tagIncest/TabooDaddy, Daughter & Granddaughter.

Daddy, Daughter & Granddaughter.


This story is dedicated to Puff, my friend, my lover, my own little girl.

I love you Puff.



Heather sat at the kitchen table, head buried in trembling hands and tears streaming from her eyes, shoulders heaving as sobs poured from the very heart of her soul.

After 18 years, thousands of arguments and some violent beatings, her marriage to Sam was over, he’d taken-off with a younger woman leaving Heather and their daughter Patricia, to fend for themselves.

It wasn’t the fact that Sam had gone with another woman, Heather didn’t care, for she’d been out of love with him for the last few years, it was the loneliness that descended on her once he had gone. Now matter how worthless Sam had been, at least he’d been some company during the lonely nights on the isolated small-holding some miles north of Adelaide.

Reaching for the box of Kleenex, Heather dabbed her eyes and fought to bring her emotions under control. It was time to take charge of her life and decisions had to be made not only for her, but for Pat as well. For nearly two hours Heather brainstormed with herself and when the answer to her problem became clear in her head, she marveled how simple the answer had been. She looked anxiously out of the window to assess the level of the sun and judged that in a couple of hours she would be able to set the plan in motion.

In Australia there is no such thing as twilight, there’s no lingering of light after the sun has sank below the horizon, it’s either light or dark. For that reason Heather knew she would be wasting her time to ring daddy before sundown, he would only return to the homestead the moment the last traces of the sun dipped below the horizon.

Seth Carter was hanging up his stock whip and hat when he heard the phone coming from the station office. Frowning to himself he made is way through the rambling homestead and picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Daddy it’s me. How are you?”

“Heather is that you? Shit, it’s nice to hear your voice, I was only thinking of you and Pat earlier. How are you both?”

“Fine now thank you daddy, now that I’m talking to you. Daddy?… Sam’s left us and if it’s alright, I’d like to come home,” Heather asked in a little girl’s voice.

“Oh Heather, of course you can come home, you know there’s always a place here for you and my granddaughter, you didn’t even have to ask that question.”

“Thank you daddy. I’ll put the small-holding on the market and we’ll leave on Saturday. Is there anything you want be to bring from the city?”

“No Heather, once you and Pat are here I’ll have everything I want. I’ll get the rooms ready for you; Nerida can help me with that. The track gets pretty rough from the main road between Wombat and Deadhorse Creeks so be careful when you hit that section. If you’re not here by sundown I’ll come looking for you.”

“Ok daddy we’ll be careful. See you on Saturday, I love you daddy.” “I love you as well. Better let Pat pack up plenty of books there’s not much for her up here.” Seth said. “Bye sweetheart.”

A big smile spread across Seth’s face, his baby was coming home after being married to the most useless sod on the planet. Heather and Pat would bring life back to the lonely homestead that was built on an isolated station. A station so big it equaled and bettered some smaller countries in area size and all run by Seth and six very experienced aboriginal stockmen and Nerida.

Nerida was the daughter of the onetime cook at the homestead. Years ago a visitor had taken Nerida’s mom to the barn and had his way. Nine months later Nerida, a beautiful native baby had been the result. Nerida had carried that beauty with her into maturity and when her mother died, stepped into her shoes as the housekeeper.

Nerida grinned at Seth as he entered the kitchen with her perfect set of strong white teeth, those together with deep brown eyes being significant features of the Australian aboriginal.

“Dinner won’t be long Boss. I’ve made an Irish Stew and some fresh damper. Sit down and I’ll get you beer from the fridge.”

Seth watched Nerida’s trim figure cross the huge country-kitchen and gather an ice-cold Fosters from the fridge, her body looking ripe and firm beneath the tank-top and faded shorts she was wearing. Twisting the top off the beer she set it in front of him and kissed Seth fondly on the forehead, “You look tired Seth. Have your dinner and get yourself off to bed, I’ll pop in to say goodnight.”

Nerida worried a lot about Seth. He’d been lonely and worked far too hard since his wife died and he hadn’t seen his daughter for nearly two years but there was little she could do except take care of him. She had a soft spot for the rugged lean bushman and loved him like a daughter; after all, he’d been the one constant man in her life since she’d been born.

