Daddy, Daughter & Granddaughter.


Like the perfect escort Seth held his hand out for his granddaughter and led her to the open space on the verandah, taking her gently in his arms they began dancing to the strains of Andy Williams singing Moon River. Pasty seemed to float across the wooden boards, as light as a feather in his strong arms, her head against Seth’s shoulder and small taut breasts pressed firmly against his chest.

Heather watched them from the doorway, her pussy becoming damp when she saw how her daughter was pressing herself against Seth and she couldn’t help but notice that her daddy’s leg was pressing between Patsy’s legs as they moved slowly in time with the music. She guessed correctly that Patsy could feel his leg pressing against her sex and that she would also be wet.

Letting out a deep sigh, Heather brought out the main course and called the two of them to eat. More food and more drinks followed, Heather ensuring that she added good measures of vodka into Patsy’s orange juice.

Her mother had guessed correctly, Patsy found her panties getting wet at the close physical contact with her poppa, they got wetter still when his leg pressed insistently against her sex and she purposefully moved herself tightly into him, enjoying the sensation of the forbidden movement against her sex. She’s hoped for another dance after dinner but for some reason found it difficult to keep her eyes open and the room seemed to be spinning, head in her hands she began to doze at the table.

Patsy was in that land between consciousness and sleep, the soft voice of Jim Reeves and ‘Missing You’ and the steady drone of conversation between poppa and her mom had her right on the verge of dropping off into Noddy land. She heard her mother’s voice drift through, “Carry her through to bed daddy and take her dress off for me, I’ll tuck her in later.”

Patsy felt herself lifted in the strong comforting arms of her poppa and feigned sleep as she was carried through the homestead to her bedroom. After gently being laid on the bed she felt the buttons of her dress being unfastened and heard his sharp intake of breath when he separated the panels.

Patsy had little need for a bra; her small breasts were firm so she really didn’t need one, especially while they were living at the station. She felt her arms being guided through the armholes and finally the dress was drawn from beneath, leaving her only in panties, ankle socks and sandals. Even though she was all but asleep, Patsy felt the gush of wetness between her legs soaking the gusset of her panties as the socks and sandals were removed.

Then came something she didn’t expect, a hand fondling her naked breast for a moment, testing the firmness and tweaking the nipple, Patsy bit the inside of her cheek to hold back the groan. When the hand moved she nearly cried out in her frustration but then it was between her thighs pulling the wet gusset of her panties to one side. Patsy hardly dare breathe and then a finger gently pressed into her slit. The finger was there only for a moment and then it was gone and so was her poppa as she heard him walk from the bedroom. Patsy moved her own finger to her clit and cum immediately.

Heather had watched her father’s actions discreetly from the doorway having quietly followed him inside. As her daddy turned to leave she’d slipped quickly behind the hall cupboard to avoid being seen but there was a smile on her lips, she’d seen how easily her daddy had been tempted. Now it was her turn.

Heather had her both arms up around her daddy’s neck and her body firmly pressed into him as they moved to the relaxing voice of Jim Reeves. Craftily she’d maneuvered his leg to press against her while her leg pushed against the erection in his trousers. The hands that had started holding her around her back had gradually gone lower and lower and were now massaging her buttocks.

Standing on tip toe Heather pressed her lips to Seth’s ear, “I love you daddy, I really love you,” she whispered.

Seth stopped moving and looked down into his daughter’s eyes. He could see the love for him shining out of them like twin stars and his heart and senses melted. His lips met hers for what was intended to be a fatherly kiss but Heather’s mouth opened like a guppy and her tongue forced a passage between his lips.

That was the last straw for Seth, finally all of Heather’s signals got through to him. She may be his daughter but she was a woman with needs and desires, a woman that was like a mare on heat and needed servicing by the stallion and just like a stallion, he could smell the heat of her.

Heather felt the zipper slide down the back of her dress right down to the small of her back. Then hands moved the shoulder-straps downward, automatically she dropped her arms by her side to ease the process and seconds later the dress was at her ankles..

“Not here daddy, take me to bed,” she whispered.

