Daddy Made Me, 2011


Nicholas pressed the flat of his fingers against her sex, so lightly at first, just pressing, touching her between her legs, pushing against her cunt, into her cunt, she felt like she was floating. She didn't think of anything else. He felt Alex go limp, letting him touch her, approving of him touching her. He felt her hips shift, relax, her pussy melt into his hand.

Oh god, he's touching my pussy, Oh god, it feels good. She couldn't help it. She closed her eyes, her mouth open absorbing the feeling of his hand pushing against her throbbing sex. Feels, so, good, she purred inside. Again feeling she should resist, she feigned trying to get her leg out from under his.

He pushed down on her wrists, just barely, each time she tried, turning him on even more. He growled. Pressed his fingers against her clit. Pushed down on her wrists behind her back just enough to show force. Just enough to pretend they were both struggling. Alex felt her pussy cream. Her breasts ached. Her nipples swollen and hot.

Nicholas was hypnotized by his daughter's smooth, bald little slit, pink and shiny wet, her juices flowing, her so soft pussy, so tender in contrast to the lacy black of her panties. She was obviously shaving her pussy. The sight of her cunt so open, so raw, so shiny wet made his cock ache and throb. He pushed his cock against her hip, began dry humping his little girl's hip, his beautiful daughter writhing under him, urging him to fuck her.

He couldn't help but see how truly beautiful she was, how perfectly sexual she was, how he knew in that moment, he was going to fuck her. The scent of his daughter's wet little cunt was in him now. He was like an animal who wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Nicholas pressed his fingers through the lips of her soft little pussy. She was so slippery, creamy, pearly wet he wanted to taste her. He heard her breathing change, and her bottom shift, her pussy pushing for more.

Emboldened, Nicholas slid the tip of his index finger into his little girl. She was so soft and satiny smooth, his cock throbbed. he brought his fingers to his lips, to his mouth, his daughter's creamy tangy sweet taste making his cock bulge.

"No, Daddy" Alex purred more than protested, "you, you shouldn't, Daddy. It's wrong, Daddy. You, you shouldn't, touch me, my, pussy, like that, Daddy" she moaned. Alex didn't want him to stop. His finger slid into her. "Nnno, Papa, not, in my pussy" she gushed.

Nicholas would have none of it. He simply said, "Shhhh" as he looked into her eyes and cupped her entire pussy in his hand, rubbed the flat of his fingers over her panty covered mons, pushing just slightly on her clit, moving his fingers in circular motions over her clit, pressing, pushing, rubbing, his daughter's taste so elegant in his mouth. Her eyes closed. Holding her so firmly, he turned his hand just so, to push her panties aside to slide all four fingers into the slit of Alex's panties.

Her ragged breathing was interrupted only by the soft mewling moans she tried to contain, her shaking her head, "No" her swaying her bottom to her father's hand, now openly rubbing her hot, aching, dripping wet sex. Nnnn, touch me Daddy, she purred inside.

She protested again, not believing it herself at all, panting to her father's touches.

"Nnnno, Daddy, nnno. Stop, Papa, shouldn't, do this, Papa" even while saying to herself, don't stop Daddy, don't stop, feels, so good, Papa. Fuck my little pussy, Daddy.

Alex only ever called her father, Papa, when she was feeling love for him. Her mind was slowly reeling. Not through thoughts of protest, but thoughts of how she'd never been so hot before, that she wanted this, and couldn't admit it, couldn't say it to her Daddy, couldn't ask for it, and denying this, hiding it, concealing it even to herself made her even hotter. Her entire being buzzed with nervous sexual excitement, turning her father on even more.

Nicholas looked at her. Her eyes closed, she was slightly shaking her head, "no." Her lips were moving, saying, "no" but no sounds were coming out except her breathing getting louder, her mouth forming the word "no" and her entire expression one of pure lust and pleasure as he slid his fingers over and around and through her slippery pink sex.

"No, Papa" she breathed out. "Shouldn't, be, touching me, there, ... Papa. Shouldn't, be doing this, Papa. Touching, my, little pussy, Papa" hinting at her desire's. "Your, little girl, Papa. I'll, be good, Daddy, I, promise, Daddy. Will, be, your good girl again, Papa."

Alex was now rocking her hips to her father's ministrations, her legs spread wide, she let her weight rest entirely on the table, pushing up on her toes, her knees bent, her bottom pushed up and out, her father fucking her with his splendid fingers, her back arching in kittenish reply.

Nicholas's voice softened. It was firm, confident, but not angry.

"Are you going to give Daddy a hard time anymore, baby?"

Alex could barely answer. Her father's finger was so deep in her. It wasn't fair that he asked, not fair at all. His other fingers spread her open, slid through her creamy folds. Her pussy was hot, on fire, her nipples and breasts throbbed and ached, writhing under her fathers touches.

