Daddy, It Doesn't Fit!


"Because I'm your father."

"Why other than that? If you weren't my father, just my friend, would you let me do it?"

"I don't know, baby."

"No, just be honest. If you were my neighbor, not my father, and I asked, would you let me suck it?"

"I think if you asked any guy if you could suck his cock, he'd say yes."

"Then that's what I'll do." She climbed off the bed, putting on her shoes.

"Where are you going?"

"Next door to Mr. Jones' house. I have to get a video of sucking a guy's cock and he's going to have to do."

"Honey!" I stepped in front of the door. "Stop it, you're not going out."

"Get out of my way."


"Why? If I can't suck your cock, let me suck someone else's."

"He's a stranger!"

"No he's not. He says hello to me everyday when I come home from school."

"He's a pervert then, not a stranger. That's even worse. What if he rapes you?"

"At least I'll have it on tape. Move."

"Damn it, Heather! Why are you doing this? Are your friends this important?"

"Why are you doing this, Daddy? Why are you saying no? This is important to me, but you're not helping me!"

"Because I can't! Because you're my daughter!"

"I told you it doesn't matter! I need help! Why aren't you there for me?"

"Because you'll regret it!" I was shouting now. I was trying to make her understand. "Even if I let you suck it, you might not regret it today, but you would tomorrow or maybe in ten years! Your friends don't have to live with you forever! I do! How are you going to feel when you're on your wedding night and you're thinking of the time you sucked your father's cock? You'd hate me for letting you do it!"

"I wouldn't! I promise! Please, I have to do it! If I ever say I hate you, remind me I begged you and you had no choice! So please, Daddy, please, let me suck your cock. Just for one night, and I'll never ask again, and I'll remember when I needed you the most, more than any other time, you came through for me. That's what I'm going to remember when I'm sucking my husbands cock in ten years, that my daddy was there for me. Or do you want me to remember how you failed me, how I had to go next door and suck Mr. Jones' cock because my father wouldn't help me? Which do you want me to remember?"

"Fine," I said.

Heather smiled. "Really?"

"Yeah, fine, go suck Mr. Jones' cock." I stepped out of the way.

Her eyes burned. She charged past me, running down the hall, hitting the front door, disappearing outside.

"She's not going to do it," I said, leaning against the wall. "She can't. Oh, my God."

I left her room, hurrying to the living room, looking out the window. I could see her at Mr. Jones' door, knocking. I prayed he wasn't home, but then the door opened. Heather was saying something. And then she went in, the door closing.

"She's really going to fucking do it! I can't fucking believe this."

I turned away, sitting down in the chair, burying my face in my hands, imagining my pure, innocent little girl sucking on Mr. Jones' cock. No way! I jumped up, charging through the door, crossing the grass. I hammed my fist on the door.

"Open up!" I shouted. "Jones, if you don't open up, I'm breaking this fucking door down!"

It opened. "Brad?"

His belt was loosened, but his pants were still on. I pushed him aside as I charged in. My little girl was sitting on his couch, her phone in hand, ready to record. She was glaring at me. I grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up.

"Brad," Jones said, "she asked me to---"

"Just shut the fuck up."

I dragged my daughter out of his house and crossed my yard. I shoved her through the door, slamming it behind me.

"You've lost your fucking mind!"

"Fuck you!" she screamed. "At least he said yes! I bet he wouldn't fail his daughter! I thought you loved me! I thought---"

"Fine!" I roared. "Fine, suck my cock! I don't give a shit anymore. And when you hate me in ten years, it's your fault!"

"Really?" Heather said, instantly smiling. "Really, I can suck it?"

"This is unfucking believable."

Heather hugged me. "Thank you, Daddy! I promise I won't ever hate you."

"God, I can't believe this is happening to me."

"Daddy, can we do it now? I've got to get the video tonight."

"Right now?" I asked.

"Yes. We have to hurry. I have school in the morning."

"Fine, fuck, right now," I said, shaking my head. "But only three minutes. And I'm not cumming. You can tell your friends you swallowed it or whatever."

"Okay, that's okay. Come on. We have to do it in my bedroom."

She took my hand, pulling me along, closing the door after us. I couldn't believe I was going to let her do this. I kept telling myself I was doing it to protect her from herself, from the shame of sucking some stranger's dick. At least she would know who it was. Maybe it wasn't better, but maybe it wasn't the worst either.

"I have to take my clothes off," she said.