Seth had taken her virginity a few years back. He’d taken her gently with a great deal of tenderness and a lot of love and although she knew she could never have him all to herself, she was grateful for the times they shared together.

Nerida had developed a relationship with one of the station blacks but that didn’t stop her from occasionally slipping into Seth’s bed where she provided some comfort and relief for the lonely man. Tonight she would fuck him to sleep before leaving the homestead.


The sun had been set for nearly an hour and Seth was anxiously pacing the boards of the verandah watching the direction from which the car would come. Just when he’d decided it was time to get the utility out and go looking he saw the reflection of lights coming from over the horizon. “They’ll be here in 15 minutes,” he said to himself with relief.

It was almost to the minute that Heather’s 4-wheel drive circled the hardened ground in front of the house and came to a stop in a swirl of dust. The engine was switched off and the deafening silence of outback Australia returned. Only the clicking of the cooling engine could be heard.

“Daddy, oh daddy I’ve missed you so much it’s so good to be back home,” cried Heather, throwing her arms around her father’s neck and hugging him tightly.

Seth wouldn’t have admitted it, but there were tears of happiness in his eyes and was thankful the Aussie night hid the fact from his daughter. Crushing her in his bear-like arms he kissed Heather on the forehead, “God. It’s good to have you back home baby.”

After hugging for what seemed to be an eternity Seth released Heather, “Where’s Patsy?” he asked.

Heather giggled, “Fast asleep. She’s been up since well before dawn and managed to keep awake right up until we turned off the main road and then she went out like a light.”

“Ok. You get inside the house; Nerida has dinner on the stove you must be starving. I’ll get Patsy and take her to her room.”

Seth opened the car door. Patricia had grown since the last time he saw her, the puppy fat she’d had a couple of years ago was gone and replaced by a well toned figure. “Come on baby,” he said lifting her in his strong arms, “This is no place for a young lady to sleep, let’s get you to your room.”

Patsy stirred in his arms, “Hello poppa,” she said sleepily and snuggled her head into his warmth, content to be carried like a baby into the house.

When Heather got up the next morning she was surprised to find her father in the kitchen. “What are you doing here daddy, I thought you’d have left ages ago?”

“Morning sweetheart. No I’m easing back for a couple of weeks. Nerida’s gone down to Adelaide for a break, this is a slack time on the station and what work there is to do the station hands can do it. I just want to spend some time with you and Patsy. Where is she by the way?”

“She’s awake, just having a shower and don’t embarrass her like you used to do me when I was her age, she’s a bit sensitive. I’m having a coffee do you want one?”

Their cups were almost empty when Patricia came bouncing into the room. Full of life and goodwill from the best nights sleep she could ever remember. Eagerly she ran to Seth and flung her arms around his neck, smothering his face with kisses.

“Hiya poppa, it’s so good to see you again and you don’t look a day older.” With a bit of a struggle Pat eased herself onto his knee and cuddled close into her grandpa. For reasons Heather couldn’t explain to herself, she suddenly felt very jealous of her daughter.

Heather remembered the times when she was younger and used to sit on her daddy’s knee; she remembered the warmth and the feeling of security as he held her in his arms. The musky odor of horses and dogs that clung on his working clothes, not to mention the trace of chemical dips that were used on the station.

She also remembered his other smell as well, fresh from the shower when the comforting scent of Wright’s Coal Tar soap that clung too his body seemed to fill the area surrounding him. Heather smiled to herself at those happy memories and lovingly watched her daughter cuddle into her poppa.

Heather’s smile vanished though when she suddenly realized that she’d become wet, very wet between her legs, as she watched the two of them hugging each other. Excusing herself she headed for the bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat. Legs spread wide she commenced masturbating her clit, the vision of her daddy and daughter cuddling clear in her mind and fantasized his hand fondling Patsy’s pussy.

She cum in seconds, her body trembling with the passion of her actions as the orgasm swept over her. For long minutes she sat still and wondered what had brought on those actions where previously she’d had no thoughts at all. Blotting the juices from her pussy Heather stood on weakened legs and went for a walk near the dam to get her mind sorted.