She shook her head. "N, n, no, Daddy. Hnn-nnn."

A moment passed before he whispered, "I don't believe you."

Her father was a beast. She loved it. He continued fucking his finger into her.

Her breasts pushed and slid against the wooden table top, her nipples hard as pebbles, the straps of her tank top down over both shoulders. The motions of her struggle and her dragging across the table top had begun to work her shirt down over her breasts. Nicholas let go of Alex's wrists, and at first she held her arms there on her own behind her back, and then her arms slowly slid from her back down along her sides. She made no effort to move. He left his hand in the middle of her back.

"Tell Daddy you like what Daddy is doing, lil baby? Tell Daddy you like Daddy's fingers in your hot little pussy."

Alex was barely able to shake her head, "no" it felt so good.

"Tell Daddy" Nicholas commanded. "Tell Daddy it feels good. Tell Daddy how wet you are, why you're so wet."

Alex continued to shake her head, "no."

Her lips forming the word, but not saying it, her making no effort to escape her father's hand. She moved her arms up under her, to push back to meet his finger sliding so deliciously inside her.

In reply he reached up under her and began pulling her tank top down, exposing her swollen breasts, the cotton material dragging over her sensitive nipples, the straps falling entirely away from her upper arms, the thin cotton shirt, and her skirt bunched up around her waist. He was stripping her. She didn't try to stop him.

Nicholas slipped his hand under her, and Alex lifted up onto her elbows so he could, and he cupped her hot swollen breasts in his big hand, gently fucking his finger into his daughter's steaming hot little cunt, then more, and more, groping her swollen tits, his fingers teasing her nipples, his finger so tantalizingly inside her.

She she felt his hand leave her tingling breasts, his fingers drag over her ribs, her side, her hip. She heard the zipper of her father's pants. She felt the hot hard skin of her father's cock on her hip on her bare skin and she almost came.

"Nnn, no, Daddy. You, can't. You can't, ... Papa. You can't, do this, Papa" thinking to herself how heavy and thick and hot it felt on her skin. How she could feel it throb and pulse as he slid it up and down over her hip.

"It's too big, Papa. It'll rip me open." She almost came as she said it. Her father's cock, her Daddy's cock so hot and big and pressing into her creamy wet folds so on fire, the ache for it so deep in her belly, the mere thought made her gush.

"Yes. Yes, I can" her father growled.

A quivering shiver passed through Alex. She was already cumming, her father rubbing the flat of all four fingers wet in her juices through her sex, rubbing in circles, pushing, making his little girl so hot she could barely stand it, her bottom swaying and rotating, gyrating against his hand.

She moved her arms back down along her sides, to push him away, opened her left hand, reached her fingers out, and felt it. Her father's erection. A breath escaped her, and she felt the tingling shock all the way inside her. It was so hot. So smooth and hard. Her hand felt wet. Her Daddy's cock was dripping wet, too.

"Nnnngh, yes, touch Daddy's cock" her father growled. "That's my good girl. Yesss, wrap your fingers around Daddy's cock. Feels good in your hand, doesn't it, lil baby?"

Alex shook her head, "no" and Nicholas grinned, her fingers loosely squeezing his cock, feeling his hardness, her little hand trying to feel out his size, trying to fit her fingers around him.

"Ohhh, well, if it doesn't feel good, I suppose you should let go then."

Alex's grip tightened around her father's cock.

Nicholas smiled, working his fingers through his daughter's dripping wet cunny, fucking his finger into her, turning his hand to push on her G-spot, shaking his hand rapidly, her bottom quivering, his finger deep inside her.

Alex's mouth was wide open, chiming little silent chirping sounds threatening to escape her. Her whole body vibrated. She couldn't make sounds. She couldn't let him know she was loving his finger inside her. Him holding her down. Taking her. Making her. Her cunny was on fire, her entire body awash in fluttering, spasming waves of sheer lust and pleasure.

Nicholas slowed, and stroked his little girl's pussy. She was pulling on his cock, jacking his cock, pulling and squeezing and sliding her loose little fist up and down his thick throbbing meat in her hand. He was right. She wanted him to like what her hand was doing. She was pulling in him, rubbing bis cock against her. She wanted to make her Daddy feel good, too.

"Tell Daddy, baby. It feel's good, doesn't it, Kitten?"

Alex bit her lower lip in reply. He felt her fingers squeeze him.

"This is why you wear panties like this, isn't it? So Daddy can slip my fingers inside you. So Daddy can lick your little pussy. So Daddy can fuck your hot wet little cunny? So Daddy can easily slide my cock inside you, isn't it, lil baby?"