Heather felt herself swept up in Seth’s strong arms, she felt like his little girl again and snuggled into him as he carried her through the house. “I want you so much daddy, is that naughty of me?” she asked.

“And I want you as well, Heather, you don’t know how much I want you even though I know this is wrong but I can’t help myself.”

Seth eased her form onto his bed and began stripping away his clothing while Heather removed her bra and panties then laid back, spreading her arms and legs as a sign of total submission for the man that was going to love her. The anticipation of what was to come had her wetter between the legs than she could ever remember and her heart was beating wildly in her chest. Finally her dream was going to come true.

Unabashed she watched her daddy remove his underpants and let out a deep sigh when she saw his stiff rod. It was all she’d imagined it to be, very big and very thick and bigger than any she’d taken before. She found herself wishing that her daddy had been the first to take her, that this is what should have happened years ago instead of the loveless marriage she’d found herself in.

The tender kisses that followed and the feeling of his naked body pressing against hers was almost more than she could bear. Shyly, she moved her hand downward and boldly took her daddy’s stiffness in her hand, fondling the instrument that conceived her so many years ago.

Seth groaned loudly as Heather’s cool hand wrapped around his hard shaft and gently began to move her hand up and down its length, “You’re so big daddy,” she said quietly.

Then it was Heather’s turn to moan, Seth had bent his head to her breasts and started making gentle love to them. He licked every part of her, his tongue exciting the flesh as he traced a path over the gentle curves before seizing her nipples with his lips and gently biting them with sharp teeth.

She moaned again when his hand felt between her legs. Heather’s anticipation of that moment had been so strong she couldn’t help but cum the moment her daddy slipped a finger into her wet slot. She clung tightly around his neck her hands pressing his head bringing his mouth firmly into the breast he was sucking.

Seth was stunned by the strength of her orgasm and at how quickly she’d cum but secretly he was proud that he’d been able to get that response from his daughter. If she was wet before, she was now soaking, his fingers were covered with juices and so were her thighs.

It was Heather’s eager hands that guided Seth to lie over her; she wanted to please this man by giving herself to him without any further delay. She held her breath when his weight settled on her and felt like a submissive heifer waiting to be serviced by the bull. Still she held her breath as his cock-head pressed against her vagina, “Any moment now and his cock will be in me,” she thought.

Long moments passed and Heather released her breath when she heard Seth let out a groan. It took her a moment to realize that he’d lost his erection and she correctly guessed why.

“You have to forget who I am daddy. There’s nothing wrong in what we’re doing, it can’t be wrong, we love each other so much. Just think of me as a woman with a tight wet pussy who’s waiting to have some hot cock pushed up her. You’ve got me so hot, please don’t leave me like this I need you, I really need for you to be inside me.”

Her pleading mixed with the few dirty descriptive words did the trick, Seth immediately became hard again and it wasn’t because he forgot Heather was his daughter, it became hard because she was and he really wanted her. It was just the reassurance he was after.

As far as Heather was concerned it was the first time she’d ever been fucked as daddy penetrated her. No other coupling had been like this one, the huge cock was stretching her as it progressed up her love-tunnel more than she’d ever been stretched before and she had that happy feeling of finally, coming home.

“Oh daddy, I love you so much. Do what you want… Hurt me if you like, I don’t care, just love me that’s all I ask,” Heather gasped.

Seth’s heart filled with love at her words, he knew Heather loved him as a daughter now she was confessing her love for him as a mate and lover. She was prepared to let him hurt her in anyway he wanted just so long as he loved her, that’s all she begged for in return.

Every man has little cruel streak in him when it comes to a woman and Seth was no different from the rest of them. For some perverse reason it satisfies a man sexually to inflict some form of pain on those he loves even if its as simple as reducing them to tears with verbal abuse. The pleasure comes when comforting and loving them after the damage has been inflicted.

As for Heather, she had no idea why she gave permission for her daddy to hurt her, she’d never done that before with another man and would have fought tooth and nail to prevent it from happening. But with her daddy it was different; she wanted to be dominated and totally submissive to his needs, above all else though she trusted this man, knowing that while he very well may hurt her, she would always be safe with him.

