and softly stroked. Little One closed her eyes and lay her head down. Edith's experienced fingers continued circling Little One's clitoris. Little One opened her eyes to see Edith smiling in concentration, as Little One thrust her hips up against her fingers. Little One closed her eyes again, feeling the heat build in her stomach. Suddenly the door swung open.

"What on earth!" Madame exclaimed. Edith and Little One quickly pulled their hands free and sat up. Madame stood in the door with a small suit case. She tossed it on the bed beside them. "Are you two never going to outgrow this nonsense?" Edith and Little One looked at each other and smirked.

"We are sorry, Madame," they said together.

"Neither of you are sorry, so don't bother to apologize," Madame said. "Little One, get your head out of your panties and pay attention." Little One stood up and tried to straighten her skirt.

"Yes Madame," she said, seriously.

"You will be leaving with the man who was just here." Little One's face turned pale.

"I don't want to leave the Home, Madame. Do I have to go?"

"Don't look so sad. You are almost too old to stay here any longer. This is a very wealthy man and he could have chosen any of the girls. You are very fortunate." Change into your Sunday dress and put all your clothes in this case." Little One looked at the suitcase and then at Edith.

"Yes, Madame," Little One replied. Madame turned as she was leaving the room.

"Both of you need to wash. I cannot imaging what Sir would think if he could smell this room right now." Little One and Edith ran quickly to the shower room and pulled off their dresses and panties. Edith adjusted the shower spray and both stood under it, face to face, their breasts barely touching.

"I'm going to miss you, Edith," Little One said. Edith slid her hand down Little One's stomach and pressed her fingers into her vagina.

"I know what you are going to miss, my fingers in your pussy. That's what you will miss." Little One put her face against Edith's shoulder as she rubbed faster. Little One began to shiver and put her arms around Edith's neck. The hot water spraying down between them muffled Little One's cry when she felt her orgasm jolt her. Edith pulled her close and hot water filled the hollow between their breasts.

"I will miss you, too, Little One." She said.

Little One quickly dressed in her best clothes and filled the suit case. All the girls hugged and kissed her goodbye and she walked out of the building, where the man and his car were waiting. The man smiled at the little one and put her suit case in the trunk of his car. He opened the door for the little one and she sat in the front seat. The man leaned in and fastened her seatbelt. The little one watched the gate to the Home pass by the car and she turned to look at the man. His face was calm and happy. He looked to the little one and said, "I will call you Little One."

" I have always been called Little One," she replied.

"You will be my Little One from now on," said the man.

"What should I call you" Little One asked

"Little One, you may call me Daddy," he answered. Little One smiled and looked at her new Daddy. She never had a Daddy before and she was not sure what a Daddy did.

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