"What?" I said.

"Well, I have to be topless, at least."

"Baby, can't we wave that?"

"I can't. They have to think I did during regular sex. I'll keep my panties on though."


She unbuttoned her shorts and began pushing them down. A pair of white cotton panties appeared. I instantly turned away.

"Daddy," she said, "you sort of have to see this."

I looked back. I was beginning to feel sick to my stomach at the idea of watching my little girl suck my cock, but I told her I would let her do it and now I was stuck. I took in her white panties, looking at them, the way they formed a V where her legs came together. There was no hair around her bikini line, but I already knew that from seeing her poolside. Then she took the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up, her red hair lifting and fanning out before falling back to her shoulders. The bra was white, her milky breasts filling them. I could feel my cock filling up in my jeans. I can't believe I was watching this. My daughter wasn't slowing either. She reached behind her back, unsnapping the bra, and then she brought her arms forward, her breasts falling out.

There they were, both perfect globes, her nipples little and pink, pointing at attention. My cock was full now, straining against my jeans. She must have noticed, because she was staring at my crotch.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"It's okay. It needs to be hard anyway, right?"

"I guess. I just haven't seen a naked woman in long time."

She gave a smile, coming closer, standing on her tiptoes to kiss my check. "Thank you for being there for me, Daddy." She picked up her phone, pressing buttons. "Just press here to record, okay?"

"All right," I said.

She climbed on the bed, sitting on her knees, her panties clinging to her pussy. I could see the crease where her lips met. I stepped closer, my legs right up against the mattress.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. I pressed record and she looked up at me.

"I'm Heather, and this is how you suck cock."

Her little hands came closer and her fingers trembled as she reached the zipper. She was nibbling on her lip as she unzipped it. She spread open the flap, and then her fingers disappeared inside. When I felt her hand on my cock, I nearly exploded. It had been so long since a woman touched me; I was nearly a virgin myself.

And then she began tugging at it, trying to pull it out. It was clearly bigger than she expected. Her eyebrows were scrunched in concentration as she tried to get a hold of it, gripping the shaft and yanking it out. She gasped, taking her hand away, her eyes huge. It was long and thick, an ugly vein running along the top, the head red and glaring, inches from her pretty face. She looked up at me.

"Daddy, it's huge."

"Baby, you can't say Daddy on camera."

"Oh," she said, looking back down. "Why's it so big?"

"Men come in different sizes."

"But yours isn't like the boys on the other videos."

I pressed stop. The video was ruined now. "Baby, everyone's different."

"It's so big though," she said, looking up again. "I don't think I can fit it in my mouth."

"Do you want to stop?"

"No," she said, looking back down at my cock. "I'm just not sure. I didn't know it would be that big. "

She reached forward, slowly wrapping her hand around it. Her fingers could not connect. She took her hand away again.


"Baby, don't worry about the size. We just need a few minutes of you on camera with it. Maybe you can lick it a little instead."

"No, Daddy, I have to suck it."

She grabbed it again, squeezing the head.

"I might be able to fit this part in my mouth."

Having her maul my cock with her hand was getting me worked up. I couldn't help it. I was throbbing.

"Oh! It moved."

"It does that."

She giggled. "Kind of scared me. I didn't know they moved."

I flexed it for her and it made her giggle again.

"Are you doing that?" she asked.


"That's so cool."

"Okay, honey, let's just do this video, okay?"

"Okay," she said. "Want me to put your cock back into your jeans so I can pull it out again?"

"Just start from here, with it already out."

"Okay," she said. "I don't think it'll fit back inside your jeans anyway."

I pressed record, pointing at her to start.

"I'm Heather, and this is how you suck a really big cock."

She took a deep breath, moving forward, grabbing it again by the shaft to control it, and then opened her mouth as wide as she could. But then she closed her mouth.

"Hold on, that hurts my jaw," she said.

I stopped the camera. "Baby, please."

"Sorry, I'm just not used to this." She was still holding it, and then she tugged on it. It made me moan. She looked up at the sound. "Does that feel good?"

"You're pulling on my cock, of course it feels good."

"Want me to do it again?"

"Sure," I said, giving in to this. She tugged on the shaft, her hand running along the length. "Fuck..."

She giggled. "You do like it. What's this?"

She touched the tip of my cock with her other hand, coming away with a bit of clear fluid.

"It's precum," I said.


"It's just some stuff that leaks out when it stays hard for awhile."