Heather suddenly found her self rolled over so that she was on top of her father, quickly she adjusted her position to one of straddling him and taking his huge cock as deep inside her as it would penetrate. She could feel the cock-head stabbing into her cervix, no man had ever impaled her so deeply before and she cried out in passion, “Oh daddy, you’re too big, far too big for your little girl.”

Seth’s response was to drive into her as hard as he could while pulling down on her hips while Heather’s hunched body backed itself willingly onto the steel rod. Her heavy breasts swung over Seth, both nipples engorged with passion and sticking out nearly a full inch and just begging for attention. Heather’s words rang in his ears, “Hurt me if you like.”

Roughly he guided her left breast to his mouth and bit the areola so sharply he felt Heather tense and cry out in pain. Seth’s sharp canine teeth penetrated the succulent flesh drawing two small beads of blood to the surface and he feasted on the saltiness of her while his other hand cruelly twisted the nipple of the other breast.

Heather stoically endured the pain by throwing her head back and gritting her teeth but didn’t miss one beat of the fucking rhythm that was gradually building to a faster pace. Strangely, although she found her daddy’s cruel treatment painful it seemed to add to the intense pleasure she was feeling in her pussy. It was as though there were new nerve circuits building a thread through her body with all of them terminating in her juicy cunt.

Their copulating had now built up to a frantic speed and Heather knew she close to orgasm, to delay it, she concentrated on the pain in her breasts, desperately wanting her daddy to cum in her before she allowed herself to get off.

She felt his hand on her buttocks and then a finger probing at her rosebud. It all happened so quickly it was difficult to remember the sequence. Sharp teeth again savaged her breast, a finger broke through her sphincter burying itself deeply, there was a final slam of daddy’s hard cock and she was rolled onto her back, Seth’s full weight crushing her down to the mattress.

She felt Seth’s ejaculation, his hot seed triggering her own orgasm as it globbed in hot shots deep into her womb, never could she remember cumming so violently before in her life. When their orgasms faded to just a satisfying warm throb, she cuddled up close to her daddy and they slept.

As Heather slept one tiny sperm raced ahead of millions that had flooded her womb and fused with the ripe egg, a new life had begun.

After that night Seth and Heather couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Heather always seemed to be in a constant state of arousal and her daddy was always on hand to satisfy her every wish. She discovered that she liked being hurt during sex and contrived with Seth to discover different ways for him to inflict some form of pain.

One of her favorites was when he went down on her. He used his sharp teeth on the soft flesh of her inner knees, slowly biting his way up her smooth soft flesh thighs before attacking her cunt lips. He gave a whole knew meaning to the term, ‘Being eaten alive.’

Heather found herself also becoming very submissive, giving way immediately to Seth’s needs without question. That’s how she found herself suspended naked from a beam in the barn one day while he used his belt on her naked flesh before taking her down and having her on the floor.

Patsy had noticed that her mom had moved into Poppa’s bed, but she never said a word to either of them about it. She was just happy that her mother was a changed woman and seemed to be more than content with her new life. Patsy was happy as well, the change from the small holding to the station was a blessing and provided her with a very happy environment.

Heather missed her period, and then when she missed the second one, correctly guessed she was pregnant. It was a very nervous Heather who took the opportunity to tell Seth he was going to be both a father and grandfather again. She fell asleep happily that night, her daddy’s words still ringing in her ears, “That’s fantastic,” he’d said.

Seth’s attitude towards his daughter changed overnight, he treated her like cut-glass and while he still made love to her frequently the beatings had stopped. Heather was disappointed about that because she liked her daddy to hurt her but she understood why, she knew they would start again once the baby was born.

It was that time of year when the sheep were serviced by the rams and that’s when Heather caught her daughter watching the mating. Patsy was leaning against the fence with a hand up her skirt and slowly masturbating herself, it was at that moment Heather realized her daughter needed a man.

That afternoon Seth was going to one of the out-stations to check on some fencing and wouldn’t be back until the following day. Heather decided to take advantage of that and made her plans.

After dinner Heather ducked into the shower almost as soon as Patsy vacated it. She felt the cleansing water wash the heat and dust of the day away from her body and then wrapped in a large towel made her way to Patsy’s room. Pat as usual had changed into a loose fitting tee-shirt and fresh panties to sleep in and was lying on her bed reading.