After an hour of thought and analyzing her feelings and emotions Heather finally reached a conclusion that shocked her to the very core. Simply put, she loved her daddy, she had always loved him but not in the manner a daughter should love her father.

Her mind went back to when she was a young teenager and the fluttery feelings she had in her tummy as she lay in her bed day dreaming of some handsome prince doing things with her but the handsome prince always had the face of her daddy. She realized that she’d suppressed those emotions and the truth was she loved her daddy in a way she shouldn’t.

Over the next few days the knot of desire grew tighter and tighter in Heather’s stomach. She’d taken to masturbating frequently and the fantasy was always of her being with Seth. She could think of nothing else even during the chores she’d been assigned to keep her busy during the day. Often Pat had to speak to her mother several times before she received an answer.

Finally Heather made up her mind. She would either have to leave the station or seduce her daddy and out of the two, the latter was the preferable option. She reasoned that it wouldn’t be hard, for a start Seth loved her to death and would do anything she asked, since a little girl, she had been able to twist him around her little finger.

Heather also knew the male mind better than most women had been able to read them. She’d read sufficient books on the subject to know that men were natural hunters of game and women, it was part of their natural make-up, all Heather had to do was dangle the bait.

The bait part was easy, one man with natural urges was no match for a designing female. All she had to do was send the correct signals, re-enforce them continually and wear her daddy down.


It didn’t take long for Seth to notice the changes. He was surprised to find that Heather had suddenly taken to wearing a variety of skimpy clothing as she worked around the homestead. It was not only the clothing he noticed either, it was the flashes of her long legs as she bent over to complete some task and the front of her dress or blouse that somehow always seemed to be unbuttoned giving glimpses of the gentle swelling beneath.

Apart from that, Heather had taken to planting kisses on his face at every opportunity, when she got up in the morning, when she said goodnight, served him his tea, any service she provided for him was topped off by her soft lips on his cheek.

After dinner it was always Heather who sat alongside him on the couch, her arms wrapped around his, head cuddled to his shoulder while they listened to the radio. Seth couldn’t deny he wasn’t pleased with the change in her, his daughter seemed to be happy and contented at last and that’s what he wanted for her.

It was really good to have Heather and Patsy on the station, the two of them seemed to have turned his whole life around and he actually looked forward to each new day. The only thing missing was Nerida and that would make his life complete, apart from missing her cheerfulness, he missed sinking his cock into her soft feminine form.

It was Nerida and the thought of fucking her when she returned that was on his mind as he passed by the storage shed. He heard a noise and popped his head around the door, there lying on her back on the bales of hay was Patsy holding a kitten close too her face and stroking it.

Patsy’s knees were up and slightly parted, her skirt fallen back into her lap revealing soft shapely thighs and her lilac panties. Seth felt a flush in his face and his cock already semi-erect after thinking of Nerida, turned into a full erection. It wasn’t his granddaughter lying there, it was a female, a prospective mate which his male instincts told him had to be serviced and seeded.

“Hello Poppa, are you alright?” Patsy asked.

Sanity returned to Seth, “Mmmmm. Yes I’m fine thanks love, just wondered what you were doing. Better get on with my work, I’ll see you later.”

Try as he might, Seth couldn’t get the image of Patsy lying on her back showing of her legs and panties out of his mind. Then he began fantasizing about her breasts, they weren’t all that big but they complimented her small frame and then it wasn’t hard for him to imagine her naked. Flustered with himself he made his way back to the homestead for lunch.

Things didn’t get any better for Seth; Heather was in the kitchen cleaning the range. She was using blackening and managed to get a couple of smudges on her face making the normally fussy Heather look totally different from usually immaculate appearance. In fact Seth mused, it made her look… beautiful in a funny sort of way.

Heather screwed her nose up and then smiled at him, “Oh, there you are, hang on a minute I’ll just finish this and I’ll get your lunch. Have you seen Patsy at all? She should be back soon.” Not really expecting an answer, Heather bent over to finish blacking the plinth of the cooker exposing her legs and thighs almost up to the gusset of her panties.

Seth looked at the vision before him and for the second time his cock was raging in his trousers. Carefully he maneuvered the offending member beneath the kitchen table well out of sight but his mind was running a riot. First it had been Patsy and now he was looking at his daughter sexually for the first time.