"Oh. I didn't know cocks leaked." She gave the shaft another tug and a little bit more came out. "I made more come out."

"I noticed. Baby, please, we have to do this video. You're going to make me cum if you keep yanking on my cock."

"Sorry. Before we do the video, can I get used to it for a minute?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can I try to lick it and stuff? I just need to practice for a second, you know, warm up."

"Fine, just for a minute though."

"Okay. How do I start?"

"Just do whatever you want," I said, not wanting to coach my own daughter on how to suck a cock.

"I have to make it look good. What would Mom do?"

"I don't know."

"Come on, Daddy, help me."

"All right. Kiss it a little. Stroke it. Use your tongue. Run your lips along the shaft."

She leaned forward, her lips puckering. She planted a kiss right on the tip. I exhaled. It felt good.

"Like that?" she said, still gripping my cock in her hand. She squeezed it a few times.

"Yes," I said.

"Your cock feels weird," she said.

"It does?"

"It's hard and soft at the same time. It's all blood in there, huh?"

"Baby, now is now the time for an anatomy lesson."

"This I really making me horny though."

What did she say? I looked down, watching her kiss it again. And then her tongue flicked out, licking along the side.

"Baby, lick along the underneath, from the bottom to the top."

"Why? Will that feel good?"

"Just do what I tell you."

"Okay," she said. "It's okay if you like this Daddy."

"Just lick it, cupcake."

She lifted my cock to get a better view, and then she dipped down, her tongue touching the base of the shaft, running all the way under it to the tip, licking along the piss slit.

"Oh, fuck."

"Mmm," she said. "I can taste that precum stuff. It's weird."

She began licking faster, lapping at the head of my cock.

"Am I doing it right?"

"Yes," I said, reaching down, stroking her cheek with my hand. She took a break from my cock to kiss my palm.

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, cupcake. Can you lick around the slit a little more?"

"Sure!" she said enthusiastically. Her tongue began spearing it, and then I felt her lips round just the head, her tongue flicking back and forth.

"Baby, that's great," I said.

"I'm going to try to fit some into my mouth now," she said.


She grabbed my shaft with both hands, strangling it like a baseball bat, and then her head came down, her jaw opening, her tongue sticking out. The sides of my mushroom touched all around her edges of her lips, but she fit the entire head in her mouth, closing her lips. Fuck, it felt good. I could feel her tongue pushing up against it. I was looking down at her. She mumbled something with my cock in her mouth, giving me a thumbs up. I returned a thumbs up. Then, she began sucking on it.

"Good girl," I said. "Stroke the shaft while you suck."

Her hands went to work, pumping up and down on the shaft, tugging on it. She was clearly inexperienced at hand jobs, but I was so out of practice it felt heavenly. Then she pulled her mouth away, a slippery slurp sounding from her lips.

"Ah," she said. "It hurts my jaw after a while."

I nodded, looking down at her, my cock sticking straight at her face, the head glistening with her saliva. Her hand was rubbing her mouth, wiping the spit from her lips.

"Okay, I think I'm ready," she said.

The video. I had forgotten. I lifted the camera. But then I saw one of her hands slip into her panties, her fingers moving around under the fabric before it came back. She looked up with a guilty smile.

"My pussy is soaking wet doing this."

I wasn't going to yell at her or tell her it was wrong to get wet sucking on a guys cock. I was hard as fuck and this was my daughter. "It's okay, baby. It's natural."



"I usually rub my pussy at night thinking about cocks and sex and stuff."

I reached out, stroking her cheek. "Okay, let's do the video."

"Daddy?" she said. "Would you rub my breasts?"

"What?" I said.

"In the other videos, the boys rubbed the girls' breasts, and then held their head and stuff. Would you do that for me, so it looks real?"

"I'm not sure if I should touch you, baby."

"Please?" she whined. "I'm already sucking your cock. It's not any better if you're touching me."

"All right. Let's just record."

"Okay," she said.

I pressed the button and she smiled up at the camera.

"My name is Heather, and this is how you suck a cock that's too big for you."

She took hold of the shaft again, crushing it in her hands, tugging the skin toward her. Her wet lips came closer and then she opened them, flicking her tongue out at the head. I was eyeing her breasts. I wanted to touch them. I lowered my hand and she instantly moved her arm out of the way so I could get to her. Then my fingers brushed over her small nipples. They were frozen solid. I welcomed them into my palm, my fingertips caressing her breast meat.