“Hi mommy, did you enjoy your shower?”

Heather moved across the room and sat beside her daughter, she was nervous about this. She’d only ever been with one girl before and that was when she was at boarding school. It had been spontaneous, exciting and exceptionally fulfilling but it had only happened the once. Now she was here about to do it again but it was with her own daughter.

“I saw you watching the rams service the ewes this morning, did that get you excited?”

Patsy colored a little wondering what else her mother had seen. “Ermmm… Yes, it was rather interesting. I’d never seen that before.”

Nervously Heather took the book from her daughter and placed it on the bedside table. Taking a deep breath she then slipped her hand over Patsy’s panties cupping her sex. “It got this all wet, juicy and excited though didn’t it? I was watching you, remember?”

Pat had the good grace to look embarrassed and her face colored even more now that she knew her mother had watched her masturbating, even so she replied defiantly, “That was private, I can do it if I want.”

“No one said you can’t do it but isn’t it nicer when somebody does it for you like this?” Heather pulled the wet fabric of Patsy’s panties to one side and slipped a finger into her daughter.

Pat was stunned, her mother’s sudden action confused and frightened her a little but she couldn’t deny that the finger felt nice as it explored her gooey tight slit. She also had to confess that it felt better than touching it herself.

Heather eased herself onto the bed alongside Pat and kissed her softly on the lips, “If you lie still baby, I’ll give you a cum.”

Within a few minutes both were lying naked, their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. Pat found her mother on top of her, the flesh of their thighs pressing against each others sexes, breasts mashing together as they kissed. Slowly at first, Heather began to hump herself against her daughter and Pat responded moving in rhythm, pressing her pussy tightly again her mom’s thigh.

Their illicit actions had both women hot, Heather delighting that she was taking advantage of her daughter’s innocence and Pat because her mother was doing something she never dreamed would happen. She’d never even thought about being with a girl before, never mind her own mom.

The urgency with which they fucked each other had both cumming simultaneously, drenching their thighs with cum. Their orgasms so intense it caused them both to tremble against the soft warmth of the others body. Heather rolled off her daughter and cradled her small form in her arms, kissing softly at her delicate lips in a loving manner.

“That was so good baby, mom’s really proud of you. Had I known you were so hot and ripe, I’d have done this a long time ago.”

Pat happily cuddled into her mother suddenly feeling very sleepy after her orgasm; Heather fed her breast to her daughter’s mouth and sighed contentedly as Patsy suckled on her. Her teat became erect at the soft sucking motion and her pussy began watering again when she remembered breast feeding Pat as a baby. Her breasts were so sensitive, each time Patsy took to the breasts Heather managed a little cum.

“You know I’m going to have another baby don’t you Pat?” said Heather.

Patsy was instantly awake, “A baby, are you pregnant mommy? I didn’t think you and daddy….”

“It’s not daddy’s baby, its poppa’s. You know I’ve been sleeping with him, well he’s made me pregnant.” She saw the look of concern in Pat’s eyes, “Don’t worry, it’s all right, I want the baby, especially as your poppa made it.”

Patsy knew her mother was sleeping with her daddy, it never dawned on her that they were having sex. “But isn’t that….”

“Incest? Yes I suppose it is, just like what we have done. That was incest as well but I love your poppa more than anything and I’ve never been so happy since he bedded me. Still, you’re going to find out about all this yourself starting tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow? What’s going to happen then,” Pat asked.

Heather pressed a soft kiss too her daughter’s lips. “Tomorrow night, I’m going to give you to poppa,” she whispered. “I’m going to collect you from here and take you to our bed. Then I’ll strip you on front of poppa so he can see your beautiful body and then help him shove his big cock into that tight little pussy of yours, it’s time you gave up your virginity.”

Pat gasp, “You’re going to let poppa love me? Do you mean he will actually put his thing inside me?”

“That’s exactly what I mean and I suppose you’re wondering why, aren’t you? I love your poppa so much I’ll do anything for him and that includes giving him my own daughter.

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