Yes, yes, yes, she thought, yes, Papa, as she squeezed her fingers around the weight and heat of her father's throbbing hard cock in her hand. She shook her head. Nicholas leaned away, until Alex reluctantly let go of his cock, breathing out, dismayed, taking his cock from her hand, a small whining sound escaping her lips.

Alex had never felt so animalistic, so in heat before. She wanted to moan out, yes, Daddy, yes, to each of his questions. She felt her father's hand lift, and him slowly slide his finger from inside her, and she collapsed onto the table top.

Her little pussy hungry, her hips still undulating, her pussy spread open for her Daddy, she felt him step away from her, and then she felt him behind her. An excited burst of nervous energy made her breathe in.

"Tell Daddy what you want, lil baby"

Alex brought her left arm up and her hand to her mouth, the same hand she'd been holding Daddy's cock with, put her mouth over her knuckle, tasted him, his pre-cum wet on her hand, and then licking her hand, beside herself she sucked the knuckle of her thumb into her mouth, anticipating what was going to happen next, wanting, what was going to happen next.

Alex shook her head in mild protest, and at the same time, spread her thighs, slightly opening her legs even more, turning her toes inward, rolling her little bottom up, showing her pussy to her father.

"Daddy knows what you want, lil baby."

Alex let out a series of mewling sounds. She sucked on her thumb like she was sucking cock. She imagined his cock in her mouth, in her hands. Her pussy was so wet she could feel herself soaking her panties. Her pussy was humming. She kept clenching her cunt muscles, needing, wanting his cock inside her, that buttery soft feeling in her belly making her into such a little slut for her Daddy. She wanted him. His cock. His power over her. She wanted him to have her.

Daddy's cock was dripping with pre-cum. His cock an angry beast, hungry for his daughter's pussy. Alex slid back up onto her elbows. She wanted to brace herself, to fuck her father. He reached up and wrapped Alex's hair in his fist pulling her head back.

"You want Daddy's cock in your pretty little pussy, don't you, lil baby?" he growled at her. "Say it. Daddy's hard cock" he taunted.

She wanted to say it, out loud. She was already saying, "yes" in her thoughts, saying yes, your hard hot cock, Papa, put it, put it in me, Daddy, she blushed. With a shutter she moved her arms out in front of her, arching her back, her fingers gripping the edge of the table, thrusting her little bottom up into the air. Nicholas adored her.

Shaking her head, "no" she raised one leg, lifted her knee onto the kitchen table, her pussy thrust perversely, spread open for her father.

"Ohhh god, you do want it, don't you, lil baby."

Her eyes closed. Alex felt the head of his cock touch the heat of her pink wet slit, then push through the slit in her panties, spreading the lips of her hot little pussy open. He was going to fuck her right through the slit in her panties.

She pushed back with a silent groan enough that he slid inside her, just the bloated crown of her father's cock, and she began cumming again. She felt him push the big rubbery head of his swollen hard cock through her sex, him wet the head of his cock with her juices, and then him push, her opening, that feeling, inside her, expanding, swelling, her father's cock pushing into her, forcing his way into her, sliding effortlessly into her, his hugely swollen daddy-cock fucking into his little girl, gliding into her, deeper, and deeper.

Oh god, ohhh, Daddy, she thought to herself. Nnnnn, fuck Daddy, nuuugh, Papa's fucking me. He's inside me, Daddy's fucking me, ohhhh, god. He's fucking me. Nnn, yes ohhhh, Papa.

Nicholas felt her pussy become drenched as he slipped all the way inside his daughter. He pulled Alex's head back by her hair, and fucked his cock up into his hot little daughter, his little girl.

"Feel's good, doesn't it, little baby? Nnnnnggh, so hot, so tight for Daddy. Mmm, so wet. You're loving this, aren't you, lil baby? Daddy's loving it, my little girl's sweet little pussy. Oh god, baby, Alex, you're so hot and tight and wet around Daddy's cock.

That's my good girl, yesss, take Daddy, lil baby. Yess, open your little pussy for Daddy."

Alex could hardly breath trying so hard to not let on. Yes, she loved it. Yes, yes, yes she said over and over in her thoughts. My Daddy's cock, inside me, in my little pussy.

"So tight for Daddy. You're little pussy feels so good wrapped around Daddy's cock. Its okay, sweetie, Daddy knows you don't want this, that Daddy is making you do it, that Daddy is making you get so wet" he growled into her ear, "it's not your fault, baby" fucking his cock into his little girl's soft tight wet little pussy. Burying himself inside her. "You can tell your mother that Daddy fucked you, and you couldn't stop me. That Daddy made you. Mmmm, yes baby, take Daddy's cock, good girl. Look how beautiful you are, your beautiful little pussy opening for Daddy's cock. Mmm, so sexy, fucking you through the slit in your tight little panties. Tell Daddy, baby. Tell Daddy how good Daddy's big hard cock feels inside you. How hot and hard Daddy's cock is inside you."