Heather place a mug of tee in front of him and then a plate of sandwiches, Seth couldn’t help himself, staring down the gaping front of her blouse and the swelling of her breasts. Heather leaned and kissed him on the forehead, “Is there anything else you’d like daddy?” she asked seductively.

“Yes, I’d love to fuck your beautiful body,” thought Seth.

“No that’s fine love this will do me a treat. By the way the carrier brought the groceries that were ordered; perhaps you could help me put them away later,” replied Seth once more casting the lustful thoughts from his mind.

Later Seth had placed most of the groceries for immediate use into the cupboards but the spare stock needed to go into the higher storage area, Heather had pulled the steps out and set them close by. Climbing the steps to the second to top rung she looked down at Seth, “You pass them up and I’ll store them in order,” she said.

Seth handed her up a couple of cans before Heather said, “Damn it, hang on daddy, I’ve got to move some of the older stuff up here,” and climbed onto the top rung, her head and shoulders disappearing into the storage area.. Seth held onto the steps and looked upward.

Heather moved cans around making a show of sorting out the old stock, she raised one leg as if to reach in further and hoped that her father was looking in the right direction and that all her efforts were not for nothing.

She needn’t have worried. Seth was looking up into the gates of paradise. Long naked legs reached upward giving way to soft flesh thighs and finally, a perfectly shaved pussy. Seth couldn’t believe that his daughter wasn’t wearing panties and was displaying her most private parts for his view.

Heather gently eased her shoulders out of the storage space and looked down at her father, she could see him spell bound, his eyes fixed firmly up her skirt and his weather beaten face colouring to a deep red. Heather finally managed to regain his attention and they set about stacking the excess groceries, Heather aware that her daddy was taking every opportunity to look up her skirt.

When the last can was stacked away, Heather dangerously maneuvered herself to come down the steps with her back too them and facing Seth, “Hold the ladder for me please daddy,” she asked and gingerly descended placing her hands on Seth’s shoulders as soon as she reached them. Her cunning actions allowed her front to brush down the front of Seth as she made it to floor level, once there she lifted her head and planted a soft lingering kiss full on his lips, “Thank you daddy,” she cooed.

Seth groaned inwardly, all this was becoming too much for him and he wanted to escape. He pulled away but Heather hung onto his arm. “Daddy, tonight I’m going to cook us all a special dinner. Then we’ll have a little party on the veranda, a few lights, some drinks and lots of dancing. I haven’t danced for years and I’m sure Patsy would like it.”

“Yes, whatever you say Heather, I’m going to check on the horses, see you later,” replied Seth.


The sun was well down by the time Seth returned to the homestead. He could see the verandah lit with coloured globes as he walked across the paddock. A small table had been set up for their meal and the strains of gentle music wafted along on the night air.

Heather had even gone to the trouble of setting up a small bar with drinks in bottles cooling on ice along with fresh clean glasses. She’d obviously gone to a lot of trouble but to be honest with himself, Seth just didn’t feel in the mood, he was still remembering the events from earlier in the day.

The homestead door opened as Seth stepped on to the solid boards of the verandah and a vision of beauty stood before him. Heather had swept her long hair up onto the top of her head giving her a very elegant look, subtle use of cosmetics made her look as young as any teenager and her dress was an off-the shoulder creation. Seth’s heart jumped into his mouth as he recognized the dress, it was a favorite of his wife’s. When she’d died tragically in a bush fire ten years previously, Seth hadn’t the heart to part with anything that had belonged too her.

“You look… You look very beautiful Heather,” he said softly.

Heather dropped a little courtesy before softly kissing him on the cheek in welcome. Her lips burning the spot where she’d touched him. “Thank you sir. Now daddy, you go and get your shower and change into something decent and dinner will be ready.”

By the time the entrée had finished and a few drinks consumed Seth felt very mellow and relaxed. Relating stories from the time he and Mary had first taken over the station he had Heather and Patsy in fits of laughter. “Ok. I’ll get the main course. While I’m doing that daddy why don’t you give Patsy a spin on the dance floor, I’ll put some music on for you.”

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