Heather moaned on my cock as she kissed it. Then she opened her jaw and let the head of my cock in. Her teeth scraped both the top and bottom, but it felt good. When I pinched her nipples, she nearly bit down on me, squealing in pleasure.

She was sucking now, just on the head, one hand massaging the shaft. I looked for the other, surprised to find it down her little white panties, rubbing her pussy. I could make out her crotch as her hand moved. She had no pubic hair. She must have shaved it all off. I wanted to see her pussy so bad but I reminded myself this was a one time thing, that we were just making a cock-sucking movie, nothing more.

I rolled her nipple between my fingers and she moaned again, the vibration flowing through her lips into my cock. She took a break, pulling her lips away.

"Fuck, it's huge." She glanced up at me, looking into the camera. "Ladies, watch out for boys with giant cocks. They're hard work."

Then her mouth plunged back over my head, but to my surprised, she made a bit of effort down the shaft, her lips grazing over it. I could not help but moan. She lifted up on her knees, spreading her legs open wider so she could fuck herself with her fingers. She was moaning constantly now. I wanted more. I wanted to come. I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to fuck her mouth until I came.

I took my hand from her breasts, lifting it to the back of her head. I grabbed her hair, which made her squeal in surprise, and I yanked her toward me. She gagged, pulling her other hand out of her panties, grabbing my thigh to stop her descent. She had maybe three inches of my eleven in her mouth, but I wanted more. I eased my grip on her head and she slipped all the way off it, coughing, sniffling through her nose, glancing up at me, her eyes watering.

"Careful," she whispered.

I guided her head back down, her hot little lips once again opening to welcome my cock. I felt her tongue run over it and I pulled her in for more, slowly this time, just a couple of inches. Fuck, how I wanted to ram it down her throat. She mumbled again, and I knew that was my cue to slow.

I began pumping the head of my cock in and out of her mouth. She was moaning. She liked that. One of her hands returned to her sopping wet panties, sliding under them, rubbing clit. The other hand abandoned my shaft and began playing with her tits, making her moan more.

I was thrusting harder, more and more of my cock disappearing in her mouth. She began gagging again, looking up at me, her big blue eyes pleading to slow. She reached up, grabbing the shaft again, this time near the head, as if to stop my cock from penetrating her throat.

I needed more. I'd lost all control of myself. I grabbed her wrist and threw it aside. She started to pull her mouth away, but I grabbed her head and thrust forward. Six inches disappeared into her mouth, her throat clenching down around my crown, her jaw stretched to its maximum as this giant piece of meat invaded her mouth. I felt her teeth closing as she struggled, her head trying to pull back. I let her hair go and she pulled off, coughing and gasping.

She looked up at me again with those big eyes. "I can't take that much. It's too big. You have to go slow."

She moved in again, but this time, she did not put me in her mouth. She grabbed the shaft, stroking it up and down as she kissed along the side of my cock, licking it. But I wanted back in her throat. I put my hand on her cheek, turning her head.

"No," she whispered, trying not to let the camera see her speak.

My thumb ran over her lips. They were closed. I grabbed my own cock, taking control of it. She looked up at me with sad eyes, and I gently slapped her across the face with it. Her lower lip trembled and I rubbed my cock head across her mouth, tapping her lips as if I was knocking.

I mouthed to her silently. "Open up. I want in."

She shook her head.

"Open now," I said at a whisper.

Her jaw fell open, her tongue rolling out.

I slid the underside of my cock along that tongue, turning to poke against the inside of her cheek. It bulged. She began licking again. Her hands returned to her breasts and pussy. I could see her middle finger pounding in and out of her cunt. Meanwhile, her other hand was tugging at her nipples, pulling on them with reckless abandon.

I was going slow, just using the front of her mouth. She was enjoying it again, licking and sucking on me. But I wanted back in her throat. She was moaning, and I could tell she was about to cum herself. Her breath was escaping her nose in pants. When she let out a long squeal, and her whole hand crushed her breast, I knew she had come. Now, it was my turn.

I grabbed her head, changed the angle of my cock, and shoved. I felt her throat flex on my cock as it disappeared. Her hands came up to grab me, but it was too late. Half of my cock was in her mouth, and it was all I could take. I exploded, spilling my milky seed down her throat. She pulled away, coughing and gagging, but I was still cumming. It sprayed all over her face. But I like having my cocked sucked while I cum.

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