Alex let out a huge breath. She gushed her arousal, her pleasure. A huge orgasm was building in her. Her father saying he was making her, forcing her, raping her released it. He felt her flood his cock. Her whole body was shaking. Her Daddy pulling her hair in his fist, pulling her head back, fucking her so deep. Taking her.

She didn't answer, couldn't answer, her orgasm ripping through her. Her father's cock was so amazingly hard, so amazingly big, throbbing hot deep inside her, stretching her open, fucking inside her. She knew she shouldn't be liking this, but she did. She loved it. She loved every dirty, naughty word out of his mouth. His big hands all over her tits. Her father squeezing, groping, fondling her hot swollen tits. His swollen fat cock rutting up inside her.

"Ohhhh little baby, yesss, cum for Daddy, kitten. Mmm, you're so wet, cumming on Daddy's cock. Tell Daddy, baby" her father whispered in a gravelly, hissing hot voice, so deep, so sexy, his cock buried in her, throbbing hard, swelling, sliding, gliding, stretching her open. She held her breath. As long as she could. It felt so, so good, her father's cock, her Daddy, her Papa fucking her from behind, so, so deep inside her little belly. She suddenly wanted her father to cum, inside her, feel his cum blast inside her little belly.

Nodding her head, "Yes" her sucking his cock inside her, pushing her little bottom up to him, pushing back at him, her voice dry, words she would have never expected to say finally burst.

"Ohhhh god, Daddy, yesssss. Cumming Daddy. Cumming on, your fucking big cock, Papa. Yess, feels so good, Papa. Oh my god, Daddy, cumming, again, Daddy. Nnn, ohhh, Daddy. So good in me. Oh, fuck, Daddy, fuck me, fuck your little girl, so good, fuck me Daddy. I've been such a bad girl, Daddy. Such a naughty, naughty girl. Punish me, Daddy. Fuck me, fuck your little girl, Papa. I'll be good, Daddy. Fuck my little pussy. I promise. Ohhh, fuck, Daddy. Your cock feels so good. So big, so hard. So deep in me. I love it, Daddy, I love your cock in me. Don't stop, Daddy. Don't stop. Ever. Whenever you want, Daddy. Just don't stop."

Nicholas groaned a growl of approval, the torrent of his daughter's words making him fuck deeper, harder, inside her. He pulled back on Alex's hair, pulled her hip, her knee raised, her lovely bottom thrust up for him, her lovely pussy taking his cock. She looked back at him, her eyes hungry, her mouth hungry. He slid his hands up her ribs, took both of her breasts in his big hands.

"Nnnggh, yes, lil baby. Feel Daddy's cock. Daddy's cock so deep in your tight little pussy. You're so sexy, lil baby. So beautiful. Daddy loves you, kitten. Daddy loves fucking you. Oh god, lil baby, you're so hot. My sexy little girl. Take Daddy's cock. Good girl. Mmm, love fucking you, lil baby. Take Daddy. Yesss, so deep in my little girl" pumping into her, her body sliding, up and back in front of him, jiggling with each bump of his hips into her laying on the table top.

He turned her head by her hair and thrust his tongue into his daughters mouth, bucking his hips into her bottom, slapping against her bottom. He leaned back, and watched his cock disappear into his little girl, again, and again. Slide through the slit in her soaking wet panties, through her pink wet folds stretched so tautly around her father's girth. He was so deep inside her. The glove of her hot little cunt so amazing.

"Mmm, little baby, Daddy's not going to stop. Daddy will fuck you like this whenever you want, little baby. Such a hot, tight, wet little pussy. Your little pussy belongs to Daddy, now. C'mere lil baby, kiss Daddy. Mmmm, yes, Daddy's little fuck toy."

Alex sucked in her breath yet again, her tongue in her father's mouth. How did he know? She'd wanted to hear that for so long. She moaned into her father's mouth, her tongue in her father's mouth. It was so erotic, so hot, their kiss making her little cunny cream, and cream on her father's raging hard cock fucking up inside her.

"Oh god, yesss, Daddy. Your, your little fuck toy, Papa" she hissed, pushing her tongue back into his waiting mouth, turning as far around toward him as she could, her father gripping her hip, pulling him into her, fucking that magnificent hard daddy-cock inside her tight little pussy. Alex felt herself cumming again, hearing those words come out of her. Her father making her his, making her his little slut, his little fuck toy. The orgasm started deep inside, and then, at the same time, her clit began vibrating like it never had before, her father's hugely hard cock sawing in and out of her hot wet aching swollen sex. His words making her hotter and hotter, him taking her, making her, raping her making her cum again, and again.

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